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Carpet Pad- The Real Protector of Your Homes’ Flooring Carpets not only provide an exquisite look to your house but also take care of your feet’s comfort. Carpets need to be protected by carpet pads to enhance both their looks as well as longevity. Find out a little more about carpet padding and the value they provide. We all know that carpets are really comfortable to walk on and lie down. But did you know that it is actually the carpet pad that determines the levels of carpet comfort? These pads actually make you feel soft, hard or simply comfortable on your feet. There are certain absolute things that you need to be clear about these pads for ensuring that you generate maximum comfort from your carpets. Why is Padding for Carpets so Essential If you are buying carpets for your home, make sure that the carpets are designed with space for placing the carpet pads in between the carpets purchased by you and the floor. The carpets without padding space are actually ideal for commercial areas where a lot of human traffic is experienced. Buy the ones with padding space to experience maximum comfort from carpets at home. If you are planning to install carpets without pads in your living room, then be prepared to buy a new carpet very soon. Not much walking would be required to wear it out. For making the carpet comfortable to your family and friends, you will have to buy a durable and strong set of carpet pads. They are efficient enough in maximizing your comfort levels and minimizing all damages. Choose Carpet Pads Carefully More often than not, it is common for buyers to neglect the idea of buying carpet pads when buying carpet for their home floors. The most common reason of this neglect is that these pads are not visible to the eye. However, as they are one of the main components in carpet flooring installation, it is a good idea to consider their worth beforehand. If you make up your mind to purchase the pads along with carpet, make a good hold upon the wide varieties available on the racks of home stores 1. Waffle Rubber: This type was once very popular but at present it has lost most of its charm. Waffle rubbers do not provide much support to carpet backing as a result of which the backing

cracks. This option can only be considered if you are planning to install your carpets for a short time and so don’t want to spend much money. 2. Urethane Foam: This variety provides real comfortable experience due to the air pockets being created by rubber. Urethane foam is, however, not recommended to be used in areas with high traffic; it is a perfect option for areas like bedrooms. 3. Bonded Urethane: This type of carpet pad is made through recycled foam chips clubbed together by forming a strong yet soft pad. If you select padding that is not too thick, then you can use the same in all areas of your residence or commercial space. Choosing this type of pads would also help you in doing your duty towards environment preservation. 4. Flat Rubber: These pads are made up of the same material like that of waffle rubber pads. The only difference is that they are solid, flat and heavy in weight. The softness might be less in comparison with other types of pads, but in terms of protection, these pads are the best. This feature clearly indicates that flat rubber pads are best suited for areas with high traffic. 5. Fiber Cushion: This type of padding is most probably the oldest form of carpet pad which happened to be made by using rubber and animal hair. But in the present days, they are made through recycling substances like nylon. In most cases, buyers use this pad in commercial areas and for specific home situations. Installing Carpet Pads on Your Own You can install carpet pads all by yourself by following certain simple steps. For laying down the padding on wooden floors, certain tools such as staple gun, knee pads, staples, carpet cutter, measuring tape and garbage bag would be required. Firstly, you need to decide upon the route on which the pad will be run through proper calculation of length and width. Once you begin the process, make sure that the surface is dry and clean. Now begin the padding process by rolling out the pads from one side of the wall to the other. Then, after making sure that the cushioning is in position, start to staple the cushions into floor. Keep enough gaps off the edge and start stapling after every five inches, along the length of the carpet run. Finally trim off any excess pad after maintaining the gap. For laying carpet pads upon cement surfaces, you need to follow the above mentioned same steps.

The only difference would be that instead of staples, you would require to use duct tape of 2 inches. You need to minutely secure every edge by running the tape through the centre of any seam upon the pads. Finally, secure the tape by standing firmly upon it or by walking through. In case of installing carpet pads onto concrete surfaces, it would be better to trim down pads by placing them at the beginning itself. Next step would be to flip off the edges and put some glue onto the floor. Then, by using little scraps of pad, you need to spread the glue all over the floor by following a circular motion. After this, flip the padding's edge upon the glue and continue doing this for all the edges. Carpet Padding is Different from Carpet Backing There are a number of carpets available in the market along with backing. But backing is different from padding as the former is more about providing safety to carpets fibers. Backing helps in keeping the fibers away from fray and prevents the carpet from sliding around. This is better explained as a manufacturing process and improves upon the energy efficiency of carpets. Energy efficiency is a term that can be accurately related to carpet pads because padding stands as a shield in between the floor and carpet. Adding the pads to your carpet will ensure that your floors remain warm throughout winter thus making your room cozier than ever. For more information visit:

Carpet pad the real protector of your homes’ flooring  
Carpet pad the real protector of your homes’ flooring  

Carpets not only provide an exquisite look to your house but also take care of your feet’s comfort. Carpets need to be protected by carpet p...