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Mannington Vinyl is Acclaimed as the Most Premium Product All Over USA Founded in 1915 in Salem, New Jersey (USA), Mannington today is considered as the most dedicated manufacturer of luxury floorings for residential and commercial units stretched all over continental America. While the products include luxury vinyl, laminate, hardwood and porcelain tile floors, the company also caters commercial carpet and rubber products. Through the use of recycled material, along with VOC links, the company manufactures a wide array of luxury flooring products that are showy, durable and user-friendly, yet inexpensive and affordable. However, here are some of popular Mannington Vinyl floorings that have received nationwide acclaim and applause. >> Adura® provides the look and texture of real wood or tile having amazing durability as well as performance in the form of luxury vinyl flooring. However, you can go for Adura® Plank or Adura® Tile, featuring real-life color/ surface texture that are available in 5” and 6” width planks, while tiles come in conventional squares (16” x 16” ) or rectangles (12” x 24”). You may also customize your layout by way of grouting your floor for more realistic look and appearance. If, on the other hand, you intend to go for quick and easy (no-glue) installation, you can always choose Mannington Vinyl’s exclusive LockSolid™ technology that is available for most plank and tile patterns. >> Adura® Max that features adorable décor is offered through the company’s ground-breaking HydroLock™ waterproof core, meant for your most challenging living room. Comparatively more rigid than conventional vinyl, this material is available in east-to-assemble 6’ x 48” locking planks that comprise the company’s premium Ultra-Quiet™ attached pad for higher sound elimination and better walking comfort. What is more, planks may be easily installed on all grade levels, regardless of whether done on existing floors or subfloors, providing exquisite looks and appearances. >> Luxury Vinyl Sheet (LVS) is yet another innovative sheet vinyl flooring that features advanced printing and texturing

technicalities. Undoubtedly the most talked about and bestperforming sheet vinyl flooring item that has ever debuted in the marketplace. LVS offers a wide array of open designs that include realistic wood grains, stylish stones or rustic slates where each pattern stands out with the company’s new and exclusive NatureForm®4G technology for colors that are amazingly rich and clear, suiting your home décor. >> Resilient Flooring which is also known as ‘sheet vinyl’ or simply ‘vinyl’ where the designs are created through using a printing process known as rotogravure, which prints the pattern on the flooring material via an engraved cylinder (Gravure cylinder). However, nature friendly Mannington vinyl Resilient Flooring utilizes ‘ultra-low’ VOC (volatile organic compound) water based inks that are least affecting indoor air and environment. For more information:

Mannington vinyl is acclaimed as the most premium product all over usa  

Being one of the oldest and universally acclaimed manufacturer of home and office flooring products for the last so many years, Mannington v...

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