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Mohawk Hardwood Floor: The Perfect Combination of Strength and Style

Just like you, most modern homeowners love the look and feel of hardwood floors. Undoubtedly, this kind of hardwood flooring attracts a huge investment which increases the value of any home. So, if you are doing up the floor of your new or existing residential/ commercial space, you need to consider all the available options before moving ahead. You will realize that in the long run Mohawk hardwood floors are just what you needed all through, and at affordable prices too. The elegance and beauty of any hardwood floor scores more points over a carpet floor. So, the choice is yours. Depending on your style and preference you can go in for either natural wood or engineered wood with a lightly embossed soft elegant finish or a deep graining and hand scraped texture. There is something or the other for whatever you have in mind. Do your research online and explore the design trends of Mohawk Hardwood to choose the perfect choice of flooring for your home. Mohawk offers a wide variety of options in hardwood flooring. For instance, just like the shades of pale antiqued floors that can brighten up any small room, there are many other kinds of wide and broad planks on offer that enhance the beauty of the wood used, hence, making a strong style statement right away. Modern homeowners are also showing a keen interest in the hand scraped and wire brushed textures of wooden floors that give off an exquisitely vintage look. Mohawk Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Is it right to go in for engineered hardwood flooring? This is a question that most homeowners would be struggling to find an answer to. Let us first introduce you to how Engineered Mohawk Harwood Floors are made. Engineered wood floors have several ply layers that are cross layered, bonded and pressed together with a good quality adhesive under intense heat and pressure to form the core board. At the top, a veneer layer of the desired wood is stuck; the thicker the veneer layer, the more number of times it can be refinished, hence making it more expensive. The inner core incorporates the tongue and groove of the planks so that they can be locked in place. Engineered hardwood flooring is definitely a good alternative to the more expensive hardwood flooring. If you are the do-it-yourself kind of a person, then there is plenty of online information about how to go about installing engineered hardwood floors in your homes. It really is just a weekend activity. There is no doubt that you may save a lot of money in the bargain, but it is generally recommended that you call in a professional to do the needful. Advantages of Engineered Hardwood Floors 

What is your budget? Yes, hardwood flooring is a huge investment; therefore it is important to set a budget and then see what is available in that amount. There is no doubt that engineered hardwood flooring will be less expensive than traditional solid hardwood flooring. So, if you are looking for wooden flooring in your home, but your budget is tight, then, Engineered Mohawk hardwood flooring is the most cost effective solution that works.

Engineered hardwood flooring is designed in such a way that it is easy to install. It is definitely a do-it-yourself kind of project. However, it is always recommended that a professional is called in to lay out your floors so that a thorough job is done. The only thing to keep in mind is that once you have bought your engineered Mohawk Hardwood planks, they need time to acclimate in your home and adjust to the room temperature for a few days before being installed in your space. Overall, there is a lot of saving, in terms of cost of flooring and also in terms of installation, if you opt for Mohawk products.

Engineered hardwood flooring is designed with multiple layers of seasoned ply, and is less susceptible to the changes in the humidity levels in your home. These floors are resistant to expansion and contraction that occur due to the prevalent moisture levels in your space; thus making engineered Mohawk Hardwood flooring a stable and worthwhile option for dry or humid regions.

Engineered hardwood with a thick wear layer lasts longer than the ones with thinner wear

layers. If the wear layer is thick then you can re-finish the engineered hardwood a few times for increasing the overall lifespan of your engineered hardwood flooring. Since, the top wear layer of engineered flooring is made from the same material as the one used for manufacturing solid wooden planks; there is hardly any difference in the appearance of an engineered and a solid wooden plank. So, choose likewise. 

The look and feel of engineered hardwood is the same as any solid hardwood; so, choosing between the two is entirely a matter of personal preference. It all depends on your budget, climatic conditions and the amount of foot traffic in the area that the floor is to be installed.

With just a little bit of essential care and maintenance, the Mohawk Hardwood floors can maintain their strength and beauty for many years to come. 

You must regularly vacuum clean your Mohawk Hardwood floor with a soft-bristled attachment so that you can prevent dirt and particle build-up that can easily scratch your wooden floors. Sweeping up the dust with a broom is also an option.

At the time of peak sunlight, it is advisable to draw your curtains or blinds so that the fadecausing UV rays are blocked. Re-arrange your rugs and furniture periodically so that your wooden floors age evenly.

Here are some more tips to prevent damages to your hardwood floors. Keep your pets’ nails trimmed so that they don’t scratch your Mohawk Hardwood floors, immediately wipe up any spills and spots on the wooden floors, and be careful not to scratch the surface of your floors while scraping away any hardened tough spots on your floor.

Yes, it’s easy to install and take care of your hardwood floors. With the right kind of installation and care, you can be assured of having the best hardwood floors that promise to last a lifetime.

Mohawk hardwood floor the perfect combination of strength and style  

Searching for that perfect look for your floors? Make a bold visual statement with Mohawk Hardwood Floors! This kind of hardwood flooring is...

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