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Unemployment, as you are all aware, ,running at an excessively high rate. Kt Lma.lle ck is just as badly affected as the rest of Ireland. However, all of us can help reverse this trend whether it be by ensuring that these .1' us who are working, werk a little harder - a little better - or indeed, those .f us with special resources ~r skills put them t~ use by startingour own small Industry. With this in mind Shafun~n Development Co. is organising a series of Small Industry Clinics to be held in Kilmallock on every Thursday af m in May from 4 - 7.30 p.m. On each of these days Mr. ,.. im Beary of Shannon Development Co. and Mr. Tern Hayes of the West Limerick Devele~ment Team will be at the Agricultural Centre to meet with anyone who has an idea or a desire to go intr business. Do remember that any discussi~ns that you may have w'll be completely confidential so if you are currenwly employed you need not worry about confidentiality, If you do decide to enquire further ab.ut starting up your own business you're in goed hands with Shannon Development. Over the last four years Shannon Development have approved over 7,000 jobs in manufacturing Industry - by the way all these Industries were small Industries started by Irish men and women in Towns ltke Kilmallock and you don!t need to be a genius or have thousands of pounds to start. If you have an idea for a business get it out of your system - ge along to the agricultural centre any Thursday during May and talk about it. - IRELAND N£EDJ YOU - KILMALLOCK N£EDS YOU MORE. KILMALLOCK



JULY 16th. to AUG. 2nd.

This years Festival Programme is a double presentation. It consists ef the Kilmallock G.A.A. Festival Programme being presented in conjuneti,n with the Kilmalleck C")mmunity Councils annual fortnight. The widest an. most varied possible list of events have been drawn up by the two C.mmittees ,.to try to ensure that there is something for everyone both young and ~l. <'e participate in or enjoy during the f~rtnights activities. The first event ef the pr.gramme is the Pub Quiz is already underway it is being played en a Home· and Away basis, The list of fixtures are as follews; Apr. 27th. Castle Lounge v41 Bar return May 18th. v Apr. 29th. MCAuliffes Golden Vale Bar return May 20th. v May 4th. O'Rourkes Quish's return May 25th. v May 6th. Old Oak Flanagan's return May 27th. v May 11th. Gelden Spur v Sheehan's return June 1st. May 13th. O'Sullivan'~ Slevin's return June 3rd. v An added Fillip to this years Pub Quiz will be an overall Individual Winner. IRISH GIRL GUIDES. Deebert C~mpany spent a very pleasant week-end at the Guide Cottage in Glenaree near Ballylanders~ Hill climbing, a midnight walk and a Barbecue were enly seme of the activities. We really indebted to Mrs. Pat Snow fer ner f8re~ight in buying this Cottage and making it what it is to-day; 'a beautiful lace to spend a week-end. We thank yeu.



Congratulations te John Ahern ef Bresheen on achieving the highest honour the game of rugby can bestow at schoolboy level, that of playing for his cOU1)t-ry. Jehn is now the proud helder ef three Irish jerseys having played with the Irish scheolboys in three international matches, against Australia, Wales and Sc~tland this year. A fine second rew player he received much acclaim for his part in helping St. Munchins college te win the Munster colleges Seni.r Cup after a lapse of fourteen years. He alse played for the Munster celleges team against the Australian touring team in Cork. He is the son ef IVh;s.Mary Ahern and the late Donal Ahern both ef whese families have strong sp.rting traditionsi J.hns' many friends wish him ctntinued success Rt the game. He was introduced to the game and coachen in his early years bySean Naughton as also was Donal Barry who toured Australia with the Irish schellbeys last year~ Donal new plays his rugby with Bohemians and is one of the most promising members of the hurling and f~otball teams in Kilmalleck. Sean Naught'n also had a hand in the early development ef the career of Irelands greatest player at the moment, Ollie Campbel14 Seah coached him jn an under eleven team in Dublin when Olli~ was a little boy. COMHALTAS Our Annual Outing will be held ~n Sunday June 20th. to Tramore via Clonmel House via Lismore. Tickets £4.00 available from M. Casey, J. Clifferd, Josie Luahy and P Gubbins. CONFIru~ATION IN KILMALLOCK. , Fer one hundred and fourteen Kilmallock teenagers Friday 23rd. April '82 was a red~letter day - on that day they were made. strong and p~fect Christians (we hopeJJ. The build-up for this event started menths even years ago. Religious was sharpened up and abeut a fertnignt befnre the ceremony Fr. McNamara passed the appli can ts fer the p osi tion of seld i t;rs ef Christ. Mothers and fathers had to dig into the wallets and buy suitable eutfits for the boys and girls. Kilmallock Cheir, led and tutored by their conducter, Mr. Sean Naughton and accompanied on the organ by Jean's wife Moira~ put in long hours ef rehearsal. Sr. Cleminti, Mrs. Greene, Mr. Sean O'Oonnor and Mr. Cyril Madigan put their charges threugh their paces for the big day. C.nfi.rmation Day dawned bright and sunny theugh wi th a co eL breeze. On his arrival a t the Church, His Lordship Most Rev. Dr. Newman was met by a guard of honour of Bey Scouts. The Mass celebrated by Dr. Newman began at 11 a.m. during which apprepriate hymns were sung by the choir. In the couFse of his homily Dr. Newman referred t~ the attacks on Christian values being made' from various quarters including fron; certain peeple in public life. He felt that people should use the oallot bex to reject innividuals like that. At the cenclusion of his sermon he paid tribute to all who had contributed to the eccasien .. Other clergy present were Very Rev. Can en Minihan P.F. Kilmallock, Very Rev. f). Kelly P.P. Bulgaden, Fr. S. Mc Ca r+.js y C.C. and Fr. P.Bow·en C.C. KiLma Ll.ock , .. A battery of photographers confrGDted the children ~s they emer~ed from the Church, availing of the epportunity te turn over a few beb. Pictures were recorded for posterity in the bright April sun, before the crewrl.sbegan to disperse. Dr. l'Jewman,the other clergy the teachers and the Boar.s ef Management were entertaine. te tea and cakes in the Con~nt Hall. Mean~hile the Cenfirmed sought eut grandparen ts" godparents, aun ts, uncles; .cou~lns and n ed gh be ur-s to pay their respects and whom they hoped would llkewlse pay. lhe next problem was te dispose ef the proceeds and as the town of Kilmal10ck was too small for this purpose so many headed f~rther afield L~merick, C,rk, perhaps further for all we know. La da saol e - a day te remember. Cont'd.


following is a list of those who got Confirmation, kindly supplied us by the Schools: Names of Girls confirmed '82 in Kilmallock. Catherine Murphy, Ardvullen Valerie Noonan, Emmet St. SUS&l B. OfBrien~ Tubernea ~sther Kelly, Lord Edward St. Marita OfDohertyo Gotoon Georgina O'C~llaghan~ Steeles Teresa OfDonnell, Clogher Karen F'I.ynriTankardstown ~ster Dwane~ Tankardstown Carmel O'Regan, B~llingaddy ousan O'BrienL 15, Ashill Helen O'Reilly, Wolfe Tone St. Mary Browne, 'l'homastown Linda OfBrien, Sheares Ave. Margaret O'Sullivan, Deebert Aideen O'Connor, Gormaostowm Angela Mo Lone y , Portauns Janice O'Regan, Bank House Anna Cotter, i-\.bbeyfarm Hnna Down es 4, Ashill ~nn OfDwyer, Fairyfield, Anne Sheedy, Flemingstown Mairead Clery, Bantard Helen McCarthy, 7, Glenfield N.H. Patricia O'Carroll, Wolfe Tone St. .m ge La McMahon, Mo un tblakney Una Clifford, Emmet .3t. Karen Murphy, Orr St. Catherine Lynch, Ballygibba Grain~e Hanley~ 3~ Gortboy ~lizabeth Collins, Ballycullane Jacqueline Kelly, The Hill Julie Cronin, Mount Fox Anne Marie Collins, Ballycullane Mary lmne Griggin, Ashill Suzanne Mur-phy Ballyhea. Deirdre O'Flaherty, Ashill Fiona O'Sullivan, Gotoon Mar, Russell, Thomastown ~leanor Lyons, ,3heares Ave. Ita Kennedy, Ballygibba Suzanne OfConnor, Orr St. Marie Halpin, Coolroe Helena Lloyd, Ballygibba Josephine Burke, ~ffin Debbie Sanders, Bruree Sio bhan Costelloe J... .vshf.Ll. Jacinta Brosnan, Sarsfield St. Debbie OfBrien, Glenfield Caroline Hanl~y, bulgaden nnna Leddin, +ankar-det.own Triona O'Connor, Deebert Kathy Mo Lon e y Mi Ll.mount, Elizabeth Murphy, Ardpatrick Names of Boys confirmed f82rin Kilmallock. ~nthony 6'Donoghue, Ballingaddy Patrick English, Bulgaden Danny O'Donoghue & Jimmy OTDonoghue, Michael Gubbins, Gortboy Ardkilmartin Thomas Kenny, shill Lawrence ,Sl'ieedy" Gortboy Kieran OfRiordan~ Portauns Robin Phelan, Glenfield N.H. Se an Ke Ll ehe r , Gotoon .James MurphY" Castle Harrison, Char-LeviLl.e, Paul N olan, il.shill Christopher Doherty~ Gotoon Tony OfLeary, Knocksouna Paul Leonard, Dromin Athlacca William Mc Ca.rt.hy, GraiganiEter Dan OfMahony, Graiganjster Kevin OTConDor, Millmount Hse. John Lewis, Glenfield N.H. John Mulcahy, Ashill David Muieahy, Gibbonstown Denis OfBrien, Glenfield Rd. Tomas Connery, Fairyfield Leonard Sheeily, Glenfield Rd. ',Noel Maguire, Fairyfield John O'MahonYJ Glenfield N.H. Rory Roche, Martinstown John Cronin, Lord ,ilidward St. Derek 0 "Corm eLl; Gotoon Brendan Hanley, Gibbonstown Joseph OfConnor, Millmount Hse. Pat Dwane, Ballygibba Gerard O'Connor, Ballingaddy Terrx Ryan, Millmount Edward VJingfield; Jerpoint Tim ennedy, Gotoon M~cl')?-el Sheedy)..Glenfield Rd. John' Of Ri ely, New Road Jlmmy Savage, votoon Liam Lynch, Mountfox P.J. Martin, Glenfield Rd. Maurice Browne, tiallingaddy Tim Cronin, Lord Bdward St â&#x20AC;˘. Denis McCarthy, Sarsfield Hon~e .John Murphy, ilrdvullen p.J. Mulcahy, Millmount William McCarthy, Glenfield N.H. Padraig Tobin, Sarsfield St. Patrick OfBrien, Bffin Thomas Allen, Ashill Declan Wiley, Railway Rd. Kenneth Begley, Beechlawn Michael Gammell Millmount Billy Weeks, Ballingaddy William Lynch, Tank8.rdstown James Moloney, Millmount Liam Quirke, Sheares Ave. Pat Heffernan, Gortboy Thomas Mu l cahy , Coolroe. Noel Daly, Millmount



Just rnane .high on the Ballylandsrs road I there' is an outcrr-p called on the Ordanance Survey Map "Palatine Ro ck ". Few to-day CA.n say with certainty why they were so called, or indeed, who. wej7e the Palatines? e so many ln ame s we use tJ-day "The Palatines" is in fact ,q 'nick n ame ". "e so-called "Pa Lat.Lnes''were in fact Germans from the Pa La t.Lnat.e of t.he Rhine. The FalatinA.te is that area of·the Upper Rhine enclosed by Bavaria and present day ;3witzerland. These people were under persecution after the revocation of the Edict of Nantes which edict gave Religious toleration to all citizens. ~t the conclusion of the Battle of Blenheim, the victorious Duke of Blenheim brought these refugee Pal~tines back to England. From . thence ::hey were settled in three are!3S in Ireland. Co. Carlow where there is n ow the village named af them: Carlow calls itself the "Palatine Coun tr" with good reason. Other Palatines settled in parts of Tipperary around . Clou~hjordan and Borrisokane. There is very little evidence to-day of their presence in Tipperary County. It is in Co. Limerick that the strongest Palatine settlement took place. i,round the year 1710 they arrived in part s ':: the country around Rathkeale and Ballingrane in the west. In Ea s t; Limerick they settled around Kilfinane and in smaller numbers about Glenc-h2cn They were, as their descendents, remain sn, hard-working farmers who were unafraid to carve out g00d :armland from the most unsatisfactory looking hillsides. Palatine Rocks are on the heights to the back of Ballyriggan At .lfinane f r-e m these heights one has a most wonderful view of the Plain 'if merick and it is easy to think of these industrious folk assembling cn Palatine Rocks to look on their newly adopting land, and to remember the land .f their forefathers in far-awBY Ge rrnany . In subsequent issues we shall look at the culture of t.heee farming f oXk and also \10 examine their names as they were called in the original German, and how ~hey became the familiar names we know to-day. rKILMALLOCK ANGL~R3. -----------Our Annual Fishing Competition was held on the 25th. April under conditions which were not really ~reat, to say the least. The river was l~wer than we had hoped fnr, and the sun shone brightly throughout the day, and a combin-· ation nf both does not give the angler any great chance bf getting near the big Honest!. Fifteen competitors in all took part and as the weigh-in t:::ok place, it was indeed very exciting when it was learned that a mere 2 oz •. separated first and second. But of course, like every competition there has to be only one winner and the very beautiful Dr. Cowpar Trophy and Replica went to our Club Secretary Eamonn O'Riordan. A very close second was ~.aymond Br'een , third place went to Michael Donegan, who also took the award ~r the heaviest individual trout, and fourth was Donogh O'Grady. We are indeed most grat~ful to our sponsors (listed below) who helped to make this years' c0mpetition most exciting and enjoyable. Go mbeirmid bee ar an am seo aris. :::WQN;20RS:Richard· Egan , Electrical Cortr. Tony O'Dwyer, Golden Vale Bar) MI5 Hennessy and Shanahan, Car Sales, John Hannon, ~.V. Sales, Terry Lynch, Grocer, Kilfinane, Cahills Hardware, }1/S ~alemink, Paddy Cregg, Grocer, :Nm. Parkinson, Supermarket and Liam Lyn ch , Auctioneer. CHi~RLEI/ILLt,MENTALLY


We, the Charleville Mentally Handicapped wish to convey sincere gr~titude to all those who subscribed to our Annual Church Gate Collection held recently. The total amount collected came to £702.00 .-We would also like to remind you that we are holding our Annual Aut.urm Fair this ye:'l.r on oept. 12th. Full details will appear in a later edition of "Kilmallock News". DE~DLINE .

.B. Deadline

for next


June 3rd.

YlNewsllon sale again 13th June.

FIRST COMMUNION. Next Saturday May 15th is a red-letter day for the seve~ year olds in ilmallock. They will-receive their First H"ly Communion. Mass is at Ten O'clock. SOCIAL SERVICb COUNCIL. Kilm8.llock SO-cialService Council is in existence for nine years, frem small beginnings it is now a busy Council and is doing great w~rk in the District. The Ceunci1 s biggest project is the provision of dinners - five days per week fl"l-r fifteen people. This Ls a 10t of work and a lot of planning. There is als& a Chirop"dy Service for pensioners or peAple recf)mmended for the Servi ce by the doctor or nurse ~ The Social Centre in Sheares .ivenue was given tA the Council by the Limerick County Council, and it is here the ~inners are served, and also where people come for Chiropndy ~ervice. Members ~f the 0ncial 0ervice Council are drawn from other associations (doing a service) in the district, two members from each association~ FLOVdR CLUB. Last Wedhesaay evening was really a great ~ccasion for the club. One of ,he best Demonstrators in the Country - Mrs. Nuala Hegarty - was our guest ~for the night, and she most certainly, entertained and delighted the big crowd that attended the meeting. Her arrangements were the work ~f an Artist; in her hands a few flowers became a beautiful picture. On Thur9~ay 13th. May, the club members will go on their annual outing, this year t~ Creagh Gardens near Skibbereen, Co. Cork. ,This promises to be an enjoyable day~ and is open to everyone. We would like to thank everyone who helped us on the evening of th~ 28th. April. KILM-,LLOCK ITINERMJT


fl.tits April meeting the Communi ty Council passed unanimously the following two resolutions: (I) That a new County Plan for the settlement of itinerants be drawn up this plan to be based on the even distribution of itinerant families throughout the County. It is proposed that the parish be taken as the unit and that a quota of itinerant families be located in each of the other forty-two parishes in Cn. Limerick, taking into account the populatior ~ of the parish and the number of itinerant families already resident in the pari sh . (2) We propose that Kilmallock Parish has alr~ady exceeded its quota and that no further itinerant family be housed or located in the parish. It is also proposed that a Prl"lhibition Ol-der be introduced immediately banning the parking of caravans within t~e parish of Kilmallock and that proper living facilities be provided for itinerants in the I"Ither parishes in Co. Limerick. A copy of these resolutions was forwardedvuo Limerick County Council. The May meeting of the Community Council was informed that no reply was received from Limerick. Hcwever medical advice sought by the Community Council stated that a potentially serious health hazard to the whole area was being posed by the present encompment. Further consultatil"lns with all parties 3eriously effected by the situation have been arranged. Special Meeting tr discuss matter on Wed. next at 8.30 p.m. RESULTS



£60 ~~ster P. O'Mahoney, Millmount. £40 Master J. Brennan, Glenfield, £20 TJIissMary Power, Ef'f Ln , -



--- •...•......•......•...•....•.•





"i) r

Kilmallock Tidy Towns Commi ttee is »f'f'e r-Lng PRIZES for the best Anti-li tte r slogans sent in to the "Kilm&llock NewslT. There are two sections in the Cl!)mpetition (a) Under I2yrs (on May 1st) and (b) Over 12 yrs (May Ist)o The slogan should contain not more than twelve words. The closing date is 31st May'82 and it is hoped to ha"~<:.' independent adjudicator from Bord Failte to judge intries, originality and imagination will be the main things we will l08k f~r in the slogans. Please hand in entries to Feore's or ~.S.B. Office, THE PRIZES (a) 1st £10 and Trophy 2nd £5 3rd £3 There is plenty of material litter. Get digging.

(b) 1st £10 and Trophy 2nd £5 3rd £3 lying about. RENEWAL


could be gold in that thar


This group is very active, every Monday evening, in the Convent, at 7.30 To date they have made some lovely s:Jft toys, ITnursed" and rtcuredtl dolls and teddys, and under the very cap~ble guidance of ~r. Cecilia, they .re learning the art of crochet. Th8ir aim this term, is to send a Seni8r Citizen, on one week's holiday. ThE group would still welcome any doll,s, wool~ and pieces of material. They'may be handed into Sr. Martina at the Convent, ~r Delia Leahy. 0

MACRA NA FEIRMf: Over the past few weeks Kilmallock Macra Na Feirme have been very active. At their last meeting it was decided to hold their Annual Field ~vening on .Sunday July 11th. and at present are drawing up their programme for 'that night. Aleo the Club are attending many Field Evenings in the County and any new member interested in joining the Club for the\remainder of the season should c~ntact Mary O'Keeffee, Telephone KilmallJck.65. Recently the Kilmallock Comhaltas Group represented Kilmallock in a Macra Run Set Dancing Competition in which they qualified for the Final out of which they were narrowly beaten. The Club also held a Disco-Supper Social last Friday night in the Deerpark Hotel in Charleville, out of which the proceeds of the night. will be presented to Rathfredagh Chershire Homes. In Competitions the Club "a s+t.he only Club in the county to have three teams in the Novice Debating '~mpetition. And the Club is very grateful to their two coaches Mr-s • Ca t.her-i o c OTMahoney and Mr~. Mary O'Conner. Last week in the R.D.'S. Bernard Clery, Eamon O'Mahoney and John Clery from the Club represented County Limerick in the Farm Task Competition. 4



One nf the happiest meetings in this parish is held every Wednesday night from 8 - 10 p~m. in the Senior Citizens Centre, Sheares Street. We play Bingo, cards and have a sing-song and celebrate current birthdays 0f members in a spe cial way. AIway s we have a cuppa and a good old chat. As a group we have dined out - at the Local Tavern and even as far as the Golden Thatch in Emly~ Last year we had a memorable outing to JViountMellary and Youghal. where we ~ined and had a haoly at the Hilltop Hotel. To all who ar~ eligi6le the door lS always open - come and join us and enjoy yourselves _ Cead mile F&ilte. Our best wishes go to the Bulletin for its success and continuation. S~NIOR





~ May Senior Citizens Party will be held in the Peoples Hall on to-day day 9th May. Invitations were sent out, and we look forward to an Jyable night. This party will be held with the co~operation of the .al I.C.A. Guild.

BlJ1GADMJ -:r.STLr£ -.--~,"--..




This Sun 9th,.


• 12th,




'Art supp Le & The Showstoppers Adm. £1.50 F:.i, 14th. May. Sandvilles 15th. May. Van tones (in aid nf 0tokers G.A.A. C'l ub.. ::n;n. 16th. May. 'I\~C'-Gf-a-kind 'Liur s • 20th. May.· (RC'1-y Na gh r.) Denis Al.Len May.



21st,; Ma.y. .Johnny Barrett 22th. May , Noe L F'Lynn Sun. 23j'd. May. Feelesiders \:\led. 20th. May. Duskeys & Fairways F'r i . 28th. May. Barry Sinclair Sat., 29th. May. Moonligh c Sun. 30th. May. Triplets h'''''(l. 2ncl. June Mick De Lanun t y . v


'::,1. ~

*New Catering facilities have been installed at Bulgaden Castle, ou~ function Room has been completely re-ci.--;corated and refurnished and if'''-, are now ~ffering the Following " Service: }i;-. Hot and CoLd Bar Lunches served , daily from Monday to Friday (12.30 . 2.30 p.m.) at competitive prices. ~~ Advanc e Bookings on Ly taken for Saturday and Sunday lunch (4 Course f'T


95) .

.:(. ;\.dvance Bnokings a l s.: taken for group', (':'" Clubs for evening needs w i t.h our Cabaret facili ties ava i.Lat. ::l~terrards. '.~ ~':ny nvc call an.l see ou r ext.en " ,1eddir..g and Function Menu, , ~ N~ mattar what the ,ccasion is we will bG glad to quote you for ynur rsauirements. PHONE: 'Kilrnallnck 209 or 463.

,LIAM "------.-- LYNCH .•--.:::..:.:...J -__Auctioneer . ._

Antique and Fine Art Auc t i on at the Deerpark 19th May commencing '( p m , Ca~<~l"gue



_._---,--- ------------.-)-.

Hotel) Charleville available.



U~ual monthly, nnn-reserve Auction on next Wed. May 12th at Ki Ima.l l.o ck , commencing 8 p •.m , LIAM LYNCH, AUCTIONEER, PHONE. KILMALLOCK372. ,----.---,---_._- --,-,--_. ..._-----_._----- ..- -------.---




------.-~. --


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y ou r best





.PHON g 223.

l-',~'t.' t.oe s , Fr'e sh Fruit and \leg, :-'et keenest Dajly Deliveries .

Pr . ..

-- ._,--_._---



a Friendly





Efficient and Cnurtenus KLLIED IRI~H B~NKS LT~.

bervicr] Why no t Call LORD ~DWARDST.

Ahe rns Gvrie r-a L Gr-o ce r y Ernme tc St.

Br i ng a You the

on us,




--------_._---.- ... -




CAT~RING This Sun 9th. 12th.




facilities have been installed at Bulgaden Castle, o ur function Room has been completely re-d~corated and refurnished and W~ are now ~ffering the Following Service: '~!fH·,t and Co l.d Bar Lunches served . daily from Monday to Friday (12.30 2.30 p.m.) at competitive prices. Advan c e Bookings 0nly taken for Saturday and Sunday lunch (4 Course f'T £? 95) ·~r-;\.dvance Bnokings a l s.. taken for group', (':r Clubs for evening needs w i t.h our Cabaret facili ties ava.i.Lat.. ~ :lft-errards. ~~ v':hy n:'·\:' call an.l see our' ext.en s i vs " ,Jeddir:.g and Fun c t i.on Menu, ~ N~ mattar what the :ccasion is \2 . will be glad to quote you for your rbQuirements. PHON£: 'Kilmallnck 209 or 463.


Art oupp.l.e & The Shovistoppers Adm. £1.50 Fri. 14th. May. Sandvilles S2'C. 15th. May. Van tones (in aid of 0tokers Clui9 .. 0un. 16th. May. T~r-Gf-a-kind Liur-s . 20th. May. (",Bel-v Nagh t) Denis Al:teh' .May.

t ew Catering



Fri. Ja t.. S-un. 1'~ed.

2Is.:t. May,. .lohnn y Barrett 22th. ]\ffay, Noe L F'Lynn 23:1'0.. May. Fe e Le s Lde r-s 26th. May. Duskeys & Fairway FrL. 28th. May. Barry Sinclair S::;.t" 29th. May. Moonligh (, Sun. 30th. May. Triplets ~:)l.. •. 2nd. June Mick DeLahun t.y ,


LIAM LYNCH ---_ Auctioneer ".-.---.-----~ .._-----Antique and Fine Art Auction at the DeerTark Hotel) Charleville 1:!e,-1. 19th May commencing '( p.m. Ca~<~l"g- e available. -.---.--- ------_ .._-_._)--


Uuua L monthly)

nnn-reserve Auct.i.on on next Wed. May 12th Kr Lmal Lo ck , commencing (5 p m, LIAM LYNCH) AUCTIONEER, PHONE. KILMALLOCK372.



'Ghe Pe op.l e s 0:':, __



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Ahe rn s G~'Yleral

f'HONE' 223.

Fruit and '[eg , (Lt keenest Daily Deliveries.

Effi cient and Cour-t.e nu s ~ervi cr V,Jhyno t Call ALLIED IRI3H B~NKS LT~. LORD ~DWARDST.


on us,

Or-oce r y ,

Emmet.c St. "The




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------_ .. -'--_.-.-



---.---- .• < ••



9th May 1982  

News from Kilmallock in 1982

9th May 1982  

News from Kilmallock in 1982