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New York Angus Association | President’s Message Getting Involved by Submitting AHIR Data Autumn has always been my favorite time of the year. Crisp cool mornings, leaves changing color to brilliant shades of gold, red and yellow. Hay harvest is over with corn and soybean harvest in full swing. The results of the spring calving season now begin to bear fruit as this year’s crop of calves are now being prepared for weaning. My theme for this column over the last one and one/half years has been to encourage NYAA members to become more involved with our state association and the Angus breed in general. One way to get involved is when you wean your calf crop enroll them in the Angus Herd Improvement Records (AHIR) program. Most of our membership utilize birth and weaning information when making decisions about what genetics we want to incorporate into our breeding programs for the next generation. By measuring your calf crop for traits such as Birth Weight, Weaning Weight and Hip Height we add to the accuracy of the data we ultimately end up using. It is also important to include measurements of your cow herd such as reproductive performance, Mature Hip Height, Mature Weight and Docility. Don’t forget to measure traits such as Yearling Weight and Yearling Hip Height on those females that have been retained for your breeding herd. Structural correctness in those retained females is vitally important for the future profitability of the breeding herd. Measuring Foot traits on those females is now available to include in the national data set. If Ultrasound for carcass traits is available in your area, why not include this for your yearling replacement heifers. With the advancement of technology, Genomics has become an important tool for future genetic improvement. If not done at birth, include collecting a blood or tissue sample of your weaned calves and submitting it to Angus Genetics Inc. (AGI). This way, we become involved in providing valuable information for all to use!

Jerry L Emerich


Cattle for Sale | Visions Stock Farm Dispersal Retirement! Complete Dispersal of Visions Stock Farm Registered Angus Cattle This herd was developed over 40 years using AI and ET only. The genetics used resulted in calving ease, growth, high quality carcass and docility. Included are Fall and Spring calving cows, pairs, bred heifers and open heifers. The cattle are priced individually but can be purchased in groups or the entire herd. Call or write for a catalogue or with questions. Dr. Jim Evans



717-816-1168 or jfevansvmd@gmail.com

2019 Breeder of the Year | Hauman Angus A Legacy that Lives On As you drive across the state or even the country for that matter, every farmer, rancher, and producer have different goals, and programs that they use that makes each one a little different. The Hauman Angus Farm located in Penn Yan New York has been raising angus cattle for many years and was honored as being the recipient of the 2019 Breeder of the Year Award. Mr. and Mrs. Hauman originally got started in Angus Cattle when they purchased angus steers as 4-H projects for the children. Following that they purchased their first females from the New York Angus Fall heifer sale at Cobleskill. Later on additional females were purchased from many other association breeders. Their foundation cow was CB Big Sky Edella 086 purchased from Mr. and Mrs. Fisher’s at Culvert Brook Stock Farm. Her outstanding progeny has made a lasting influence on their herd.

Happy and healthy cows make the best cows

On their farm they grow all their own hay and corn for the herd. Hay is provided as a free choice as well as free choice minerals, corn becomes available as a needed energy source. They believe that healthy condition is very important. Another thing that is very important to the Hauman family and their customers is herd health. All cattle get vaccinated annually and then calves get vaccinated and a booster before weaning. Parasite control gets done two to three times a year and all around insect control is done by manual application along with the use of back rubbers. Once it is close for a cow to calve or signs are getting shown they are brought into the barn for closer watch. At claving the calf is given selenium, vitamins, an intra-nasal respiratory product; the navel is dipped and calf gets weighed. For many years they have been enrolled in the NYSCHAP program for many years. This program consists of testing for Leukosis, BVD and Johnes. At this point the family is at a level six being the highest level achievable for Johnes testing. This testing is required every two years for every animal over two years old. currently have the highest level beef herd in New York State. The maintain a closed herd, which means no new animals come into the herd, no one goes out and back again to avoid bringing in a problem. As of right now there is no cure or vaccine to prevent Johnes or treatment of Johnes but the continued testing has become a necessity. A significant herd and economic loss is too great to ignore. The Haumans also use the use of A.I. breeding to better estimate calving time. The breeding program they mostly use is Genex Sires. Since they are a closed herd, they have the ability to use a clean-up bull from their own herd for those that may not of caught in the first cycle of A.I. breeding. They also use the programs of synchronization as well as observation, working with the Genex representative Carl McCullough. This program has proved to be successful for themselves and their customers that may buy females though the State Sale as well as off the farm, feeder calves in the fall and several aging bulls in the spring.

Representing a brand

Over the years the Hauman Family has represented the Angus breed at Empire Farm Days for 28 years retiring three years ago. They stated “ it was an enjoyable time and we met and talked ‘Angus’ with hundreds of people over the year”. They feel that it is important for the non-farm folks to see well-groomed, well-cared for cattle so that they can see the relationship that each producer or farmer has with their cattle and how much time and work goes into a high quality beef brand. The ‘farm days’ cow and calf that they always brought was always seen eager to


2019 Breeder of the Year | Hauman Angus A Legacy that Lives On have a handful of sweet feed by the visitors, which led to be a huge hit for the crowd. The national organization was always available to assist in getting information for current and future angus members. For over 20 years Bil Powell the Angus regional manager representative at the time always has millions of stories to share and always seemed to have a special rapport with everyone. Later on Chris Jeffcoat carried out this tradition.

“Granddaddy of Bull Tests”

The Hauman family has sent bulls to the Midland Bull Test in Montana for several years. This national test known as the “Granddaddy of bull Tests”. In 2015 they were gratified to have the top indexing bill out of 670 angus bulls. This is a high forage-based test. He topped the average daily gain at 4.4 lbs./day and was 4th for efficiency. This bull was a Chisum Son out of their Mytty In Focus dam. “ This just proves that small herds like many of ours do have a chance nationally.”

If it wasn’t for that one cow

Mr Mauman believes that if it wasn't for one angus cow he would not be writing this. In May of 1993 he was in a position where he was pushing and straining to get one of their cows Sandy into the chute to get bred. “I am sure you all know what I mean.” A few short hours later he had an emergency and poor diagnosis on his hands. The doctor had said the pushing helped reveal the condition. While he had lost his left kidney, he is thankful that the disease was caught early and had not spread. He would like to thank Sandy for being stubborn and exposing this disease early. With that 9 ½ months later on his birthday, Valentines Day blessed him with a set of twins. Mr Hauman said “ I would like to thank the New York Angus Association for presenting us with the Breeder of the Year Award in 2019. This means a lot to Mary and me. Over the years I was honored to serve as president for both the NYAA and the NYBPA.” The Hauman Agus Farm feels that they are now at the point in their lives where it is time to downsize their herd. “ Hopefully our breeding will live on in other herds. Angus has been good to us” Hauman Angus Farm 2019 Breeder of the Year Award 

Anna King 6

2019 Sale Report | Trowbridge Family Affair & 44th Cow Power Sale A beautiful warm day greeted Angus enthusiasts on Saturday, September 21st for the annual Trowbridge Family Affair consignment sale. This year the Trowbridge family combined with the 44th edition of the Cow Power sale to offer cattle that appealed to a diverse crowd. Sixty lots of premium Angus cattle strolled through the ring for a total of $187,525.00 with an average of $3125.00 per lot. High individual this year was Lot 1, an attractive February 2019 Deer Valley Growth Fund heifer from the renowned Butter Fly family. Consigned by the Trowbridge family she sold for $13,500 to Roger Breault, Northwind Farm, Dayville, CT. Hailing from the Pure Pride family, Lot 9 commanded the second high price of the day at $8500. A January 2019 Connealy Mainstay granddaughter of Limestone Pure Pride T152, she was struck off to Pollard Farms, Enid, OK and consigned by the Trowbridge family. Lot 1B brought the third high price of the day. This was a flush with buyer’s choice of sire from the donor Trow Brook Butter Fly 1703, a Quaker Hill Rampage 0A36 daughter of Thomas Butter Fly 21042. Offered by the Trowbridge family, it sold for $4800 to Laudermilch Farms, Ulster, PA. The fourth lot to bring above $4000 was Lot 1A, a maternal sibling to lots 1 and 1B. This time it was the January 2019 Baldridge Colonel C251 daughter of Trow Brook Butter Fly 1703 selling to Edward Burke, Trinity Angus, Brackney, PA for $4000. Spring cow/calf pairs were numerous in the sale offering demonstrating the quality of cattle available from northeast breeders. High pair for a total of $5500 was the offering from At Ease Acres, Berne. The dam, a 2013 daughter of BC Eagle Eye 110-7 sold to Pleasant Valley Farm, Franklin while her January 2019 daughter by Bubs Southern Charm AA31 went to Penny Wood, D/P Angus, Nunda. Friday evening before the sale a round table discussion was held along with refreshments for all in attendance. The featured speaker was Robert Whitacre, ST Genetics who brought everyone up to date on the advantages of utilizing sexed semen in their breeding programs. This was followed by a discussion led by Phil Trowbridge on how the New York Beef Producers Association (NYBPA) can better serve its membership. This year’s sale was managed by Rance Long and the American Angus Hall of Fame. Working the ring on sale day were Alex Tolbert of the Angus Journal, Mike Shanahan of Cattle Promotions, LLC, Delvin Heldermon and Dick Carmichael. Auctioneer for the day was Jim Birdwell with Tom Burke making announcements from the box.



2019 Sale Report | 6th Angus Hill Production Sale Angus Hill Farm, Randolph, NY John Inkley and Family The sixth edition of the Angus Hill Production sale was held on Saturday, August 24th at the farm in Randolph. As the gavel fell on the last of the 61 Angus females who went through the ring, a total gross of $520,700.00 was realized with the average settling in at $8536.00 per lot. The evening before the sale, Kelli Retallick, Genetic Service Director from Angus Genetics, Inc. updated the assembled crowd on the American Angus Association’s EPDs and $Values. High seller of this year’s sale was Lot 19A, AH/LA 829 Rita 17D1, the impressive December 2017 daughter of GAR Drive from Angus Hill 6108 Rita 809, the high selling cow from the 2018 sale. Due in early January to Jindra Acclaim, she brought a final bid of $45,000 from WGR & Sons Angus, Diamond, MO. The second high this year was Lot 1, Dean’s Blackcap F121. Sired by Jindra Acclaim this August 2018 open yearling who ranks as the #6 $B Acclaim daughter in the country commanded a price of $33,000 from Stonewall Ridge Farms, Shelbyville, TN. Lot 3, EXAR Blackcap 5306, a three year old daughter of PVF Insight 0129 sporting a $C of $312 brought the third high price of the day at $29,000. Due in January to Sydgen Enhance, she found a new home at Tuckaway Angus, Bradford, PA. This year’s sale was managed by Parker Friedrich and Matt White while it was cried by Steve Dorran. Chris Jeffcoat of the Angus Journal assisted at ringside along with Delvin Helderman and Dick Carmichael.

Congratulations Evie Groom!

Recipient of a Belle Point Ranch “Angus Star” Award presented at the 2019 National Junior Angus Show

NEW YORK BEEF PRODUCERS’ ASSOCIATION 290 FOUR ROD ROAD, ALDEN, NEW YORK 14004 716-902-4305 716-870-2777 Email: nybeefproducers@aol.com website: www.nybpa.org

Some of the Hands On Clinics to be Offered at Annual Conference A Calf Warming Box

The concept of the workshop is to use an IBC Container (IBC stands for Intermediate bulk container), and to re-purpose this into a portable, durable, and economical calf warming box. By the end of the session, participants will gain practical skills in design and construction of this item, as well as team building and networking skills. Hands on, team building activity. Teams of 8 people will be given the tools and supplies needed to build one of these warming units. Each team will be provided all of the necessary supplies necessary to complete the unit. Directions and diagrams will also be available. Teams of people will work together to assemble the units. At the end of the session, each team will be able to “show off” their finished project….and share ideas for improvements, changes, or modifications they could make. The envision is building 6 of these units in the workshop. They will then be auctioned off .

Forage Testing and Balancing Your Own Feed Rations Dairy One is offering a special 10% discount on samples submitted by NYBPA Members for our Annual Conference hands on clinic to help producers balance their own feed rations after seeing what their Feed Samples contain. Samples must be submitted to Dairy One from now to January 15, 2020. Please state by payment section NYBPA Member for the discount. For Collecting Forage samples see page 6. You can order a plastic sample bag(s) for packing the sample, a sample submission form, and a pre-addressed postage-paid return envelope. Up to 5 samples can be submitted using the Multiple Kit. Kits are shipped to you free of cost but are charged a fee when processed by the lab. Please indicate shipping method on the sample submission form and add the appropriate shipping fee to your total cost. Or label a quart sized plastic bag along with your submission form and drop at a drop site, see Dairy One web site for locations, or mail in. Dairy One will also provide a speaker to talk about feed quality and how samples are analyzed. For faster results make sure you have your email listed on the form 7


2019 NYS Fair ROV Show | Results

Grand Champion Female (left) Morgan Hutchins, Smock, PA

Reserve Champion Female (right) Adeline Tommell, Fonda, NY

Grand Champion Bull (left) Daisy Trowbridge, Ghent, NY

Reserve Champion Bull (right) Thunder View Farms, Grahamsville, NY 12

2019 NYS Fair ROV Show | Results Total number shown: 79, Judge: Kyle Gillooly, Wadley, GA Cow-Calf Pairs: 9 shown Grand Champion Cow-Calf: Iron Mtn Pam C084, Jeffrey Keifer, Bangor, PA Reserve Grand Champion Cow-Calf: LL Belva’s Irish Maid, Kathie Librock, Gasport, NY Heifers: 53 shown Junior Heifer Calf Champion: Lucky Lane Magnolia 950, Elizabeth Luckman, Barker, NY Reserve Junior Heifer Calf Champion: Tullyfergus Beauty 19, Evie Groom, Lyons, NY Senior Heifer Calf Champion: Buchanan’s Enamel 8550, Adeline Tommell, Fonda, NY Reserve Senior Heifer Calf Champion: Kelley Delia Beauty 33B 35F, Kelley Stock Farm, LLC., Camden, NY Intermediate Heifer Champion: Bennett Princess Hickory 187, Union Angus, Norwalk, OH Reserve Intermediate Heifer Champion: C&C Farms Broadview Destiny, Chad Hazekamp, West Winfield, NY Junior Champion Female: HMF Sweet Sara 630, Highway Meadows Farm, Pulaski, NY Reserve Junior Champion Female: Keifers Carmella F11, Hunter Hopstetter, Bangor, PA Senior Champion Female: Rooker SJ Georgina 7070, Morgan Hutchins, Smock, PA Reserve Senior Champion Female: HMF New American Eve 624, Highway Meadows Farm, Pulaski, NY Grand Champion Female: Rooker SJ Georgina 7070, Morgan Hutchins, Smock, PA Reserve Grand Champion Female: Buchanan’s Enamel 8550, Adeline Tommell, Fonda, NY Bulls: 16 shown Junior Bull Calf Champion: Trowbridge Gunner 905, Daisy Trowbridge, Ghent, NY Reserve Junior Bull Calf Champion: HH Norm G13, Hunter Hopstetter, Bangor, PA Senior Bull Calf Champion: HMF Traction 643, Highway Meadows Farm, Pulaski, NY Reserve Senior Bull Calf Champion: KSF Bronc 41F, Kelley Stock Farm, LLC., Camden, NY Intermediate Champion Bull: TVF Mocha’s Full Power 895, Thunder View Farms, Grahamsville, NY Reserve Intermediate Champion Bull: none shown Junior Champion Bull: Trowbridge Finn 806, Daisy Trowbridge, Ghent, NY Reserve Junior Champion Bull: Brayman EC Blackettes Charm, Brayman Farms, Munnsville, NY Grand Champion Bull: Trowbridge Finn 806, Daisy Trowbridge, Ghent, NY Reserve Grand Champion Bull: TVF Mocha’s Full Power 895, Thunder View Farms, Grahamsville, NY Steers: 1 shown Grand Champion Steer: Keifers Sniper F58, Hunter Hopstetter, Bangor, PA Group Classes: Pair of Calves: Daisy Trowbridge, Ghent, NY Pair of Yearlings: Daisy Trowbridge, Ghent, NY Produce of Dam: Daisy Trowbridge, Ghent, NY Junior Get of Sire: E&B Conferderate 507, Highway Meadows Farm, Pulaski, NY Best Four Head: Daisy Trowbridge, Ghent, NY Breeder Four Head Group: Daisy Trowbridge, Ghent, NY Breeder Six Head Group: Highway Meadows Farm, Pulaski, NY Best Two Head NY Special: Daisy Trowbridge, Ghent, NY Premier Breeder: Daisy Trowbridge, Ghent, NY Premier Exhibitor: Daisy Trowbridge, Ghent, NY Photos courtesy of JM Imaging, Jala Murphy.


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Angus Angles Fall 2019  

The fall 2019 edition of the Angus Angles, official publication of the New York Angus Association.

Angus Angles Fall 2019  

The fall 2019 edition of the Angus Angles, official publication of the New York Angus Association.