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No one’s perfect, we all have our insecurities

Men and women are both bothered by their bodies this is shown from a survey that I carried out through social media, 68.67% of the people that were asked said yes, they were bothered by their weight. I then went and asked a variety of men and women what they didn’t like

Annonymous males ribcage.

about themselves and there wasn’t one person that didn’t dislike something about themselves.


Male Interview

Anonymous males body shape with and without a jacket.

One of the people I interviewed who was a male, said his weight has bothered him and he has tried to change how he looks “through sports activities at school my weight varied over the years, however since stopping participating in the sport I have become less happy with my weight and the way I look.” I then went on to ask when did you first become aware of your body and did it bother you? “When I first started secondary school, I became aware of my weight due to bullying, I would say. I then always wanted to be thinner no matter how thin I was getting while participating in sport.” I then went on to ask what bothers you about the way you look? “I do not like my weight being as much as


it is. I feel fat whether people tell me I don’t or not and always wear a jacket as I feel uncomfortable wearing only a t-shirt out in public.” The next question that was asked have you ever been on a diet or changed how you eat to change the way you look? “I have tried to eat less, so much and have a habit of missing meals so I stopped having regular mealsbut eating excessively when I do eat.” Have you ever had an issue with eating? “I never have breakfast or lunchand usually, when I do eat, I eat a lot of snacks, excessively so, rather than proper meals.” The last question I asked was have you ever had an eating disorder? “I wouldn’t say so; however, I know that my pattern of eating

is not “normal” and so I have considered the possibility that I do have one.” This interview is very interesting to show that it’s not just women who are bothered by the way people perceive them and what a person thinks another person might think about them can really affect someone’s self-esteem, which sounds silly but it’s a true reality that people think. While I was interviewing this anonymous male, I wanted to make him see what I saw which was different to what he saw as I thought he looked like he had an average build for a tall broad male. I didn’t see what he saw and wanted him to see what I did but I guess it’s down to the person’s opinion which are all different.

Disliked Body Parts This is a photograph of an anonymous male model of his hip and side, showing he has stretchmark’s due to losing and gaining weight quickly while playing rugby as he would need to gain weight to be able to create muscle. But his thoughts on it are “they don’t look nice and they make me think I am fat as that’s how they are created” so they clearly affect his confidence but they shouldn’t as it made him a good rugby player and he isn’t fat the way he thinks he is. Anonymous male model of his hip and side showing his strech marks.

This is a photograph from an anonymous female model of her tummy. The photograph shows stretch marks and scars from having a c-section when giving birth to her child, which is an

emotional time for a mother as there are many hormones and the woman’s body changes drastically. “I haven’t been comfortable within my body for years, I gave birth while wearing a full face

Anonymous female model of her tummy showing her scar and strech marks.

of makeup and slowly over the years I have gotten better with my body but this part of it is my weakness which makes me feel horrible because I love my daughter.”


Female Interview

The second interview was interviewing a female, her weight has bothered her “massively for most of her life”. I then asked if she had ever done anything to change how she looked? “I wear makeup, dye my hair and I have gone on many diets.” When did you first become aware of your body? “I was 8 years old, I had been taken to get a new school jumper and I was given a 30 inch chest jumper which I was told I was a big girl, I liked this for an hour or so till after I had thought about all the tiny comments, I was given which led me to start feeling fat and I had started saying I couldn’t do things such as sing in the talent contest as I was too fat which my friends disagreed with but I did not believe them and this has been happening ever since, while I was younger I avoided telling my mum how I felt and as I knew she wouldn’t abuse understand how I felt and laxatives and would tell me to stop energy drinks being stupid.” What so I could gain bothers you about the the same outcome way you look? “how as the laxatives.” tall I am, my weight, Have you ever had how chubby my face an issue with eating? is, how chubby my legs “Yes, I was bulimic are, how chubby my and now I only aim arms are, the stretch to eat one meal a day marks on my stomach and sometimes two.” and how big my hands Have you ever had and feet are.” Have you an eating disorder? ever been on a diet? “I had bulimia and I “yes, all kinds I regularly recovered 7 years don’t eat enough meals ago, but have in a day, I starved myself 4 relapsed twice.”

Annonymous female models side profile.

By Carrie Roberts


No one's perfect we all have our insecurities  
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