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Mannington Vinyl Flooring for Attractive and Luxurious Interiors When New Jersey (USA) based Mannington Mills, Inc. started producing residential and commercial flooring solutions, it had no idea that its products would go on to become so cherished in the world. Yes, this leading manufacturer of luxurious floors and allied products enthralls the senses of its buyers with unique and high-quality hardwood porcelain tile floors, Mannington vinyl, sheet vinyl, as well as commercial grade carpet and rubber like no other. So, if you have been waiting to get your hands on the most durable and stylish flooring ideas and designs, then Mannington floors is what you should seek too. Here’s our take on luxury vinyl flooring and why there are little or no alternatives to the same. Mannington Vinyl - Stylish and Durable Resilient and stylish are the two most commonly used adjectives that define 'luxury vinyl' or 'sheet Mannington vinyl'. These high-class and durable floor solutions have been around for over a decade and are still going strong. Manufactured by using an easy-to-implement printing process referred to as 'rotogravure', Mannington tiles in vinyl are wholesomely stylish. Additionally, they integrate the latest technological inputs without fail. ‘Rotogravure’ comprises of a process wherein patterns are imprinted on the flooring substrates with the help of engraved cylinders. Having evolved with time, Mannington resilient flooring boasts of water based inks that do not harm indoor air quality, possess ultra-low VOC or volatile organic compounds, and comprise of other high-quality raw materials for making them long-lasting and attractive to the eye. A Closer Look at Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring When you look around carefully, you will find many homes and stores flaunting different kinds of vinyl tile flooring. Luxury vinyl tile options are not much different and are creating raving reviews with their strong aesthetic appeal and applications. However, this segment of floor covering market is still in the process of attracting professional designers/specifiers on a commercial scale. Most end consumers, such as people like you, are still unaware of the many features and benefits of installing luxury vinyl tile floors in their environment. In order to understand Mannington vinyl better, you need to indulge in more research pertaining to the graining, look, and character vinyl tile flooring. The Company’s state-of-the-art and latest manufacturing processes are paving the ground for impressive textured “stone” tiles vinyl and “wood” planks that look a lot like their natural counterparts. The top designs of such floors have been admired by interior designers and architects globally. They are an integral part of beautiful

office suites and homes in most regions of USA. So, linger no longer and get set to install this luxury flooring material in your living or work space too; you will be glad you did. Construction of Vinyl Tile Flooring Luxury vinyl tiles from Mannington have the ability of replicating real hardwoods, stones and other naturally available products by using the latest photographic technologies. Overall, the foundation of luxury vinyl floors comprise of four distinct layers that are fused together for producing the final product. These are: 

Vinyl color layer

Vinyl backing

Photographic film layer

Top layer made of aluminum oxide or urethane which is also called the protective top layer.

The good thing about the construction of these luxury vinyl options is that they are highly resilient and packed with a vast range of features and benefits for giving good value to their buyers. Features and Benefits of Mannington Vinyl Floors The key benefits and features of the plank flooring and luxury vinyl tile alternatives from Mannington include: 1. Natural effect: The feel and look of some of the most appreciated natural materials can be attained at a very low cost via these manufacturers of vinyl tile flooring. 2.

100% vinyl material: Luxury vinyl floors by Mannington adhere to green building standards and are considered to be very eco-friendly when used in commercial applications.

3. Safe flooring options: The safety features of these elegant flooring solutions align with slip resistant requirements, commercial flammability codes, as well as all other safety features to make them desirable additions for all kinds of environments. 4. Easy maintenance: Easy to clean and maintain, these luxury vinyl floors require simple dusting and damp mopping for keeping them fresh and good-looking for a long time. 5. Large selection of shapes and sizes: The luxury vinyl tiles and sheets market is flooded with different products with varying physical dimensions and designs. Mannington Inc. also manufactures planks, sheets and tiles in regular and extra-large widths to meet the customized needs of different buyers. 6. Water resistant: LVT floors are naturally water resistant and are generally impervious to any accidental wet spills. Once such floors are installed over dry, approved, flat substrates, they assure nil or negligible water seepage underneath. 7. Stain, dent, scratch, and scuff resistant: With specialized wear layers to their credit,

Mannington vinyl floors are appropriately coated with urethane for enhancing their durability. 8. Cost effective: These vinyl floors are tied favorably with economic factors and they serve to be ideal solutions for residential and commercial applications. These rich, natural materiallike vinyl tiles and sheets are easily available at affordable prices and prove to be cost effective alternatives for long term usage as well. 9. As luxury vinyl tile floors are ably constructed for withstanding commercial tear and wear, they are the best alternative for commercial and residential high-traffic areas. As all other LVTs, Mannington vinyl tiles are also supported by manufacturer warranties that may extend from 5-25 years on specific products. Packed with impressive aesthetics and resilient to the core, these hard surface floors have multi-layers of vinyl and durable backing for their foundation. Look no further than the beautiful designs and patterns of vinyl tiles from Mannington – you will love to witness the results! For more information visit:

Mannington vinyl flooring for attractive and luxurious interiors  

Mannington vinyl flooring encompasses a wide range of residential and commercial luxury vinyl, laminate, sheet vinyl, hardwood tile floors,...

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