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Vinyl Flooring - A Practical and Affordable Choice

In the past few decades, home dĂŠcor has come a long way - from vintage tiles and Mexican tiles to laminate flooring, wooden and hardwood flooring, and now vinyl flooring. Just a couple of years ago, carpet flooring was considered to be the best choice, but slowly, homeowners and designers have shifted towards more modern, attractive and affordable flooring solutions like sheet vinyl flooring. It is one of the most practical solutions in the flooring industry. Here, we take a look at why sheet vinyl floors are ranking high on the charts. Vinyl Flooring Benefits Over Other Flooring Types 1. Durability: Primarily, sheet vinyl is a durable and resilient material. Depending on its thickness and maintenance, sheet vinyl can last for years in a row. Also, cleaning and maintaining sheet vinyl is pretty simple. By using water and regular soap, you can mop and wash off any dust and grim from such floors without trying too hard. Unlike hardwood, cleaning sheet vinyl flooring with water is more than enough and promises to give good results. This is the reason why sheet vinyl floorings are being installed in bathrooms and kitchens, which are more humid, and with higher probabilities of water spills than other areas. Also, it is comfortable to stand on such flooring




2. Designs and Options: Sheet Vinyl flooring looks beautiful and boasts of a wide range of patterns and colors. They can imitate any other flooring material and that too within budget. For instance, you can have sheet vinyl flooring that looks just like ceramic tiles or real hardwood flooring. You might even get mimics of stone or pottery. Now-a-days, sheet vinyl flooring is available in so many designs and textures that it will surely be difficult for you to choose the one







3. Sturdiness: Even in kitchens and bathrooms, which are among the most humid places at home, sheet vinyl would work to perfection. Installing them would be a long-term investment. Since vinyl is softer than any other kind of tile or flooring, it is definitely more durable, and serves to be











4. Price: Speaking of affordability, vinyl flooring is cheaper than most flooring materials. Only laminate floorings are as cheap as vinyl flooring. But then, unlike vinyl flooring, you will find

limited options in the case of laminates.

5. Installation: It is quite easy to install vinyl flooring. Also, they can be installed anywhere. Since sheet vinyl flooring doesn’t absorb any liquid, and is a highly resistant material, it can be installed in any room. Cons: 1. Real Feel: Even with all the remodeling with vinyl flooring, sheet vinyl is not the same as real stone or hardwood. The feeling or the touch of this flooring would always remain plastic and sticky. This would be a turn off for people who like to walk barefoot on their floors.

2. Home Value: In some cases, vinyl flooring decreases the value of your house. As mentioned, the material isn’t the same as real hardwood or stone, it doesn’t give the feeling of authentication, thereby reducing the intrinsic worth of your property. However, sheet vinyl flooring is the way to go for modern homes. With such floor ideas in place, you can not only have exclusive looking interiors, but also save yourself loads of money in the process. Sheet Vinyl Considerations Sheet vinyl flooring has a 5 ply, double enclosed construction that offers durable, high-resolution and cost-effective stone and hardwood visuals. Besides, it also has moisture-resistant properties for withstanding humidity. The layers of sheet vinyl flooring include:  Comfort Layer: This layer offers soft cushioning support and a comfortable walking surface. It also helps in reducing the noise caused by those who tread upon them with shoes and heels.

 Fiberglass Layer: This layer ensures that the flooring doesn’t curl, crack, expand or contract. It offers the flooring with higher durability metrics and strength.

 Foam Layer: This layer offers additional durability and helps the flooring resist the indentations or telegraphing.

 Texture Layer: This layer gives the feel and look of wood and real stone with unusual quality.

 Finish Layer: This is the topmost urethane layer that provides resistance to stains scrapes and scuffs. This layer enables easy cleaning and maintenance. Also, it adds toughness to the flooring, thereby

preventing wear and tear. When you plan to install sheet vinyl flooring, ensure that you hire professionals for doing the same. This is because, if you insist on going about the process as a DIY project and make a small mistake, the entire sheet will be ruined. Firstly, it is important to make patterns in the room and then cut the vinyl accordingly. As it is, sheet vinyl floorings are cheaper than other flooring materials. Cheap vinyl flooring, which is available in numerous colors and designs, is capable of initiating the look of real materials. Thus, people with a tight budget can also have the best flooring installed without spending a fortune. While buying sheet vinyl, it is important to consider the needs and specifications of your house flooring. Sheet vinyl is available in 6, 9 and 12 foot widths. They are also available with mildew and moisture-resistant backing materials. Since sheet vinyl is featured as one whole piece, it may become difficult to cure the damaged patch, but then, they still make for an amazing choice. Commercial Vinyl Flooring can be Installed Anywhere Commercial sheet vinyl flooring is used in business and offices, mainly because of its strength and durability. With technological advancements in vinyl technology, sheet flooring is now made with endurance to withstand pressure and high foot traffic. Apart from being economical, sheet vinyl flooring gives off a hip and modern look to suit the taste of contemporary homeowners. At homes, these sheets are to be installed in the hallways and passages where there is lot of traffic. Way Forward If you are desirous of transforming your home within a restricted budget, sheet vinyl flooring is an excellent option indeed. These flooring solutions are available with impressive quality at affordable prices. From hardwood floors to the more tiled look, you can customize your house the way you want with the help of high quality vinyl sheets online. There are numerous varieties available and thus, you can choose all that you wish to adorn different rooms in different ways. So, are you ready to remodel your house? Simply figure out the design and get going!

Vinyl flooring a practical and affordable choice  

These days, people have realized the importance of sheet vinyl flooring and thus prefer them over other flooring types. Read on to know why...

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