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Official Newsletter of Division 3 North of The Texas-Oklahoma Key Club District

Carolina’s Key Club Corner Caring is our way of life J In this issue! Buenos Dias/Tardes/Noche (whatever time you read this),3N J! So I just want to start off by saying that I am so honored to be serving you as your next Lieutenant Governor. Our division is the strongest and most competitive division in all of Texas and Oklahoma, so thank you for being fantastic! :) So for those who do not know me, my name is Carolina Hernandez, and I will be a senior next year at Cypress Falls High School. I have been in Key Club since my freshman year in high school and I absolutely love it. Key Club is near and dear to my heart so let me do what Key Club has taught me how to do best, to serve, so let me serve you as your new 3N Lieutenant Governor J So please don’t be afraid to call, text, email, fb message, or tweet me. I am here to help you throughout the year and represent you on the District level. For the upcoming year I plan on maintaining the mighty 3N legacy, but I am going to need your help in order to do that. So how can you do that? Well by doing and submitting your monthly reports every month by the 5th of every month. 3N’s consistent reporting has placed 7 out of the now 11 clubs in our division in the TOP 25 (the most out of any division in the district), and I am aiming for all of us to be recognized in the TOP 25 next year. I also want us to continue serving our community in every way possible so start planning service projects for the year especially the summer months so you can keep your members busy, because service never stops. Be on the lookout for my 1st PCM, which will potentially be on Sunday June 10th at the Lone Star College Cy Fair’s Library. Also be checking your emails consistently everyday because I will be updating you on everything and anything Key Club J (No worries I won’t spam your inbox, but you can spam mine if you want as long as it is about Key Club: P) I look forward to working with each and every one of you this upcoming year. Yours in Service,

Carolina Hernandez

Introduction.. 1 DCON Recap2 April To Do List & Helpful Tidbits .......... ..3 Contact Info. 4

A part of your new District Board for T-O: Jennifer Tuggles LTG for 3S, (me) Carolina Hernandez LTG for 3N, and your new District Governor, Brian O’Hara J

DCON 2012: Service is the Key to Paradise Just reiterating how awesome you all are! J (Sorry if I missed any awards, if I have some errors, etc. There were a lot to keep track of, but that is a good thing !) Cinco Ranch Key Club Best Key Club Governor’s Project Patch 75% Growth Patch Cypress Creek Key Club 18th Best Key Club Just Dance 2 Finalist 4rth place Governor’s Project Patch 22nd

Cypress Fair Key Club 10th Best Key Club 3rd Place Best T-shirt 1 one of the Top 3 websites Governor’s Project Patch 2nd Place- Service Fair Cypress Falls Key Club 5th Best Key Club 1st Place District Project 3rd Place Oratory Distinguished Website District Project Patch Governor’s Project Patch District Secretary- Kevin Duong LTG 3N –Carolina Hernandez Consistent Reporting Award Cypress Ranch Key Club 4rth Best Key Club 1st Place Newsletter 1st Place Traditional Scrapbook 1st Place Governor’s Project 1st Place Digital Poster 2nd Place Video 3rd Place Impromptu Essay Governor’s Project Patch District Project Patch Distinguished Website Cypress Ridge Key Club Governor’s Project Patch Cypress Wood Key Club 1st Place Champion Club! 1st Place Service Fair 1st Place Non-traditional Scrapbook Outstanding Kiwanis Advisor District Project Patch Distinguished Website Governors Project Patch 2 Texas Quiz Bowl Finalists Mayde Creek Key club 21st Best Key Club Governor’s Project Patch


Texas-Oklahoma Key Club District Division 3N’S newsletter

April To DO & Remember List & Helpful Tidbits o OFFICER CONTACTS!As soon as you have your new 2012-2013 Officer Board elected please inform me J! I want to make sure I get all of the Officer contact info (name, position, phone #, email, address) as soon as possible so they can be kept up to date with the latest and greatest from your Division, District, and Key Club International. Kudos to Cy Woods Key Club and Taylor Key Club for sending in theirs already!

Helpful Tidbits o

o COCRFS? ……what jibberish is that?... is probably what you are thinking when you saw that. Each club is required to Officer Contacts to the fabulous TexasOklahoma Key Club Website. Once you login, you’ll gain access to your club portal, where you can submit COCRFs. 3N lets please get this in by May 15 th because I would love that! J If you don’t have your club log in info please shoot me a message and we will get that to you asap!

o ICON 2012: Will be held in the happiest place on Earth, the Hilton Orlando

Lake Buena Vista Resort located by Disney World! J The deposit money turn in date has passed, but a group from our Division is going ,so for all those attending make sure that you have everything paid for by May 15 th . Also be checking your emails and respond to whatever emails the district office sends you about ICON ASAP! I will be attending ICON and I am super excited to get new ideas and information about Key Club to bring back to the Division J Don’t worry for those who cannot attend this year there is always next year’s ICON which will be held in Washington D.C!

o 1st PCM !!!!!: Get excited and throw a dance party(jk but that would be awesome if you did). My 1st PCM will be held on June 10th after all AP Exams, SATS, ACTS, Graduations, Proms, and Finals are done and over. It will be from 3-5 pm at Lone Star College Library located in Cy Fair ( if any changes occur I will be emailing you about them). I would really like to see every club in attendance with a great turnout! We will be going the latest T-O district information and having fun activities to get to know Key Club a little bit more. This is a great opportunity for you everyone in the division to get to know each other , so invite all officers ! :) I would like each of the Presidents to present a slide on their plans for the summer as well. Food will be available! J o MONTHLY REPORTS –Lets keep the mighty 3N legacy strong and keep on submitting those monthly reports! J If you want to be in the top 25 next year ( 7 out of our now 11 clubs in our division were in it this year), SEND IN YOUR MR’S ON TIME! You must send a hard copy of the monthly reports in a manila envelope(decorate them and do the task of the month which this month is to list 3 goals for your club ) to Kevin Duong and a electronic copy emailed to me (, our Regional Advisor, Ms.Pomorski, your Kiwanis Advisor, and our Division Kiwanis Advisor, Mr.Crowl. Monthly reports are due on the 5 TH of every month.






Start planning summer activities for your members and Builders Club kiddos. Key Club is year round so just because the school year end doesn’t mean service does too J. Caring is our way of life! Hold officer instillations/ banquets (they count towards points on the annual achievement report). If you are mentioned in my newsletter then use it as publicity for points on your MR. Start planning for Key Club recruitment, tshirts, etc. now J so then later you can just focus on service instead of trying to get everything organized. Hold officer-training days over the summer J Great way to bond and build a better board for next year.( points on the achievement report) Notify me and invite me to meetings and anything Key Club. I would love to visit and work you guys! J I can not wait to work with you all!



THE People to Know….. Important Contact Info

Name: Brian O’Hara Position: District Governor Phone #: (512)-705-1707 Email:governorbrianohara

Name: Kevin Duong Position: District Secretary Phone #:(832)-418-7745 Email:kevin.duongkc@ya Address: 14906 Bridle Bend Dr., Houston, TX, 77084

Name: Maci Slater Position :District Treasurer Phone #: (580)-247-0413 Email:

Name: Lindy Davis Position: District Editor Phone #: (325)-642-7740 Email: davis.lyndyn2013@gmail. com

Other Important Contact Information… George Crowl Position: Kiwanis Advisor for Division 3N Email:

Name: Carolina Hernandez Position: Division 3N Lieutenant Governor Phone #: (832)-373-0034

Name: Judy Pomorski Name: Walt Roetter Position: Region 12 Advisor Position: District Phone #: (832)-452-7544 Administrator Email: Phone #: (830)-733-0008 Email: Email: carohernandez3nltg@gmail. Address: 422 Meadow com Ridge Drive, Kerrville, TX, Address: 7534 Log Cradle Dr., 78028-3825 Houston, TX,77041

April Newsletter for 3N  

My 1st newsletter for the year :)