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Carpaccio magazine I w i l l p ossess your heart

# 13

Carpaccio Magazine Issue #13: “I will posses your heart”* Get a copy of this issue here: USA, CANADA, UK (for the rest of the world: send us an e-mail.) (Para el resto de países: envíenos un e-mail)  Carpacciomagazine

* Death Cab For Cutie


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Maria Cerezo Emma Llensa

Emma Llensa (2005)


Front cover: Illustration: Monica Tarocco Back cover: Design: Emma Llensa Collaborators: (thanks to): Katriina Tienaho, Pat Martin, Tamar Kasparian, Ana Zaragoza, Daniel Mendoza, Charlie Engman, Laura Guarie, Meagan Long, Smitten by Anya, Jihyun Yeo, Piri Piri Ateller, Björn Nilsson, Laura Alvarez (& Erik Rodriguez), Daniel Grendon, Dea Lellis, Saroj Patel, Carlos Albalá, Natalia Sanabria, Bryant Eslava, Ola Wikström, Lorenza Vargas, Marina Di Milta, Silvia Gil, Fenk, Luciano Lozano, Bhuika Bhatia, Maria Louceiro, Daria Hlazatova, Elena Grandal, Clara Roman, Matthew Craven, Elizabeth V. Levesque, Mateusz Dryja, Mireia Tor Llensa, Adara Sánchez Anguiano, Can Sever, Mercedes Laguna, Andrea Landoni, El Puma Escobar, Imma Fita Payés, Henrik Edlund & Monica Tarocco. ISSN: 2013-4517

All artwork shown on Carpaccio Magazine is copyrighted and protected material and may not be reproduced, adapted or altered w/o the consent of the original artist(s). Carpacciomagazine 


Katriina Tienaho 1976 Gothenburg, Sweden


Pat Martin Los Angeles, CA



10 Carpacciomagazine

Tamar Kasparian

1975, Brussels, Belium

Carpacciomagazine 11

12 Carpacciomagazine

Ana Zaragoza 29, Madrid

Carpacciomagazine 13

Daniel Mendoza 22, Ontario, Canada

14 Carpacciomagazine

Carpacciomagazine 15

Charlie Engman 16 Carpacciomagazine

1987, Chicago/Oxford //

Laura Guarie 20, B.A., Argentina 18 Carpacciomagazine

“Somewhere we perceive abstract feelings” Carpacciomagazine 19

Meagan Long 21 years old Charlotte, NC

20 Carpacciomagazine

Carpacciomagazine 21

22 Carpacciomagazine

Carpacciomagazine 23

Smitten by Anya 26, Sweden b. in Yugoslavia

24 Carpacciomagazine

Carpacciomagazine 25

26 Carpacciomagazine

Jihyun Yeo 1984 Seoul, S. Korea Carpacciomagazine 27

Piri piri Atelier 30, Turin, Italy 28 Carpacciomagazine

Bjรถrn Nilsson 22, Uppsala, Sweden Carpacciomagazine 29

30 Carpacciomagazine

Carpacciomagazine 31

Laura Alvarez B. Valencia, Spain / L. New York, EEUU 32 Carpacciomagazine

Carpacciomagazine 33

34 Carpacciomagazine

Carpacciomagazine 35

The Hunter In a very circular moment, her figure repeated was. the wind blew without mercy, not knowing destiny, for me, a surprise had. Not too long it took For this Hunter to be bitten His hands were swollen up His heart poisoned and defeated. Her fangs, filled with poison, words of sweetness and seduction are, poisoning a man’s soul, Her first Hunter today, she’s ready for lunch… In seconds her poison ran through my veins leaving me useless and numb, whipped by her knowledge on how to destroy a man’s soul... I really felt foolish and dumb.

36 Carpacciomagazine

It felt like an eternity for her poison to slowly caused an effect all of a sudden life was an excuse something I felt to regret. It looked like the end and it really was without mercy she swallowed my heart slowly delighted by the flavor of my tears as I was dragged along with my hopes and fears... But destiny, as wonderful and mysterious as it is, and beginners luck showing the way, Distracted was this predator of day and night she had a weakness... that weak spot she never thought I would find‌ As I escaped from this ferocious beast and the path clearer and safer was Turning on that corner of freedom Temptation with me crashed another beautiful beast for this beginner to catch... Erik Rodriguez Carpacciomagazine 37

38 Carpacciomagazine

Daniel Grendon 25, London, UK Carpacciomagazine 39

Dea Lellis São Paulo, Brasil

40 Carpacciomagazine

“I like mythology, horror movies and animals.”

Saroj Patel London, UK

Carpacciomagazine 41

“My work explores the intricacies of life and expresses the beauty within it. Through pattern, movement and emotion, I strive to achieve these goals and hope to enrich others with my illustrations and artwork.� 42 Carpacciomagazine

Carlos Albalá “Nací y vivo en Madrid, soy fotógrafo freelance y profesor de fotografía. He estado seleccionado en certámenes como Generaciones de Caja Madrid o INJUVE y he realizado diversas exposiciones en España, Italia o Chile, así como publicaciones en diversas revistas. Actualmente desarrollo como co-creador  Lapsus Magazine y el proyecto multidisciplinar More Than Photography”

Carpacciomagazine 43

Natalia Sanabria 26, Costa Rica 44 Carpacciomagazine

Carpacciomagazine 45

Bryant Eslava 17, Orange County, California

46 Carpacciomagazine

Carpacciomagazine 47

48 Carpacciomagazine

Carpacciomagazine 49

Ola Wikström 35, Stenhamra, Sweden.

“My artworks are created with a abstract collage technique using old fashion magazines that I cut into 1x1cm pieces and then paste on cardboard. I love the to make them and never get tired of looking at them.”

50 Carpacciomagazine

Carpacciomagazine 51

52 Carpacciomagazine

Lorenza Vargas ...alma de papel Bogotรก, Colombia Carpacciomagazine 53

Marina Di Milta M. del Plata, Argentina 54 Carpacciomagazine

Silvia Gil Coru単a, Spain Carpacciomagazine 55


19, China 56 Carpacciomagazine

Carpacciomagazine 57

58 Carpacciomagazine Carpacciomagazine 59

Luciano Lozano

40 Barcelona, Spain

60 Carpacciomagazine

Nacimiento en Cádiz, aunque he vivido la mayor parte del tiempo en Málaga. “Mi ilustración está basada en la canción de Death Cab for Cutie. Mi única premisa a la hora de hacerla era que no saliera un corazón. Me parece una palabra tan gráfica, que es demasiado redundante con el título. Por eso lo he hecho como si fuera un vínculo de sangre. La idea de la tormenta está, además, basada en una canción de Lhasa que se llama Rising, y que empieza así: I was caught in a storm.”

Carpacciomagazine 61 62 Carpacciomagazine

Bhumika Bhatia 20, India

Carpacciomagazine 63

Maria Louceiro Porto, Portugal

64 Carpacciomagazine

Carpacciomagazine 65

Daria Hlazatova

66 Carpacciomagazine

24, Chernivtsi, Ukraine

Carpacciomagazine 67

68 Carpacciomagazine

Carpacciomagazine 69

Elena Grandal 25, Murcia 70 Carpacciomagazine

21, London / Madrid

Clara Roman

Carpacciomagazine 71

Matthew Craven Norwich, UK

72 Carpacciomagazine

Elizabeth V. Levesque Norfolk, Virginia USA

Carpacciomagazine 73

Mateusz Dryja 24, Cracovia, Polonia 74 Carpacciomagazine Carpacciomagazine 75

Mireia Tor Llensa 1983, La Bisbal d’Empordà, Girona “El que em fa moure realment alhora de fer fotografies, es capturar els moments intims de la vida, la seva atmosfera, aquells moments que a vegades ens passen desapercebuts i que no hauria de ser aixis. m’agrada treballar amb el meu entorn diari, real, amb les emocions que sento.”

76 Carpacciomagazine

Carpacciomagazine 77

78 Carpacciomagazine

Carpacciomagazine 79

80 Carpacciomagazine

Adara Sรกnchez Anguiano 23, Sevilla, Spain

Carpacciomagazine 81

Can Sever 20, Istanbul, Turkey

82 Carpacciomagazine

Mercedes Laguna Madrid, Spain Carpacciomagazine 83

Andrea Landoni

El Puma Escobar

1986, Argentina

29, Argentina 84 Carpacciomagazine

Imma Fita Payés La Bisbal d’Empordà Carpacciomagazine 85

Henrik Edlund

Karl Henrik Antero Edlund (b.1987 in Helsinki, Finland) studies BA in photography at Novia University in Finland, but is currently living in Bergen, Norway, because of the girl in the attached series. `Wolves in the garden´ tries to organize a vague feeling of being totally absorded and absent at the sametime - an antithesis. The instant feeling of cold-shiwering when taking a hot sauna. To a certain extent it seems that I doubt about the reality of life and therefore try to capture its vanishing signs. 86 Carpacciomagazine

Carpacciomagazine 87

88 Carpacciomagazine

Carpacciomagazine 89

90 Carpacciomagazine

Carpacciomagazine 91



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Carpaccio Magazine Issue #13: "I will possess your heart"  

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