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The Importance of Knowing Your Carpet Cleaning Chemicals - Carpet Cleaning Chemicals ___________________________________________________________________________________

By Argus Axel -

There are different chemicals for different types of cleaning jobs. It is important to know the chemical makeup of the chemicals that you use for best results and more importantly so you do not damage someone's carpets. Most carpet cleaners carry a wide variety of cleaning chemicals in their vans. There are chemicals for hundreds of different stains. The most common forms of chemicals are pre spray. Pre spray is a hard working chemical that breaks down grime and dirt over about 15 minutes.

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Pre spray is used as a general application to all carpets prior to rinsing. It is important to let the pre spray dwell in the carpet and do its job. There are also extraction agents that are used to rinse out the carpet and the pre spray. They are fast acting chemicals that are used in the solution line. Then you have a wide variety of spotting chemicals. There are spotting chemicals that are designed for coffee stains, red dye stains, pet odor/damage, traffic areas, grease from food, and paint stains. It is important to understand that one chemical does not fit all. Some carpet cleaning companies use pre

spray for every problem they encounter, and this will never work. The chemical makeup of each stain is obviously different from others therefore you need a variety of chemicals to battle different problems.

Another important factor to take into consideration is the type of chemicals being used on various carpet fibers. Some sensitive carpet fibers can be damaged by chemicals, either leaving them discolored or eating away at the material. Some chemicals can void the carpets warranty and force the homeowner to replace the carpets. It is very important to read the application instructions of your chemicals. Also pay very close attention to what carpet fibers the chemical is designed to work for. The last thing you want to do is damage a homeowner's carpets.

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