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# 15

the morninG of our lives


Carpaccio Magazine Issue #15:


“La mañana de nuestras vidas” / “El matí d e l e s n o s tr e s vid e s ” Get a copy of this issue here: WE SEND IT TO EVERYWHERE IN THE WORLD


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* Morning of our Lives - Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers.

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: s r ito

edMaria Cerezo Emma Llensa

Photo: Emma Llensa 4 Carpacciomagazine

Front cover: Illustration: Tyler Bewley

Back cover: Illustration: Tom Moglu

Collaborators: (thanks to): Alana Ocano, Arnaud Teicher, Audra Mcclelland, Bianca Stewart, Christopher Schreck, Clara Rastellini, Clau Silvano, Denise Nestor, Eleanor Bennet, Eliya Nikki Cohen, Eric Zener, Heduardo Siberia, Igne Smilingyte, Indiana Caba, Jason Hynes, Jonathon Griggs, Kathryn Macnaughton, Kwon Kyung Yup, Linnea Strid, Manuela Strano, Peter Diamond, Sarah Dunn, Shannon Taggart, Tascha Elliott, Tom Moglu, Tyler Bewley, Valeria Cherchi, Vanessa Kowalski and Yeruza LabrĂ­n.

ISSN: 2013-4517

All artwork shown on Carpaccio Magazine is copyrighted and protected material and may not be reproduced, adapted or altered w/o the consent of the original artist(s). Carpacciomagazine 5

Arnaud Teicher 1985, Lyon, Rhône-Alpes, France.

“The entitled work “nude” unifies a series of questions on the relationships between human and nature. When forests are pressured and cornered by a massive industrial development, a new balance between man and his environment must be found. The goal of this work was to acknowledge two persons of nature’s richness, physical or psychological richness. Images translate their reactions while being naked into forests. The work has been realized with a 6x4,5 roll-film analogical camera, for its high standards of quality in terms of details capture and light respect.” 6 Carpacciomagazine

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Kathryn Macnaughton

14 Carpacciomagazine

Kathryn Macnaughton is an Illustrator/Graphic Artist currently living in Toronto, Canada. She graduated from Ontario College of Art and Design and has been making pretty pictures ever since

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Clara Rastellini 26, Argentina

16 Carpacciomagazine

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Kwon Kyung Yup

Carpacciomagazine 19

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Korea, Carpacciomagazine 23

Alana Ocano 24 Carpacciomagazine

16, Chula Vista, California Carpacciomagazine 25

32, USA

26 Carpacciomagazine

Bianca Stewart

Audra McClelland

Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

Carpacciomagazine 27

Eleanor Leonne Bennett Cheshire, United Kingdon

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Carpacciomagazine 29

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Interview with:

Eric Zener

32 Carpacciomagazine

CM: Tell us something about you: I live in Mill Valley, California (just outside of San Francisco) with my wife and three kids. I have a great studio near my home surrounded by the water, beach and sailboats. I have been a full time artist (oil painter) for 20 years. When I am not painting I love hiking, swimming and spending time with friends and family. CM: Why illustration? What’s illustration for you? When you say illustration I am assuming you mean figurative painting..? I enjoy realism and the combination of both the technical challenge and the narrative of the figure. CM: When and how did you start painting? Why did you choose oil on canvas as your work technique? I was exposed to art and painting at an early age within my family. I started in acrylic but discovered oils soon after. I love the translucent quality, how they handle light and the they have ability to blend wet into wet. Carpacciomagazine 33

CM: Some people say that you are a photorealistic artist. How you define yourself your artistic style? At a quick glance my work appears to be “photorealistic” however in person, up close, they really feel like “paintings” - full of imperfections and the visible signs of the human hand. The allegorical nature of my work, and how I use water as a metaphor for transformation and renewal, has been described as “Contemporary Renaissance”.

34 Carpacciomagazine

CM: Could you tell us how do you create the paintings? Which processes do you need to do? I use photographs as a loose starting point, or reference, for a pose. I have models in swimming pools and I take their picture. I use the photo only to capture their pose, the rest is created in the painting process and is from my imagination.

Carpacciomagazine 35

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Carpacciomagazine 37

CM: We know that in 2003 you were living in Costa Brava, Spain. As we are from Costa Brava and we live in Costa Brava, we’d love if you could explain us some of your experience there and we’d like to know if you received influences of this place in some way. The Costa Brava is a very dear and special place for my family and I. We first came to Camallera in 1999 for a studio exchange with Regina Saura. She and her husband lived and painted in my studio in San Francisco, and we stayed in 38 Carpacciomagazine

their home for 3 months. We fell in love with the land and people. Luckily, and ironically, the following year I won the Becca De La Primavera in Saint Marti De Empuries. So, we of course returned and lived and painted there for 4 months in the Casa Forestal. Again, we loved the people, land and sea so much that we moved back in 2003. This time to Girona where I had a nice studio and made many great friends. I am not Spanish (or Catalan- :), but truly feel such a bond and connection with your wonderful culture. Carpacciomagazine 39

CM: What kind of connection do you find between water and people? We are of water, from water and universally drawn to water to sustain, cleanse and find joy in. I think the egalitarian aspect of the beach and bathing together in the sea is a beautiful part of humanity. Water also acts as a portal to a nostalgic bridge to our youth; when life was more carefree. When we are submerged, for only a moment, the world above drifts away.... CM: Which are your influences? Other artists, music and my family. CM: If you couldn’t be an illustrator, what would you be? A teacher CM: How do you see yourself in ten years 40 Carpacciomagazine

Carpacciomagazine 41

from now? The same...only even less hair! CM: Do you have any advices for new emerging artists?- Do you want to add anything? My advice is to work very hard and to stay focused on your dream and your art. I know a lot of great young artists that spend more time thinking and talking about what they want to paint, than actually painting. Nothing is better than just rolling up your sleeve and getting to work. Paint, paint and then paint again. Your true voice will only emerge through working in the studio. 42 Carpacciomagazine

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Eric Zener

Eliya Nikki Cohen

46 Carpacciomagazine

20, Canberra, Australia Carpacciomagazine 47

48 Carpacciomagazine

Peter Diamond 28, Vienna, Austria “I am a Canadian artist, recently moved to Vienna and starting my career in illustration. This ‘Morning Of Our Lives’ theme is very relevant to me, as I am starting a new life here in a new country, trying to break into a very difficult and uncertain career. Image #2 especially speaks to this theme, it’s about my years working as a dishwasher, all the time thinking about my art and just getting through the work day in the kitchen so I could go home and work on my drawings. In 4 years working hard in the kitchen, my imagination and ambition never died and that is what the drawing is all about.”

Carpacciomagazine 49

Vanessa Kowalski

50 Carpacciomagazine

Carpacciomagazine 51

52 Carpacciomagazine

18, New York City

Carpacciomagazine 53

Yeruza LabrĂ­n Santiago de Chile

54 Carpacciomagazine

Valeria Cherchi 24, Rome

Tom Moglu

I work under the name of Tom Moglu in a variety of media, but focus mostly on abstract collage, drawn pattern and line. I am fascinated to explore how an abstract artwork develops a

distinct personality through the meticulous ordering of rhythm, colour and shape. I was born in Bristol, UK and have lived and worked in Berlin and London (where I currently reside).

Clau Silvano Belo Horizonte / Brazil

Denise Nestor Dublin, Ireland

Christopher Schreck

“I’m an artist/ musician currently living in Chicago”

Igne Smilingyte 22, Vilnius, Lithuania

Linnea Strid

Uppsala, Sweden

Tascha Elliott 17, Oxfordshire, England

Heduardo Siberia

Shannon Taggart

34, Brooklyn, New York

Manuela Strano

27, Sydney Australia

Indiana Caba 23, Madrid

Sarah Dunn 18, Georgia, USA

Jonathon Griggs

31, London, UK

Jason Hynes


Tyler Bewley San Francisco, CA



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Carpaccio Magazine Issue #15: The morning of our lives"  
Carpaccio Magazine Issue #15: The morning of our lives"  

Interview with the painter Eric Zener! Featured artists: Alana Ocano, Arnaud Teicher, Audra Mcclelland, Bianca Stewart, Christopher Schreck,...