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The Impressive Variety By Bruce Hardwood A wooden finish gives any space at home, in the office and public areas the most classic and impressive finish. Bruce Hardwood Finishes provide a stylish appeal with its variety of colors and patterns to choose from. The appearance is authentic with a natural appeal and a range of colors to choose from. The floors are long lasting boosted by the use of the latest technology. Why Choose Bruce? The story of Bruce Flooring is that of passion that has crystallized over time. The company has been in existence for more than a hundred years. Over these decades, it has provided the most innovative and impressive flooring products for different markets. They are stylish and durable which makes them the choice of many home owners.  Quality- a high quality product can only be manufactured using high quality materials. Bruce Hardwood recognizes the need to provide the best quality flooring materials to its clients. This is why the woods used are harvested from Appalachian Mountain Range, an area known to produce clear grains, consistent color and superior stability. The woods are carefully selected to guarantee quality. They have fewer flaws, knots and steaks. 

Expertise- with over a century working on wood, Bruce Flooring has mastered the art of handling planks. They use this experience to produce straighter planks, flatter boards and consistent color. This has also enabled it to maintain the beauty of wood over a long time and protect it from wear. There are inspection procedures that ensure that the highest standards are met on every single plank.

 Stylish Designs- a highly innovative process is used to develop unique designs that give your home an elegant appeal. The designers are highly exposed, motivate and creative which enables them to create realistic and amazing texture. You will get a plank that matches your imagination and expectation.  Value- there are numerous wood imitations in the market. Some can be clearly called out as fake. It ensures that the authentic appeal and feel of all planks are maintained. Even where a reinforcing coat is added, the natural feel is maintained. It takes experience and expertise to achieve this.  Inspiring Spaces- Bruce Flooring is committed to enabling clients achieve the most unique floors and spaces. This is through production of unique designs, innovative patterns and high quality materials. Customers receive

comprehensive guidance on how to install the planks on different floors. This enables them to produce excellent results all the time. The resultant spaces are classic, elegant and impressive. They are easy to maintain, durable and can perfectly handle any amount of traffic. Bruce Hardwood Flooring comes in a variety of colors including white, yellow, beige, tan, orange, black, grey, copper, red and brown. Each of these colors may also be tilted to another shade to make it lighter or darker for variation purposes. The colors remain strong and rich regardless of continued use of a floor. Wood varieties available include distressed, hand scrapped, specialty and traditional wood. You have a choice of high quality oak, cherry, Birch, Maple and Walnut, among others. It guarantees an excellent selection of planks for your floor. For more information visit:

The impressive variety by bruce hardwood  

A wooden finish gives any space at home, in the office and public areas the most classic and impressive finish. Bruce Hardwood Finishes prov...

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