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Running with the "Strong" Wind By: Cassy Alex

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Our main character is a girl-Barodeth She is just sitting there, and her house gets taken up by a tornado. While she was in the tornado she got blew up to the atmosphere, and she the eye of the tornado. She could see the weather vane, and saw that the wind currents was blowing west. Her house lands in the middle of Florida The tornado's winds make a hurricane She opened the door, and felt that the air was very humid, and she knew it was a warm front. She also knew that since it was a storm, the air must be low pressure. Ran into a lot of trees and found a cozy little cabin with an old lady Old lady was named Kim and she taught Barodeth all about the earth and weather

Chapter 1 My House is Flying Once upon a time Barodeth, was sitting in her little tiny house reading on the couch. It was dark and gloomy outside as the thunder's roar rang through the house. The rain was pounding on the roof, because of low pressure. What seemed like a good day, with some low stratus cloud, which brought some drizzling, soon turned into rain. They soon turned into cumulonimbus, dark clouds that soon signaled that there was going to be a thunder storm soon. Too caught up in her book, Barodeth didn't pay attention to the gust of wind that blew, and the weather vane that turned wildly. Barodeth looked outside to see if the sun's brilliant rays have overseen the horizon. But all she saw was that something was forming in the distance. A dark shadowy funnel gained momentum and was headed towards her house. Scared, Barodeth hid under her bed. She could hear the tornado getting closer and closer. Within minutes, she felt her stomach churn as if her stomach was soaring. She stayed under the bed for what seemed hours, and all of a sudden there was a loud crash, and all was calm. Since the weather was calm the pressure went up, and sun rays beamed through the curtains, and there was beautiful feather like white clouds. She thought it was a cirrus cloud. She heard water, lots of water. Suddenly the sun's rays disappeared from the window and darkness filled the house. Water crashed onto her house. She ran for the door, and ran outside. Stepping on sand, she realized she was in Florida. She looked back and saw a hurricane as the ocean currents crashed against the shoreline. She thought that the tornado's strength of the wind currents must have created the hurricane. The ocean currents were rapid, and crashed onto the sand. She dashed for the vast area of trees and ran as fast as she could.

Chapter 2 The Cozy Cabin Barodeth was scared, she missed her home, Illinois. She was still running through the trees. She heard all the majestic noises of the creatures that lived in this place. The air was humid, and she was sweating and breathing hard. She needed water, she needed food. She realized that there was food in her house, she wanted to go back, but the hurricane would engulf her if she did. So she kept running, running like the wind. She had to find a place for shelter because it seemed that the day was already being devoured by the night time. She looked high and low, left and right, she finally found a cozy little cottage on the edge of the trees. Nobody was home so she invited herself in. While rummaging through the cabinets, Barodeth found canned peaches. She gladly ate them and was quickly full. She went up stairs and found a bed that was just her size. She was really tired so she fell asleep with ease. When she woke up, she found a woman staring over her. "who are you? Why are you in my house?" Barodeth felt bad and regretted finding the cabin. The woman was old, and needed a cane to support her body weight. Barodeth replied, " Hi i'm Barodeth, what's your name? I am so sorry that I may have caused you a scare. I was running from a horrible storm and this was the closest shelter I could find." The woman looked sympathy at Barodeth and said, " Oh dear, child you must be terrified! You don't know that much about weather do you? Don't you worry, I will teach you everything you need to know so that you don't get caught in another situation like that!" Feeling relieved and grateful, Barodeth hugged the woman and said, "thank you...." She replied," Kim, my name's Kim." "Well hello Kim, its a pleasure to meet you!"

Chapter 3 Learning the Basics While Barodeth was in the house, Kim introduced her to another room. Kim was a nice old lady that allowed for Barodeth to trespassed into her property and stay at her cabin for as long as she wanted. Barodeth crawled onto the bed and slept. The next morning Kim wanted to make sure that Barodeth would be able to protect herself if another storm passed. She wanted her to know why these things happened on Earth. She wanted her to understand. Kim began by telling Barodeth about hurricanes, " Hurricanes form over warm ocean water, and when the temperature is humid and warm. The winds flow above the storm allowing the air below to rise. The coriolis effect is needed to create the spin on the hurricane." Barodeth looked confused, "What's the coriolis effect?" Kim replied,"You know when a gust of wind blows, it doesn't blow straight, it gets tilted to the north east a little, and this is caused by the rotation of Earth's axis." "Oh I get it now!" Barodeth exclaimed. Kim smiled to see that Barodeth was learning at such a fast pace. Kim said, "let us go outside and study the types of clouds we have today." They walked out, and it was a beautiful morning. Barodeth studied the clouds and said they looked feathery. Kim said,"Why yes, they do, and those clouds are called cirrus clouds. They signal a good calm day." They went back inside, and Kim said, "There is one more cloud that you have, they usually signal a cold or cool day. I know that you know plenty about Cumulusnimbus clouds, since you were sucked up in a tornado and all. Speaking of which, do you know what a tornado looks like from in the sky or otherwise known as the atmosphere?" Barodeth replied, "No." "The clouds are all circulating in one, and at the middle there is an eye as we call it." Barodeth was amazed on how much an old lady can remember, since all the grandpas and grandmas had amnesia at Illinois. They wouldn't even remember Barodeth's name. Kim said that they'd stop here for today. Barodeth was somewhat sad that the learning day stopped, she wanted to learn more!

Chapter 4 The Climb to the Top The next morning's lesson was just weird. Kim wanted Barodeth to go climb the mountain to learn more about the precipitation. But Barodeth noticed popcorn like clouds with flat bottoms, and Barodeth knew that those clouds where Cumulus, and knew that cold weather was coming. Barodeth had asked," Aren't you coming Kim?" Kim looked at Barodeth as if she was making a joke," I'm an 80 year old woman that needs a cane to walk, do you think I can climb a mountain?" Barodeth just noticed that. Kim said," You can learn lots of other precipitation up at the mountains". Barodeth looked at the mountains unsure whether to climb or not. Maybe Kim does have amnesia, why'd she let a young girl climb a mountain when cold climate is about to come? Barodeth was ready to climb the steep mountain. Barodeth got her pack and started to climb all the way to the peak. When she got up there she saw a soft white substance that amazed her. She'd never see this thing at Illinois. She picked up the soft pure white. It felt cold, but it still amazed Barodeth. She put some in her mouth which made her have a brain freeze. It tasted like water to her. She thought," This is why Kim wanted to me to come up here!". She packed some in her pack, and began to climb down, and all of a sudden something hit her in the head real hard. She looked up, and another hit her right in the eye. She looked around and saw what had hit her was an ice ball. She climbed down as fast as she could, and ran to the cozy cabin. Kim smiled to Barodeth, and asked,"What did you learn?" But Kim was astonished at the black eye that formed on Barodeth's face. Barodeth explained," I saw a white substance, and I brought some back!". She took it out and all she found was water. Kim smiled, "That was snow, but it melted." Barodeth continued, "There was this ice ball that hit me in the eye too!" "That was hail," Kim replied as she treated the swelling eye. Kim then said, "Let's stop here for today, and just rest, and continue learning tomorrow."

Chapter 5 Maps Maps Maps Barodeth woke up to the sound of tick, tick, it wasn't a clock though. She looked out her window, and found it was snowing. She rushed outside, but found out that it wasn't really snow, but in fact small bits of ice. She went to go ask Kim. Kim replied,"Why, that's called sleet.". Kim continued the teaching. She pulled out a map of what Barodeth had thought was a rainbow. Kim explained,"This map is called an Isotherm. You see these lines? Those are called isobars, these lines and colored areas tell us which areas have similar temperatures. This is what our place is like, right now. We have lots of snow storms coming to us now, so it would be right that our air pressure is low. There are numerous ways to map out weather. If you truly want to know what types of weather is going to happen next you need to have knowledge about these maps. There is also one map that shows high and low pressure systems. You see the big H symbols, those represent high pressure. And the big L? That shows low pressure. There is also another map that shows borders that are called fronts. There are 4 types of fronts. They are called warm front, cold front, stationary front, and the occluded fronts. Cold fronts bring violent storms, and warm fronts bring calm weather. Stationary fronts are similar to warm fronts, but they don't really move. Occluded fronts indicate a mature storm is coming. This is what the maps look like." She handed Barodeth three maps. Barodeth studied them hard and was amazed by the detail and information they provided.

Chapter 6 The next day, Kim decided that Barodeth deserved a break from all the learning since she was doing such a good job. So, Barodeth took a stroll outside to observe nature and admire it. While she was outside, she felt it getting colder and colder, the temperature was dropping. She ran back into the cabin and alerted Kim. "Kim! Why is the temperature dropping so fast?" Kim rushed over to Barodeth. "Oh, wow the temperature is dropping!" She looked at her thermometer that showed the temperature outside and watched as it dropped from 65 degrees to 40 degrees. "Do you wanna know what's happening?" "Yes, yes I do," replied Barodeth. "Well, as the temperature drops, the air can no longer hold all of the water vapor. And what happens to the water? Well it has no choice but to leave the atmosphere in the form of rain. The temperature at which this happens is called the dew point. The temperature is always lower than or equal to the air temperature." Barodeth looked amazed and glanced at the window. "Kim, look! Its starting to fog up!" Kim looked outside, "That must mean that the air temperature cooled down to the dew point. Look, it seems like you didn't even get a break, you learn something new everyday!"

Chapter 7 Weather Patterns The next day rolled around and Barodeth found herself looking out the window at the fog. Kim stood behind her and said, "Fog again? This must be a weather pattern. Thats when the weather repeats itself every day." Barodeth turned towards Kim, "What else do I need to know?" Kim thought for a moment,"Do you know what causes wind?" Barodeth answered because of the Coriolis effect? Kim laughed,"No, it's because of the sun's unequal heating on the earth's surface. The warm air would rise, and cold air would rush to replace the warm air, and it makes wind. So convection is the cause of this to make cold dense air to replace the less dense warmer air. Barodeth asked," Is the wind that powerful to blow my house that far away from home?". Kim said," Yes if it is a tornado." Barodeth was suddenly homesick again. The next day Kim woke Barodeth up, Kim said,"Barodeth! You can go home now! There is an unusual yet spectacular weather activity going on. The tornado that blew you over here is returning!". Barodeth shot up hitting her head with the 80 year old woman. Kim said you need to hurry though. Barodeth got dressed and ran outside, the first thing that came to her mind was the wind currents were strong. In the distance there was a tornado in the distance. Kim said go to the beach and get in your house, so you can go home to Illinois! Barodeth asked,"What about you?". Kim yelled,"Don't worry about me, just keep the knowledge in your mind that's all you have to do for me Barodeth!". Barodeth smiled and hugged Kim, and said goodbye. Barodeth ran back to her house, and found it still there. She went in and hid under the bed, and waited for the tornado to take her back home.

Chapter 8 Home Later Barodeth became a meteorologist, and used the satellite to take images and observe the weather on the earth's surface. She learned that her name was also close to a weather tool called the Barometer which would measure air pressure. But Barodeth wouldn't have accomplished this, if it weren't for Kim.

Weather Storyline  
Weather Storyline  

By:Alex W. and Cassy S. 5th period