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The Weatherman

By: Justin and Zak

There once was a man who was no ordinary man, but one who could control weather. He was a weatherman, not the kind you see on tv, but the kind that live in the clouds.

There are many weather men who live in the clouds but this weatherman's job was to look down on a small town named busytown.

."let there be rain" said the weatherman, and there was rain. "let there be sun", said the weatherman, and there was sun. the people of busytown were very happy with the weather they got, but didn't know that the weatherman controlled it.

the people of busytown were very hot. Everyone was sweating because of the sun up above. At first the weatherman did not understand why are these people so hot, but then he saw that the sun's energy in the atmosphere was making them hot, and so was the warm front they had . HE thought what he should do to keep them cooled off and moved in a cold front, which was a big hunk of cold air moving to busy town.

the people soon became too cold and wanted heat again, the weatherman became angry at the peoples' greediness and sent in an occluded front, which created a thunderstorm. this caused the people to feel blue So, they went inside their houses.

the weatherman soon became very bored without any company so he tried to stop the storm but forgot how. HE remembered that weather had to do with air pressure which was the force put down by air and could be measured with a barometer. he brought out his barometer to see what to do, it was very dusty since he hadn't used it in a while.

ON the barometer it said that the lower the air pressure the more rain and thunder you get but, the higher the air pressure the clearer skies are. "seems easy", thought the weatherman. "Let there be high air pressure"

The weatherman poked his head down in the clouds and peeked below him. People began to go back outside and cherish the beautiful weather.

"My job is done for today" thought the weatherman, and he went to sleep on his cloud bed.

the weatherman awoke to see if everybody was happy with the weather, and looked through his enormous telescope down at the world below him. His view was blocked by the clouds under him.

"ugh" said the weatherman, "these clouds are so annoying, what do they even do". he soon began to think about what clouds did do. HE looked in his thick weather book to see what it said.

he thumbed through his book first checking the page of an old weather map of busytown.

The weatherman began to think about maps, he looked to see if he could identify the objects on the map. He knew all of them," the line with blue spikes is a cold front, the one with red humps is a warm front, the sun with a 75 on it meant sunny weather 75 degrees, the normal cloud with a 62 on it meant cloudy weather with 62 degrees, the storm cloud with a 50 on it meant a rainstorm with 50 degrees, the rainy cloud next to it meant rain. the big blue "L" meant an area of low pressure, the big red "H" meant an area of low air pressure, the black line with a 75 on it was an iso therm, an iso therm connects land with the same temperature. He read the description below it, scientist get images like this from a satellite or by drawing them. "maybe I should use a satellite sometime" said the weatherman.

The weatherman put down his book after reading about clouds and looked through his telescope to see what clouds he could classify, he saw a big puffy cloud and knew it was a cumulus cloud, he saw a very wispy cloud and could tell it was a cirrus cloud, but he did not see any gray, misty clouds which were stratus clouds because it was nice outside.

He wanted to practice the new weather skills he had and wanted to give the people rain which came from stratus clouds, slightly cloudy skies with cirrus clouds and thunder with cumulus clouds.

but it was late morning and the weatherman had to change the weather to reach the dewpoint, the temperature at which dew forms, so he could start the day off for busy town.

the weatherman was happy with his new research. He had begun to relax, then he heard loud rumbling. He looked outside his window to find a rock slide falling towards the village. He quickly remembered what he had learned in his book. He gathered fast wind currents which kept on speeding up and up. It later formed a tornado which blew the rocks away.

The villagers cheered for the weather man as he had saved them. But then the tornado couldn't be controlled. It traveled up into the ocean picking up water and turned into a hurricane. The villagers and the weather man had quickly hopped on their boats and traveled away with the water currents in their favor quickly getting them out of the area.

the villaGERS had then stumbled upon an island. But they had come across a problem. Their biggest wish was too cold to swim in. The weather man quickly used convection to move the cold water down replacing it with warm water and the villagers and the weather man were able to live happily ever after and swim.

2Zak and Justin  

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2Zak and Justin  

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