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COMMUNICATIONS Delivery of advanced voice and messaging services to complex, deregulated and emerging telecom markets through direct interconnection and in-country affiliate networks, providing clean and clear channels where others fail.

Cronos Group is a global provider of advanced voice and data services specializing in deregulated growth markets. The company offers telecommunication carriers and enterprises superior service and network performance both through its own direct network and its strategic partners. From developing and managing foreign relationships to designing and implementing local infrastructures, Cronos Group successfully delivers integrated solutions in-country and on time. Cronos Group has developed and is managing its own networks in over a dozen countries across South America, the Middle East and Africa, delivering services to over 80 international telecommunication carriers, calling card companies and service providers worldwide.

Carrier Connectivity Our telecommunications division was established in early 2000 as a licensed carrier specializing in the delivery of voice services to operators and service providers around the world. Today, we manage over 70 interconnections and has a global reach of over 174 regions. Decreasing revenues and margins around international voice traffic volumes is a challenge

faced by carriers worldwide. We are experts in managing costs through economies of scale, providing you a faster ROI, and allowing you to focus your efforts on your core businesses. We know what you need, we know how to do it. We deliver the best quality of service right at your fingertips

Value Added Services In response to ever-changing operator, enterprise and consumer requirements, we have developed an integrated platform solution utilizing the most advanced technologies available in today’s marketplace, providing each market segment with a comprehensive and cost efficient solution, while maintaining the flexibility and freedom to easily evolve. Our International Content Delivery Network facilitates voice, sms, text messages and media

services worldwide through cutting-edge technologies and network infrastructures. Research shows that by 2016 the vast majority of voice traffic will be originated by mobile. At Cronos, we understand that the future of voice depends on integrating telephony with other services – messaging, video, apps, social media – on a one-to-one, one-to-many, and many-to-many basis. The future is now. Let us help you get there.

MOBILE MARKETING Providing a centralized Content Delivery Network through interactive voice, messaging and mobile web, delivering informative, entertaining and business content to international markets in a socially-conscious manner.

We offer a complete array of marketing services, which can be used either as a standalone or a fullyintegrated engine, creating an extremely powerful engagement channel for businesses and enterprises alike in a cost effective, easy-to-use way. This is all done in real-time through: • Text (SMS) • Messaging

• Voice • Multimedia

Our service and technology platform enables customers to plan, manage and optimize mobile advertising and marketing campaigns in real time throughout the full campaign lifecycle. In addition, our technology allows customers to leverage mobile to optimize the effectiveness of all other media such as online, TV, print and outdoor.

Connecting Corporations We enable enterprises, marketers, brands and media to develop, execute and manage one- and two-way advertising, marketing and communication campaigns, targeting either

mass markets or highly focused audiences for
 the creation of product, service or corporate introduction, awareness, retention and loyalty by recipient, with a call to action.

Enterprise Messaging Alerts External communication - Enterprises also use the Cronos solution to update their customers and keep them informed. Through message alerts, we enable banks to offer financial services, airlines to send boarding passes/flight updates, medical centers to send appointment reminders and companies from all industries to reach their clients with informative and time-sensitive data.

Internal communication – We securely and effectively connect enterprises with their employees to confirm shifts, send sales MIS and HR information, coordinate schedules, communicate training and product specials, coordinate logistics and general announcements.

Security We understand the sensitivity, importance and value of your company information and data. That’s why we use the most secure technology and take all necessary measures to ensure your information is protected from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification,perusal, inspection, manipulation, recording and destruction.

Integrity is at the heart of everything we do – we strongly believe an ethical mindset supports value-based decision-making and best business practice.

END USER Design and development of enhanced, unified communication services and mobile applications with focus on multi-cultural markets, giving our users and clients a multitude of international communication tools within economical reach.

With hundreds of millions of subscribers, mobile phones have become mass-market products creating new opportunities for consumers and business executives to communicate. Calling cards and prepaid services have made international communications affordable even for low-income immigrants, increasing the number of calls to developing countries in particular. Mobile operators and their subscribers are key drivers in the international calling market. In 2002, the number of mobile phones in service overtook the number of fixed lines. By 2011, mobiles accounted for 83 percent of total global phone lines, 43 percent of originated international call traffic, and 58 percent of terminated international traffic.

Connecting Communities Continuously innovating to meet the growing demands of the end user, we at Cronos have developed an integrated mobile hybrid OTT application that delivers all-encompassing

connectivity - calls, messaging, video and data solutions - to our domestic and international customers through own global network on prepay, post-pay and promotion plan programs.

Mobile App The Cronos mobile hybrid application automates the use of calling cards and provides an IP calling facility. The app allows users to make VoIP calls from their mobile phones through internet connectivity, via Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G LTE, GPRS, and supports Symbian, iPhone, Windows Mobile, Android, and Blackberry platforms.

Most importantly, the app (which can also be offered as white label) provides customers with a single application that integrates their mobile contacts and eliminates the need to remember access, pin and phone numbers, making their connection experience as seamless as regular dialing.

Group 33 Garden Road, St. John's Building, 6th Floor, Central, Hong Kong 419 Lafayette St New York, NY 10003, USA Av. Diagonal, 458, 8th Floor, Barcelona 08006, Spain

Cronos Group Brochure  

Cronos Group products and services information.

Cronos Group Brochure  

Cronos Group products and services information.