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Tight Ends slot receiver. He’s a good leaper and will go up and fight for the football in tight coverage and can run the seam and split linebackers and safeties with ease.

a pass from his quarterback at the 10-yard line. He bulldozed his way into the end zone and the Aztecs converted the two-point conversion to seal the victory.

Escobar runs well after the catch and 2012 stats: 42 receptions, 543 yards, has the ideal height and weight for 6 TDs today’s NFL tight end. He’s an effective blocker but can be overpowered 3) Zach Ertz by crafty defenders. He will need to School: Stanford, Jr. continue to develop his inline blockHeight: 6’ 5” ing skills but has the requisite talent Weight: 249 lbs. to be effective at the next level. 40-Yard Dash: 4.76 Escobar has been a late riser on the boards of many draftniks, but the gifted athlete from San Diego State has long been on the radar of NFL scouts and front offices.

ing ability is uncanny for his size. Ertz resembles a receiver in and out of routes and easily finds holes in coverage. He possesses good speed and lines up all over the formation. He seems to have a knack for being in position to make big plays. The junior tight end out of Stanford will have to improve his blocking skills as his aggressiveness sometimes works against him and he overreaches trying to block defensive ends and linebackers. Despite his underdeveloped blocking skills, Ertz was a consensus AllAmerican and has a bright future in the NFL. Best game: Football fans in the state of Oregon are still having nightmares about Ertz. Ertz dominated the Ducks, hauling in 11 catches for 106 yards and a touchdown. His score came with 1:35 left in the contest and tied the game.

Best game: One of Gavin Escobar’s finest performances came against Nevada in 2012. While his statistics were not career-highs, (he’s had multiple 100-yard receiving games) each of his receptions in the game was meaningful. Escobar’s final stat line read five catches for 39 yards and two touchdowns, and the junior tight end showcased his talent and penchant for making big plays with the game on the line.

This magnificent touchdown catch came while Oregon dared to cover Ertz with a single defender as he split wide from the formation. 69 receptions, 898 yards, 6 TDs

With less than four minutes remaining in the fourth quarter, Escobar’s In a nutshell: Zach Ertz is an agfour-yard touchdown catch brought gressive tight end who looks to the Aztecs within three points. punish would-be tacklers after the catch. His receiving stats led all pass After a game-tying field goal at the catchers at Stanford in almost every end of regulation, Escobar proved category. to be too powerful in overtime to be denied the victory. Matching a NeHis big frame makes him a great tarvada touchdown, Escobar hauled in get for the quarterback and his leap42 | Cheesehead TV 2013 Draft Preview

Ertz perfectly timed his jump and wrestled control of the ball over the Ducks defender as both players fell to the ground in the end zone. In overtime, the Cardinals prevailed thanks to Ertz’s spectacular performance. 2012 stats: 69 receptions, 898 yards, 6 TDs

Pro Football Draft Preview, 2013  

A preview of the 2013 NFL Draft, including position profiles on more than 300 players, feature articles and columns.

Pro Football Draft Preview, 2013  

A preview of the 2013 NFL Draft, including position profiles on more than 300 players, feature articles and columns.