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Mermaid's Wake

Mermaid's Wake Welcome to the Beach!!

In this presentation, we hope to supply you with information to help make your visit a pleasant one.

We thank you for choosing Carova Rentals for your stay and strive to make it a memorable one!!

Directions From Norfolk, take Route 168 South. Once in North Carolina it will turn into Route 158. Continue on Route 158 over the Wright Memorial Bridge. Go one mile and turn left onto NC 12 North towards Duck, Corolla and Northern Beaches. You will then be traveling about 20 miles on NC12 (also called Duck Road, and then Ocean Trail). You will go thru the town of Duck and the Sanderling area and then on to Corolla. Continue on through Corolla passing the Harris Teeter grocery store on the left and then the Food Lion grocery store on the right. Before you come to the end of the paved road, you will see the Currituck Beach lighthouse on the left and then Winks gas station/convenience store. This is an excellent spot to stop to “air down” your tires to about 20# of pressure.

Continue on north about a mile and you will come to the end of the paved road and onto the beach strand. Drive about 3 ½ miles until you see a “cut” over dunes at the 17 mile marker. Go over the dunes, make the first left on Sandfiddler, and the house will be the second on the right.

Red house – 1694 Sandfiddler Road, Corolla, NC 27927

If you have any trouble call Karen at 919-434-6379, Dean at 919-357-4929 or 877-3466034.


Beach Driving ●

You must “air down”!!! It is recommended to air down your tires to 50% of normal tire pressure. Failure to air down will result in you getting stuck. Also, not airing down causes major environmental damage to the beach and makes it hard for everyone else due to the ruts created. Your engine also will work harder if you don’t air down. The speed limit on the beach is 35 miles per hour, or 15 miles per hour when within 300 feet of pedestrians. Be careful of dogs and children. The sheriff patrols the beach and will ticket speeders. When it comes to beach driving, including getting over the cuts, slow and easy wins the race. Do not gun your engine or you will get stuck. When parking on the beach, do so in the middle of the beach. Cars and emergency vehicles must be able to travel on the dune line and the water line. Do not ever drive on the dunes. They are very fragile. Don’t even walk on the dunes.

Beach Driving - continued ●

Water on the back roads can be a problem. Never go thru the middle of a puddle! Stay to the right or the left where the water is not as deep and do not gun the engine midway thru the puddle as it will them become deeper. Avoid puddles if possible, as some can swamp a vehicle. It is a good idea to carry in your vehicle a good quality air pressure gauge, a portable pump, a tow rope, fire extinguisher, flashlight, shovel and other emergency supplies. Watch out for the stumps on the beach. These are remnants of a long-ago maritime forest. There are some that barely poke out of the sand and will give you a flat tire. The horses will walk on the beach at night and don't pay any attention to vehicles. Please watch for them.

Checking In ●

● ●

Check in time is 5:00 pm on Saturday. While this is a little later than many, the good news is that you’ll have until 11:00 am to check out at the end of your stay. Checking in between 5:00 and 5:30 will give us ample time to prepare the house for you and allow us to provide customized check in service. We can email you a keyless entry code, or if you are new to the beach, allow us to meet you on the paved road and you can follow us up the beach. If you will be arriving early, text me that day at 919-434-6379. I will text you back if the house gets ready before 5pm. Pack a separate bag with your beach stuff. You can use the outdoor shower to change and feel free to leave some belongings under the carport or on the deck. Please don't park in the driveway as the cleaners need access. Please don't ask the cleaners to allow you access to the house as they are prohibited from doing so.. You will be emailed a keyless entry code.

What to do if you arrive early ●

● ●

● ●

Text or call us to let us know you are here on the beach (919) 434-6379 Explore the beach and four-wheel drive area Have a picnic at the Currituck Heritage Park – get lunch from the General Store at the Shops at Corolla Light Climb the lighthouse Visit the Center for Wildlife Education at the park – it’s Free!!

What You’ll Find at the House ●

A Starter of Paper Products will be provided. This will be a roll of toilet tissue for each bathroom, a roll of paper towels, and a few trash bags. You will need to purchase these supplies for the rest of your stay. A Starter of basic cleaning products such as dish soap and dishwasher detergent. Basic spices such as salt and pepper, and other commonly used spices. If your cooking style requires something special you will need to bring it or buy it.

Checking Out â—?

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Check out checklist: Leave sheets on beds and towels in bathrooms Wash all dishes Take out trash Return key to lockbox Lock windows and doors Text 919-434-6379 to let us know you are leaving Have a safe trip home.

We are sorry you have to go!! Come back next year. Ask about discounted rates for repeat renters.

Local Laws 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

8. 9.

No bonfires No fireworks No illegal activity on the property Follow beach driving laws and Corolla Wild Horse ordinances Fishing Licenses are required and can be purchased at local bait & tackle shops Red Flags indicated dangerous waters. Water entry prohibited by law, violators subject to $500 fine Do not leave belongings such as beach chairs, sun tents, volleyball nets and the like on the beach overnight. It's dangerous for vehicles, horses, and turtles. Items left on the beach will be removed. If you must dig a hole on the beach, fill it before you leave. If a vehicle hits a hole it can cause a serious accident. Please respect our beach. It is home to year round residents including humans, mammals, birds, reptiles, and plants.

What To Bring ● ● ● ● ● ● ●

Personal belongings Toiletries Food and beverages Beach towels Beach items such as coolers, chairs, and sunscreen Bug spray Special items for beach driving – tire pressure gauge, flashlight, tow rope, fire extinguisher, and shovel If you are bringing a dog, please bring dog towels and bowls.

Please note there are no stores in the four wheel drive area, so you will need to return to the paved road to purchase supplies.

About the Water â—?


The water in the Outer Banks is well water. While it is safe to drink, it can offer have an unpleasant color and odor. It is fine to use for cooking and for coffee. Carova Rentals supplies a "starter" jug of drinking water. You will need to buy (or bring) for the rest of your stay.

About the Grill â—?


The owners have provided a gas grill for your enjoyment. Please use the brush provided to clean it after you remove your food Propane is supplied. If you need more, please call us..

Trash ●

All trash must be in tied bags and placed in the outdoor containers. Recyclables can be placed in a separate trash bag and also placed in the outdoor containers. Colored trash bags are provided for this purpose. Trash is picked up Wednesday and Saturday morning. Please have your trash in the bins by 9am. There is no trash pickup on the beach. Please bring your trash back to the house.

Internet Access Wireless internet access is provided.

● ● ●

CenturyLink Network Connection – 2wire828 Password - abbys103

Contact Numbers ●

Please contact Carova Rentals for anything related to the house. If something is missing, broken, or not working, please contact us right away. Toll-free 877-346-6034 Local 252-453-0651 Cell 919-434-6379 (please note- texts go through better than voice calls)

In case of emergency, dial 911

The phone number at the house is 252-453-0842

Options for guests without a four wheel drive vehicle All of our houses are in the four wheel drive area, which means you must have a four wheel drive vehicle to get to the house. I get lots of questions about where someone can park a two wheel drive car in Corolla. The official answer is there is no parking lots. I have kept a car in the Ocean Club Center about 9 miles from the end of the paved road for four years without any trouble, but I can't guarantee your experience. Another option is to be brought to Carova by boat by Capt Skeeter. His service will pick you up in Knott’s Island (not really an island) just south of Virginia Beach, Va. and take you on a gorgeous 10 minutes boat ride across the sound and deliver you to Carova. And it saves two to four hours drive time depending on the traffic. Round trip for two including 7 nights parking is $165.00. Each additional person (up to 6) is $25.00. Advance reservations required.

Corolla Wild Horses ●

The Corolla Wild Horses are one of the best things about the beach. Please help us keep them Wild and Free by following a few rules. Do not get closer than 50 feet. Please remember that even though they appear docile, they are wild animals and they can inflict a painful BITE!. If someone gets hurt by a horse, they remove the horse from the beach. DO NOT FEED the horses. They are not accustomed to things like carrots and apples and can develop a painful colic and die. If a horse gets sick, they remove the horse from the beach, never to return. Both rules are Currituck County ordinance and you can be ticketing for failing to comply.

Sea Turtle Considerations ●

● ● ●

● ●

In our part of the state we are lucky enough to have sea turtles come ashore to lay their nests in the summer months. To help these endangered sea creatures please follow these guidelines: If driving the beach at night watch for nesting females Do not approach a nesting female Do not leave the porch light on - it confuses the baby turtles and they go the wrong way Do not leave trash or belongings on the beach If you see any turtle activity, call the N.E.S.T hotline at 252-441-8622

Restaurants Route 12 Steak & Seafood A menu to please everyone . Best value. 252-453-4644 Corolla Cantina Good Mexican 252-597-1730 Steamers Seafood To Go Best Seafood (outdoor tables only) 252-453-3305 Mike Dianna’s Grill Room Best Steaks 252-453-4336 Best for steaks Beach Road Pizza They even deliver to 4WD! 252-453-0273 Corolla BBQ Try some NC BBQ— take out only 252-457-0076 Bambino’s Best Italian


Important Phone Numbers Hospital Outer Banks Hospital, Nags Head 252-449-4500 Urgent Care Beach Medical - Open 8am-8pm 252-261-4187 Pharmacy Sunshine Pharmacy, Duck 252-715-0170 Veterinarian Outer Banks Veterinary Hospital 252-715-1407 North Beach Recovery In case you get stuck in the sand 757-335-1573

LINKS information about restaurants, shopping, attractions, and activities in Corolla info and history of our unique beach for things to do all over the Outer Banks

Fun things to do without leaving the beach â—?


Visit the Carova Beach Fire and Rescue station. Get a tour of the four wheel drive fire apparatus. Tee-shirts, sweatshirts, hats available, also ice and ice cream. Drive north to the fence and then take a walk in Virginia. The shelling is great and there is a shipwreck you can see at low tide.