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STEP 04 DESIGNER STYLE Along with the foundational furnishings, flooring, and window treatments, it’s the accessories and art that layer in to add character and complete the space. Your designer brings this creative vision to life in virtual reality. A floor plan or room guide gives homeowners a customized furniture layout to help arrange the design. I may also provide my clients with additional guides such as my helpful Style Guide for Client Installation, Artful Tips to Display Artwork, and Tips to Style a Bookcase, depending on the project.

STEP 05 SHOP THE DESIGN LIST Once the final design is approved, I provide a complete shopping list of curated items to allow clients to shop the style. Essentially, homeowners can order and implement at their own pace, styling room-by-room. My clients have found that the convenient value-added concierge design service of curating, coordinating, and direct-shipping the items on their behalf is an incredible time saver. Throughout the online design process, homeowners are empowered through collaboration so the final design feels distinctively their own. E-design is an exciting, affordable, and easy process to access expert designers, so you don’t waste time second-guessing yourself. Great design may be only a click away, but the results make a style statement to last, bring joy to our surroundings, and uplift our daily lives—that’s a design guideline for success!


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