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We are like the orchestra on the Titanic, you and us. We make books. You sell them. In the distance people are shouting something about an iceberg. So what? “Even the Mona Lisa is falling apart.” Tyler Durden We make books. There, I said it. We believe there is a future for books and bookshops. Like most people who love browsing bookshops, we are Romantics. We believe in the bookshop experience. In fact... We are more excited about publishing now than ever before.  And we want to share that excitement with you. We want to paint you a picture of how you can use our books to help keep the dream alive. There is digital AND there is analogue. Not, digital INSTEAD OF analogue. The future belongs to those who realise that the value of digital technology is only as good as it’s inputs and outputs. Innovative relationships between the real world and cyberspace will be the stars of the future. With your help, we aim to be one. We are a publishing company spawned of the digital age. What we do with books can only be done because of the internet. We respond to trends rapidly using social media to gather content. This allows us to put out big beautiful books really fast that capture the Zeitgeist in full technicolour glory.  Why should you stock CBC books? CBC Books are books about social objects.  “The Social Object, in a nutshell, is the reason two people are talking to each other, as opposed to talking to somebody else.” - Hugh MacLeod CBC takes a social object, for example: ‘Street Art’ and gives it a big, beautiful book. That book becomes another way for members of that social network to involve themselves more deeply and that has huge social rewards. That’s why people buy our books, in much the same way people used to buy band t-shirts. CBC books are designed to enrich the conversation around their subject with powerful images and



provocative but conversational text. In this way you can effectively market the books as a way in to a culture, an access code to a social network. In a nutshell, these are books of the internet age for the internet age. Inshallah, this should result in more people picking up books in your shop and taking them to the cashier. And although the Titanic may sink, perhaps we’ll find a new way to ride the wave...

T H E T R U T H T H E W H O L E T R U T H AND EVERYTHING B U T T H E T R U T H No single living artist has created as many myths, rumours and legends as

as myths. Some are laugh out loud bollocks and are simply gossip. You be the

Banksy. In his hometown of Bristol almost everyone seems to have a Banksy

judge. For me these stories illustrate the incredible audacity, originality and

story. Many of these stories are from Bristol, some are from further a field.

sheer bloody mindedness of Banksy. Obviously he should be best known for

What they share is that they are all told with that wide eyed wonder which

his art and exposing the many hypocrisies of modern life. The myths will be

Banksy inspires. The stories were collected from people in Bristol between

viewed as a distraction to some or part of the appeal for others. One thing is

2009 and 2011. Some are quite old and have been told so many times they have

certain, the art and the myths are both larger than life and stick two fingers up

become the stuff of legend, others are more questionable and best described

at conformity. This book is a celebration of that anarchic, rebellious spirit.

Banksy: Myths & Legends Mark Leverton

RRP: ÂŁ5.95

ISBN: 1908211016

148 x 105mm

96 pages

THEY USED TO SAY THAT ‘THE CAMERA NEVER LIES’ The next generation may find that difficult to believe. Photography has come full circle, from the 19th century obsession with realism, to the 21st century addiction to hyper-reality. The opportunities for the artist have multiplied just as the problems have proliferated. As ever, theory runs to catch up with practice. The images collected here strain the old definitions and call for new ones. What are they? Well, they are not, strictly speaking, photographs anymore.


RRP: £24.95

ISBN: 1908211008

260 x 260mm

192 pages

KIND OF LIKE BANKSY WITH A SKETCHBOOK AND SOME SHARPIES The world would be a better place if everyone continued to draw past their teens. But we’re told from an early age that art, especially drawing, won’t pay bills. You need to do something with your life, become a doctor, or a mechanic, or a...Teacher? If you really want to draw for a living, that’s called illustration. And you’ll need to go to college, and uni, start from the bottom and work your way up...Drawing is for kids! Quoteskine is drawing for grown ups. Call it anti-illustration if you want. It celebrates the love of drawing and the subject matter that inspires each image. Taking in references from movies, books, music, famous figures and even including some self penned quotes. Quoteskine hopes to reconnect that childhood love of drawing and creativity with the adult brain. Forget a minute about the work you have to do and the bills you have to pay. Get lost instead in the grown up kid’s world that is Quoteskine.

Quoteskine Lee Crutchley

RRP: £9.95

ISBN: 0955912199

210 x 130mm

144 pages

Icing for Men


Self Replacing Biscuits

Sandwich Mark

Unventions Cléon Daniel

RRP: £9.95

Bullshit Deflectors

ISBN: 1908211032

210 x 210mm

Space Container

108 pages


Not that ‘zen’ feeling either. Whoever first coined that shit is retarded. It more about the feeling of sheer terror that rushes through you when you’re hauling ass at a yellow light that’s just turned red. That or rolling down a really steep hill and keeping it under control. It’s more of a ‘holy shit I made it without dying’ thing... Alan Siki­­ric, NYC

42x12 Patrick Potter

RRP: £17.95

ISBN: 978-0955912139

232 x 220mm

192 pages

N O T A L L A R T C R A V E S A T T E N T I O N Some of it hides in the secret places. Some of it

A diverse range of artists find themselves

Urban ruins are like the woods in the old fairy

is buried treasure, out in the urban wilderness,

attracted to these twilight zones and in recent

tales, they are the place where the ordered reality

left scattered in empty rooms of derelict buildings

years something of a movement has come to

of modern city life gives way to the irrational, the

like strange markings left by an unknown

light, huddled around the idea of urban decay and

ambient and the surreal. So next time you think

tribe. These works are gifts given only to the

abandonment as the ultimate canvas. This burning

about scouting for art, why not look a little off the

occasional explorer, found in abandoned factories,

curiosity to see what is behind the fence exists to

beaten track? Visibility is good for certain projects

warehouses and industrial sites. This is art you

a greater or lesser degree in most people, but for

but the delightful, terrible intimacy afforded by

have to earn by leaving the designated areas and

some it is irresistible.

art found in the urban woods is just begging to be

heading out past the No Entry signs of the urban



Out of Sight RomanyWG

RRP: ÂŁ19.95

ISBN: 0955912172

260 x 260mm

192 pages

THIS IS ABSOLUTELY THE MOST FASCINATING TIME WE COULD POSSIBLY HAVE HOPED TO BE ALIVE. SO WHATEVER YOU DO DON’T BE BORED. Several students from an inner city primary school were arrested yesterday in connection with a series of vandalism cases. The local community was shocked to discover that a gang of five and six year olds were being held for questioning. Local police stood by the arrests and highlighted the strong evidence against the youths. The graffiti in question consisted largely of pictures of a house with mummy and daddy and a dog outside of it and a large sun depicted with rays coming from it. Materials used were water based glue, dried pasta, glitter and some pipe cleaners. Police suspect that a stylised image of the sun with a smiley face may well be the gang insignia. The investigation continues.

Untitled I Gary Shove

RRP: ÂŁ14.95

ISBN: 0955912105

234 x 221mm

196 pages

S TA R T A R E L I G I O N ! The rules: If the right person stumbles across the right image at the right time, religion can happen. Think carefully, choose a secret location and paint your chosen or invented religious idol. Do it in such a way that it will appear to have appeared by magic. Make sure it is discovered by a lost shepherd boy during a storm and perhaps rig it up so it weeps honey or secretes magic cheese. If you can prove that more than a thousand people are worshipping your street art then we will give you a crown, and then stone you to death and then worship you.

Untitled II Gary Shove

RRP: ÂŁ14.95

ISBN: 0955912121

286 x 246mm

192 pages





Untitled III Gary Shove

RRP: £16.95

ISBN: 0955912156

235 x 230mm

192 pages

T A K E O N L Y P I C T U R E S L E A V E O N L Y F O O T P R I N T S It’s easy to describe what Urban Explorers do;

challenging environments that the Urban Explorer

border from childhood into adolescence we cross

they infiltrate abandoned buildings and industrial

shoots. As a result the online scene has been

real physical borders too. It’s the moment in our

sites and explore them, often taking photographs

flooded with beautiful imagery as Explorers trade

lives when we test the boundaries. We finally pluck

along the way. They don’t steal, vandalise or even

shots, stories and advice through message boards

up the courage to break into the haunted house and

leave graffiti behind them. In fact their code of

such as Flickr. However, Urban Explorers are not

take a look around. You can probably remember

honour is reminiscent of the rambler’s way: ‘Take

only photographers. The photography appears to

your own experiences of this. And there will be at

only pictures, leave only footprints’.  It is, on the

be the symptom and not the disease.

least one.

other hand, not so easy to describe the whys and

Why then do these individuals choose, on a day

The Urban Explorer feels that we, in the


off work, not to have a stroll round the shops

comfortable and over-protected ‘first world’,

It’s likely that this activity has existed in one form

and take in a movie but rather to break the law

are living in an enforced and extended state of

or another for as long as we have been building

and jeopardise their own safety purely to spelunk

childhood. They have remembered that they are

things, but recently ‘Urbex’, as it is known, is

around filthy environments with no promise of

capable of having unmediated experiences of

becoming a more unified scene due to the activities

material reward? The lure is obviously very strong

reality and they welcome the fear that may (or may

of online ‘Urbex’ communities such as ‘Forbidden

and to understand the siren song of these places

not) come with those experiences. The fear itself

Places’ or ‘TalkUrbex’. Strange then that an activity

requires a certainly more poetic mindset than one

is the gateway to go through. It’s the gateway that

that is certainly not social in a conventional sense

might be used to occupying.

leads for many to ‘wonderland’. This is the world

(explorers often work alone or in pairs) is becoming

Think back to your childhood for a moment and

through the looking glass that in some dark corner

a society of sorts.

it all begins to make sense. Do you remember the

of every soul, we are all looking for.

With tools consisting of a digital SLR camera and

terrifying yet seductive draw of the archetypal

The strange thing then is not that Urban Explorers

High Dynamic Range software it has become very

haunted house? Every neighbourhood and every

exist; it’s that the rest of us have forgotten that we

much easier to take awesome photographs in the

childhood has one. At the very point we cross the

are Urban Explorers too.

Beauty in Decay RomanyWG

RRP: £19.95

ISBN: 0955912148

260 x 260mm

192 pages

I´VE BEEN INFLUENCED BY PEOPLE WHO L O V E W H AT T H E Y D O . I T H I N K PA S S I O N I S V E R Y I M P O R TA N T I N A N Y T H I N G Y O U D O Isaac Cordal has been creating his cement figures since 20001 and placing

we can all empathise with their situations, their leisure time, their waiting for

these interventions on the streets of London since 2007.

buses and even their more tragic moments such as accidental death, suicide or family funerals. His sculptures can be found in gutters, on top of buildings, on

His sculptures take the form of little people sculpted from concrete in ‘real’

top of bus shelters - in many unusual and unlikely places in the capital. These

situations. Cordal manages to capture a lot of emotion in his vignettes, in spite

concrete sculptures are like little magical gifts to the public that only a few

of their lack of detail or colour. He’s sympathetic toward his little people and

lucky people will see and love but so many more will have missed.

Cement Eclipses Isaac Cordal

RRP: £12.95

ISBN: 0955912180

214 x 146mm

256 pages

Banksy: Myths & Legends ISBN: 1908211016


Mark Leverton 148 x 105mm

Lee Crutchley

ISBN: 0955912199

RRP: £5.95 96 pages

RRP: £9.95

260 x 260mm

144 pages

Altered Images


ISBN: 1908211008


Cléon Daniel

ISBN: 1908211032

42x12 Patrick Potter RRP: £17.95

Out of Sight

ISBN: 978-0955912139 232 x 220mm 192 pages

ISBN: 0955912172

RRP: £24.95

260 x 260mm

RRP: £9.95

210 x 210mm


192 pages

108 pages

RRP: £19.95

260 x 260mm

192 pages

Untitled I

Gary Shove

ISBN: 0955912105

Untitled III

Gary Shove

ISBN: 0955912156

RRP: £14.95

234 x 221mm

196 pages

RRP: £16.95

235 x 230mm

192 pages

Untitled II

Gary Shove

ISBN: 0955912121

Beauty in Decay

RRP: £14.95

286 x 246mm


ISBN: 0955912148

192 pages

RRP: £19.95

260 x 260mm

192 pages

Cement Eclipses Isaac Cordal RRP: £12.95 ISBN: 0955912180

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214 x 146mm

256 pages

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Carpet Bombing Culture is your counter-cultural publisher par excellence. Our aim is to provide you, dear reader, with premium quality art a...

CarpetBombingCulture December 2011  

Carpet Bombing Culture is your counter-cultural publisher par excellence. Our aim is to provide you, dear reader, with premium quality art a...