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Carpaccio Magazine [Illu s tra ti o n | phot ogr aphy | a r t s]

“I feel at home whenever the unknown surrounds me�

# 16

Carpaccio Magazine Issue #16:

“I feel a t h o m e w h e n e v e r t h e u n know n surrounds me”* “Me si ento en casa cuando lo desco n o c id o me r o d e a ” “Em s ento a casa quan allò descone g u t m’e n vo l ta ” Get a copy of this issue here: WE SEND IT TO EVERYWHERE IN THE WORLD


* Wanderlust - Björk

: s r ito

edMaria Cerezo Emma Llensa

Photo: Emma Llensa 4 Carpacciomagazine

Front cover: Illustration: Charmaine Olivia

Back cover: Photography: Lucia O’Connor-McCarthy

Collaborators: (thanks to): Aeschleah DeMartino, Andrea Wan, Andrés Mauricio Rojas Rojas, Andres Reisinger, Astrid Andersson, Cendrine Rovini, Charmaine Olivia, Dagmar Vyhnalkova, Denise Nestor, Francesco Palù, Jane o sullivan, Jonathon Griggs, Juan de Marcos, Juste Jonutyte, Larry Dufresne, Laura Ferrara, Lauren Treece, Luca Polinelli, Lucia O’Connor-McCarthy, Magdalena Meg Garczynska, Martha Boxley, Matthew Gobert, Michelle Marie Murphy, Sarina Evelyn Cass, Serap Gecü, Susan Anderson, Tara Dougans, Tuane Eggers, Vicente Garcia Morillo and Yeruza Labrín. ISSN: 2013-4517

All artwork shown on Carpaccio Magazine is copyrighted and protected material and may not be reproduced, adapted or altered w/o the consent of the original artist(s). Carpacciomagazine 5

Juste Jonutyte 21, Vilnius, Lithuania/Scotland

6 Carpacciomagazine

Carpacciomagazine 7

8 Carpacciomagazine

Carpacciomagazine 9

Michelle Marie Murphy 29, USA

10 Carpacciomagazine

Vicente GarcĂ­a Morillo 32, Madrid

Carpacciomagazine 11

Astrid Andersson

12 Carpacciomagazine


Denise Nestor

Dublin, Ireland

Carpacciomagazine 13

14 Carpacciomagazine

Carpacciomagazine 15

Larry Dufresne 26, Montreal 16 Carpacciomagazine

Carpacciomagazine 17

18 Carpacciomagazine

Carpacciomagazine 19

Andres Reisinger 19, Argentina

20 Carpacciomagazine

Carpacciomagazine 21

22 Carpacciomagazine

Carpacciomagazine 23

Lauren Treece 26, Minneapolis, MN 24 Carpacciomagazine

Carpacciomagazine 25

26 Carpacciomagazine

Carpacciomagazine 27

28 Carpacciomagazine

Carpacciomagazine 29

Laura Ferrara 44, Washington DC

30 Carpacciomagazine

Carpacciomagazine 31

32 Carpacciomagazine

Carpacciomagazine 33

34 Carpacciomagazine

Carpacciomagazine 35

interview with:

Aeschleah DeMar Illustration: Maria Cerezo 36 Carpacciomagazine


Carpacciomagazine 37

CM: Tell us something about you: My name is Aeschleah DeMartino. I’m 26 years old. I moved to San Francisco from Los Angeles after high school to study photography. I graduated from The San Francisco Art Institute in 2007 with a BFA and have since been pursuing my career in photography. When I’m not shooting a job or bartending to pay for rent and film; you can usually find me basking in the park, cooking, Netflixing HBO series’ or scouting for my next shoot. Although, all the work I am getting in San Francisco is commercial, I am constantly working on my fashion book. Doing conceptual / fashion ad campaigns and editorials is my 38 Carpacciomagazine

dream. I know the industry is in New York, but I’m crossing my fingers that something big will happen for me in the comfort of this amazing city. CM: When and how did you start taking photos? What are your favorite cameras and why? :) My Father dappled in photography when I was growing up, so it was always around. But at that time, I only had interest in being in front of the camera, which is kinda funny because I take a lot of self-portraits now. As a kid, I was always making art and being creative in some way, but photography seemed too mechanical. Carpacciomagazine 39

I remember one day my Dad walked into my room and found my vanity stacked on my bed with me balancing on it, painting my ceiling black with a tiny paint brush. I painted a mural of a galaxy over my bed and stuck on hundreds of tiny glowin-the-dark dots for stars. And then in high school, I took 40 Carpacciomagazine

a photo class and quickly realized photography was my calling. I visited a few schools I was considering and fell in love with SFAI. There, I learned to appreciate photography as a fine art. So, I shoot film. I have a digital camera that I use for certain jobs, but my Mamyia 7II is Carpacciomagazine 41

my baby. I also love shooting large-format. I’m saving up for a Toyo! Shooting film is very euphoric for me. When I shoot digitally, I sort of snap away, knowing that I can edit later. With analog cameras, I really think about every single, little detail and when I get “the shot”; I feel it. It’s the best feeling CM: Where do you find inspiration? What are your influences and other artists you like? All my concepts start from a location. Once I find a location that inspires me; the ideas start flowing. When I’m in the space, I imagine the models, their moods, wardrobe, etc. Then I’ll go home and start developing the concept and research inspira42 Carpacciomagazine

tion shots. My favorite photographer right now is probably Steven Klein. I’ve always loved Guy Bourdin, David LaChappelle, Terry Richardson and Nikki S. Lee. A lot of artists that inspire me are photographers I find on flickr too. I’m pretty competitive, so I like to see what my peers are doing. Carpacciomagazine 43

44 Carpacciomagazine

CM: If you couldn’t take photos, what would you do? Die. Man, I can’t imagine my life without photography. I know I’d find some kind of artistic outlet, but who knows… I really want to learn to play the cello. I think it’s such a sexy instrument. CM: How do you see yourself ten years from now? Are you working on a future project? I might have to buckle down and move to New York. I’m trying to stick it out for as long as possible, but it’s a big possibility in my near future. And I’ll be 36 ten years from now, so I’ll probably be making babies. They’ll be bi-lingual because my Latina nanny will speak solely Spanish to them while I’m at work shooting huge ad campaigns and editoCarpacciomagazine 45

rial spreads. That’s the plan, anyway. I’ve got tons of projects and ideas stacked up, but if I tell you, someone might steal them! I am working on a self-portrait project with my friend, Jessica Domino. It’s called The Alphabet Project. We’ve been working on it for a long time. In alphabetical order, we switch off mailing each other a word of our choosing for the other to make a photo about along with the print from the previous letter. We’re on N and it’s my turn. It’ll probably be another year before we get to Z. No one has seen the images. We’re really excited. 46 Carpacciomagazine

CM: Do you have any advice for new emerging artists? (and/or) Do you want to add anything? I don’t know if other artists experience this, but I go on creative roller coasters. Where sometimes I’m on a roll and can’t stop taking pictures and then sometimes I feel like everything I’m making is shit. I get really depressed and stop shooting. But the only way to get out of that slump is to shoot your way out. As discouraging as it feels, you have to pick up the camera and create until you make something great again.

Carpacciomagazine 47

48 Carpacciomagazine

Carpacciomagazine 49

Charmaine Olivia

50 Carpacciomagazine

San Francisco

Carpacciomagazine 51

Tuane Eggers

52 Carpacciomagazine

20 Lajeado/RS, Brazil

Carpacciomagazine 53

Andrea Wan Vancouver, BC

54 Carpacciomagazine

Carpacciomagazine 55

Susan Anderson (Hello don’t hand up)

37 Edinburgh, Scotland 56 Carpacciomagazine

Carpacciomagazine 57

58 Carpacciomagazine

Carpacciomagazine 59

60 Carpacciomagazine

Carpacciomagazine 61


Jane O Sullivan

Dagmar Vyhnalkova 25, Czech Republic /Scotland

62 Carpacciomagazine

Carpacciomagazine 63

64 Carpacciomagazine

Carpacciomagazine 65

66 Carpacciomagazine

Carpacciomagazine 67

Serap Gec端 28, Istanbul, Turkey

68 Carpacciomagazine

Carpacciomagazine 69

70 Carpacciomagazine

Carpacciomagazine 71

38, Riom-ès-Montagnes, Cantal, France

Cendrine Rovini

72 Carpacciomagazine

Carpacciomagazine 73

Francesco Pal첫 23, Parma, Italy

74 Carpacciomagazine

Carpacciomagazine 75

76 Carpacciomagazine

Jonathon Griggs

31, London, UK Carpacciomagazine 77

Juan de Marcos 78 Carpacciomagazine

Carpacciomagazine 79

33, Madrid

Tara Dougans 24, Toronto, Canada

80 Carpacciomagazine

Yeruza LabrĂ­n Santiago de Chile

Carpacciomagazine 81

Martha Boxley 22, London, UK

82 Carpacciomagazine

Carpacciomagazine 83

84 Carpacciomagazine

Carpacciomagazine 85

86 Carpacciomagazine

Carpacciomagazine 87

Andrés Mauricio Rojas Rojas 26, Bogotá,Colombia

88 Carpacciomagazine

Carpacciomagazine 89

30, Varese, Italy

Luca Polinelli

90 Carpacciomagazine

29, Louisville, Ky

Matthew Gobert

Carpacciomagazine 91

Magdalena ‘Meg’ Garczynska 92 Carpacciomagazine

25, Cardiff, Wales, UK Carpacciomagazine 93

27, Brooklyn, NY

Sarina Evelyn Cass

94 Carpacciomagazine

Carpacciomagazine 95

96 Carpacciomagazine

Carpacciomagazine 97

Lucia O’ConnorMcCarthy

21, London/Dublin 98 Carpacciomagazine

Carpacciomagazine 99


Carpacciomagazine 101




Lucia O’Connor-McCarthy

"I feel at home whenever the unknown surrounds me"  

Interview with Aeschleah DeMartino! Carpaccio Magazine Issue #16: "I feel at home whenever the unknown surrorrounds me" has been posible by...

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