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A High Quality Miliken Carpet will make your Guests Swoon! Milliken carpets are known to adorn homes and offices alike. They are giving the right touch of beauty and elegance to airports, plush hotels, and other commercial places as well. Introduction: Milliken manufacturers are committed to designing excellence; they are fueled by innovation. With the help of trained and experienced professionals, they manufacture high quality floor coverings, performance materials, and specialty chemicals. One of their exceptional products is Milliken carpet. With the fusion of unique technologies and extra-ordinary design, Milliken carpets are more customizable and colorful, longer lasting and tougher, softer and more sustainable than most regular carpets. These carpets beautify commercial environments, homes, airports, hotels and offices with flair. Home owners, architects and designers are inspired by the textures and innovative patterns produced by Milliken’s certified methods of carbon-neutral manufacturing. In case you are looking for a high quality Miliken carpet to add to the looks of your floor, then this blog is surely for you. Leading innovations in carpets: The different producers in a well-arranged and exhaustive Milliken carpet catalogue are manufactured digitally using the millitron printing machine, which is a computercontrolled inkjet carpet printing machine that etches the most exquisite carpeting solutions like no other. Unlike the other regular machines that add color to only corners and tips of the carpet fibers, the unique printing process by Milliken fills the entire carpet with all required colors. Milliken carpet lends emotional power, beauty and elegance to all spaces and is the right way to go.

Sustainable excellence: The USP of a Milliken carpet lies in its sustainability. These carpets are manufactured using renewable resources that are certified carbon neutral by ISO. An ISO certification guarantees that the product meets the highest customer and environmental standards at all times. Milliken uses meaningful design, unique insights and deep science for tackling today’s tough concerns and issues. 99% of the Milliken carpet and rugs are recycled or reused. If you are choosing a Milliken product, you can be assured of choosing an eco-friendly product! Milliken Carpets for residences: The Imagine Milliken carpet Collection takes the world of residential patterned carpets to a completely new level. In this Collection, Milliken manufactures the bestin-class layering colors and patterns for creating an amazing display that is capable of adorning any decor. The two collections, Crystal Stitch and Hardanger from Milliken, are handcrafted and offer rich textural complexities to residential carpet needs. Crystal Stitch: Floor coverings for residences go a long way in enhancing their look. Milliken’s crystal stitch Collection has manufactured fabrics with layers of numerous colors, textures and yarns. It flaunts three luxurious bases that reflect and capture subtle hints of light to perfection. With these carpets in place, varied texture and lush visual movement can be brought to any home for achieving warm and understated elegance. Hardanger: This collection of Milliken carpet is inspired by traditional fabrics that exhibit artistic craftsmanship, comfort and warmth. The Collection is manufactured using woolen yarns into chunky cables. The fabrics used here offer the highest levels of well-being and warmth that’s perfect for any home. Milliken has produced a patterning technique for this Collection that looks like stitched aesthetics; it is

certainly worthy of a look. Here, innovative means of weaving carpets are fused with thick cables to create a modern and unique appeal. Hardanger from Milliken brings a strong sense of casual sophistication and glamour to residential interiors as well – go for this range of carpets, you will be glad you did. Milliken carpet adds value and grace your home. The carpet line boasts of more than 50 originally designed Collections, some of the popular ones being woven wide American prairies, Italian Styled Carpets and Exotic Jungles. Easy to maintain, most of these carpets feature a 10 year warranty and 5 year stain and soil protection. Some essential features are: 

High definition digital patterning technology: Milliken’s Legato Carpet System gives the feel and look of wall-to-wall carpet with the installation ease of carpet tiles. The system’s panel fits together and features high friction coating that is both hassle-free and eco-friendly for keeping these modular carpets in place.

High twist durability: Milliken carpets have higher twist levels than the usual industry standards, thereby offering higher durability metrics.

Premium Dyes: Made with premium WearOn nylon and soil protection, these carpets are known to provide long lasting beauty and elegance. Additionally, they are created using a custom-color system of Milliken that paves the ground for amazing textures and patterns. Milliken uses the finest raw materials in its products to form a strong base for superb durability and appearance. Here, all the dyes are carefully selected for ensuring long-lasting beauty and reducing fading.

Alphasan anti-microbial treatment: This treatment helps prevent the formation of mold for making these carpets healthier than others. They create hygienic working and living conditions and are suitable for allergy sufferers

Milliguard stain resistance: This treatment significantly reduces soil accumulation and assists in soil removal during cleaning and vacuuming.

Warranties: From finish to fiber, Milliken carpet provides you with the highest quality. If you are tight on budget, you may want to buy a less expensive carpet,

yet, it will offer you long-lasting beauty and easy care. At Miliken, all the carpets are backed-up with some of the best industry warranties. For usage in commercial spaces, the warranty on the carpets extends up to 12 years.  Easy installation because of premium quality Since Milliken carpets are high-end products, installation is easy and can be done via DIY means. There is no need of hiring professionals, and thus, loads of money can be saved on installation. Milliken carpets can be installed without using any adhesives; their glue-free installation means offer numerous advantages. Milliken carpets are perfect to install as they are slip-resistant and flame – retardant. Meeting the highest safety standards, these carpets can be used in residential and commercial spaces without much fuss. Milliken carpet for commercial spaces Milliken carpets are superior quality sturdy flooring coverings boasting of attractive colors. It is easy for everyone to find their ideal flooring solution with Milliken carpets. These carpets are rated suitable for heavy commercial use as they can easily withstand a lot of traffic and the heavy impacts caused by furniture movements. Because of their long lifespan and durability, these carpets serve to be a popular choice for walkways, entrances and busy offices. As these carpets contain much recycled content, they are ideal for people with an ecoconscious mind and bend. The high-quality Milliken carpets are equipped with cushion backing, because of this feature; they have excellent sound absorbing qualities that create a relaxed and quiet working atmosphere in every office. Milliken commercial carpets can be installed in hospitals and healthcare clinics, multipurpose rooms, educational facilities and other commercial areas as well. Since Milliken carpet are modular flooring solutions, you can unleash your creativity and select anything from stripes and checkered patterns to any other design.

With stain smart soil protection, antimicrobial treatment, and color seal bleach resistant features to boast of, these carpets are an ideal option for classical as well as modern interiors. Carpet shopping can be a tricky business, and with Milliken, you get the best flooring solution – forever! For more information visit:

A high quality miliken carpet will make your guests swoon!  

Milliken carpets are superior quality sturdy flooring coverings boasting of attractive colors. It is easy for everyone to find their ideal f...

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