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The Commitment The College is committed to maintaining a healthy workforce and protecting the health, safety and welfare of all staff. This commitment extends to creating a positive workplace and culture that gives staff the best opportunities to manage their time and commitments. The health and wellbeing policy and plan provides staff with a diverse array of choices which demonstrate the College’s willingness and enthusiasm towards staff health and wellbeing. There is a strong commitment to creating a healthy workforce which in turn promotes a happy workplace.

Purpose of the Policy The policy incorporates all types of health (physical, mental and psychological) and wellbeing. The Health and Wellbeing policy supports the commitments set out in the Health and Safety policy and links closely into health and safety issues. It is recognised that in many cases health and wellbeing issues will not be restricted to work alone. External factors including socio-economic factors and family circumstances will impact on the health of staff, however the College is committed to creating a working environment that as far as possible minimises risk to health and works towards a healthy workforce. This policy does not resolve all work related difficulties. The College recognises and accepts that there are increasing demands and pressures placed upon staff working in Further Education, which could be considered an integral and unavoidable part of working life. This policy aims to assist staff to cope with the everyday pressures of life. The following related policies can be found on the intranet: • Policy for the positive management of stress in College • Policy for the mis-use of Drugs and Alcohol in College Prevailing Legislation Where a conflict between this policy occurs with changes brought about by legislation, the procedure will be changed to reflect the law. Scope This policy covers all members of staff of Nelson and Colne College. Definitions of Health and Wellbeing It is useful to begin by defining health and wellbeing: Health A state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing and not merely the absence of illness and injury (World Health Organisation) Wellbeing Creating an environment to promote a state of contentment which allows an employee to flourish and achieve their full potential for the benefit of themselves and their organisation.(CIPD) The terms are intrinsically linked and the benefits to promoting health and wellbeing are great. Supporting and encouraging health and wellbeing at College should be a win-win situation for all; maintaining and improving staff morale and engagement; retaining excellent staff; ensuring staff remain productive; reducing sickness absence and improving the student experience.

Health and Wellbeing Group This group is led by the Director of Human Resources and meets bi-monthly to monitor the progress of the initiatives introduced; assess overall impact of the policy and revise and review the processes in place. The work of the group is incorporated into an action plan that is reviewed annually in October by the HR Committee. The group has cross-college representation. The actions within the plan will focus on the following key areas of staff health and wellbeing: • • • • • •

Health Promotion - in and out of work Work Environment Working practices and culture Communication routes within the organisation Training, development and self-worth of all staff Absence and attendance management

The benefits to the College of health and wellbeing are significant. The impact of the initiatives introduced will be monitored by looking at the following areas: • • • • •

Absence levels Staff retention Staff morale Risk Assessments (stress-related) Performance management

Promotion and Prevention The College is committed to promoting health and wellbeing and has an annual schedule of events that focus on promotion of wellbeing and prevention of ill health. These will be detailed within the annual action plan. This is in partnership with local, regional and national NHS initiatives and will be monitored by the Health and Wellbeing Group. In addition, the College enlists the support and guidance of Occupational Health in individual cases to ensure health and wellbeing issues are addressed.

Commitment and Responsibilities All staff are expected to embrace and commit to the Health and Wellbeing agenda, this includes sharing ideas, promoting and raising concerns. In addition, managers are expected to take responsibility for health and wellbeing issues amongst their team and identify where additional support is required. For all staff the College will: Encourage • Encourage a work environment in which everyone is proactive in the identification of opportunities to enhance staff wellbeing. • Encourage staff to maintain and improve their physical and psychological health. Promote • Promote positive behaviours at work to avoid conflict and ensure fairness. • Promote good practice in both physical and mental health and wellbeing activities and share successes across the College.

Ensure • Ensure effective communication between management and staff, particularly where there are organisational and procedural changes. • Ensure and support effective staff involvement mechanisms. • Ensure job demands are reasonable and within the capabilities of the member of staff. • Ensure bullying, harassment and discrimination are not tolerated and that staff work together and respect diversity. Support • Support staff returning to work after periods of absence through adequate rehabilitation and provide return to work interviews to all members of staff returning from absence. (see Managing Absence procedure) • Support staff by identifying those circumstances that may contribute to inappropriate levels of workrelated stress and conduct risk assessments to eliminate/ control the risks. Develop • Develop services and facilities to support the health and welfare of staff. • Develop procedures to manage any problems that do occur and to monitor those procedures and outcomes. • Develop managers to use effective management practices and styles. Assess • Assess by setting appropriate objectives which are communicated to individuals and performance feedback given via meetings to discuss ‘Key Goals’. (see Key Goals procedure) • Assess impact by conducting regular wellbeing surveys to obtain feedback about wellbeing issues. If you have any comments please email:

Health and Wellbeing Policy Book  

Nelson and Colne College Scotland Rd, Nelson, Lancashire, BB9 7YT Tel: 01282 440200 Web: Nelson and Colne College - Judged...

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