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12 Week Coaching Program

‘love your body . love your life’ re-educate. re-connect. re-charge. re-shape.

Have you fallen out of love with your body and your life? Your body and life have probably fallen out of love with you.

Here is your invitation. You have the power to change. There is nothing more important.

Live your best life.

coaching . education . support one-of-a-kind 12 week coaching program. the next evolution in health and fitness for women who want something real.

we understand you designed specifically by and for busy women, who work in corporate environments and need simple solutions.

resolve to do it properly this time we focus on step-by-step education and support in six key areas to build you a solid foundation to take back control.

love your body . love your life get smart. in charge. charged up. full of energy. feel alive. feel amazing. get back in love with your body and your life.

12 Week Coaching Program

‘love your body . love your life’ re-educate. re-connect. re-charge. re-shape.



‘I’m not in the shape or as fit as I want to be.’ ‘I’m confused by all the information on food and exercise.’ ‘I’m frustrated and sick of falling off the wagon.’ ‘I don’t know who to believe.’ ‘I want to lose weight.’ ‘I want more energy.’ ‘I’m sick of waking up tired.’ ‘Why does it seem so hard?’ ‘I’m so busy I have no time to make big changes and sacrifice my life.’ ‘I will start again next week.’‘I feel stressed out.’ ‘I’ve done the diets, the detoxes and the latest fads and I’m back where I started.’ ‘I’ve wasted so much money on gyms, experts and supplements’. ‘I do care about my health but I don’t know the best way to change this.’ ‘I’m willing to learn and change but I want the changes to stick.’


What’s going on underneath all that noise? + DEMAND OVERLOAD Our hectic workloads and lifestyles make it hard to be in good shape and healthy. It is a difficult balancing act especially when we spend long hours working in an office. We have too much to do. + WE LACK KNOWLEDGE No-one teaches us the basics about food, fitness, mindset and balance. + FOCUS ON SHORT-TERM FIXES There is too much focus on short-term results that leads to frustration and losing motivation when the results slip over time. + UNCOORDINATED OPTIONS We waste time and money on fixing only part of the problem.



‘I’m fit and in shape.’ ‘I’m not confused.’ ‘I have my own way to stay healthy and in balance.’ ‘I feel on top of it and in control.’ ‘I’m on my own wagon and I’m here to stay.’ ‘I know who to believe.’ ‘I know how to change.’ ‘I have more energy.’ ‘I know why others find it hard, but I don’t.’ ‘I have this knowledge for life.’ ‘I’m living my best life and excited about what I can do next!’


You could re-wire, be in shape and in control! + LEARN You understand the facts and the information of food and exercise that was once confusing. You can pick and choose what and who to believe. + A SMART WAY to work, socialise and live that makes it simple to be in good shape and in balance. + SUPPORT that makes you focus, commit, achieve and have fun. + A TEAM with coaches and mentors to show you how to accelerate your progress. + LONG-TERM OUTLOOK focused on small changes that means you are not overwhelmed. + A COORDINATED PROGRAM that brings you a complete intelligent solution.

12 Week Coaching Program

‘love your body . love your life’ re-educate. re-connect. re-charge. re-shape.

Over the past few years, hundreds of women attended our all-female group fitness training sessions and we kept seeing how hard most women find it to balance their body, their busy work and social lives.

We kept hearing and seeing women who: • are frustrated because they are trying to eat well and exercise but are still not getting the results they want • feel tired, too busy and can’t remember the last time they felt full of energy • are struggling with yoyo-ing, jumping on and off the bandwagon and don’t feel motivated • are confused by all of the conflicting information on diet, fitness and wellbeing — they are feeling out of shape and not as fit as they want to be and don’t know how to change • have tried gyms, diets and short-term challenges and been disappointed by the results over the long haul • live a busy but sedentary life — in a time where her body is built to move, be strong and lively, many women just sit at desks and in meetings — this leads to weight gain, a decline in fitness and a change in their body shape • who want to learn about health and fitness — not just be given a list of rules and how tos • want to challenge themselves to think and be a better version of themselves, but don’t know where to start • really do care about getting their bodies and minds in shape so that they can feel great and get the most out of their lives.

We saw so many fantastic and talented women in their 20s, 30s and 40s who were out of love with their bodies and their lives and we were driven to design a more intelligent and complete solution to stop this epidemic! We had information that we were itching to share that we knew could change lives. The solution is more than a cookie-cutter exercise and diet plan.

So we listened to our clients, we worked closely with them and developed a method and program that addresses the underlying problems that cause women to go off track with their body and life. This program gives you the knowledge and support to create your own way to be a healthier and happier you.

12 Week Coaching Program

‘love your body . love your life’ re-educate. re-connect. re-charge. re-shape.

The ‘love your body love your life’ program uses a framework that focuses on six key areas of your life. Within each area we: • assess where you are at in terms of your knowledge, actions and habits • educate you in key concepts, strategies and tools • support you to implement change and action to move towards your goals • keep you accountable and on track.










love your body . love your life It is one-of-a-kind and has proven that it can transform a woman’s body, mind and emotions. The program is catered specifically for time-poor women and is delivered over three months and in a way that doesn’t require you to put life on hold or make big sacrifices. We aim to inspire, educate and support our clients to improve their lifestyle.

We do things differently and get results with people who have previously fallen off the wagon.

12 Week Coaching Program

‘love your body . love your life’ re-educate. re-connect. re-charge. re-shape.

What our clients think of us: “To say that I endorse this program would be an understatement. Before I started the program, I was feeling really unmotivated, overwhelmed with all the conflicting information that is out there and battered physically and working with Jacquie has been the antidote to all of that. I have learnt so much about nutrition, exercise, movement and mindset and each week I walk away from the sessions feeling invigorated and more committed to looking after myself.

Everything I had tried previously involved me having to subscribe to a set of strict rules and me having to sacrifice the happiness that comes from enjoying a meal or a drink with friends for the happiness that comes with looking good and being fit. But I now realise that enjoying life and being healthy and looking good aren’t mutually exclusive. I can’t advocate the program highly enough.” — Rita, Melbourne

“I really enjoy exercise, and always have. Prior to meeting Jacquie, I had been a dedicated boot camp fanatic and was relatively fit and strong. From a fitness perspective, I felt good.

But I had never been able to shift the weight I wanted to. I looked into diets. I tried calorie counting, and it worked for a while, but just was never going to be a sustainable weight management technique for me. Who really wants to be doing maths all day?!

I was at a loss as to what I was doing wrong and where I could find help. Through the coaching I’ve developed such a great appreciation for food. I understand why my body needs food, what type of food I need and how to fuel my body to not only lose weight, but be healthy on the inside.

The program breaks information down into manageable chunks and turns overwhelming amounts of conflicting information into sense. The program helps to draw out the mental and emotional aspects of health and fitness too. As the program progressed, it helped me identify how I feel about my body, why I feel a certain way and develop ways of improving the way I feel about myself.

At the end of the program, I feel that I have collected all the tools I need to be able to achieve everything I need to live a fit, healthy lifestyle and love my body. I know where exercise fits, how to eat well, and have a rejuvenated sense of self and what I want out of life. The format of the program allows you to learn new things, apply the learning and continue to consolidate and build on the information as the program progresses. I would highly recommend the program to anyone who is keen to achieve a health or fitness goal, or just understand their body better and improve their lifestyle.

This program has changed my life for the better & I’m not going back!” — Tori, Melbourne

12 Week Coaching Program

‘love your body . love your life’ re-educate. re-connect. re-charge. re-shape.

Call us or come along to our discovery workshop to find out more about the program. Then sign up, get excited and take some space back in your life to work on you!

Optional add ons:

1-on-1 fitness programming session with personal trainer

1-on-1 movement analysis at Motion Health

We work with you to create a bespoke fitness program based on your goals, time available, what you enjoy and what you’re already doing.

Where is your body at? Head-to-toe check-up on your flexibility, core strength, pelvic position, balance, posture and gait analysis (how you walk/run).

1-on-1 coaching sessions with lead coach

Education sessions each week with lead coach and support team

Accountability and support system

Progress tracking, review and feedback session.

Week 1 and Week 12 are two-hour sessions. Other sessions are 1.5 hours. Guest experts will attend throughout the program.

+ weekly challenges

optional: running sessions carpe diem wellbeing group running sessions. 2 per week.

+ discounted Motion Health treatment package + discounted attendance at fitness sessions run by our partners (based on the outcomes of your 1-on-1

+ seven-day-a-week support + online resources

“My past approach to exercise, food, health and general wellbeing has been inconsistent and I used to find it hard to stay on track to achieving my health and fitness goals. I struggled mentally, emotionally and physically but things are now changing for the better. I’ve found Jacquie to have a wealth of health and fitness knowledge. She is an expert in running, weight training, weight loss, nutrition and overall wellbeing and I can proudly say that I am now far better educated in these areas. Her energy, warmth and positive personality makes the coaching fun and she challenges me every single time. Thank you for becoming my life coach!”

— Tess, Melbourne

12 Week Coaching Program

‘love your body . love your life’ re-educate. re-connect. re-charge. re-shape.

What’s our story? Jacquie has been training at the highest levels in athletics since she was in school when she was Victoria champion in the triple jump and first represented Victoria at the Nationals in the triple jump and hurdles. In 2009, Jacquie placed in the top eight at the Commonwealth Games trials in the 400m hurdles. Jacquie completed a double degree in engineering and commerce at the University of Melbourne in 2004 and worked in the water industry in Melbourne. Despite enjoying her work, she couldn’t ignore her passion for health and fitness. In 2007, Jacquie co-founded Carpe Diem Wellbeing and focused on providing group fitness for women in Melbourne. She gained qualifications in Certificate III and IV in Fitness and a range of specialist certifications. Jacquie used her knowledge and experience from her own athletic training and specialised in delivering high quality running and circuit training. While juggling multiple enterprises herself, Jacquie couldn’t help but see how hard most women find it to balance their body and their busy work and social lives. She also felt the physical and mental effects of working full-time in a sedentary office environment. Through her training, experience, working with clients and exhaustive research, Jacquie developed a framework and unique perspective on how to help women get on top of their struggle with their bodies and their lives. In 2012 she created the ‘love your body love your life’ coaching program. She believes that there is no ‘right way’ to be fit and healthy and doesn’t subscribe to calorie counting, diet plans or strict regimes. Her approach is to combine coaching, education and support in an intelligent, positive, balanced way, focused on coaching clients to create their own way to be healthier and happier. She specialises in helping women who work in sedentary corporate environments.

Jacquie is extremely passionate about helping women to find their spark and feel in control, in shape and full of energy.

12 Week Coaching Program

‘love your body . love your life’ re-educate. re-connect. re-charge. re-shape.

Let’s go! Registration Form We see ourselves in a strong partnership with anyone who we work with on our programs. We strive to achieve long-lasting changes that set you up to live your best possible life. We want you to be in control of your health and wellbeing, full of renewed energy and excited about what life will bring. Ready to join the next ‘love your body love your life’ program? Lock in your spot by filling out the details below. Full name: ____________________________________________________________________________ Email:_________________________________________Mobile phone:__________________________ Address:______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ Signature:_____________________________________________Date:__________________________ Payment Frequency Preference:

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love your body love your life 12 week program brochure  

'love your body . love your life' 12 week program. Run by Carpe Diem Wellbeing

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