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Tanay B. Georgina B.

Prologue The commander of the ship was preparing to land on the blue planet, known as earth. The surface of the planet was mostly blue, but there were huge blocks of green as well. He ordered his crew to prepare the plant that they were going to infest earth with, it would be deadly to anyone who touched it. they would land in the blue area, then they would put the plant outside, then it would spread, eventually. As they neared their landing site, the commander began his final preparations. He made sure they weren’t coming in too fast, or they might crash. He made sure the parachutes would deploy on time. The spacecraft landed with a huge boom, and the landing procedures had successfully been activated. Now that the commander had safely landed the ship, his next job was to drop a few seeds of the plant, called Oriko in the blue liquid. This plant would be very harmful and deadly to any of the living things, called humans, who touched it. So he dropped some seeds in the blue liquid. The moving liquid would carry the seeds to all parts of the planet, and then infest the entire planet. The weather here was perfect for the plant to thrive. And the commander hoped that it would. A few months later the world was hearing reports of people dying and the only cause was this plant. Nobody on Earth knew about this. They were spending money on finding cures for this sickness, but unfortunately, they were able to find none. And so their search for the cure continued. END OF PROLOGUE

A picture of the Oriko plant.

"We must take action!" said president Laro of France. Throughout the hall there were shouts of yes. "Okay,okay! Let us gather our top scientist a group of 5 who will defeat this, we have technology we can defeat the plant.” They are here, our last chance. A few hours just talking and researching, they will soon come to tell us what will defeat the plant. An hour later they are coming. Sarah the first scientist to come through the door gave hope, for she was not worried once all of them were gathered. Sarah said, “We have figured out a way to banish the plant we will use our weather maker to destroy the plant. Our team has discovered what needs to be made and how.” The rest of the scientists entered the room. Sarah was from France, but the other scientists were from other countries. Bob was from the U.S., Felix was from Germany, Anna was from Italy, and Vladmir was from Russia. They were going to work together to eradicate the plant. The five of them met in the U.S. The plant had been dropped in the Pacific Ocean, next to California. The plant was affecting people mainly in the U.S. They each had done some research on the plant, and how they could get rid of it.

This Weather Map shows the current weather situation

Sarah said, “This plant is not immune to all weather conditions. The sun gives all the energy required to create the different types of weather. The sun’s heat does not heat up the atmosphere equally. When different parts of the atmosphere are heated up differently, it creates convection currents. These are the movement of air in a circular motion in the atmosphere. Oriko will die when exposed to certain types of weather. There is a large concentration of the Oriko located in Seattle. We should work on targeting that location first. If we create a tornado and some severe weather, with precipitation, like some rain or sleet, we will be able to destroy most of the plant infestation there. A tornado is a mass of air that is spinning at very high speeds.” “This will destroy the Oriko by its force, and also by its air pressure. A tornado is formed when a cold front (a moving mass of cold air) and warm front (a moving mass of warm air)meet. The air masses collide and form a tornado. Should we do this?” Felix added to the discussion. Everyone agreed that this was the best solution to the problem in Seattle. They would stay back at their research lab, but a team of meteorologists would be sent there to create the necessary weather conditions. Using meteorological instruments, such as barometers, anemometers, thermometers, etc., they would be able to track the progress of the storm. Using satellites in space, which would take images of that area, the team of scientists would be able to see how much the plant had been destroyed.

A tornado that destroyed the Oriko in Seattle.

In a few days, the attack started. Cumulonimbus clouds started to form over Seattle. The weather conditions resulted in the formation of a tornado. It began its destruction. The Oriko had no chance. Most of the plant was destroyed. After the plant was obliterated, the remains of the plant were collected and sent deep into space. The threat in Seattle was taken care of, but there was another threat in the Atlantic Ocean. It was located above the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. This time Bob thought of a good idea. “We can create a hurricane that will destroy the plant. A hurricane is a large mass of swirling clouds that forms over and ocean.” “Yes. But how will this kill the Oriko located in the area?” Anna questioned. Vladmir was the first to answer now. “A hurricane is formed when the warm air near the equator rises upward. This creates an area of low pressure near the surface. The air around that area of low pressure, which has high pressure, fills in the empty space. This air becomes warm and moist, and rises as well. Usually, the temperature here is below the dew point, and clouds form. The clouds begin to rotate around a central point. If a storm like this hits a landform, it can be very destructive.”

This isotherm map shows the temperatures in The United States.

A hurricane was used to get rid of the Oriko infestation in the ocean.

Bob continued, “So what we plan to do is to concentrate all the Oriko into that ridge. There are ocean currents caused by certain wind currents that we can use to push all the Oriko into that ridge. Wind is caused by differences in the air pressure in two different areas. When the wind blows over the ocean, this causes the ocean water to move and results in ocean currents. Then we can direct the hurricane over there to destroy it.”

The team had made all the preparations to start the hurricane. A team of experts had been sent to the ocean to create the required weather conditions. Within a few days, a large storm was beginning to form there. The wind and ocean currents directed the hurricane towards the mid-ocean ridge, and all the plants were destroyed there. Sarah had the latest update on the destruction of Oriko. “There are some small concentrations of Oriko still left, in various parts of the world. We can just create an area of high pressure in these areas, then send a cold front there. This will create conditions that will kill Oriko.” They all agreed that this was the best idea. A team of experts was sent there, and within a few days, all of the Oriko plant was destroyed. Not a single seed was to be found anywhere in the world.

Ocean currents helped destroy the Oriko.

Epilogue We had been saved from certain disaster because of these five scientists, they figured out what would save our species and with them we have survived using our weather machines and attracting the different resources needed. Today is a new beginning to start to grow back the people of the world. And from then on, Earth was never attacked by anyone for any reason, because they realized that Earth people can overcome any challenge.

The Destruction Of The Oriko  
The Destruction Of The Oriko  

A story for children 3rd through 6th grade. By tanay and Georgina 3rd Period