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NY-ANGUS.COM | New York Angus Association [ OFFICERS ]

President | Jerry Emerich Mooers, NY 518.236.5907

Vice President | Ric Coombe Grahamsville, NY 914.799.1091

Secretary | Jeanetta Laudermilk Treasurer Truxton, NY 607.345.6466

Past President | Nicole Tommell Fonda, NY 518.369.5149


2020 | Chad Hazekamp Chris Howard Fred Tracy

2021 | Rob Bannister Nicole DeBoer JoAnne King

2022 | John Van Derwerken Tim Pallokat Brian Acomb

Upcoming Events Empire Farm Days August 6-8, 2019 | Seneca Falls, NY

Trowbridge Angus/Cow Power Sale September 21, 2019 | Ghent, NY

Applied Reproductive Strategies in Beef Cattle Workshop August 20-21, 2019 | Knoxville, TN

Joint Production Sale September 28, 2019 | Lyons, NY

Junior Angus Show at NY State Fair August 25, 2019 | Syracuse, NY ROV Open Angus Show at NY State Fair August 26, 2019 | Syracuse, NY NYBPA Supreme Female Show & Beef Day August 27, 2019 | Syracuse, NY Kelley Stock Farm Complete Dispersal September 7, 2019 | Canandaigua, NY

Twin Tiers Fall Classic Beef Show and Sale September 28, 2019 | Wellsboro, PA NYJBPA Fall Festival October 18-20, 2019 | Cobleskill, NY Coby Classic Jackpot Show October 19, 2019 | Cobleskill, NY American Angus Association National Convention November 2-4, 2019 | Reno, NV


New York Angus Association | President’s Message

Art versus Science? This message pertains to the age old question, is it Art or is it Science? In the context presented here, I am referring to their relationship with genetic improvement. On May 31st of this year the American Angus Association announced the release of new and enhanced Economic Indexes calculated for genetic improvement in the Angus breed. The previous year the Association surveyed its membership to get a better understanding of what genetic measures are most important to Angus producers. Out of the results came the new index known as Maternal Weaned Calf Value ($M). While there are similarities with $W, several differences do appear. $M includes nine separate EPDs that better define a cow herd’s profitability from conception to weaning, while $W includes only four different EPDs. $B was also changed slightly with more emphasis placed once again on carcass quality. The other new Economic Index that has been announced is Combined Value Index or $C. It is comprised of all traits that are included in both $M and $B. While announced, $C will not be officially released until sometime in 2020. $C will help producers sort genetics that excel in traits from conception to harvest to increase profitability in one index. Above was the “Science” part. The “Art” of breeding is the uncanny ability to combine lines or strains of genetics to create a desired outcome. The term “Master Breeder” often comes to mind when describing breeders who possess this ability. Sometimes though, it is “pure luck”. In over 36 years being involved in the cattle genetics industry, I have made a few observations. First, real genetic improvement only started once we developed the ability to measure economically important traits and compare individuals against one another. Once again, the “Science” part. Secondly, the truly great improvers of livestock were those herds or individuals that combined science with the ability or luck to make the right combinations and perpetuate them, thus the “Art” of breeding. The greatest improvement in a population has come about from the combination of “Art” and “Science”.

Jerry L Emerich

Editor’s Note | New York Angus Association I read a quote the other day on Social Media that August is the Sunday of Summer, definitely fitting. However if you are like me, Fall is an exciting time of year and something I look forward to. It’s time to wean calves and start the hunt for our next show heifer prospect. Browse through this issue and check out what Breeder’s have to offer this fall. Also in this issue is a recap of Angus Eastern Regionals as well as the Junior National Angus show thank you to Evie Groom and Anna King. I want to congratulate the juniors on all their success so far as well as wish them good luck at State Fair and other shows throughout the rest of the Summer and Fall. I also want to put a little plug in for the New York Junior Beef Producer’s Association, the group has started gathering bulls for the 2020 Fundraiser Semen Sale and they want to know what you as a breeder would like to see. You can let any of the Junior Board Members know what you are looking for or you can email your requests to Hope you enjoy the rest of your Summer and good luck to all showing and selling cattle!

Taylor Hoelscher


BUY BULLS ON TARGET The Targeting the Brand logo is designed to highlight registered Angus bulls with greater genetic potential to produce calves meeting the most challenging specifications of the CertiďŹ ed Angus Beef ÂŽ brand. Bulls must be at least breed average or better for marbling EPD and $ Grid of non-parent Angus sires to qualify for use of the Targeting the Brand logo. Even when these numbers do not appear on the catalog listing, the logo gives you confidence that these minimum genetic requirements are met. Actual EPD requirements are outlined below based on the breed averages from the Fall 2019 Angus Sire Summary.

Genetic Recommendations: Marbling EPD (Marb) Dollar Grid Carcass Index ($G)

Value + 0.54 + 46.0

To learn more about how commercial cattlemen can further utilize the Targeting the Brand logo in marketing genetically superior feeder cattle, visit


New York Angus Association | Junior National Angus Show Win, Place and Showing for the Purple was the theme for the 51st National Junior Angus Show held in Louisville Kentucky July 14th through 20th. We had 6 angus juniors Anna King, Marc Tommell, Adeline Tommell, Evie Groom, Daisy Trowbridge and Katharine Weshe, attend with 9 head of cattle, to take on this 15 hour drive and week long event. Our Angus Juniors were busy doing many contests as well as performing in the showring. Some contests that we participated in was Cattle Judging, Skill-a-thon, Beef Science Poster Contest, Auctioneering and Extemporaneous Speaking. Katharine also represented New York State in the National Junior Angus Showmanship contest. Many of our angus youth performed very well in their respective contest. Congrats to Marc Tommell as he placed third in the intermediate level auctioneering, I believe an auctioneering career could be in front of you! We all had a good time and performed well representing New York at its best,in the end it wasn't about having the best heifer or bull in the ring it's about the memories that you made and the friendships that you will keep that will make you remember this Junior Nationals and everyone coming after that. With that being said I would like to encourage Angus youth and families to join us and attend the National Junior Angus Show being held in Harrisburg Pennsylvania, yes I said Harrisburg Pa, for the 52nd National Junior Angus Show with the theme of Focus on the Future ( 2020 Vision ) July 5th through the 11th 2020. I encourage all to attend with or without cattle because no matter what this is an event you won’t want to miss with a great number of opportunities. As you make plans be sure to be keeping an eye out for that show heifer, steer, bull or cow calf to be the next to hit the green shavings. If you have any questions about anything please contact Anna King or Nicole Tommell/ JoAnne King ( NYAA Advisors ) Hope to see you all there!

Anna King

Angus Eastern Regionals | New York Angus Association The 2019 Eastern Regional Junior Angus Show took place at the Maryland State Fairgrounds, in Timonium Maryland, from June 20th through June 23rd. From New York State there were two exhibitors and five head of cattle. On Thursday June 20th, it was set up and check in day. Check in ran very smoothly and efficiently, as well as set up. On Friday June 21st, there was Showmanship at 9 a.m., which was separated into 4 divisions, Junior A, Junior B, Intermediate, and Senior, those divisions were then separated into heats. In showmanship the judge picked 3-4 juniors to come back for division champion, since there was no overall showman. Also on Friday there was time for the juniors who had signed up for the skill-a-thon to do it. Near the end of the day there was opening ceremonies, presented by Mr. Tom Burke, after opening ceremonies there was the Phenotype and Genotype show, and finally at 6:30-8 p.m., there was the tailgate, with burgers, hot dogs, and many other different types of foods. On Saturday June 22nd, at 8 a.m., was the Bred and Owned Show where three out of the five Angus cattle exhibited from New York State showed. Also on Saturday there was another opportunity for the juniors who had signed up for the skill-a-thon to participate and complete it. At 5 p.m., was the skill-a-thon awards where New York State Junior Angus Association Member, Evie Groom, placed 2nd in the Junior Division. And Lastly at 6:30 p.m., there was the “surf and turf� dinner which again, was filled with good food. Finally, on Sunday June 23rd at 8 a.m., it was the Owned Heifer Show where the final two Angus cattle exhibited from New York State showed. After the Owned Heifer Show everyone packed up and headed back home, and reflected on a fun filled past few days.

Evie Groom

$Value Indexes Update FAQ Why were the $Value Indexes updated?

The original $Values created in 2004 have served the industry well. However, with the changes in the economics of the beef industry, type of cattle being raised and increase in the number of new traits being analyzed, the Angus Genetics Inc. (AGI) team was tasked with taking a deeper look into the $Values to make sure they were serving the industry to the best of their abilities. It was discovered that there was the opportunity to build more accurate models that more precisely describe the differences in Angus cattle.

Why was a survey needed to update the $Values?

A key component of the $Values update was an extensive industry survey of membership, commercial producers and feeders to better understand how different segments use Angus cattle and what traits are important in their production system. The survey allowed us to identify environmental optimums and assign economic weights to traits that can be difficult to quantify, like docility. Survey results, in tandem with sound economic principles, enable us to find a balance and build a tool that is useful for a large segment of the industry.

What changes can we expect in our $Values?

$B - A new model for Beef Value ($B) will be implemented, which more correctly aligns with today’s heavier fed cattle weights. One effect of the new model will be to slightly lessen the current impact of carcass weight and place a greater emphasis on marbling and yield. Additionally, marbling premiums will be increased knowing that a high percentage of Angus cattle are going to be marketed on a high-quality grid.

$M - Maternal Weaned Calf Value ($M) will include nine traits with a greater emphasis on maternal traits than any of the tools currently available. Traits in the $M value will include calving ease direct (CED) and maternal (CEM), weaning weight (WW) EPD, maternal milk (Milk) EPD, mature weight (MW) EPD, heifer pregnancy (HP), docility (DOC) and foot score – both claw set and foot angle EPDs. This transition will help producers to better define efficiency in a commercial cow-calf environment. $QG & $YG - Quality grade ($QG) and yield grade ($YG) will be eliminated as they are duplicative to EPDs currently in place. ($QG is redundant to the marbling (Marb) EPD, while $YG is redundant to the fat thickness (Fat) and ribeye area (RE) EPDs). $F & $G - Both feedlot value ($F) and grid value ($G) will continue to be published, but will be calculated using the updated economic model being utilized in new $B. $EN - Cow Energy Value ($EN) will also continue to to be published using an updated economic model.

What will happen to the current Weaned Calf Value ($W)?

$W will continue to be published with BW, WW, Milk and MW directly influencing the index as it is today. $W will go through its routine annual update of economic assumptions as in years past.

How are the newer traits with fewer records accounted for?

When fewer observations are available on a trait, the EPDs spread less, reducing the impact of the trait on the index. The limited records are accounted for in the EPD calculations, and as more information becomes available, the EPD range increases and the impact of that trait on the index also increases.

I’ve been hearing a lot about a “combined” index. What can I expect as a producer?

An index that combines $B and $M will aim to find the optimum among both maternal and terminal traits to drive profitability. The combined index will include the 15 EPDs that make up the new $M and $B indexes. The formula for calculating the combined index will be released on May 31 to enable producers to become familiar with the tool before it is implemented. Additionally, staff will provide educational resources over the next year.

Why are $Values being rounded to whole $ units?

All $Values will be rounded to whole dollar units rather than to the nearest cent. Rounding to that degree of precision proved unnecessary as cattle can be ranked appropriately using whole dollar units, so it was a logical decision to eliminate the decimals. Additionally, rounding to the whole dollar allows for increased readability in both print and digital formats, taking up less space in valuable areas of the screen or catalog.

When will the new $Values be implemented?

The new $B and $M will be implemented on May 31, 2019. The new combined index will be released in June of 2020 after a year of education and trial of the formula.

Why June?

While there is never a quiet time in the Angus business, June is a time when there is significantly less activity going on in comparison to other times of the year. This date will give producers enough time to study the new values and how to best implement them before they have to make immediate mating and/or marketing decisions. Furthermore, ample time will be needed for the Information Systems and Angus Media teams to implement the changes in processes, reports, web pages and catalogs.

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Sale TROWBRIDGe Brook Butter fly 1703


44th Annual Sale

TROWBRIDGe Butter fly 919

TROWBRIDGe Butter fly 926

reg: aaa +18916069 Quaker hill rampage 0a36 x thomas Butter fly 21042

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reg: aaa +19463608 Plattemere weigh up k360 x trowbridge emulota 6105

Saturday, SePteMBer 21 • 11 aM roundtaBle diScuSSion with refreshments friday, 6 pm in conjunction with eastern ny Beef Producers

Trowbridge Farms • Ghent, NY

Phil & annie trowBridge


PJ & Miranda trowBridge


NEW YORK BEEF PRODUCERS’ ASSOCIATION 290 FOUR ROD ROAD, ALDEN, NEW YORK 14004 716-902-4305 716-870-2777 Email: website:

Empire Farm Days Clinic Schedule NEW LOCATION FOR BEEF BREEDS DISPLAY AND CLINICS NEXT TO MORTON BUILDINGS 9:00 AM Tuesday – International Genetic Solutions - What is it and how does it benefit the cow/calf producer A brief update on the work surrounding International Genetic Solutions (IGS) and it's impact for the commercial cattlemen. Producers can rely on IGS to provide honest evaluation and tools dedicated to the success of the commercial producer. ~25 minutes 9:00 AM Wednesday The Feeder Profit Calculator - Market differentiation using genetic & management awareness A first hand look into the Feeder Profit Calculato (FPC) produced by the IGS science team. A free to use tool, the IGS FPC paints a picture of value on your calves using genetic and management knowledge. ~30 minutes 9:00 AM Thursday Commercial Genetic Evaluation - Have the same awareness as your seedstock provider Regardless of breed or composite, the new Commercial Genetic Evaluation tool offered by the American Simmental Association can provide genetic awareness on your herd. ~35 minutes 10:00 AM A Cattle Handling Demonstration. Numerous chute systems set up and working live animals threw them. From simple set-ups to complete set-ups. a chute system also set up with scales to view. All Demonstrated. 12:00 PM "Are You Ready?"- What to expect in a DOT Cattle Truck/Trailer Inspection. DOT personal will go over a truck and cattle trailer and point out things they are looking at during a roadside inspection. With Adrian Armpriester, NYSDOT Starting at 10:30 AM Daily- Serving up them delicious Beef BBQ sandwich and total lunches. Tuesday Only- August 6th at 4:00 PM at the Beef BBQ Tent Offering a BQA- Beef Quality Assurance Training to include chute side and classroom session usually lasts 2 1/2 hours. Cost $15/person or $25/farm, which includes a Beef BBQ. This also qualifies for BQA Recertification that is required every three years. To RSVP and any questions Contact- Mike Baker-, or 607-227-6320


New York Angus Association | 84th Annual State Sale The 84th edition of the New York State Angus Sale was held May 11th at New Penn Farm, Truxton, NY. Hosted by the Hinkle and Laudermilk families, it was a gorgeous two day event with a live Blue Grass band and dinner on Friday night. The next day, 52 live lots of Black and Red Angus went through the ring for an average of $1746.63. If you were looking to invest in embryos or semen, several lots were also offered. Before the gavel fell on the first lot through the ring, attendees were treated to a brisket luncheon hosted by the New York Angus and New York Red Angus Associations. This year the NY Red Angus Association participated in the sale for the first time with outstanding results! Thirteen lots of Red Angus averaged $1938.46, including nine bred heifers. Top of the entire sale was lot 111 & 111A, a first calf two year old with a heifer calf at side at $4400 on the bid of Scott Hartman, Newark. This stunning pair was the consignment of Finger Lakes Cattle Company, Branchport. Of the 39 lots of Black Angus offered, lot 31 & 31A from Diamond B Angus, Vernon, CT topped the Spring Pair division. An attractive daughter of Connealy Confidence 0100 with a March heifer calf at side by Cole Creek Cedar Ridge IV, the pair were struck off at $3100 to Andrew Beach, Albion. Second high of the Black offering was the consignment of Trowbridge Farms, Ghent. Lot 11 was an impressive fall heifer calf sired by Tehama Bonanza E410 from their Miss Burgess family. She was purchased by Trinity Angus, Meshoppen, PA for $3000. Third high of the Blacks came from Rally Farms of Millbrook. Lot 44 was a model daughter of her popular sire, Jindra Acclaim and was from the Sitz Pride family developed at Rally. Due in late August, this well grown bred heifer sold to Greg Rechberger, Wyoming for $2900. Next @ $2800 on the bid of Jack Lindhurst-Moyers of Nichols was lot 46 & 46A, the consignment of Pompey Hollow, Manlius. This homebred female of Bando 5175 lineage sold with her highly maternal fall heifer calf. Rounding out the top five Black offerings was lot 42 & 42A from Dorado Angus, Mooers. This thick, big bodied daughter of Connealy Capitalist 028 with a gorgeous udder from the renowned Elba family sold with her March heifer calf by SS Niagara Z29. They were purchased for $2600 by Cheer Up Angus, Higganum, CT. Sale Manager for this year’s sale was Rance Long from Oklahoma. Assisting in the ring were AAA Field Representative Chris Jeffcoat, PA and Nelson Weaver of New York. Sale chairpersons for this year’s sale were Derrick and Nicole DeBoer, At Ease Acres, Berne representing NYAA and Dennis Montross from the NY Red Angus Association. Many thanks for the hard work and long hours put in by our sale chairpersons and to all of the volunteers who helped make this year’s sale a success!

Jerry L Emerich

Class 3: 14-17


Date of Birth

$________ $________ $________

Donation (Each exhibitor please get at least one donation) Camper Fee - $30.00/night Contest Participation Only - $10/Person


Registration Number

**only applies if you are not exhibiting cattle at the show*** (see schedule for full list of contests)




NYJBPA Membership (if not already paid for 2019) $15/individual or $30/family (3 plus)

(postmarked by Oct 1)

Late Entry Fee - Additional $10/head

(postmarked by Sep 24)

Total # of Animals _________ X $25/head

Send Entries to: Taylor Hoelscher, 3238 Two Rod Rd, East Aurora, NY 14052

Payment must be enclosed with form. Make checks payable to NYBPA


Heifers will show by Breed - Breeds with less than 6 head will show in the AOB Division.

Registered Cattle Only Born after Jan. 1, 2019

Jan. 1 - May 31, 2019 Sept. 1 – Dec. 31, 2018 May 1 – Aug. 31, 2018 Jan. 1 – April 30, 2018 Sept. 1 – Dec. 31, 2017

Class 4: 18-21

Class 1: 8 years and under

BEEF SHOW Class A – Jr. Heifer Calf Class B – Sr. Heifer Calf Class C - Summer Yearling Heifer Class D – Jr. Yearling Heifer Class E – Sr. Yearling Heifer Class F – Cow/Calf Class G - Bred and Owned Female Class H – Male Calves (bull or steers) Class I – Market Steers Class J – Dairy Steers

Class 2: 9-13

Showmanship (Circle One):

Name: ______________________________________ Age (as of 1/1/19):________ Address: _________________________________________________________ City/State/Zip: _____________________________ Phone:_________________ Email: _______________________________________ Birth Date:___________

Complete One Form Per Person

New York Junior Beef Producers’ Association Fall Festival Junior Beef Show Entry Form

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Official publication of the New York Angus Association.

Angus Angles Summer 2019  

Official publication of the New York Angus Association.