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Trauma and Addiction Counselling by Specialized

Carrie DeJong is a group of Registered Clinical Counselors in Vancouver focusing on anxiety, trauma, and addiction. We are specialized in the treatment of trauma, addictions and for such Addiction, Anxiety and Trauma therapies.

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

ď‚— Trauma is an experience or any threatening event

that causes severe anxiety or emotional distress. Our trauma therapy can help you to develop the resources to overcome the effects of trauma in your life.

Addiction Therapy Specialized

ď‚— Addiction is defined as the persistent and compulsive use

of a substance or behavior. In Trauma and Addiction Counselling our team provide you the best treatment so that you can get rid of your addictions easily.

Vancouver Counselling or Counsellors

ď‚— We are a group of specialized counselors in Addiction, Anxiety

and Trauma Therapy in Vancouver, BC. We provide you the best way of therapy in a most comfortable way.

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