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Everything You Need to Know About Anderson Hardwood Flooring Hardwood floor lends a regal look that can transform even the most mundane looking interiors into a visual spectacle. Anderson hardwood flooring does just that, and it can help your interiors achieve timeless charm and elegance. It doesn’t matter if you are planning on remodeling your home or installing new flooring from scratch, a hardwood floor is almost always the right choice. Hardwood is available in a variety of designs- from a professional, well-polished look to a rugged, rustic look and everything in between. However, the sheer number of hardwood options currently available in the markets is enough to daunt any home owner. This article is aimed at helping customers make the right choice in hardwood flooring.

Choosing the right hardwood The first step in installing quality hardwood flooring is choosing the right wood. Oak is one of the most popular types of wood flooring as it exudes a sense of grandeur and finesse in any house it is laid in. This alone can significantly increase the resale value of your house. Some of the factors that you need to consider when choosing your hardwood floors are :  Wood Species: Thanks to their ease of availability and sturdiness, oak, maple and cherry are among the top favorite species,. Exotic varieties like Brazilian cherry or mahogany are well known for their excellent finish, but aren’t as durable as the former options. The color and the texture of hardwood depends entirely on the wood species, thus a fair degree of compromise between the style, color and texture is necessary to gain the best results. 

Board Width: Hardwood floors feature a variety of shapes and sizes, ranging from narrow strips to broad planks to parquet squares and rectangles. Broad planks exude a vintage look, while the parquet squares befits the modern style.

 Hardness: The hardness of planks plays an important role in determining the degree of scratches left on your floor. Harder species such as red oak can handle scars and scratches with an elegance that is unseen in softer varieties such as pine.  Finish: Hardwood finishes provides the wood its characteristic sheen. Most hardwood planks flaunt a factory pre-finish, which helps keep dust at bay and makes installation easier. This coating also helps keep the wood far more durable and long lasting, as compared to site applied finishes.

Installation Once you have made your choice in hardwood, the next step is to lay it down. In most cases, it is suitable to get professional help in laying your new Anderson hardwood floors. Going with professionals will ensure top-notch workmanship and speedy completion of the work. The most common hardwood floor installation methods are:  Nail Down: As the name suggests, nails or staples are used to secure the wood planks to the subfloor. This is best left to the professionals, who will either use manual tools or compressed air powered tools for laying the wooden planks. It is important to ensure a tight set against the subfloor; else, it can lead to a squeaky floor.  Glue Down: The glue down method is one of the most popular methods of laying hardwood floors. In this method, the planks are glued to the subfloor using a special wood adhesive, without the need for nailing down the wood. This eliminates the chances of wood deformity during installation as you are not hammering down on the wood. This makes for easy installation and wood can be directly glued on to the concrete floor without the need for a subfloor.  Glue-less: This relatively new method uses interlocking wood planks to give your floor a flat, smooth look and finish. As it is fairly easy to install, and does not compromise on the quality if laid properly, it is widely popular among DIY enthusiasts.

 Floating: The floating method of laying wood floor is recommended only for long boards. Here the wood plans are glued/ nailed to each other but not to the subfloor. Moreover, the planks are laid on a padding to give the floors a cushioning effect. This method allows one to easily install hardwood floor on subfloors such as vinyl, ceramic and other difficult to remove flooring.

Hardwood Floor care Maintaining hardwood floors requires dedicated time and effort. This might seem like a significant investment on your part, but this is crucial in order to ensure that the wood floors retain their majestic look. Here are a few common tips that can help you get the best out of your Anderson hardwood floor in the long run.  Never wet mop a wood floor. This can dull the finish, and may even damage the wood. Sweeping/ vacuuming the floor every few days and cleaning the floor with the recommended wood floor cleaner once a month is sufficient.  Wipe up any spillage immediately. Letting spills sit on the wood floor for long will not only stain the wood, but will also compromise the structural integrity of the wood.  Using rugs and floor mats at the doorways will help restrict the amount of dust and dirt that is being carried into the room, thus limiting scratches on the floor.  Over waxing the wood floor will make it look dull. Instead, sanding/ buffing is recommended for best effect. These care and maintenance processes will arrest scratches and will help the wood regain its sheen, making it look like new.

A Brief Overview of Anderson Hardwood Anderson Hardwood has been in business since 1946. What started out as a small family owned business has grown into one of the most trusted wood flooring conglomerates in the USA. The company has not only kept up with the changing industry standards, but has also helped redefine wood flooring as a whole. Their innovations, such as Cross-Locked Engineered wood flooring, aluminium oxide high-

wear wood floor finish and Lustre-Lock Ultra finish, stand testament to their superior understanding of quality wood flooring.

The company products are highly recommended by some of the biggest interior designing names in the country. Anderson Hardwood is also an American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) Industry Partner, a highly coveted position that has been obtained through years of quality services and impeccable track record in the industry.

Look no further if you are looking for quality, highly reliable hardwood floors. Anderson Hardwood offers a wide range of hardwood and engineered wood flooring solutions, which is a result of decades of first-hand experience and innovation. Experience the best of exclusive hand crafted wood floors with this Company, and give your home the majestic hardwood floor it deserves. For





Everything you need to know about anderson hardwood flooring  

Hardwood floor lends a regal look that can transform even the most mundane looking interiors into a visual spectacle. Anderson hardwood floo...

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