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Issue 16 I April 2014

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Editorial Wida Schmidt

CEO at Carrier Community

Dear Readers, I am delighted to announce the release of the April edition of our e-magazine edition, presenting information about our recent Annual 2014 London GCCM with details on regions and delegates’ profiles, as well as a list of the companies who joined our event this year. In addition, this issue provides information on our forthcoming Annual GCCM in Singapore, together with information about our sponsors. It also includes the latest announcement by NetworkMining regarding the release of their new Network Assurance software, which now offers two new features: shared risk groups (“SRG”) and support of multi-NMS operations. Latest industry news as well as details of new members who have joined the Club are also included. Annual GCCM 2014 London Our Annual 2014 London GCCM event took place on 1st and 2nd of April, with more than 320 carrier members from 40 countries attending the event, representing 58% voice, 30% data, 10% SMS & Mobile and 2% other Service Providers‘ segments (such as Cloud, Cable, Satellite, Telehouse, Datacenters, ISP). Press release In our April edition we have included the latest announcement by NetworkMining regarding the new version of their Network Assurance software, which is based on its network mediation software that federates network resource data from multiple master data sources. Those data sources indirectly define the scope of risks that a pro-active network assurance assessment will take into account. This application introduced two new features: shared risk groups (“SRG”) and support of multi-NMS operations. Industry news Once again,we would like to share some telecom related industry news to keep our members informed about the latest news in our industry. Next GCCM events Our Annual 2014 Singapore GCCM event (our fourth to date) will take place on 16th and 17th June. We expect 400+ carrier member executives representing 200+carriers across the globe to attend this show. 15% of the attendees’ members represent C-Level, followed by 35% VP and 50% Director and Manager levels. We are honoured and proud to announce our official GCCM Host and Sponsors while extending our special THANKS to our strong partner sponsors for their continuous support and trust in building further this Club and raising the profile of the GCCM in Singapore: SingTel, Synectiv, FL-Connect Telecom, StarHub, Epsilon Telecommunications, Voxvalley, DIGITALK, PCCW Global, Ivoice, Lanck Telecom, Blueberry Telecom, tyntec,World Hub, Telekom Asia, Luxor Communications, Telekom Network Services, Kryptos and our strategic partners: Airtel and Deutsche Telekom. In the next pages, we have highlighted further details about our sponsors and the upcoming Singapore and Berlin 2014 GCCM events. Our members’ feedback and comments are very important to us, so do please write to us to enable us to further improve the services and grow this exclusive and global Club. Once again THANK YOU for all your support and trust.

Wida Schmidt, CEO


Press Release NetworkMining announces the latest release of Network Assurance software Brussels – April 28, 2014 – NetworkMining, an independent supplier of IP & optical network mediation software, today announces the latest version of its network assurance application. This application introduced two new features: shared risk groups (“SRG”) and support of multi-NMS operations. NetworkMining’s network assurance software is based on its network mediation software that federates network resource data from multiple master data sources e.g. network management systems (“NMS”). Those data sources indirectly define the scope of risks that a pro-active network assurance assessment will take into account. Two fiber optic cables running on the opposite sides of an underground tunnel might e.g. be considered as sharing same risk but this information could be missing in the master data. Moreover risk assessment is a complex matter and often requires a case by case appraisal. For NetworkMining’s network assurance software to deal with such situation, a SRG feature has been introduced. This feature allows users to allocate individual resources to the same SRG. The latter is taken account by the network assurance application. A typical service provider operates IP & optical networks from different vendors. Each vendor domain is managed by a separate system. Some vendor domains might even be split over several management domains. This creates a challenge for network assurance as a failure in each management domain potentially is correlated with failures in the other domains. NetworkMining’s network assurance software has released a new feature that allows for multidomain impact simulation and enables service provider to work through NMS boundaries. This feature supports the most common types of inter-domain connections. It provides end-to-end impact simulation a multi-vendor, multidomain network while maintaining the data integrity of each management domain. “At NetworkMining we strive to deliver practical solutions that solve real, operational problems at our customers. The latest release of our network assurance application is proof to our approach. It has already been adopted by three of our customers and helps them with assurance of their multi-vendor and multi-domain IP & optical networks,” says Roland Leners, Sales & Marketing Director, NetworkMining. NetworkMining is heading to TM Forum Live 2014 at Acropolis in Nice, June 2-5. Visit us at stand no 88. Supporting Resource •Learn more about NetworkMining’s customer experience solutions, product, and whitepapers •Keep up with NetworkMining’s news by visiting the company's website •Follow and engage with NetworkMining on Twitter and LinkedIn About NetworkMining NetworkMining is an independent supplier of IP & optical network mediation software. Our software discovers SDH/ SONET, OTN, WDM, Ethernet and IP/MPLS networks through pre-integrated probes towards IP & optical network and element management systems. It processes and distributes the collected data towards 3rd party and NetworkMining applications such as: network inventory, incident simulator, provisioning workflow systems and fault management systems. NetworkMining's customer portfolio consists of leading telecommunications service providers and networking equipment providers around the globe. For more information, visit NetworkMining at MailFilterGateway has detected a possible fraud attempt from "www." claiming to be Media Contact: Anna Foutsi Tel: +32 2 211 3462 e-mail:

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London 2014 GCCM Delegates Profiles Regions Profile Delegates from 40 countries attended London 2014 GCCM Afghanistan - Algeria - Australia - Austria - Bahrain - Bangladesh - Belgium - Belize - Brazil - Canada - China - Cyprus - Czech Republic - Egypt - Estonia - Finland - France - Germany - Greece - Hong Kong Hungary - India - Iran - Israel - Italy - Jersey - Jordan - Kenya - Kuwait - Latvia - Lebanon - Libyan Arab Jamahiriya - Lithuania - Luxenbourg - Malaysia - Netherlands - Nigeria - Pakistan - Panama - Philippines - Poland - Qatar - Romania - Russian Federation - Singapore - Slovenia - Spain - Sri lanka - Sudan - Sweden Switzerland - Thailand - Turkey - Uganda - UK- Ukraine - United Arab Emirates - United States

Delegates Profile

170 Carriers attended London 2014 GCCM

Carrier Community Emagazine


London 2014 GCCM Attended Carriers Once again Carrier Community successfully organised its community’s annual GCCM on 1st & 2nd April at Drapers’ Hall in London. More than 320 carrier members attended the annual 2014 London GCCM, in just one location, representing 58% voice, 30% data, 10% SMS & Mobile and 2% other Service Providers‘ segments (such as Cloud, Cable, Satellite, Telehouse, Datacenters, ISP) . The delegates represented decision making C-Level and VP/ Director levels, as well as Manager ones from 40 countries. For further details, please see below or download a pdf copy of the event’s details. --3G Telekom --42com Telecommunication GmbH --A1 Telekom Austria AG --Afinna One --Air Fast Network Solution and Provider --Aircel Ltd --Apelby Communications --ArribaCom --Ashan Telecom (HK) Ltd. --AT&T Global Network Services --Altavoip Spain --Atlas Interactive Ltd --Annecto Telecom --Bankai Group --Beox --BFT Telecom,LLC --Bharti Airtel(UK) Ltd. --BICS --Brodynt Global Services --BT Global Telecom Markets --BTS --Bermat Inc. --Bistalk Telecom AG --China Telecom (Europe) Ltd --China Unicom Europe Ltd --China Mobile International (UK) Ld. --Clear Business operations Ltd. --CLX Networks --Colt Communication Services --Connection Software --CreativeCell Technology --Cloud2tel Ltd. --Deutsche Telekom --Dialogue Communications Ltd --Dynmark International Ltd --Digital Reality --DIGITALK --DNSNIC --Elisa --Encore Telecom --Enter Srl --Exatel S.A. --Epsilon Telecommunications --Eser Telekom --Euroweb Romania --Expressive Tel Communications --Eutelsat UK Ltd. --Fizan Telecom --FOCUS TELECOM SL --Gilat Satcom --GLM Telecom --GTS Central Europe --Ghost Telecom Ltd --Gencom Technologies Ltd --H J Technology LTD --Hamid Sourcing Ltd.

--Heer Teleservices Ltd. --Hilf Telecom B.V. --Hoover Tel --HTS Ltd. --Hurricane Electric --Hutchison Global Communications Ltd. --iCom Voice Ltd --iVoice Networks Pte. Ltd. --Icon Global Services Ltd. --IDT Europe --Interoute --IPVOIP --IX Reach --iBasis-KPN --Jersey Telecom --Jazztel --Junctionz Limited --Janacom --Kaiser Electronics Pte ltd --KDDI Europe --KPN International --LANCK Telecom --Limecom Srl --LINX --Lebara --L2MC --Manor IT (UK) Ltd. --Mediatel --Micom Telecom --MOBIK --Miamonode USA --Mah Telecom Ltd. --Mundio Mobile --Net-Connect Communications --Netia S.A. --NetTalk S.A.L Offshore --NewTelco GmbH --NEXT Telecom --NTT Europe Ltd. --NYXtel --Nexmo Ltd --NGN Group --Numeric Futures --Nexge Techologies Ltd. --Orange --Oblcom Swiss AG --Oteglobe --Pacnet Services (UK) Ltd. --PCCW Global --Pioneer Trading SARL --Protel S.A.L. Offshore --PTCL --Global Cloud Xchange --RTX --Phonetime --Samir Kundu Group Carrier Community Emagazine


--Samitel Ltd --Sea Fibre Networks --Sheng Li Telecom International Ltd. --Skynet Lab FZE --SMS Consortium, LLC --SMS GCN Global Communications Network --SoftNET d.o.o. --Solution9 Ltd --Spectrum Intelligence Communications Agency --Sprint --Sunrise Communications AG --Swiss Telecom Carrier SA --Synectiv Ltd. --TelecityGroup --Telecom Italia Sparkle S.p.A --Telecom Luxembourg Private Operator S.A --Telefónica S.A. --Telekom Malaysia UK --Telekom Slovenije --Teliasonera --Telstra --TEO LT AB --Toos Telecom --TOPTEL Networks --Turk Telekom International --Turkcell --Toos Telecom --TWT S.p.A --tyntec --Telco Globe --Telco Exchange Ltd --TeleCall --Talk Today --The Messaging Centre Ltd --Technology Distribution Ltd. --Telaxia/Axia Globe Ltd --Universal Call Ltd --Verixi --Verizon --Verscom --Viatel --Voicekings SAL Offshore --VoipSwitch Inc. --Voxbone SA --Voxvalley Technologies --Veoo Ltd --Voiping Ltd. --Voicetec --Wavetel --Worldsim --XConnect --XOtel --Xperttel- FZC --YaBand Telecom B.V.

London 2014 GCCM Pictures

London 2014 GCCM Pictures

Wholesale Industry News Telecom Italia rolls out FTTC in Bologna industrial areas

BTCL’s USD236m NGN, IMS project approved 28 Apr 2014

Bangladesh’s Executive Committee of the National Telecom Italia has launched of at least 30 Mbps, will cover Economic Council (ECNEC) its superfast fibre-optic broad- around 70 percent of the in- has approved a next generation band service in some of the dustrial districts by the end network (NGN) modernisation main industrial areas sur- of 2014. The region of Emilia project costing BDT18.63 bilrounding the city of Bologna, Romagna is one of the most lion (USD236 million) to be unincluding Castel Maggiore, San advanced in Italy in terms dertaken by Bangladesh TelGiovanni in Persiceto, Casalec- telecoms infrastructure, with ecommunications Company chio di Reno, Zola Predosa and Telecom Italia’s FTTC service Limited (BTCL) with a compleSan Lazzaro di Savena. The op- already available in Bologna, tion deadline of June 2017, the erator’s FTTC service, which Parma, Piacenza, Reggio Emil- Dhaka Tribune reports. Under provides customers with in- ia, Modena, Ferrara, Rimini, the project, dual-financed by ternet connections at speeds Forlì and Imola. the Bangladeshi government (around 30% of the budget) and a 20-year credit facility from China (70%), BTCL will Regulator tells Tele2, Telenor to expand its next-generation backbone inframeet 800MHz coverage requirements fibre-optic structure nationwide, while

29 April 2014

28 April 2014

Swedish telecoms regulator the Post & Telecoms Agency (PTS) has issued a public notification to Net4Mobility, the jointly-owned mobile network sharing venture of Telenor Sweden and Tele2 Sweden, confirming that rural coverage requirements set out under the joint venture’s 800MHz 4G mobile broadband frequency licence won in 2011 were not met by an end of 2013 deadline. If Tele2 and Telenor fail to comply with the licence coverage stipulations by 30 November 2014, the PTS may take further action. The specific 800MHz (digital dividend) frequency block won by Net4Mobiity in 2011 carried special coverage requirements aimed at filling in gaps in national broadband coverage including rural and remote areas. According to the licence conditions, by 31 December 2013 the licensee should have covered 75% (or 471) of 628 specific addresses (locations) of a list drawn up by the PTS, but Tele2/ Telenor only covered 139 of these addresses by the original deadline – a shortfall of 332. Services must provide 1Mbpsplus connection speeds for homes and businesses.

replacing existing low-capacity copper transmission equipment at its exchanges. Telecoms ministry sources said that the NGN project would extend high speed internet connections to village level, while connecting all government institutions, enabling access to advanced services including high quality IP telephony and video-based services such as videoconferencing for all (between 900,000 and one million)BTCL’s fixed line users. The project also involves installing an internet protocol multimedia system (IMS) in the capital Dhaka and another IMS network in Chittagong, each with maximum capacity of 700,000 connections.

Poland’s TK Telekom to be offered for sale again 28 Apr 2014

Poland’s national rail operator Polskie Koleje Panstwowe (PKP) has restarted its search for a buyer for its telecoms division, TK Telekom, which owns 6,000km of fibre-optic cable and 22,000km of copper network across the country. PKP failed to find a buyer for the unit when it was first put up for sale last year, but Reuters now reports that the rail operator is seeking an investment bank to help run the latest sale process as part of a drive to divest noncore operations. TK Telekom has been valued at around PLN400 million (USD131.7 million). Firms including domestic telco Netia and Deutsche Telekom’s pan-European business services provider GTS were reportedly interested in acquiring TK Telekom last year, but did not meet PKP’s valuation of the company.

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Wholesale Industry News

Etisalat gets funds in place for Maroc Telecom deal

India’s Reliance to offer nationwide 3G 28 Apr 2014

Tata Teleservices, Aircel add Delhi, Mumbai circles to their 3G footprints through Reliance deal. Reliance Communications has brokered a deal with two rival mobile operators that will enable it to offer 3G services throughout India, it emerged on Monday. The telco has struck an inter-circle roaming accord with Tata Teleservices and Aircel that will enable it to offer 3G services in the nine circles in which it does not already offer 3G services, the Times of India reported. The paper quoted the operator as saying that the ability to offer pan-Indian 3G services will help it to boost its market

28 April 2014

UAE operator expects transaction to close in May; posts revenue and subscriber growth in Q1. Etisalat on Monday announced it has organised financing for its acquisition of a controlling stake in Marco Telecom. The United Arab Emiratesbased operator has brokered a deal with 17 banks that will give it access to funding worth €3.15 billion that can be drawn in either euros or dollars. "The purpose of the financing is to fund the acquisition of Vivendi's 53% stake in Maroc Telecom," Etisalat said in a statement. After months of talks, Etisalat and Vivendi announced the Maroc Telecom deal in November last year. Etisalat agreed to pay €4.2 billion in cash (€3.9 billion plus a €300 million dividend) for the 53% stake. At the time Vivendi said it was confident that the transaction would be completed in early 2014, subject to certain conditions, including regulatory approvals from countries in Maroc Telecom's footprint. In addition to its operations in Morocco, Maroc Telecom holds controlling stakes in telcos in Gabon, Mauritania, Burkina Faso, and Mali. In 2013 Maroc Telecom generated revenues of €2.56 billion, down slightly on 2012, while EBITDA rose to €1.22 billion from €988 million. On Monday, as part of its firstquarter 2014 results presenta-

tion, Etisalat said it expects the Maroc Telecom deal to close before the end of May. Etisalat reported 9.9 billion dirhams (€1.95 billion) in consolidated revenues in Q1, up 3% on the same quarter last year. However, EBITDA fell by 2% to AED4.94 billion (€972 million) and the telco's EBITDA margin contracted to 50% from 52%. In its home market Etisalat generated revenues of AED6.5 billion (€1.28 billion), up 8%, while EBITDA grew by 6% to AED3.7 billion. At group level Etisalat had 145 million subscribers at the end of the reporting period, an increase of 4.5 million over 12 months. In the UAE subscribers numbered 10.9 million, up from 9.3 million a year earlier. "The strong momentum built up by our data business in 2013 continued in the first quarter of 2014, and this segment will remain a strategic priority for the company," said Ahmad Abdulkarim Julfar, group CEO at Etisalat. "The successful LTE-A deployment is significant as it provides significant new opportunities in commercialising the data segment," he added. Etisalat earlier this month announced it had trialled LTEAdvanced technology in Abu Dhabi, completing an LTE-A call on a live network, using spectrum in the 800-MHz and 1800-MHz bands.

share among contract and business customers. Meanwhile, for their part Tata and Aircel will gain access to the top-tier circles of Delhi and Mumbai, where RCom has 3G licences. Online commentators on Indian news Websites have questioned the legality of the deal, pointing out that a similar agreement between Bharti Airtel, Vodafone and Idea Cellular was blocked by regulators last year. However, the prevailing opinion appears to be that since this deal focuses simply on roaming, and will not involve the parties selling SIM cards in regions where they do not have licences, it will be allowed to stand.

MegaFon trumpets LTEachievements; confirms full integration of Yota 28 Apr 2014

Russian mobile giant MegaFon has announced that it now offers 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE) coverage of 53 regions, a figure which is set to rise to 72 by year-end. Further, the cellco claims a total of 1.4 million 4G customers on its network to date. Between 1 April 2013 and 31 March 2014, MegaFon notes that LTE-traffic increased by 4.5 times, and its subscribers downloaded more than 200PB (Petabytes, or billion Gigabytes [GB]) of data. Its heaviest data users are based in the Volga, North-Western and Caucasus regions. Further, MegaFon has said that it now offers a range of 65 LTE-capable devices, including 45 smartphones and 14 tablets. In other news, MegaFon has confirmed that it has completed the ‘key processes’ behind the integration of Scartel (Yota), which it purchased in October 2013. A company statement read: ‘The process of the integration of assets took several months and included the following steps: Scartel and Yota were unified into one legal entity — Scartel LLC for providing services under the Yota brand; all Scartel telecommunications equipment under contract of sale was transferred to the balance sheet of MegaFon, all primary processes of support and service of the Scartel network were switched to MegaFon; and MegaFon and Scartel signed an agreement on the lease of the communications network.’

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GCCM 2014 Singapore 16th & 17th June

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Wholesale Industry News

Vimpelcom does $2.64bn Djezzy deal 22 April 2014

Russian operator resolves issues in Algeria with sale of 51% stake in mobile operator to state-owned investment fund. Russia's Vimpelcom has agreed to sell its majority stake in Algerian mobile operator Djezzy to the state, bringing to an end a long-running dispute over the ownership of the unit. Vimpelcom will transfer a 51% stake in Djezzy held by its Global Telecom Holding (GTH) subsidiary to Algeria's Fonds National d'Investissement, or national investment fund, for US$2.64 billion, it announced late last week. The deal is expected to close

by the end of this year. On completion, GTH will retain a 49% stake in Djezzy and have operational control of the operator. Vimpelcom holds a 51.9% stake in GTH. The mobile operator will pay a dividend of $1.86 billion to GTH immediately prior to the closing of the deal. As such, GTH will walk away from the deal with proceeds of around $4 billion after taxes and the settlement of disputes and fines in Algeria. Those proceeds will be used for the repayment of outstanding shareholder loans provided by Vimpelcom to GTH.

"[The deal] resolves our dispute in Algeria and allows us to solidify our strong leadership position in Algeria by enabling us to further invest in a high speed 3G network to take full advantage of the potential for mobile data growth in the country," Vimpelcom CEO Jo Lunder said in a statement. He added that Vimpelcom is looking forward to working with its new partner in Algeria to "drive the business forward". The ownership of Djezzy has been a cause of controversy since Vimpelcom acquired

Matthew Whalley t: +44 203 624 8617 @ilexcontent

its parent company Orascom Telecom Holding in 2011. The Algerian government was keen to take control of the telco but until now failed to reach an agreement with Vimpelcom. Over the past few years it has imposed a number of foreign exchange and import restrictions on OTH, and issued demands for back tax. This deal includes the settlement of all those issues. OTA will pay a fine of 99 billion dinars ($1.3 billion), while both OTH and Vimpelcom will take one-off charges of $2 billion in their 2013 financial statements.



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ENPM 2014 Berlin

15th & 16th September

Hosted by:

Venue: Adlon Kempinski*****

ENPM (European Network Planning Meeting) was established with the intention to support information exchange between network operators in Europe. The aim is to facilitate efficient exchange of information regarding the current and future network resources, discuss interconnection requirements and developments in technology and the whole industry as such.

Organized by:

Global Club Mobile 路 Voice 路 Data

News in brief

Nokia Solutions




Nokia Solutions and Networks has opened two offices in Yangon, the former capital of Myanmar. As a result, NSN will be better equipped to enable domestic operators to provide network coverage to a vast majority of users across the country. With a permanent set-up to execute its operations, NSN has reiterated its resolve to provide optimum support to customers in Myanmar and also support the growth of the telecommunications industry there.

Interxion announced that in response to customer orders, it is accelerating the completion of 7,200 square meters of equipped space in its AMS 7 data centre in Amsterdam and expanding customer available power to 15 MW. Interxion also announced that it is accelerating completion of FRA 8, its 3,600 square metre data centre in Frankfurt.

has completed the integration of Skartel and Yota. Since December 2013, Oleg Knyazev has been CEO of Skartel, who successfully led the unification of the assets. Following completion of the integration, Anatoliy Smorgonskiy was appointed General Director of Skartel effective April 28, 2014. Oleg Knyazev will continue his career in MegaFon through involvement in other projects.

Pacnet’s equity joint venture in China, Pacnet Business Solutions, and China Telecom Corporation Chongqing partnered to advance data centre and cloud development in the city of Chongqing. Under the partnership, China Telecom will establish new PoPs in Pacnet’s Chongqing data center, CQCS1.

Zayo Group

PCCW Global

has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Neo Telecoms, a Paris-based Bandwidth Infrastructure company. The acquisition adds 350 metro route miles in Paris and more than 500 on-net buildings to Zayo’s network. Neo also operates 9 colocation centres across France, offering more than 36,000 square feet of data centre space. The Paris and regional network throughout France will be integrated into Zayo’s existing European network connecting London, Frankfurt and Amsterdam and the US.

PCCW Global has signed a strategic collaboration agreement with Shanghai Zendai, an urban complex developer specializing in commercial real estate from mainland China, to provide technology and telecommunications services, skills and experience to assist in Zendai’s development of a smart city in Modderfontein, Johannesburg, South Africa.

TeliaSonera TeliaSonera International Carrier (TSIC) continues to expand its US presence by connecting the EvoSwitch data center in Washington to its North American backbone. By adding the high-density colocation capabilities of the EvoSwitch WDC1 data centre, TSIC is able to deliver greater connectivity and international reach to the region.


Colt group

has established a virtual point of presence (PoP) in Singapore for HostSG, the largest web hosting company in the country. The virtual PoP (ePoP) gives HostSG’s 35,000 customers access to 500+ network operators and allows them to connect to 170 countries worldwide. As HostSG’s local and regional SME customers grow, they have immediate access to high-quality connectivity and low-latency networks. With the addition of Epsilon’s ePoP solution, HostSG becomes a single source for the managed hosting and connectivity needs of its customers. HostSG serves media, entertainment, healthcare, education, government and other business sectors.

has announced it will be exiting the carrier voice market to focus on higher margin enterprise voice services. The announcement was made as part of the company’s Q1 2014 results and is part of a restructuring of its lines of business.

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GCCM 2014 Berlin September 2014

Hosted by:


• An exclusive carrier wholesale event with only service providers attending • 95% business networking sessions with evening networking reception parties • Meet more than 350+ carriers wholesale members representing 150+ regional and international carriers • Competitive entrée rates, only 399+vat per delegate • Network in a private and exclusive environment •High Level Guest Speakers’ presentations from the industry

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GCCM 2014 Dubai 3rd & 4th March

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GCCM 2014 Singapore 16th & 17th June

GCCM 2014 Berlin 15th & 16th September

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Community News Members Joined New members from the following carriers joint the club recently. To learn more about them, please visit our online member directory. •  Spectrum ICA •  Rigel Voice •  SMS Consortium •  Skynet Lab FZE •  RTX

•  Protel S.A.L. Offshore •  Pacnet •  Oblcom Swiss AG •  NYXtel •  Numeric Futures Limited

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