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How to Avoid Car Theft Explained by: Perth Domestic Airport Parking Personnel

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Tight CCTV Surveillance

Close CCTV surveillance is the best way to control car theft. Hire a vehicle storage facility who always assure close CCTV surveillance on your vehicle so that not a single intruder might touch your vehicle when you are out of town.

Authorised Vehicle Storage Facility

Before hiring someone for leaving the custody of your vehicle make sure that your storage service provider is authorised one. If you are hiring Perth domestic airport parking facility who is not an authorised vehicle storage provider you might not be able to claim your compensation if any damage is done to your car.

24*7 Patrol System

Most of the vehicle storage areas are usually large and huge located near the airport. It is not possible for all to cover the surveillance of the area with CCTV camera. That is why 24*7 manual patrolling system is necessary in those areas where cameras don’t reach.

Auto Car Locking Is Also Advisable

The best way to control the interior of a vehicle is to deploy an auto car locking system. The moment you leave the car, the auto car mode gets on. If anyone touches the car without your permission the then the alarm will turn on.

Keeping The GPS On

The best way to control the safety of your car is to keep the GPS tracker on right the moment you leave the car. Whoever touches it, automatically the GPS tracker device is going to give you a notification in your smart phone that is connected with it.

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How to avoid car theft  

here's some most useful tips to avoid Car theft

How to avoid car theft  

here's some most useful tips to avoid Car theft