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ear Readers, I am delighted to announce the April e-magazine edition which captures information about our upcoming Annual Singapore 2013 GCCM and our official sponsors; it includes the article written by Mr. Alessandro Forcina, TELECOM ITALIA SPARKLE (acting as i3 forum WS Technical Aspects Chairman) about: How to implement international IP voice interconnections. In addition we have outlined some industry latest news and club’s new member carriers joining the platform.


nnual GCCM 2013 Singapore Our Annual 2013 Singapore GCCM event will take place on 17th & 18th June. We expect 200+ carrier member executives representing 90+carriers across the globe to attend this show. 15% of the attendees’ members represent C-Level, followed by 35% VP and 50% Director and Manager levels. We are honoured and proud to announce our official GCCM Sponsors while extending our special THANKS to our strong partner sponsors for their continuous support and trust in building further this club and raising profile about the GCCM in Singapore: StarHub, Blueberry Telecom, PCCW Global, LANCK Telecom, Epsilon Telecommunications and Golden Telekom. In the next pages, we have highlighted further details about our sponsors and GCCM event as well as the after event fantastic evening receptions.

Industry report

In our April edition we have included the article which was written by our Annual ENPM 2013 Guest Speaker: Mr. Alessandro Forcina,TELECOM ITALIA SPARKLE (acting as i3 forum WS Technical Aspects Chairman). In his article Mr. Alessandro Forcina wrote about: How to implement international IP voice interconnections. The paper has been written using the past tense assuming that the i3 forum way of working and achievements on specifying VoIP services are presented. As a result, it tells the reader the criteria and assumed guidelines.

Industry news

Once again, we have picked up a few telecom related industry news to keep our members informed about the latest news happening in our industry.


embers joined and next ENPM 2013 event New members are joining our club every month. This month once again we have included the company names recently joined. Our club is also organising for the 3rd time in a row successfully the Annual European Network Planning Meeting (ENPM). This year the event is taken place in Paris from 10-12th September hosted by Orange and sponsored by Acme Packet and Dialogic. We are once again proud to be the organiser of this exclusive club’s event. Our members feedback and comments are very important for us so please write to us so that we can further improve the services and grow this exclusive and global club. Once again THANK YOU for all your support and trust.

Wida Schmidt

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Industry Report Alessandro Forcina

i3 forum WS Technical Aspects Chairman at Telecom Italia Sparkle

How to implement international IP Voice Interconnection: different solutions for different needs How to implement international IP voice intercon-

The second basic answer is related to the signaling protocol(s) to be adopted. It was clear to all i3 forum participants that the number of protocols to be recommended had to be reduced aiming, as said above, to cover as much as possible the market needs and implementations. Following these two criteria it was straightforward to converge on:

nections? This question in early 2013 could be considered naïve and technically outdated but in late 2007 when i3 forum (a carrier forum with the participation of nearly 50 carriers worldwide serving 2B+ people on more than 100 countries) started its own activity was an outstanding one.

• The SIP protocol as per IETF specification (RFC 2161) which represented, and represents, the basic signaling protocols for all session based applications together with • The SIP-I protocol as per ITU-T specification (Q. 1912.5) which, carrying the ISUP protocols of the TDM networks, was the best candidate for the very long TDM -> IP transition period.

Indeed, multiple options were possible in terms of interconnection configurations, signaling protocols (e.g. SIP standardized by IETF, SIP- I from ITU-T, H.323, BICC and H.248 always from ITU-T) and codecs whereas no best practices were available on how to achieve security and how to reduce the duration of the testing process. In this framework i3 forum started to work following 3 basic guidelines: 1. Be as simple as possible 2. Cover the market as much as possible 3. P rovide examples / best practices without modifying the existing business model and assuming various level of quality of service, cascade payments and volume based billing.

The third basic answer brought i3 forum to clearly say an answer on which codec(s) has (have) to be supported. It is well known that multiple codecs have being used by carriers and service providers in order to achieve the best trade-off between the voice quality andthe amount of bandwidth needed for a single session. The decision, confirmed later on by surveys carried out among i3 forum carriers, was to consider mandatory the support of ITU-T G.711 and G.729 family codecs and to leave as optional the support of other narrow-band (e.g. G.723) / wideband (e.g. WB-AMR) and low bit rate codec (e.g. G.729a with VAD/DTX).

The first answer to be given to the market is whether we are dealing with “private” and/or “public” interconnections; giving to private the meaning that no unidentified party is able to affect the quality of the VoIP service or, more specifically, the IP addresses of the routers of the two parties are not advertised over the Public Internet. In compliance with the 2nd guideline introduced above, considering the need both of private (e.g. 2 carriers serving their own customers for a primary route) as well public interconnections (e.g. for traffic to be delivered towards lower priority routes), i3 forum provided a set of interconnection configurations covering the two environments using different transport alternatives.

With regard to codec it is worth mentioning the selection of ITU-T T.38 protocols for fax over IP communication together with the very broad activity carried jointly with SIP Forum aiming to reduce and solve part of the quality issues that still presently affect the fax over IP transmission. The three technical areas covered so far, together with a correct design and implementation of the IP layer functionalities, can guarantee a voice over IP call

Carrier Community GmbH T: +41 (0) 31 544 21 31// F: +41 (0) 31 560 40 90//Marktstrasse 10, 6060 Sarnen, Switzerland//


Industry Report is supported across an interface but do not guarantee a service is offered with the requested level of quality and security and it is provisioned/tested in due time.

ered not only as topics for engineers but as key element for the success of a VoIP service involving directly the revenues (a vulnerable network implies lower revenues; never ending provisioning time generates an economic loss) and the carrier ranking in the market.

The control of the quality of service in a VoIP environment has always represented a debatable issue with fierce supporters on different sides. Those who believe VoIP service provide the same quality level of legacy TDM service and those who are against this statement. Of course, there is no unique answer depending the overall quality on the number of networks to be crossed, the distance, the used TDM and VoIP technology, the codecs… Within i3f first it has been identified the scope of quality of service monitoring: • Monitoring (supervision) against given thresholds • Troubleshooting • Service Level Agreement (SLA) and Quality of Service reporting then, the related Transmission and IP parameter have been defined:

Transmission/ IP parameters: -RTP round-trip delay -RTP jitter -RTP packet loss

Focusing on security i3 forum considers mandatory the deployment of Session Border Controller achieving topology hiding and NAT/NAPT translation and recommends 3 level of secure configurations for each involved interface. In the i3 forum White Paper ”Security for IP Interconnections” Rel. 1.0, May 2011 the following security threats and related security mechanisms are extensively dealt with. The worth of efficient and short design / implementation and testing procedures have been mentioned

Security Threats DoS/DDoS Attack, Protocol Vulnerabilities, Addres/ Identity Spoofing, Theft of Service, Rogue Media, Session Hijacking, Network Intrusion, Internal Network Security

Service parameters

Security Mechanisms


Topology Hiding, Ecryption, Authentication, Acces Control Lists, Reverse Path Filters, Traffic policing, Application Level Relaying Deep Packet Inspection, SRTP, DNSSEC, Media Filtering, Firewalls, Intrusion Delection Systems, Device Hardening, Loggin and Auditing Security Information & Code Updates

and finally a number of passive and active methodologies have been identified.


above. A couple of documents help Service Providers and Carriers to minimize the time of bringing into service an interconnection:


Methodology: Measurment by actively setting up test sessions across test domain

Methodology: Measurment by passively monitoring traffic sessions across the test domain

Pros: -Can also provide MOSCQE -Control of measurement domain -Other metrics available

Pros: -MOSCQE -Accurate representation of real performance -Easy to configure -Measurments easy to analyze

Cons: -Not always representative of real traffic path -Large number of sessions may be required to provide full coverage e.g. N2 problem

Cons: -Uncertain control of measurment domain -Limited diagnostic ability

• “Interconnection Form for International Voice Service” Rel. 4 May 2012, devoted to allow an easy “getting in touch” between the two parties covering the vast majority of the technical issues; • “Interoperability Test Plan connection for International Voice Service” Rel. 4 May 2012, devoted to present and describe the basic set of testing suites to be carried out. All related deliverables and documents can be retrieved from

With regard to security and testing i3 forum delivered to the industry a number of white papers addressing the issues of security and testing which have to be considCarrier Community GmbH T: +41 (0) 31 544 21 31// F: +41 (0) 31 560 40 90//Marktstrasse 10, 6060 Sarnen, Switzerland//


2013 Singapore GCCM Evening party drink, canapé reception & DJ

Short boat trips are organized on “Sonamara”

Strictly on invitation for GCCM registered delegates

Date: 17 June 2013 Event: Cocktail reception Time: 6.00 pm–10.30 pm Sponsored by:

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Venue: One 15 Marina Club Set-up: cocktail tables Dress code: Smart casual Organized by:

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Telefonica Sells Minority Stake in Latin American Operations

Bharti expands in Uganda, MTS India appoints new CEO, Bangladesh 3G auction delayed

Published on: 30th Apr 2013 Spain's Telefonica has announced the sale of a 40% stake in its assets in El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Panama for US$500 million, plus up to US$72 million in future performance based payments The buyer is Corporación Multi Inversiones (CMI), a familyowned multinational corporation.

Telefónica will keep control of the companies, which will be merged into a joint venture. The implied multiple for the total amount of the transaction means 6.5 times EBITDA 2012 of the companies involved in the operation. Telefonica confirmed that the sale was part of its plan to pay down the company debt.

April 25, 2013 Written by Dawinderpal Sahota

Sprint Nextel to Investigate Dish Network Takeover Bid Offer

India’s mobile operators have been busy this week, with Bharti Airtel announcing an acquisition in Uganda, and MTS India appointing a new CEO. Meanwhile across the border, Bangladesh’s 3G spectrum auction has hit another delay. Bharti Airtel has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Abu Dhabi Group-owned operator Warid Telecom’s Ugandan business. The Indian operator group intends to merge Warid Telecom Uganda with its own Ugandan subsidiary. According to Airtel, the move will consolidate its position as the second largest mobile operator in Uganda. Airtel currently has 4.6 million customers in Uganda, whereas Warid Telecom has 2.8 million. With the two entities combined Airtel will have a market share of over 39 per cent, the operator said. “We are delighted at this agreement with Warid, which also happens to be the first inmarket acquisition in Bharti Airtel’s history,” said Manoj Kohli, MD and CEO at Bharti Airtel. ”We believe this market consolidation offers great synergies by bringing together the best of Airtel and Warid to better serve customers in Uganda and drive forward our vision of offering affordable best in-class services in Africa. This development will translate to a healthier telecom sector in Uganda which will be ready to invest & grow in wireless broadband and mCom-

Published on: 29th Apr 2013 USA based Sprint Nextel says that it has been given a waiver from Japan's Softbank to investigate the rival takeover bid from Dish Network. Sprint had previously approved a bid by Softbank to buy a 70% stake in the company for US$20.1 billion, before Dish came in with its bid worth around US$25 billion. The SoftBank waiver does

not permit Sprint to provide non-public information to Dish nor does it enable Sprint to enter into negotiations with Dish. Such actions may be taken by Sprint only in accordance with the Sprint-SoftBank merger agreement. Sprint said that it wont comment until it has decided which of the two bids is the superior one.

Spansion to Acquire Microcontroller and Analog Business from Fujitsu Published on: 30th Apr 2013 Flash memory vendor, Spansion is to to acquire Fujitsu's Microcontroller and Analog Business for approximately $110 million, plus approximately $65 million for inventory. The net impact is expected to be accretive for Spansion in 2013. "This acquisition provides incremental revenue and aligns with our strategy to expand into system-on-chip solutions that require leadership in embedded Flash technology," said John Kispert, president and CEO of Spansion. "We have been strategic partners with Fujitsu Semiconductor for decades and share many of the same customers. We expect a seamless

transition for all of the employees and customers." Spansion said that its Flash technology along with the acquired microcontroller and analog products and talent accelerates a portfolio of high-performance system-on-chip solutions for use in the development of faster, more intelligent and energy-efficient products as well as next generation of the "Internet of everything" in automotive, industrial and consumer applications. The acquisition is subject to various customary closing conditions and is expected to be complete between July and September of 2013.

merce services”. The agreement is subject to regulatory and statutory approvals. Meanwhile, rival Sistema Shyam TeleServices, which operates the MTS India brand, has announced that Dmitry Shukov will take over from Vsevolod Rozanov as president and CEO. Shukov is expected to take the helm on June 1, 2013. With 20 years of work experience, starting his career as an engineer, Shukov is an MTS veteran and previously held the roles of CEO at MTS Turkmenistan and MTS Uzbekistan. Mikhail Shamolin, president of Sistema JSFC, said: “Dmitry has a wealth of operational experience, business acumen, and inspirational leadership needed to spearhead SSTL’s next phase of growth. We welcome his appointment and look forward to his contribution in taking the company to OIBDA-positive stage.” Outgoing president and CEO Rozanov will take on a senior position within the firm, MTS stated. And over the border in Bangladesh, telecoms regulator the BTRC is proposing to delay the country’s 3G spectrum auction from June to July 2013. The move comes after Bangladesh’s government approved measures to offer eight blocks of 5Mhz, instead of four blocks of 10Mhz, to encourage the smaller networks to participate in the auction, according to local newspaper the Daily Star.

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after event

2013 Singapore GCCM evening networking party drink & canapĂŠ reception

meet 400+ local & global Carrier Executives Date: 18th June 2013 Time: 19.00-23.00 hours Venue: The Waterboat House

Strictly on Invitation for GCCM registered delegates

Sponsored & Organised by:

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BT to help build O2’s 4G network as it searches for operator partner

Vivendi May Seek New Chairman from 2014 Published on: 29th Apr 2013 French conglomerate, Vivendi may get a new Chairman next year as the company continues to divest itself of assets to pay down debts. French businessman Vincent Bollore, who is also one the largest individual shareholders in the company has been tipped as a possible replacement Chairman. He would replace the current incumbent, Jean-Rene Fourtou from next year, the rench weekly Le Journal du Dimanche reported, subject to being approved at the shareholders general meeting. Mr. Bollore joined the board of directors last December and owns a 5% stake in the company. The company has put its Maroc Telecom stake up for sale, and is widely rumoured to be considering a sale of its French mobile network, SFR.

April 29, 2013 Written by Dawinderpal Sahota UK incumbent BT has signed a ten year deal with mobile operator O2 to support its launch of 4G LTE services. BT will build a high capacity transmission network for the Telefónica subsidiary as O2’s roll out of 4G services later this year is expected to place even greater pressure on its network. The managed network solution from BT Wholesale will provide O2 with the network capacity required to support the increasing demands of customers choosing its planned 4G services, said BT. BT also said it will provide O2 with a sizeable increase in backhaul capacity by delivering the mobile backhaul links between its base stations and the new transmission network. The new transmission network will also help O2 migrate from legacy TDM to Ethernet based IP services, according to BT. Meanwhile BT has announced that it is looking to partner with a mobile operator to provide services for its own staff and for its BT Retail enterprise customers. An agreement with Vodafone ceased after Vodafone acquired BT rival Cable and Wireless for £1bn in July last year. BT maintained it has no plans to offer LTE services to consumers despite having splashed out £200m on 4G spectrum in the UK’s February auction, and added that its latest deal with O2 is “completely separate” to its search for an operator partner. “The announcement about us looking for a mobile operator partner is for our own staff and the customers we sell to via BT retail – particularly SMEs and large enterprise customers to whom we sell managed mobile services,” a BT spokesperson told

Telenor to enter Bulgaria April 29, 2013 Written by Dawinderpal Sahota Norwegian operator group Telenor has agreed to acquire Bulgarian mobile operator Globul from Greek operator group OTE. Telenor will pay €717m for the business as it looks to expand its presence in Central and Eastern Europe. Globul is Bulgaria’s second largest mobile operator in terms of customer numbers with its 4.5 million subscribers as of December 2012, surpassed only by rival Mobitel’s 5.5 million subscribers, according to Informa’s WCIS. Jon Fredrik Baksaas, Telenor Group president and CEO, said he believes that Telenor, with its scale and experience, will be able to create value in the Bulgarian

market by combining it with Globul’s market knowledge. Telenor Group already has operations in Central and Eastern Europe, in Hungary, Serbia and Montenegro. The operator said its entrance into the Bulgarian market increases the potential for cross-border co-operation and increased efficiency. “We also see a potential in expansion of mobile data and internet-based services in the market,” added Kjell-Morten Johnsen, executive VP and head of Europe. The acquisition also covers telecom retailer Germanos Bulgaria, which is operationally integrated with Globul.

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GCCM Singapore 2013 Gold Sponsor StarHub International

StarHub Limited is a fully-integrated info-communications company in Singapore that provides the full range of telecommunications and entertainment services for consumer and corporate markets. The International division of StarHub works with carriers & service providers to offer global solutions and develop business partnerships. We aim to provide unsurpassed service experience as the preferred partner for International telecommunication services. As part of the Ooredoo, Conexus and Vodafone Partner Group Alliances, we have roaming agreements with nearly 500 roaming partners and are connected to more than 70 voice carrier partners all around the world. We provide a comprehensive suite of services built on our own fixed network and extended via Singapore’s Next Generation Business Broadband Network (NGNBN). Our strength in infrastructure and access to best-of-breed partnerships also enable us to provide the right cloud solutions (SaaS & IaaS) for businesses. To meet the demands of our international customers, we have invested in fibre-optic cable network systems that allow us to provide dedicated connectivity outside Singapore. Our services ride on the backbone of our high bandwidth, ultra-low latency optical fibre submarine cable systems – the APCN2, Asia-America Gateway (AAG) and the Asia Submarine Cable Express (ASE). Our businesses include: • Domestic data, voice, video and internet connectivity • International voice, data & IP peering services • Mobile and WiFi roaming • Sponsored roaming and network extension • Messaging services • Technical & professional services • Network strategy and investments (eg. APCN2, AAG, ASE) Get in touch with us at or find out more at

GCCM Singapore 2013 Silver Sponsor Founded in 2008, Blueberry Telecom is a fast growing telecommunications carrier that provides a broad range of telecommunications services including wholesale carrier data, Internet and voice services via a high-speed optic network to more than 200 countries around the world. In addition, Blueberry Telecom provides managed interconnectivity and interoperability services to telecommunications operators with a key focus on emerging markets. To ensure optimum reliability and uptime on its network, Blueberry Telecom’s operations are monitored and supported by a growing network of network operations centres (NOC). Headquartered in Singapore, Blueberry Telecom is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the InfoWave Group (a leading ICT group providing communications engineering, telecommunications, applications, consulting and outsourcing services to the region’s leading transport, logistics, public safety, homeland security and defense organizations).

Wholesale Industry News

Telekom Austria Group revamps mobile and fixed networks May 2, 2013

Operator group Telekom Austria has deployed a converged voice network to replace its existing mobile core for its northern operational markets in Austria, Slovenia and Liechtenstein. Chinese kit vendor ZTE supplied Telekom with a circuit switched/IP multimedia subsystem (CS/IMS) converged voice network, which was implemented by local system integrator Kapsch CarrierCom. The converged voice solutions provided to Telekom Austria Group are based on a cloud solution to help the operator reduce total cost of ownership. The IMS network will support various scenarios including RCSe and VoLTE and will help Telekom Austria to increase its network capacity and enable rapid growth of the operator’s customer base, according to ZTE. “The new ZTE CS/IMS network opens up the future for Telekom Austria Group,” said Hans Pichler, CTO of Telekom Austria Group. “It will enable us to easily expand our business while giving our customers the best possible experience of the latest fixed and mobile communication services.” The group has also built a commercial 100 gigabit transport network in Central and Eastern Europe, the first section of which, from Zagreb to Osijek and Ilok in Croatia, is already in operation. The network is being built to satisfy the ever increasing demand for high-speed services in Central and Eastern Europe and to meet customer demands even more effectively in the region. “With this important technology upgrade the Telekom Austria Group will be able to offer redundant high speed data highways to all major cities in the CEE area,” said Darko Parun, project leader and director of group access and transport at Telekom Austria Group. Vipnet, the Croatian subsidiary of the Telekom Austria Group, has already implemented a 100G transmission capacity by upgrading the transmission capacities, based on the existing Alcatel-Lucent 100G platform. The group said that the upgrade allows a tenfold increase in capacity on its Croatian network. It added that throughout its entire network footprint, capacities will be expanded to 100G. By the end of the 2Q13, the route between Frankfurt, Germany and Sofia, Bulgaria will see the first 100G services operational. Throughout the remainder of 2013 Vienna, Belgrade, Zagreb, Bucharest, Budapest, Ivancice and Salzburg will also be connected with 100G networks.

GCCM Singapore 2013 Associate Sponsor PCCW Global is an operating subsidiary of HKT, Hong Kong's premier telecommunications service provider, which is majority owned by PCCW Limited. With centers in Hong Kong, Herndon, Virginia in the US, Paris in France, and Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, plus teams based in the Middle East, Africa, Europe, Asia and the Americas, PCCW Global serves the voice and data needs of multinational enterprises, as well as the operational requirements of service providers. Covering more than 1,800 cities and 120 countries, the PCCW Global network supports a portfolio of integrated global communications solutions which include Ethernet solutions, IP Solutions, fiber and satellite transmission solutions, managed services and solutions, and voice services. To learn more about PCCW Global, please

Xperttel is a radical name in innovative Next Generation Network telecom Service Provider: targeting Voice Over IP ( VoIP ) Aggregation and other Value Added Facilities linked to them. With a huge list of strong clientele in over 45 Countries around the globe, mainly in Asia, Middle East, Europe &Fareast, Xperttel offers unsurpassed services at an affordable price so that every client could get the best value for money and increase their revenues

Rizwan Bin Tahir, Director Tel: +971-7-2077923 Fax: +971-7-2041010 E-mail:

Community News


GCCM- Global Carrier Community Meeting Singapore 17th June 2013


Upcoming Annual Events

ENPM- European Network Planning Meeting Paris 10th-12th September 2013

Members Joined New members from the following carriers joint the club recently. To learn more about them, please visit our online member directory.

•  Janacom LTD •  NL Call Limited •  DAV Telecom •  Elliot Goldman Ltd •  Sin El Fil •  Otel •  Afinna one

•  Rovex Telecom •  One-to-all •  Flavien International Corporation •  VoiceTec Sys Ltd •  DAV Telecom •  Sama Telecom

275 $

GCCM Annual Global Carrier Community Meeting


17th-18th June 2013

per delegate

Meet 300+ voice, data and telehouse carrier executives attending Venue: Grand Park City Hall, 10 Coleman Street, Singapore Event: US$275 per delegate, including one bilateral table. Hotel: Special rate available expiring on 15.05.13. Please, contact us at: to provide you with a booking form. Group discounts are available. to become a sponsor or book your place please contact Jing Yang:

15% early bird discount* *Expiring on the 15/05/13

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hosted by Orange

ENPM2013 Paris 10th-12th September

Venue: Hotel Paris La Villette, 216 Avenue Jean Jaures, 75019 Event: 499 euro Hotel: Special rate available expiring on 07.07.13. Please, to become a sponsor and book your place please contact Jing Yang:

network planners meet network planners

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