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ANNE Renshaw Flamme Rouge Consulting

Anne Renshaw is the owner of Flamme Rouge Consulting, a strategic marketing and business development company specialising in Professional Services, sports and charitable organisations. Anne lives in Cobham with her cat, Rory. She finds she is perfectly placed for escaping into the countryside and Surrey Hills on her bike, as she mentions, Rory is a great companion but not much of a conversationalist! Anne has been working closely with Carrington since April 2017, advising and supporting us and making us more visible to our clients and industry wide.

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From the minute I started playing music, when I was about three, I always wanted to be a musician. I played quite a lot of instruments when I was growing up.

I did a music degree at the University of Surrey and my plan was always to play in an orchestra when I finished my degree. They’d unfortunately started cutting orchestras in the West End during my final year so there were not many jobs available and it would have been very difficult to stay in Surrey and support myself, so I had to quickly make another plan. Somebody said to me, “Why don’t you become an accountant, you did maths and physics A levels, so you’re obviously very good at maths?” So, I said, “Yes, I will,” and just on a whim applied to a London firm, got offered the job and trained as a Chartered Accountant. I did love it, but there was something about being an auditor that didn’t quite gel with me. I missed the creative side of things… and I discovered that people really don’t like auditors!

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Winter Edition - December 2018

The Club  

Winter Edition - December 2018