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An Effective Guide to Choosing a Soft Carpet The two primary factors that dictate your choice in a floor carpet are comfort and style. With the markets being saturated with a multitude of designs, makes, models and types of carpets, it becomes a daunting task indeed to choose one that suits your needs and your budget. Despite all the floating variables, the one thing that all home owners have a penchant towards is installing a soft carpet. There is no better way to end a hectic day than to lie back on your couch, while your feet rests on soft carpeting. What’s more? If you have small children, a soft, but firm carpet can easily break their fall to keep them unharmed. In case you own pets, carpets can save your expensive floor from scratches. Thus, not only do they add a sense of charm to your home, high quality carpets also have functional uses that are directed towards keeping your home safe. A clear understanding of the different types of carpeting material that you can choose from will come in handy when picking out your carpet. An educated decision will always lend itself to be resourceful in the long term, especially when it comes to cleaning and maintaining your soft and elegant carpets. So, before jumping to the care and upkeep of your carpets and rugs, it is vital to understand how different carpets are made in different ways, and need to be treated accordingly. Carpet Styles Explained There are three primary carpet styles- cut pile, loop pile and a combination of the two. Every carpet in the world hosts one of the three styles. However, a common consumer might be more familiar with categorizing soft carpet styles as frieze, Berber, plush, etc., which are essentially subcategories of the above mentioned styles. Let’s dig deeper into what makes a cut pile, loop pile and a cut-loop pile carpet. Loop Pile This style uses loops of yarn woven into the carpet to give it a unique visual style and texture. Loop carpets can have multiple variations depending on the construct and designs. Since this type of carpet contains tiny loops of fabric, which can unravel and snag, it is not recommended for households with pets and children. Carpets with smaller loops are preferred over those with larger loops; this is because bigger loops tend to matte down with dirt and grime easily, thus giving off an

odd look. The most common types of loop pile are 

Level Loop Pile: As the name suggests, it comprises of an even level loop across the carpet area. Such piles flaunt a clean look, an even surface texture, and are perfectly suited for areas with heavy foot traffic as they do not register foot prints.

Multi Level Loop Pile: This kind of pile features loops of different heights (high loop and low loop) in a random or a pre-determined sequence. This distinct design ensures that the carpet gets the best of both long and short loops, thus giving it a soft and durable structure.

Textured Loop Pile: This is essentially a variant of the multi-level loop pile, except that the difference between the high and the low loop is not as distinct. Thanks to the construction design, this type of carpet has subtle patterns to give your carpet a distinct visual appeal and physical texture.

Cut Pile Cut pile is by far one of the most popular types of carpet pile. It is traditionally made by chopping off the top of the loop pile, which gives it an upright, standing posture. Unlike the loop pile, this one does not snag or uncoil, and is hence safer for households with pets and children. However, without proper and timely care, the carpets can soon have a weathered, aged look; irrespective of how well you maintain them. The most popular types of cut pile are

Cut Pile Plush: Also known as the velvet carpet, this is your traditional cut pile, which has a short pile that gives off a signature upright finish and a reserved look. This type of carpet can easily retain the impression from footsteps and vacuum, however, it does not affect the performance of the carpet.

Cut Pile Twist: Here, the strands are twisted and face opposite directions to impart more volume. Although it has a rich texture, this kind of pile does not retain stress from vacuuming or walking, thus it is suitable for offices and other commercial spaces that witnesses extensive foot traffic across the day.

Frieze: It has extensively long piles that are oriented haphazardly for giving a soft, cushioning texture. Such a pile has strands of different sizes and shapes- thick, thin, short, long, etc. to add the plush feel of a soft carpet.

Combination of Cut and Loop Pile Like the name suggests, this is a combination of both cut piles and loop piles in the same carpet. This combinational feature allows the manufacturer to orient individual carpet sections in different patterns such as squares, circles, etc, to give the carpet a unique look. This patterned look gives

your room a more spacious appeal and adds to the visual grace of the interiors. Basic Soft Carpet Care A carpet is a prime investment in interior design; hence one must pay attention to its maintenance and cleanliness in order to keep it looking like new. General carpet cleaning is quite easy, and when done right, it reduces the need for extensive carpet cleaning. Here are a few general tips to take good care of your soft carpet. 

Vacuuming your carpet regularly will help remove dirt and grime which could otherwise get embedded into the pile, thereby matting the same and completely ruining the look and texture of your carpet. Make sure to use only the recommended vacuum setting and attachments to keep your carpets from getting ruined.

In case of any spillage, clean it up immediately by dabbing with kitchen towels. You can remove most strains with a mild soap; however, if you are unsure of the results, it might be best to contact a carpet cleaning expert.

In case of extensive water damage or burns, you might have to call in professionals to replace/ patch the affected area.

Irrespective of how well you maintain your carpets, a thorough cleaning from a professional is recommended every 12-18 months. Expert servicing will help clean every nook and corner of the carpets and will return it to its fluffy, fresh state.

With the extensive range of carpeting products currently available in the markets it has become harder than ever to choose the right soft carpet for your home. We hope that this article has given you enough insights about the various features of a carpet, thus allowing you to make the right choice about your carpeting solutions.

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An effective guide to choosing a soft carpet  

A soft carpet is a long term investment that begins at buying a carpet and extends to its subsequent long term maintenance. Hence it is impo...

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