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Residential Cleaning A dirty carpet can be difficult to clean, especially when dirt, debris and oils love to cling to your carpet’s fibers. Removing them is no small feat and that’s why you should call the residential carpet cleaning experts. We are Eco Fresh and our residential carpet cleaning experts know exactly how to get your carpet clean with no foul odors and no long dry times. Using state of the art equipment and the strongest and most environmentally-friendly friendly carpet cleaning solutions, you’ll love the way your carpet looks, smells, and feels. When you call Eco Fresh to clean your residential carpets, you’ll experience: • • • • •

Faster Drying Times: Your carpet will be dry in a few hours vs. days. This eliminates any possibility of mold growth wth or damage to your carpets from over wetting. Non-Toxic Toxic Carpet Cleaning Products: Our products are Green Seal certified and effective on even the toughest stains. You can be sure that they are safe for you, your family and your pets. Carpet Odor Removal: We don’t mask the odor. We use safe and effective bio bio--enzymes which destroy bacteria and the source of the odor problem. Carpet Stain Removal: As carpet stain cleaning experts, we have the knowledge and expertise to get rid of even the toughest st stains. Improved Indoor Air Quality: Carpets act as an air filter for your home trapping dirt, dust, and allergens. We not only clean your residential carpet, we effectively purify your home.

How We Clean Your Residential Carpet After our carpet cleaning leaning expert has conducted a walk walk-through through of your home with you, they will start by pre-spraying spraying the carpets, beginning with the worst areas. This helps to loosen any dirt and grime. We

will then use an oxygen-based based cleaner combined with an environmental environmentally ly friendly encapsulator. The solution further breaks up dirt and debris and with the help of the Orbot completely detaches it from all carpet fibers. As the dirt is being released from your carpet, the encapsulator traps the debris and surrounds it with microscopic icroscopic sodium crystals. This binds to the debris forming a brittle crystal polymer making it easy to remove.

Residential Carpet Cleaning Tools Our carpet cleaning experts use a machine called a Orbot that uses very little water, so you won’t have to worry orry about any wet socks when our technicians leave. This cleaning machine has a pulsating brush that is designed to dig deep into the carpet fibers to loosen soil while working in the encapsulation products. We use the Orbot because we have found it to b be e the best machine at removing dirt, grime, and oils from your carpet. Our residential carpet cleaning experts are incredibly thorough. Our technicians will always make a second pass over your carpet to make sure nothing was missed and to make sure all carpet pet fibers are scrubbed from all angles. For a cleaner carpet, fresher indoor air, and a more inviting living space, your first choice should always be Eco Fresh. Call or contact us today for all of your residential carpet cleaning needs.

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Eco-friendly carpet cleaning solutions that are no less than traditional cleaning!  
Eco-friendly carpet cleaning solutions that are no less than traditional cleaning!  

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