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Congoleum Flooring to Mullican Flooring- Explore the Elegancy Are you tired of seeing the age old ceramic tiles installed on the floors you tread on and want something new for your new home? Well then, this article promises to bring you to an end point of your search. Try looking for the many attractive variants of Congoleum Flooring and Mullican Flooring and bring irresistible charm under your feet at once. These genuine and worthwhile alternatives to traditional trends of flooring are enviable in every way and will add more value to your space – be it residential or commercial. What’s so Worthy? Congoleum Flooring has been a leader in the industry of luxury vinyl flooring since the past 100 years. Thus, it is expected that this flooring type would sustain its profuse popularity for long. These flooring types are available with a lifetime warranty. They are designed to withstand the effects of usual deterioration, break offs, cracks, staining and color fades due to regular use. As you explore more, you will surely come across many interior designers who will recommend the installation of these floorings when asked about their preferences. Whenever you walk on flooring made of Congoleum vinyl, you are bound to get the feel of walking on a luxury carpet with style. Gracefully satisfying, it allows users to enjoy the highest levels of ease and comfort. The beauty and comfort of Congoleum Flooring can be particularly experienced during winters when walking upon ceramic tiles with bare feet, or even with socks on, is a daunting task for many. This type of flooring not only provides you with exceptionally comfortable zones in terms of warmth, but also gives ample opportunities of saving upon the electricity bills. So, when your flooring is made up of Congoleum vinyl, you can be assured of the highest levels of insulation without relying on external heating modes. Congoleum flooring products are made of resilient sheets that are strong, comfortable and durable. More often than not, these kinds of floors serve as impressive alternatives for hardwood floors. Yes, vinyl floorings are just as beautiful as hardwood floors; they are strong, sturdy and affordable too! Alternative to Natural Flooring by Congoleum

Have you heard about Durastone tiles? These days, this luxury vinyl tile invention is considered as one of the best options to natural floors. Durastone tiles can be effectively utilized for flooring purposes in place of natural tiles like stone, ceramic, marble and slate. They are a coveted option for house areas such as bathrooms and kitchens and are considered to be abundantly strong and long lasting. These tiles are easy to wash and extremely efficient in providing warmth and vigor to your feet. They can resist stains and can be replaced easily. All in all, the Durastone tile series offered by Congoleum Flooring is an absolute flooring option for any space! Compared to ceramic tiles, Durastone tiles are much stronger and composed of a thicker and stronger backing system. This feature makes them defiant to cracks, scratches and dents. If you own pets or have small children, then, rest assured that Durastone vinyl tiles will fitfully excel the performance of ceramic tiles in this regard. Features and Abilities of Mullican Flooring Mullican Flooring offers exotic experiences to its customers by bringing in new and affordable flooring options. The Meadow Brooke collection by Mullican, boasting of golden hues with a reddish touch, is a must-have for homes. On the other hand, the Santos Mahogany collection features a wide range of colors to attract one and all; for instance, swirling golden apricot with a touch of burgundy and scorched sienna is surely irresistible! The Brazilian Cherry Collection of Mullican’s Meadow Brooke is available with golden touch and is supposed to develop a reddish shade with the passage of time. The Tiger Wood Collection is available in collaborated shades of caramel and butterscotch for offering something really expectant to its customers. If you love light colored wood for your floors, then, this would be a perfect choice for you. Explore more and choose the one that suits your style to the hilt. Choose the Most Amazing Flooring Well! Among all other decorative features, commercial floorings are the most important ones in enhancing the mindset of your customers. The appearance of your workplace is the ultimate decider of whether a client would sign the deal with you or would move on. Congoleum Flooring and Mullican Flooring are no doubt exclusive choices for your new home. But, do you know how amazing these flooring types can be for commercial undertakings too? It is an absolute fact that you spend most of your time in office or other workplaces. Thus, the interior dÊcor of your commercial

areas is bound to affect your senses in a more defined way than that of your home. To meet this end, it is extremely essential that you choose the dÊcor and floorings of your commercial places wisely and copiously. So, by now, you must have decided to select the best flooring for your immediate space. Check out the best range of flooring options from Congoleum Flooring and Mullican Flooring that are waiting to make your space feel out of the world. These floors would not only make your commercial zones look beautiful but they would enhance your marketability as well. The Bottom Line‌.. The bottom line is that no matter how efficient you are in generating excellent business ideas for your clients, or how blissful you are in designing your loving house, it is ultimately the flooring choice that is going to pay off in the long run. Be it Congoleum Flooring or Mullican Flooring, you have to be comprehensible in making the best choice. Just keep on reviewing the best offers from these flooring big-shots and make your life more comfortable than before! For more information visit:

Congoleum Flooring to Mullican Flooring Explore the Elegancy  

Traditionally popular in industrial areas and business houses, Congoleum flooring and Mullican flooring solutions are being installed in res...

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