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new york junior beef producers’

2020 semen sale

Saturday, February 8, 2020 | 12:15 PM Embassy Suites Syracuse, Syracuse, NY

Welcome This is an exciting time of year as winter turns to spring and breeding season begins. Hopefully by now everyone is well into a successful calving season or very soon to start. As the calves start coming we invite you to browse through the 2020 NYJBPA Semen Sale offering. For this year’s selection we have some interesting semen to offer for your appraisal with some semen that isn’t even available on the open market. Also new this year we have 2 embryo lots that are sure to add value to your cow herd. These lots have been donated by some progressive programs that are striving to make better cattle. The embryos offered come straight from the heart of their herds. As always all the profits from this sale go to fund educational programs and shows for the junior members throughout the year. We hope everyone finds something in this sale that will work in their herds to produce better livestock for themselves. With this donation always remember you are buying more than a straw of semen or an embryo, your purchase continues to provide opportunities for youth to remain involved in the industry we love. We thank you for your continued support. If there is any way we can help you with questions or if you are unable to attend the sale and would like to purchase please feel free to contact:

Andrew Hoelscher - (716) 597-8295

Phil Trowbridge - (518) 369-6584

Cole Carlson - (585) 356-0247

Thank You,

NYJBPA Executive Board: President - Anna King Vice President - Courtney Charlesworth Secretary - Evie Groom Treasurer - Cole Carlson Reporter - Adeline Tommell Council Representative - Daisy Trowbridge

Additional Info Auctioneer: Ryan McLenithan, Cambridge, NY Liability: Neither the association nor any of its representatives shall assume any responsibilities for breeding or shipping difficulties. Payment: Cash, credit card, or check payable to the NYBPA only. Unless prior arrangement is made with sale chairs, all purchases must be paid for on the day of sale prior to release. Shipping: Some semen is available for pick up on-site the day of sale. For any semen not on-site, you have until April 1, 2020 to arrange for shipping/delivery of semen. All shipping costs incurred are the sole responsibility of the buyer. Absentee Bid: If you cannot attend the sale and are interested in bidding, please contact the following prior to the start of the auction to make arrangements to bid over the phone or make an absentee bid in advance. Andrew Hoelscher, 716-597-8295, Phil Trowbridge, 718-369-6584, or Cole Carlson, 585-356-0247.

Thank you to our Donors Ruby Cattle Company Double Bar D Werning Cattle Shipwreck Cattle Pat Donnelly Lee Simmental Farm Jensen Bros. Herefords Trowbridge Farms Select Sires Prairie View Farms Cattle Visions Sunrise Farms Dennis Birdsall Hoffman Herefords ABS Global USA Transova Showtime Cattle Company Top Sires Attica Veterinary Associates & BI Animal Health Mill Crest Farms



Lot 1 - Angus Connealy Mainstay 5 Units Reg: 18839231 DOB: 07/28/2016 donated by:

Trowbridge Farms PEDIGREE: Connealy Glory 4127 (17888624) X Jayce of Conanga 318E (17841117)

Lot 2 - Angus Stevenson Turning Point 5 Units Reg: 18434747 DOB: 01/21/2016 donated by:

Trowbridge Farms PEDIGREE: Plattemere Weigh Up K360 (16692552) X Stevenson Pride I167x (16607377)


PVF Insight 0129 5 Units


Lot 3 - Angus

Reg: 16805884 DOB: 04/17/2010 donated by:

Prairie View Farms PEDIGREE: S A V Brilliance 8077 (16107774) X PVF Missie 790 (15746654)

Lot 4 - Angus KR Synergy 10 Units Reg: 18875709 DOB: 02/28/2017 donated by:

Cattle Visions PEDIGREE: KR Cadillac Jack (17954398) X Dickaus 2U66 FW 416 (18099779)



Lot 5 - Charolais LT AFFINITY 6221 PLD 5 Units Reg: M880381 DOB: 03/10/2016 donated by:

Select Sires PEDIGREE: LT RUSHMORE 8060 PLD (M760665) X LT ATHENA 1247 (F1140204)

Lot 6 - Hereford H THE PROFIT 8426 ET 2 Units Reg: 43916400 DOB: 02/14/2018 donated by:

Hoffman Ranch PEDIGREE: CHURCHILL PILGRIM 632D ET (43703019) X RST GAT NST Y79D LADY 54B (43514995) champion polled hereford bull - 2020 national western stock show




Lot 7 - Hereford

Reg: 43770756 DOB: 09/10/2016 donated by:

Jensen Bros. Herefords PEDIGREE: UPS SENSATION 2296 ET (43311175) X MSU RACHAEL 58Z ET (43301579)

Lot 8 - hereford SHOWTIME FIREBALL 734 ET 6 Units Reg: 43841062 DOB: 04/09/2017 donated by:

Showtime Cattle Company PEDIGREE: CHAC MASON 2214 (43303660) X HH ON PEARL 619D ET (42740187)



Lot 9A - Hereford KCF BENNETT BLOODLINE A260 ET 10 Units - Buyers choice lot 9a or 9b Reg: 43498858 DOB: 09/11/2013 donated by:

Dennis Birdsall PEDIGREE: EFBEEF SCHU-LAR PROFICIENT N093 (42444860) KCF MISS M326 T56 (42805433)

Lot 9B - Hereford CRR 028X ROLL TIDE 612 Reg: 3693995 DOB: 02/07/2016 donated by:

Dennis Birdsall PEDIGREE: CHURCHILL SENSATION 028X (43092364) X CRR 83Y AMBER 418 (43483325)




Lot 10 - Simmental

Reg: 2871257 DOB: 03/02/2014 donated by: RUBY CATTLE CO, PAT DONNELLY, AND SHIPWRECK CATTLE PEDIGREE: MR HOC BROKER (2531081) X SWC RUBY YETTI 143Y (2587614)

Lot 11 - Simmental RUBYS TURNPIKE 771E 10 Units Reg: 3282048 DOB: 01/31/2017 donated by: RUBY CATTLE CO, WERNING, AND DOUBLE BAR D PEDIGREE: WBF SIGNIFICANT B132 (2852587) X RUBYS MISS CLEO 240Z (2643924)



Lot 12 - Simmental LLSF BETTER BELIEVE IT D64 5 Units Reg: 3152728 DOB: 04/15/2016 donated by:

Lee Simmental Farm PEDIGREE: LLSF PAYS TO BELIEVE ZU194 (2659897) X LLSF CAYENNE UP401 (2435038)

Lot 13 - Simmental Buyers choice 5 Units werning cattle bulls (ONLY THOSE LISTED ON THE NEXT PAGE) donated by:

Werning Cattle







W/C Relentless 32C

W/C Night Watch 84E



W/C Bankroll 811D ASA #




W/C Double Down 5014E

W/C Bullseye 3046A



W/C Rolex 0135E ASA #


W/C Loaded Up 1119Y



W/C Executive 187D

Call to request our

2019 Sire Guide www.werningcattle.com OFFICE 605-825-4024 DALE 605-661-3625 SCOTT 605-682-9610 JARED 605-933-1661 27262 424th Avenue, Emery, SD



W/C Executive Order 8543B



W/C Lock Down 206Z



Lot 14 - Club calf Heat Seeker 5 Units TH: Carrier PHA: Free donated by:

Hoelscher Show Cattle

Lot 15 - Club calf Point Taken 5 Units Heat Seeker son donated by:

Hoelscher Show Cattle



Lot 16 - angus embryos dam: Trowbridge Pure Pride 449 Sire: connealy mainstay 3 conventional embryos donated by:

Trowbridge Farms

Seller guarantees the establishment of at least one 60-day pregnancy per package if the following conditions are met: The transfers must take place in the calendar year of the sale date; and transfers are performed by a licensed embryologist.

Dam Reg: 17850148 | DOB: 02/14/2014 PEDIGREE: Boyd Signature 1014 (16916267) X J Limestone Pure Pride T152 (15696642)

Sire Reg: 18839231 | DOB: 07/28/2016 PEDIGREE: Connealy Glory 4127 (17888624) X Jayce of Conanga 318E (17841117)



Lot 17 - Simmental embryos

dam: SNRS Ms Anabelle Rae 05A Sire: SC Pay The Price C11 3 - #1 IVF Non-Sort Embryos donated by:

Sunrise Farms Anabelle Rae was a two time NY State Fair Supreme Champion Simmental show winner. She has produced a number of quality heifers, along with the bull calf pictured at her side in 2017 that was named Grand Champion Simmental Bull at the NYS Fair, Champion Bull Calf at Keystone, and a class winner in Louisville as a calf. The sire of these embryos is the two time Denver Grand Champion Simmental, Pay The Price, bull that is creating a lot of excitement with each of his calf crops. Great opportunity on a strong genetic package. Seller guarantees the establishment of at least one 60-day pregnancy per package if the following conditions are met: The transfers must take place in the calendar year of the sale date; and transfers are performed by a licensed embryologist.

Dam Reg: 2744642 | DOB: 03/01/2013 PEDIGREE: JF MILESTONE 999W (2494990) X HPF MISS D RAE Y042 (2584942)

Sire Reg: 2988788 | DOB: 03/04/2015 PEDIGREE: CNS PAYS TO DREAM T759 (2419373) X LLSF URABABYDOLL U194 (2434807)


gift cards

Lot 18 A&B - gift card buyers choice 10 units of any 2020 abs global bull donated by:

ABS Global Lot 19 A&B - gift card $250 Cattle Visions gift card donated by:

Attica Veterinary & BI Animal Health Lot 20 - gift card $100 Select Sires gift card donated by:

Select Sires Lot 21 - gift card $500 Trans Ova gift card donated by:

Trans Ova Lot 22 - gift card $100 Top Sires gift card donated by:

Top Sires


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2020 NYJBPA Semen Sale Catalog  

2020 NYJBPA Semen Sale Catalog