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I absolutely know we can be THE high school of choice for girls in the region.


A word from our


Legacy, Pride,Promise


ear Carondelet Community,

The theme of this Carondeletter might be: legacy, pride and promise. We have the opportunity to reflect with gratitude on the inspiring ministry and legacy of our dear Sister Eleanor, CSJ and to look forward to our school’s promising future through the eyes of our dynamic president, Bonnie Cotter. Sandwiched between these “bookends” are stories of our students, faculty and alumnae that make us all proud.

young women with an exceptional foundation of learning and character on which they can rely the rest of their lives. THE high school for girls? Absolutely! I invite you to cherish the legacy, enjoy the Carondelet of today and look forward to a very bright future for “our girls” and our school. With gratitude,

The article on page 4 captures some of the emotion and gratitude evident at the on-campus celebration of Sister Eleanor’s life on August 19. The presence of so many Sisters of St. Joseph and hundreds of alumnae and friends at that event reminded us all of the generations of Carondelet students touched by Sister Eleanor and all our CSJ Sisters. I left the service inspired to carry forward to future generations the vision of Sister E and the charism of “unifying love” of the entire CSJ community. Our president’s dedication to that vision and charism shines through her responses in the interview starting on page 6. As our cover says, Bonnie believes that Carondelet can be THE high school for girls in our region. It is inspiring to work together with her and all our faculty and staff to provide our

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Kevin M. Cushing Principal

FALL 2017 MISSION Carondelet High School inspires excellence by preparing young women to live with heart, faith and courage in the Catholic tradition and spirit of the Sisters of St. Joseph. VISION A Carondelet graduate is empowered by her Catholic, college-preparatory education and is known as a woman who responds to the needs of the times and makes a positive difference.

A Valiant Woman Sister Eleanor Eagan, CSJ


CARONDELETTER TEAM Chief Advancement Officer Dave Macmillan


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A Candid Conversation with Bonnie Cotter, President

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STEM Experts Advise on Innovation Center


Athletics Complex Opening Soon


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CARONDELETTER Published for the alumnae, parents and friends of Carondelet High School


On the cover: Madison Wright ‘19 (left) and Destany Bernstine ‘18 conduct an experiment.

43 In Memoriam Carondeletter | Carondelet High School | Fall 2017 | 3




he Carondelet community lost a valiant woman this summer – a spirited leader who dedicated her life’s work to educating young women, serving the dear neighbor, and sharing the CSJ charism. During her 35 years at Carondelet, Sister Eleanor Eagan, CSJ touched the lives of generations of students, their families, the women and men with whom she taught and an extensive community of fellow sisters and friends. Sister Eleanor taught Religious Studies and English and then worked in Admissions, Alumnae Relations, College Counseling and Public Relations, founding the Carondeletter – originally a four-page newsletter printed in black and white. She was also the school’s resident historian, capturing momentous occasions and everyday life on film and through her eloquent writing. At the request of former Carondelet principal and president Sister Kathy Lang, CSJ, Sister Eleanor wrote and published the 232-page book, “Valiant Women,” which recounts the first 50 years of Carondelet history. In it, she writes: “A jewel in our Province, Carondelet High School is, I believe, a special place, where everything works toward the good and where everyone serves the goal, the purpose, the mission – a Catholic school committed to leadership and service to the dear neighbor.”

4 | Carondeletter | Carondelet High School | Fall 2017

Hundreds of Sister Eleanor’s loved ones attended her memorial Masses in Los Angeles and at Carondelet, and dear Sister E crafted her own necrology to be read unaltered. But her life story could not be done justice without the stories of those whose lives were made better by knowing her. President Bonnie Cotter offered her own tribute: “Sister Eleanor, there is no doubt about how much you care, nor how much you are loved. You have hundreds, thousands of daughters, and sons, too. You are a most-loved teacher. A second mom, a mentor, a true friend. You made a huge impact and left footprints on our heart. When we think of you, words like sunshine, joy, compassion and pride come to mind along with the memory of a loving smile, warm hugs and sheer kindness.” At the on-campus celebration on August 19, scores of alumnae, friends, and faculty – past and present – turned out to pay their respects and pray for the woman who has left a legacy. Following the Mass, guests filled the Inner Court to share memories and reconnect with each other and with Sister Kathy, who made a special trip up from Los Angeles to join in the tribute. Thank you to all who shared photos and memories of Sister Eleanor, and who joined us for this celebration. To those who could not make it, we certainly felt your love. To view the video of her Los Angeles Mass, read Bonnie’s full reflection, see pictures from Carondelet’s celebration of life, or to see a video of Sister Eleanor describing her hope for the future, please visit



“When we think of you, words like sunshine, joy, compassion and pride come to mind along with the memory of a loving smile, warm hugs and sheer kindness.”


Carondeletter | Carondelet High School | Fall 2017 | 5

Bonnie Cotter


“To me, the sisterhood is part of that unifying love for each other…”



he Carondeletter recently found time on President Bonnie Cotter’s busy schedule to ask her about the school’s students, faculty, Catholic identity, strategic priorities and more. Bonnie’s relentless commitment to excellence for “our girls” was evident in her straightforward answers. How would you describe today’s Carondelet students? Courageous, composed, confident, eager to learn more, to tackle what’s ahead of them. Also, their caring for the community and each other is really palpable. What does “sisterhood” mean at our school? Sisterhood is a great word, because it means more than just being a sister to each other. It’s about being a sister of the world, about going forward and looking outward. I connect sisterhood to the CSJ charism of service to the dear neighbor and how there’s a unity and a unifying force of God that runs through all things. To me, the sisterhood is part of that unifying love for each other and for those people and things that are around us. You claim that Carondelet can become “THE high school of choice for all girls in the region.” Is this really possible? I absolutely know we can be THE high school of choice for girls in the region. We are in a unique position to change the trajectory of young women – in how they view themselves, how they relate with the world, how they see their future, their opportunities – we can impact that. On top of that, we have a spiritual grounding that makes our girls much more

6 | Carondeletter | Carondelet High School | Fall 2017


aware of the world around them and their duty to be a force for good. Developing caring young women with the sky as the limit… you don’t get any better than that and that makes us the best.

An impressive group of science and technology leaders is teaming with Carondelet faculty to develop STEM and Innovation facilities and curricula. What do you expect will come out of this effort? Incredible relationships and partnerships that will provide more exposure for the school, for one thing. People in tech industries, both in Silicon Valley and throughout the Bay Area are learning about our school and our amazing kids. They will be able to provide entrée for internships for our students as well as mentorships for our faculty. In addition to science, technology, engineering and math components, we envision innovative programs in creative design, leadership skills, project management, and entrepreneurship. These partnerships will help us create all that and ensure that it is real-world and relevant. Are we prioritizing STEM over other disciplines? Not at all. The cross-disciplinary, hands-on approach we are taking is going to be highly effective across the board and requires the humanities and the arts to be fully integrated in all learning. A new development in science has ethical implications. Developing new technologies requires creativity and problem-solving skills. The real world requires bringing disparate ideas from across all disciplines to bear in creating new solutions to the world’s problems. You believe that diversity and inclusion are marks of an excellent education. Why? Understanding how others think is essential for personal growth. Having classmates from other backgrounds challenges us to look at things a different way and reflect on our own thinking. It also helps all of us to understand that every action, every word has an impact that resonates beyond

just ourselves. What we say and do has a ripple effect that extends well beyond the immediate circumstance.

What have you found to be the biggest misconceptions about Carondelet? I think two things. One is that we only serve Catholics. That is not who we are, that is not who Catholic schools are, that is not what the Sisters of St. Joseph are really all about. It’s about serving everyone but to do so from the heart and teachings of our Catholic traditions and values. The other misconception is that we are just a smaller public school with Catholic faith mixed in. In fact, we are an independent school with a high expectation that we deliver an excellent and personalized educational experience that brings out the best in each and every young woman who attends our school. That includes not only what they will come to know, but who they come to be and what they are called to do to make the world a better place. With only a few Sisters on campus, is today’s Carondelet less Catholic than it was a generation ago? Not at all. The Sisters recognize that lay leaders are now the stewards of their ministry. We are relying on the Sisters to help us learn everything we can about their charism and history so we can carry on this wonderful mission through the years ahead. Even with only a few Sisters here, we continue to live out the CSJ charism to ensure the mission of the school stays strong while also responding to the needs of the times. How do you get students and faculty to understand and buy into Cardondelet’s mission, vision and values? First of all, we try to make it very present in everything we do. We have visible symbols – the mission and vision statement and core values are posted in every classroom and all meeting Carondeletter | Carondelet High School | Fall 2017 | 7

rooms. Secondly, for our adult community, we are actually embedding these values into every job description and every performance evaluation. For our students, we embed them across our curriculum as standards for what we expect from our students. We continue to hold liturgies and daily prayer as a central focus for bringing the community together and all of our student activities and events are explicitly tied to how they further and promote our mission.

As you start your fourth year as President, what is your vision for Carondelet in these next years? My overall vision has remained steadfast—to strengthen the very core and fiber of the school in order to support the mission in such a way that, no matter what the school faces in the future, it will always be nimble and proactive and strong. That means building an organization with a deep talent pool and a culture where everybody understands and contributes to who we are in our bones.

Do you feel students who aren’t Catholic are comfortable here? I believe our Catholic values are easily embraced by people of all faiths so when students and parents from other faiths visit, I find that they do feel comfortable here. And when they actually enroll, the students feel very included. We show respect for other faiths in celebrating our Catholic Masses and in our classrooms. Faculty members would not really know which students in their class are Catholic and which are not.

What trends do you see on the horizon that Carondelet will face? The world of technology has really changed the game in education - students learn differently. Also, our graduates will need to be prepared to adapt to ever-changing career opportunities, whether they work locally, nationally or globally. Flexibility will be essential. What stays the same here, however, are our mission and the core values we believe will sustain our women no matter what they face. Will Carondelet be able to continue to recruit and retain the teachers that you’re describing as critical to our mission? First of all, I think people like to work here because we are a supportive, congenial community; we have wonderful students and wonderful colleagues. Secondly, we are competitive in our compensation. Third, and perhaps most important, is our environment in which teachers can both innovate and know they’re making a long-lasting impact on the lives of kids – that’s what drew them to education in the first place. Our principal, Kevin Cushing, is doing a great job creating this environment. When you watch our young women playing soccer, tennis, lacrosse, softball, water polo, and swimming and diving at the new Athletics Complex – what will you be thinking? I will be thinking that for over 50 years the girls didn’t have this, they had to do without. That was never okay. But our team tackled this inequity and made fixing it a priority. The community got behind it, donors got behind it and it has been full speed ahead. Within a few months the girls will have

8 | Carondeletter | Carondelet High School | Fall 2017

a beautiful new home for the next 50 years and beyond. That’s a pretty incredible testament to the school and community. Bishop Barber has expressed concern about the state of parish schools. Are you concerned about our parish schools and especially the middle school years? What can Carondelet do to help? Yes, we are concerned about the state of Catholic parish education in our region which is just a reflection of what is happening nationally. We continue to reach out and look for new ways to support and partner with the principals at our elementary and middle support schools as well as the diocese to find creative solutions. We want to help strengthen all of our Catholic education components because we are dependent on each other. What is your greatest challenge going forward? I think the greatest challenge is just that there is so much to be done. You look at the girls and it just compels you to want to give everything to them right now - to help improve this or that aspect of their Carondelet experience. We have to prioritize so we can sustain the initiatives we’re undertaking and continue to deliver the level of excellence that our girls deserve.

of alumnae, friends of the school and our past and current families to become enthusiastically engaged in building our future. As much as we love the good old days, standing still is not an option anymore. We have to look ahead to help create that future for these girls and we’re stronger when we all do come together.

“My overall vision has remained steadfast—to strengthen the very core and fiber of the school…” – BONNIE COTTER PRESIDENT

What is the role of the Board today? The trustees are really great, both the lay members and the four CSJ Sisters on the board. They have been wonderfully supportive of the direction of the school. They understand the day-to-day business side of the school and how the charism and business side need to be in sync in order to keep the mission strong. It is not easy work, but together we have achieved much and we are dedicated to moving our school continually forward. What is it that we haven’t discussed that you would want readers to know? We need to have everybody on board to keep the school strong and thriving, especially as we have fewer Sisters to help and we have these significant challenges ahead of us. We need alumnae, parents

Bonnie welcomes your feedback at

Carondeletter | Carondelet High School | Fall 2017 | 9

STEM Experts Advise on

INNOVATION CENTER “My hope is that we will be able to successfully leverage all the fantastic expertise within the group across the technology, research and education sectors.” – EMILY ST. JEAN DUGGAN ‘05, STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIPS, GOOGLE

Advisors and students, including Elyse McClure ‘19 (above) shared their thoughts on how to create the ideal learning environment.


ow do you begin imagining the kind of science, technology and innovation center that will equip young women for careers that don’t yet exist? Ask the experts. Carondelet has recruited a diverse group of advisors from the most successful tech companies and the most respected university faculties to help design a truly unique STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) and Innovation Center for students. The Advisory Council was launched at the IBM Watson Center in San Francisco this summer, and subsequent workshops with advisors, faculty and students have explored curriculum of the future and how to design flexible space for maximum innovation. “We hope the Advisory Council can help shape the vision for a truly innovative facility and curriculum that will prepare the young women of Carondelet for the world of the next 20-30 years, which will look a lot different than today,” said Jack Russi, with his wife Jodie, two of the Co-Chairs of theThis is Our Time Campaign. “This Council should also be a strong ‘connector’ to the top STEM minds and companies that can make that vision a reality.”

10 | Carondeletter | Carondelet High School | Fall 2017

EXTERNAL ADVISORS His enthusiasm is shared by Carondelet alumna and Google Strategic Partnership Officer Emily St. Jean Duggan ‘05.

JIM ATKINSON • Pixar Animation Studios

“The STEM Advisory Council is incredibly eager to help Carondelet become even better suited to prepare students for the type of problem-solving that is needed for college and the next generation workplace,” she said. “My hope is that we will be able to successfully leverage all the fantastic expertise within the group across the technology, research and education sectors.”

CHRIS BROOKS • University of San Francisco

Carondelet science teacher and inventor Randy Grishaber brings his background in industry as well as his classroom experience to the council. “What is so exciting about the dynamics of this group is that it is rich in ideas and savvy to the challenges of implementing necessary change to help Carondelet move forward well into the future,” he said. President Bonnie Cotter and Principal Kevin Cushing believe the Council will provide added benefits, including internships for students and professional mentorship opportunities for faculty. They expect Carondelet to emerge as a national leader in STEM and Innovation learning for young women and that the role of the Council will come to be recognized as a best practice. The Carondelet community can look forward to seeing concept drawings of the new facility in January 2018.

SARA BECKMAN • University of California, Berkeley NICK BRATHWAITE • Riverwood Capital B. CAVELLO • IBM SHELLY KAPOOR COLLINS • Shatter Fund PATT ROMERO CRONIN • Global Transformation Service LAURA DOYLE • Santa Clara University EMILY ST. JEAN DUGGAN ‘05 • Google RACHEL DZOMBAK • University of California, Berkeley GLENN FOX • Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory BJOERN HARTMANN • UC Berkeley CHARALYNN MACEDO • Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory TONY MACEDO • Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory EMILY RICE • Jacobs Institute for Design Innovation, UC Berkeley JACK RUSSI • Deloitte LLP JODIE RUSSI • Catholic School Educator CHUCK SCHWALBACH • Apple Inc. JASON WU • Roche Sequencing Solutions


“We hope the Advisory Council can help shape the vision for a truly innovative facility and curriculum that will prepare the young women of Carondelet …”

ANN MARIE CABRAL • Math Faculty, Chemical Engineer RANDY GRISHABER • Science Faculty, Mechanical Engineer, Inventor DAVID MACMILLAN • Chief Advancement Officer LESLIE SCHOOLER ‘96 • Math Department Chair

– JACK RUSSI CO-CHAIR – THIS IS OUR TIME CAMPAIGN Carondeletter | Carondelet High School | Fall 2017 | 11

Carondelet Athletics Complex


Natalie Coughlin

AQUATICS CENTER The new Aquatics Center now bears the name of Natalie Coughlin, Carondelet’s Cougar alumna from the Class of 2000, who is a three-time Olympian and generous humanitarian with a heart of gold. Coughlin has earned 12 Olympic medals in her career, and she will be featured prominently at the new athletics complex, with a largerthan-life image of her diving into the pool at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Her image and athletic accomplishments will also be displayed in Carondelet’s Hall of Fame, to be unveiled in spring 2018.


s of press time, the Carondelet Athletics Complex is just weeks away from welcoming our Cougar athletes. The 6-acre facility will be home to seven Carondelet sports programs and will include a regulation soccer/lacrosse field, softball field, 10-lane competition swimming and diving pool, six tennis courts, and a newly remodeled student center. Fifty years in the making, the new athletics complex will provide hundreds of Carondelet athletes with their first home field advantage. The former Club Sport Valley Vista has been transformed into a vibrant second campus in just 11 months. The pool and student center are now complete, as is the custom-designed art and landscaping for the Natalie Coughlin Aquatics Center, Jeffery Field and the Gratitude Wall honoring donors. The final phase of construction will see the artificial turf installation for our soccer/lacrosse and softball fields. A series of grand opening events will kick off in January 2018 and include a ribbon-cutting ceremony and facility blessing, inaugural sporting events for our Cougar teams, and our first-ever athletics Hall of Fame induction ceremony. We can’t wait to see you there! Go, Cougars!

12 | Carondeletter | Carondelet High School | Fall 2017

Carondelet’s Anderson ‘19


Just after completing her sophomore year,

goalkeeper Angelina Anderson ‘19 was called up to the U.S.’s Under-17 Women’s National Soccer Team. Over the next year, the squad will compete in several international events with the goal of qualifying for the U-17 FIFA World Cup in Uruguay. Anderson is one of a pair of goalkeepers on the 20-player roster for the USA squad. Over the summer, Anderson made her first international starts versus Canada and China, tallying eight saves total. Just weeks after starting her junior year at Carondelet, Anderson and the USA squad traveled to Portland to take on England’s U-17 team. The United States’ team defeated their English counterparts 6-1 and 6-2 in their two-game match up. Anderson earned her third international start in the first win of the series.

PHOTOS: TOP LEFT – Athletics Complex entrance rendering. TOP RIGHT – Aerial shot of new Athletics Complex. BOTTOM RIGHT – Athletics Director Caitlin Main ‘05 shares a sneak peek of the pool construction with former Olympic swimmer Roque Santos and his wife and Masters swimmer Debbie, parents of Shaila ‘21.

Back in Concord, Anderson and her Carondelet teammates will begin their 2017-18 season in November. The two-time defending East Bay Athletic League champions will be the first Carondelet team to compete at the newly constructed Carondelet Athletics Complex. The inaugural game is set for early January 2018. For all the latest news and notes about Carondelet Athletics, follow us on Twitter @Go_Carondelet and like us on Facebook @CougarAthletics.

BOTTOM LEFT – Natalie Coughlin, Alumna Class of 2000 and three-time Olympic gold medalist. Carondeletter | Carondelet High School | Fall 2017 | 13


NEW BOARD MEMBERS WILLIAM “MIKE” BARRY Mike Barry and wife Tricia gained an appreciation for Carondelet as parents of Allison ’15 and Lauren ’17. Mike’s 28 years of experience with Merrill Lynch includes co-founding the Barry and Milligan Group, a Walnut Creek firm providing comprehensive wealth management and planning. Mike is a past board president of the Diablo Country Club. He was an NCAA Division I decathlete at UCSB, so it is no surprise that both daughters are building on their Carondelet volleyball experience as student-athletes at College of the Holy Cross (Allison) and Williams College (Lauren).

EMILY ST. JEAN DUGGAN ‘05 Emily is perhaps best known to the Carondelet community for her stellar four-year varsity basketball career during which she scored over 1,000 points and received all-league honors in three of those years. She continued her basketball career at Yale University, graduating with a B.A. in history in 2009. Emily has worked at Google since 2010 and is now in the Strategic Partnerships group. In addition to joining the Board of Trustees, she is also an active member of Carondelet’s STEM and Innovation Advisory Council.

JAMES “JIM” MARCOTTE The positive experience of daughter, Olivia ‘16, and conversations with President Bonnie Cotter motivated Jim to contribute his considerable expertise in finance and his dedication to service to the Carondelet Board of Trustees. He earned his Master’s Degree in Accountancy from San Diego State University. Jim is the Executive Director of Financial Planning and Analysis at Kaiser Permanente’s Program Office and is active in KP’s Diversity and Internship programs. He is an Eagle Scout and current Committee Chair for Walnut Creek’s Boy Scout Troop 818. DANIEL VILLA Daniel’s long association with the Sisters of St. Joseph started when he was a freshman at Bishop Montgomery High School in Torrance. He stayed in continual contact with many Sisters, eventually serving as Board Chair of St. Mary’s Academy in Inglewood. He holds a B.S. from Cal Poly and an MBA from Pepperdine University. Daniel has completed over 30 successful years as a general manager in the cemetery business, including at Inglewood Park, and, most recently at Sinai Memorial Chapel in San Francisco. He and wife Rosemary made the move to the Bay Area to be near their two sons, Dominic and Ben.

14 | Carondeletter | Carondelet High School | Fall 2017



This Is Our Time Anonymous (5) Ginny and Timothy Angerer Karen Kraemer Bailey Lea and James Baldacci Christina and Tony Binswanger Tom and Kitte Bobich Rebecca and Kirk Bocek Teresa and Francesco Brofferio Kelly and Jonathan Carlson Lannette and Christopher Carscadden Monica and Chet Chappell Catherine Havlik Coste ‘84 and Randall Coste Bonnie and Paul Cotter John and Diane D’Amico Carol and Victor De Melo Christina Ditzel ‘97 Kathie and Al Faccinto Jessie and David Flatt Cheryl and Orlando Frasca Alice and Robert Gomez Patti and Ed Grubb Jan and Steve Hamill Mary Hendrickson Hofmann Family Foundation Janis and Chris Hoyt Kim Hensley and Lon Huffman Ana and Liviu Ionescu Patricia and Richard Jeffery Stephanie and Jay Knudson Donna and Tom Kozel Karen Meneghetti Lerner ‘80

Kimberly Lisiak ‘09 Christine Sabatte Logan ‘73 and Richard Logan Sondra and Marc Macaulay Ann Magovern Karen Sousa-McHugh and Andrew McHugh Mike and Cheryl McKeon Carole and Lou Meylan Lynn and Chris Nicks Liz and Brent Nomura Lucy and Tom Oneto Barbara Piepho and Neil Wirth Robert “Bo” and Laurie Radanovich Steven Ross Jodie and Jack Russi Emmelie Sabatte ‘77 and Arthur Woo Theresa and Kevin Sherwood Shauna and Mark Simmonds Sisters of St Joseph of Carondelet Los Angeles Province The Ron and Ellen Stevens Family Lindy Dallimonti Sullivan ‘02 and Ryan Sullivan Julie and Wahid Tadros Madeleva Tate Joan Tracy Christina Harley Ventrelle ‘93 Sarah Henry Walsh ‘80 Mary and Jim Williams Lisa Boscacci Winter ‘85 and Kurt Winter



Benefactor Lisa Hofmann Morgan publicly announced in February that The Hofmann Family Foundation was pledging $15 million to Carondelet – half of which will support need-based financial scholarships for students; half of which will support the construction of a new Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM) Innovation center. “This really is a historic occasion for my family, my daughters and the Carondelet community at large. It is my hope that our family’s philanthropy will inspire others to do more, be more and imagine more for all the young women here at Carondelet and in our community,” said Ms. Morgan, whose five daughters graduated from Carondelet.

Carondelet High School | Many The Gifts | Gifts received from July 1, 2016 through June 30, 2017 | 15 Carondelet High School | Many The Gifts | Gifts received from July 1, 2016 through June 30, 2017 | 15

Many The Gifts

GENEROUS DONORS Generous donors supported Campus Ministry programs, tuition assistance, educational technology, facilities improvements and educational initiatives. The following people and organizations donated to Carondelet High School in the 2016-17 fiscal year:

SISTERS OF ST. JOSEPH CIRCLE Anonymous (9) 5 Karen Kraemer Bailey Lea and James Baldacci 15 Christina and Tony Binswanger Rebecca and Kirk Bocek 5 Castle Management John and Diane D’Amico 5 Naomi Dobrich 10 Kathie and Al Faccinto Jan and Steve Hamill 20 Janis and Chris Hoyt Christine Sabatte Logan ‘73 and Rich Logan 20

Lucy and Tom Oneto 15 Robert “Bo” and Laurie Radanovich Jodie and Jack Russi 5 Emmelie Sabatte ‘77 and Arthur Woo 20 Silvio & Mary Garaventa Family Foundation 15 Sisters of St Joseph of Carondelet Los Angeles Province 20 Julie and Wahid Tadros Wayne & Gladys Valley Foundation Lisa Boscacci Winter ‘85 and Kurt Winter



This donor has made gifts to Carondelet for at least five consecutive years.


This donor has made gifts to Carondelet for at least 10 consecutive years.


This donor has made gifts to Carondelet for at least 15 consecutive years.


This donor has made gifts to Carondelet for at least 20 consecutive years.

This donor is deceased.

16 | Carondelet High School | Many The Gifts | Gifts received from July 1, 2016 through June 30, 2017



Janice and Nicholas Brathwaite Carol and Victor De Melo David DeSilva Alice and Robert Gomez Valerie and Gus Halas Kim Hensley and Lon Huffman Suzanne Sabatte Hutchinson ‘72 10 Ann Magovern 5 Patty Mertens-Salmon ‘83 10 Lynn and Chris Nicks 10 Patricia Niven 5 Jeanne and Pat O’Brien Barbara Piepho and Neil Wirth 20 Prologis Foundation Norine and Tom Seeno 20 Theresa and Kevin Sherwood The Carl Gellert and Celia Berta Gellert Foundation 5 Trust Funds Incorporated Wells Fargo Foundation Matching Gift Program 20 Bonnie and Mike Zumbo

Karen and Norm Alberts 20 Carolyn and Russell Anderson Jennifer and Todd Bielawski BKF Engineers Tom and Kitte Bobich Bridge Strategic Partners LLC Jennifer Pehanick Buckley ‘81 and Robert Buckley Kelly and Jonathan Carlson 5 Coldwell Banker Solano Pacific Marcie and John Comyns 10 Lisa and John Connell SteVee Hopkins Coric ‘80 10 Catherine Havlik Coste ‘84 and Randall Coste 10 Michele Depolo Gene Dolan Epic Insurance Esurance Diana and Linus Farias Yvonne and James Farrington 15 Nicole Vasta Field ‘98 and Tony Field Garaventa Enterprises 20 Kristan Ghisletta Huguet ‘83 and Michael Huguet 5 Sandy and Mike Gunning 20 Joanne and Bernard Gutierrez 15 Kim and John Hajny Christina and Christopher Harney Jennifer and Trey Heiskell Mary Hendrickson 5 Ana and Liviu Ionescu Jostens Inc. 20 Anna and Rolland Jurgens Robin and Terry Lawson Victoria and Greg Longstreet Mollee and Matt Madrigal Barbara and Rod Marinelli Jeanine and Jim McDermott Karen Sousa-McHugh and Andrew McHugh Kerry and Eric Mein Prudence and Brian Minnihan John Mullane 15 Liz and Brent Nomura Elizabeth and Paul Nuti Oak Court Properties 5 Margaret and Fernando Olivas 5 Nancy O’Malley ‘71 Bill O’Malley Julie Visendi Ottati ‘89 and Michael Ottati Pacific Gas & Electric Company 15 Lisa and Timothy Pauling 10 Liz Paz-Rumore and Greg Rumore 10

PRINCIPAL’S CIRCLE Mary Beth and Gregory Anicich 15 Mike and Tricia Barry 5 Ute and Robert Burness Chevron 20 Bonnie and Paul Cotter Mary Beth Kulawiec Dittrich ‘79 and Tom Dittrich 15 Tricia and Brian Driscoll Kathleen McComb Engle ‘78 and Jeffery Engle Cheryl and Orlando Frasca Ashley and Matthew Hastings Lehmer’s Buick GMC Concord Karen Meneghetti Lerner ‘80 Sondra and Marc Macaulay 5 Lynn and Mike Mahoney 15 Mike and Cheryl McKeon Cristina Guevara Pauline ‘92 and Jake Pauline Stephanie Seeno-Miles ‘80 and Clyde Miles Shamrock Office Solutions Lindy Dallimonti Sullivan ‘02 and Ryan Sullivan 10 United Way 10 Sheri Hardt VanderKlugt ‘87 and Michael VanderKlugt 5 Leslie Brown Wyss ‘74 Gale and Christian Young 5

Cindy and Randy Pond 15 Nola and Tyler Potter Pat Quinn Lexanne Brown Ravarino ‘92 Carolyn Rebuffel Designs Ann and David Rood Sharon and Greg Rueb Mary Ann and Paul Shattuck 20 Shauna and Mark Simmonds Andrea and Patrick Smalling Susan Gutierrez and Daniel Smeester Stacy and Michael Smith Susan Solger ‘73 20 Mercedes and Mike Stead Timothy Stephens Sibhan and Charles Stokes Sonja and Michael Sutten The Ann Jackson Family Foundation 20 Sarah and Richard Torres Natalia Vonnegut ‘73 Paul Walker 10 Sarah Henry Walsh ‘80 10 Kerrie Weis ‘98 Stephanie Zimmerman ‘86 10

CARONDELET SUPPORTERS Heba Abdullah Lori and David Abele 5 Gwen Madison Aberer ‘86 and Jim Aberer 5 Dawn and Andrew Abranches Viviane and Nabil Abudayeh Frances Accardo Jennifer and Joseph Accardo Adobe Corporation, Inc. Elenita and Christopher Adriano Dolores Albaugh Kathleen Peirce Albright ‘74 Kelly and Mario Alioto Michelle and Ryan Allman Janis Allocco Katie Almonte AlphaGraphics 15 Veronica Gutierrez Alves ‘84 and Mark Alves AmazonSmile Heidi Amundsen-Myers ‘88 Camille and Scott Anderson Sean Anderson Laura Harley Andes ‘96 Ginny and Timothy Angerer 5 Barbara Clarke Anicama ‘84 and Harry Anicama Heather Gargaro Anton ‘88 and Jim Anton Annabelle and Valerian Antonio

Carondelet High School | Many The Gifts | Gifts received from July 1, 2016 through June 30, 2017 | 17

CARONDELET SUPPORTERS (CONTINUED) Apple, Inc. Alida and Alvaro Araica Lisa Arellanes Joanne and Bob Arellanes Terri and Philip Arndt Paula and Massimo Arrigoni Lynn and Noel Asuncion AT&T Services , Inc. Raquel and Edmundo Aureus Gabi Azumbrado ‘11 5 Rachel Azumbrado ‘09 5 Arlene and Gerald Bachecki 5 Frances and Myron Backhaus Patricia and Richard Baerlang Joanne Melloni Baird ‘79 20 Jennifer and Bret Baker Elizabeth Baker Sandra and George Baldocchi Joanna and Frank Balestreri Ginger Ball Rosa and Gregory Ballardo Stephen Balog Bank of the West Silvia and Miguel Barajas Kathleen and Samuel Baritell Alice Barlettani Patrice Barlow Gail Frick Barmby Vanessa Baskerville Linda Basman Lori and Michael Bates Laura Bauer Helen Baumgartner Clarice and David Baur Lynne and Raymond Baur Rachel and Jay Becker Rose Marie Beierlein Pam and Gary Beil Alida Boscacci Beilke ‘94 Myra Belfiore 15 Lisa and Michael Bellew Anne Donnelly Belt ‘70 and Darrell Belt Vicky and Othon Benavente Lea Benavidez ‘03 Sheila Benson 5 Kim and Ron Bercaw 20 JoAnn Trujillo Beren ‘73 20 Carolyn and Clay Berg Sarah Long Bergler ‘90 10 Catalina and Armando Bermudez Stacie Besagno Best Electrical Linda McGuire Biles ‘88 and Daniel Biles

Monica and Craig Bindi Diane and Walt Bishop BlackRock Kathleen Kluesener Blair ‘89 and Jim Blair Kristine Blanton ‘78 5 Christine Bolla Susan Boreliz Ana and David Borrelli Patricia and Allan Boscacci Maria and Steve Boss Anne Bossert Linda and John Boyan 15 Jennifer and Donald Boyce Jane Bradford 5 Sharon and Mike Bradley 10 Kim and David Bridges Devyn Bridges Toni Brien Nancy and Rich Brightman Christiane and Brent Brinkerhoff Barbara Britto-Tang ‘77 Colleen Riley Brodt ‘90 James Brodt Teresa and Francesco Brofferio Debbie and Ryder Brose Angela and Andrew Brown Martha and Daniel Brown Jennifer Fiore and David Brown Christi and Scott Brown Guy Brunsdon Corinne and David Bruzzone Wendy and Scott Buckley Buenavista Group Homes, Inc. 5 Ana and Ferdinand Bueno Norma Buss 5 Carol Bussey ‘77 5 Julie and Daniel Butler Patricia Butler Claudia and Leonard Butticci Cagwin and Dorward Judy and Ruben Calle 5 Haydee and Michael Camacho Maria and Benjamin Camilon Merrie Jo and Randel Campbell Jean and Robert Canepa Robyn and Tim Canevascini Pam Carlson Annemarie Boscacci Carpenter ‘91 Michele and John Carr Bria and Enrique Carranza Casey Carroll ‘02 Brenda and Matthew Carroll 15 Lannette and Christopher Carscadden

18 | Carondelet High School | Many The Gifts | Gifts received from July 1, 2016 through June 30, 2017

Joanne Gibbons Castello ‘77 15 Elizabeth Chaponot Sara Chaves Rochelle Singer Christolos ‘70 Barbara and Dino Ciarlo 5 Kim and James Cilley Jacqueline Guibert Cimento ‘74 Cisco Systems, Inc. Laya and Craig Clark Jennifer and Michael Clark Class of ‘81 Debra and Donald Clawson Angela Elgazzar Clay ‘91 and Matthew Clay Stephanie Cline Ariadne and Thomas Clinton Tessa and Jason Clute 10 Linda Garaventa Colvis ‘79 and Clark Colvis 15 Maria Regina and Emmanuel Comes Maxine Concepcion Maria and Daniel Connolly 5 Sieglinde and Ronald Connolly Gigi and Cliff Conte Debra DiVittorio Conte and Gregory Conte Suzanne and Walter Cook Courtney Kermeen Corda ‘87 20 Antoinette and Matt Corrado Courtney Cortez Vanna Conrady-Cossano and Rick Cossano Joseph Costa Juliette and Tim Cote Susan Coulston Laura Crane ‘07 Anne Crisp Susan and David Cross Carla Gibbons Cullerton ‘74 10 Kelly and James Cunniffe 5 Nela and Owen Cunningham Jennifer Curran ‘01 and Mike Curran Kevin and Jennifer Cushing Kate Steiner Cutright ‘93 5 Therese da Silva ‘84 and David Afinowicz Maria and Patrick Daghlian Judi Dallara Christy and Ronald Dallimonti 15 Sonia Wong Dallmann ‘90 Doris and Fred da Silva 10 Marie Angela and Juds David Nancy Case Davis ‘78 10 Danielle and Stephen De Marti 5

Doreen and Tom de Roque Maureen and Michael deBack Pamela DeBernardi Julie Carter and George Delfabro Elga and Emer delos Reyes Eileen and David DeMaria Luisa Demartini Stock ‘99 Stephanie Dennler ‘94 Barbara and Ed Denton 5 Krista and Michael Denton Jan and Ray DePole Catherine and Dave Depolo Kelly and Jerry Dermon Cheryl Ann and Christopher DeSimone Reggia and Michael Desmond 15 Jeska and Anthony DeSzily Elaine DeVincenzi Mary Ann and Mark DeVincenzi 5 Rachel Bhan-Dhawan and Ashish Dhawan Jeanette Blanchard Diaz ‘99 Marissa and Renato Dimacali Christina Ditzel ‘97 Sue Weiler-Doke and Jeff Doke Lori DonDiego ‘80 Sue and Bob Donohue Treza and Jamshid Dorafsha Theresa and Mark Doran Nadine Draper ‘84 Mary and Mark Drazba Trish and Dennis Drew Stephanie and Stephen Driscoll Edie and Steve Driscoll 15 Michele Dunleavy ‘85 10 Denise Thomas Duyn ‘75 and Robert Duyn Chevon and Joshua Dwiggins Sr. Eleanor Eagan, CSJ 15 † MaryAnn and Christopher Easley East Bay Auto Spa Amy Gunn Edwards Aggie Wintch Eidson ‘79 and Terry Eidson Mary and Richard Eisenhour Electronic Scrip Inc 15 Anne Kounis-Eleftheriadis and Ioannis Eleftheriadis JoAnn and Scott Emerzian Jeanne and Mike Emry Rose and Rey Encarnacion Rita Encarnacion-Malixi ‘03 Roger Engelhardt 15 Pamela Erickson ‘93 Andrea Comporato-Eubanks and John Eubanks Michela and Andrew Euser

Susan Evans ‘79 Marea and Jim Fabrique Eleanor Fairclough Sylvia Perfetto and Davide Farinati Jean Fazzio Trisha Frazer Fernandes ‘83 and Larry Fernandes Jane Fong-Fernandez and Jonathan Fernandez Elizabeth and John Fernando Roanne Ross and James Fiedler First Republic Bank Mary Jane Fiscus Deborah Donnelly and Kevin Fisher 10 Sue Hendershot Fisi ‘85 20 Mary Jeanne and Patrick Fitzgerald Judith Flannery Jessie and David Flatt Sheryl and David Flitton Joanne and Damian Foley Joannette and Donald Fong 5 Therese and David Fontana Erin Fontana ‘02 Louise and Pierre Fortayon 20 Marcy Fox 15 Mary Lou and James Francis Marian Francisco Denise Martin Freeman ‘79 5 Thea Vaughn and Ross Freiermuth Danielle and Mitch Freitas Holly and Peter Fuller Anabelle and Rudolph Galera Mark Galetto 10 Allison Del Grande Galford ‘94 Dianna and Joseph Gallagher Joyce and Alex Gaoiran Irene and Lorenzo Garcia Maggie Gardner Kristen Garets Margaret and Mark Garibaldi 5 Jim Gemmer Genentech 10 Julie and Keith Germain 15 Janet and Lou Gervolino Amy Ghisletta ‘84 Diana and Tony Ghisletta Stephanie Ghisletta ‘82 Sheila Gilchrist Laura Giles Camille and William Gilger Joanne McGuire Giorgi ‘86 and Louis Giorgi Margaret Goebel Kathleen Fitzsimmons Goodman ‘78 5

Carondelet High School | Many The Gifts | Gifts received from July 1, 2016 through June 30, 2017 | 19


Janet Williams and James Goodson Kelly and Ken Goodwin Google Muriel Gorton Luty and James Gotelli Christi and Mark Gotvald Channin Graham Gena and Keith Granucci Chris Grazzini Eva and Steve Green 5 Michelle and Macario Griego Katie and Tom Grim Michelle and Randy Grishaber Alecia and Rick Groeniger Laura and Kevin Gross Jennifer and Robert Groth Pamela Guaraglia Lynn and Martin Guidi Sheryl and Chris Guistolise Karen and Gerald Gunning 5 Trisha and Mark Gunning 5 Nancy Guyette Patty and Mark Haggen 5 Wade † and Nellie Haley Ria and Leo Halim Katharine and Russell Hall Ileana Pereira Halligan ‘78 Claudia Hallissy Melissa and Graham Hamilton

20 | Carondelet High School | Many The Gifts | Gifts received from July 1, 2016 through June 30, 2017

Susan and Robert Hamilton Wendy and John Hammergren Mara Hanck ‘89 and James Hanck John Hanecak Mary and John Hanlon 5 Kate and Rick Happy Aileen Kern Harbeck ‘77 Peggy and Steve Hardisty Carolyn and Edward Harley Bernadette and John Harney Lea DeBernardi Harrington ‘90 and Richard Harrington Kathy Harris 20 Cyndie and Russ Harrison 10 Lauren Hartford Eleanor Harvey Amber Haskett Eden Gonzalez Hass ‘89 10 Kristen Hassler Therese Fichtenkort Hathaway ‘81 5 Julia and Jay Hawkins Oanh and Trevor Hawkins Mary and Ed Hawkyard 5 Nieves Elizabeth and Christopher Hayworth Deborah Varian Hayworth ‘91 Jonny Hayworth Robyn Hegarty ‘80 Sr. Joann Heinritz, CSJ 10 Heather Helfer Mariangela and Derek Helgeson Cindy and Harry Hendricks Kathleen Henggeler 10 Ana and Lazaro Hernandez 10 Anoni and Enrique Herrera Sierra Smith Higgins ‘86 Laurie and Bill Hoban 5 Judie and Jack Hockel Patricia and Spencer Hodson Rochelle Guillory and Tamarr Holloway Debbie and Adam Hooey 5 Kristine and Brett Hoover Jane Hotchkiss Helen Houlston Inge Sorensen Houston ‘82 and Guy Houston Marianne and Jeff Howie Harryette and John Hughes Sabrina and Michael Hughes Jacqueline Hutchings Kathy Hymes 5 Julie Campos Ihling ‘90 10 Ingrid and Palmer Iriarte

Virginia and Ron Iverson Kathleen and Wayne Jarrett 5 Cherie and John Jatoft Doris and Paul Javier Jacquelynne Jennings ‘77 15 Ashley Johnson Tammy and James Johnson 5 Nancy Johnson 5 Lydia Jeung and Gary Jones 5 Melissa and Matthew Jose Margaret Terranova Judge ‘70 Just Give Danna and Ethan Katz Robin and Brian Kelley Mary Devlin Kerfs ‘80 and Alain Kerfs Kathleen and Gregory Kern Eva and Charles King Dana King Rosemary Kirbach Ursula and David Klapperich Pia and Arve Klausen Marina Xavier-Klotz and Kevin Klotz Robert Knebel Stephanie and Jay Knudson Karina Punu Kodres ‘98 10 Angelina Adler Kosich ‘02 Katherine and Theo Koury Lorraine Koven Donna and Tom Kozel Barbara Kresse Marie and Robert Kroha Mary and John Krouse Natalie and Gary Krutilla Sophia Kurnik Kristine and Terry Kvochak Jeanine and John LaBella Barbara Lacher 20 Lam Research Jenny Lambert Mona Lange 10 Louise Larkin Ana and Paterno Larracas Patricia and Dave Larsen 15 Andrea and Matthew Laszlo Keiko and Philip Latasa Mary Borg Lavagnino ‘76 Ann Lavezzo Law Office of Jennifer Thaete, PC Cindy and David Lawrence 10 Caitlin Lawson Main ‘05 Esther Kim and Jonathan Lee Ann and Robert Leitz Linda and Lester Lesavoy

Nancy Kelley Libby ‘76 and Mike Libby 10 Tami and Brian Lightle Ruth Linder Kimberly Lisiak ‘09 Claire Logan ‘12 Barbara Hockel Lopez ‘81 and Matthew Lopez 5 Divina Bautista Lopez ‘85 and Roy Lopez 10 Erica Love ‘04 Cheryl and Richard Lovelace Malissa Marsh Lucas ‘85 and David Lucas Carol and Michael Lucas 10 Gregory Lyon Lynn MacDonald Charalynn and Anthony Macedo Jennifer Machado Ivette and Ross MacLean 5 Sharon and Charles Madison Karen and Scott Madsen Gabriella and Michael Maestas Raquel and Ronaldo Magano Leslie Ward Mague ‘86 and Brian Mague Debra and Kevin Maguire Madeline Stevens Mahallati-Saadeh and Adel Saadeh Greg Mainer Dawn Montero and Joe Maionchi Monica and Waleed Maiwand Stephanie Majoy 15 Rosanne and Chris Maloney Jennifer and David Mammola Cecilia and Armando Manaois Karen Mangini Fely and Greg Manubay Peggy and Kevin Marani Anne and Eddy Marchetti Rosie Marchiano Juanita Mariano Jennifer Marino Kathy Marke 5 Michele and Matt Marples Annette Marquez Florelyn and Victor Marquez Doreen and Jack Martin Mary Jocelyn Martin Vickie Martin LeeAnn Martini Clementina and Louay Masarweh Beatriz and Michael Mason Lacy Gregor Matthews

Gina Pianalto May ‘82 and Glenn May Susan and Peter Mazzetti Kimberly Brown McCaughey ‘73 and James McCaughey Laura Aberer McClure ‘88 and Kent McClure 5 Mariwyn McComb 5 Jane and Chris McCormick Tim McDonald Neely and Terry McElroy Antonia and Joseph McGowan Carmel and Andrew McGrath Susan and Joseph McGregor Patricia McGuire Sydney and Michael McLaughlin Betty McMahon Sue and Sandy McPhee Terri Meehan 5 Allison Boscacci Mein ‘88 and Kevin Mein Jenifer and Brian Mercer Alyson Thomas Messier ‘98 and Schon Messier Carole and Lou Meylan Heather Wagner Michels ‘87 Microsoft Giving Campaign Andrea and David Miller Jennifer and Thomas Miller Nancy and David Minolli Melissa and Mitchell Mitra Jessica Smith Mix ‘99 Maureen Monahan ‘81 Stephanie Mondello 5 Mary Pat and Tom Monroe Ashleigh Montgomery ‘05 Bob Montgomery 5 Carol and Veniero Monti Eileen and Eric Morgan Morgan Stanley Dean Witter Alexis Janssen Morris ‘88 and Bradley Morris Gerry Morris Robert Morrison 15 Audrey Morrison-Allen Corine Dietz Muegge ‘89 Arlene and Bert Mulchaey Julie and Michael Mullane Brian and Peggy Mulligan 10 Connie and Charles Munden Rukhsana and Suheal Munir Arlou and John Munro Laura and David Murawski Wendy and Eamon Murphy

Carondelet High School | Many The Gifts | Gifts received from July 1, 2016 through June 30, 2017 | 21

CARONDELET SUPPORTERS (CONTINUED) Tracy and Nicholas Musco Tina Musco Christine Nadeau Diana and Timothy Naprawa Silvia Navarro Diana and Michael Nevares Kelly and Robert Neves Cathy and Mark Newsom 20 Patricia Newton Jennifer and Mark Neys Sherrie and Thomas Nicolosi Constance and Paul Nigro 5 Dalia and Peter Nino Gina Cattalini and Peter Nixon Jeanette Piepho Norman ‘75 Allison and Michael Norris Beth and Terry Norton 10 Kerrin Dieter Nuti ‘90 Heidi and Larry Nuti Christina and Ronald Ocampo Katie and Kevin O’Connell Darlene and Dan Ohrman Bukky and Victor Oisaghie Honey and Jack O’Leary 20 Robin Olson Tom O’Malley Madeline O’Neill Susan O’Neill-Lefevre Clarice Ong Vilma and Frederick Orantes Stacey and Bulmaro Orozco Doris Guerrero Orozco Jennifer and Raul Ortega Guadalupe and Carlos Ortiz Sr. Ann Bernard O’Shea CSJ 5 Karen Oshel Marie and Matthew Ospeck Susan Melloni O’Sullivan ‘81 Carolyn Otis Catanzaro ‘85 Sharon and John Ouimet Lois Owens 20 Marissa and Paul Pabelico Carol Pueringer Padilla ‘82 and Rod Padilla Colleen and Jeff Padilla 15 Mary and Medoro Pagni Jennifer Castaneda and Luis Pain Tatiana and Andrey Paley Susan and Gilbert Palomino Susan Vaccaro-Papalia and Dean Papalia Bonnie and Louis Paulson 15 Jacqueline and Werner Pels Cynthia and Kurt Pena Maureen and George Pereira Eunice and Ronaldo Perez

Iris and Frank Perezalonso Julie Perry 20 Richard Perry Juliet Schroeder Pesce ‘95 15 Heather and Dirk Peters Dottie and Jim Peters 10 Julie and Garst Peterson Suzanne and Paul Peterson Marilu and Eddy Pho Rosanne and Dan Piccinini Barbara and Richard Piepho Joan Pieri Rosmairi Polvorosa Stacey Sarrach Postin ‘94 Kari and Brian Powelson Pat Prosek Patricia and Richard Pulver Elizabeth McGervey Pursley ‘75 10 Robin Piantidosi and James Puthuff Tracey and Brian Quartaroli Cecille Quiambao ‘99 Karen Quick-Suryan ‘89 10 Jeanne and William Quillin Phyllis and Eduardo Quintero Beverly Rager ‘86 Martha and Raymond Ragona Kerry and Robert Raines Catherine and Don Ramayrat Neysa and Norman Ramos Alice and Donald Rasmussen Mitzi and Michael Reagan Van Real JoAnn and Walter Reichenbacher Kathy and Chris Renner 5 Shelley and Douglas Renner Elisabeth Renner ‘78 RES Consulting, LLC 10 Diane Schwartzenberger Rettig ‘80 and John Rettig Rex Lock And Safe Patricia Rezak Jan and Brian Richards Janice and Denis Richardson Maria and Jesus Rico Julie Riele Jeanne and Bill Riley Valerie Daskalos Riva ‘86 and Frank Riva 5 Robyn and Bob Rivera Susan and John Roach 5 Tracy and John Roberts Aldo Rocca 5 Ann Rolwing ‘86 5 Rebekah and Joe Rosa Alisa and Ruben Rosillo

22 | Carondelet High School | Many The Gifts | Gifts received from July 1, 2016 through June 30, 2017

Barbara Ross Steven Ross Tracy Leonard Ross ‘86 Christi Rossi Denise and Charles Rosson Carolyn Roth 10 Nancy Roth 15 Oriana and Marcello Rovai 5 Michelle and Jim Rowley Leslie Rueb Leanne and Steve Ruesink Tina Boardman Rufo ‘79 Leilani and David Rupp Tyler Russell 10 Laurie Trenbath Rutledge ‘73 10 Rosio and Adalberto Ruvalcaba Shawn O’Rourke Sabarese ‘93 Allyson Saca ‘05 Caroline Saca ‘12 Rosa and Emilio Salas Christina Saluna-Cayou ‘89 and Dean Cayou 5 Gail and Keith Samson Sharon Samson 5 Esperanza Sanchez Delma and Fares Sanchez Sue Sanders Lori and David Sanderson Patricia Rovai Sandvig ‘80 and Kris Sandvig 10 Debra Buckles Santos ‘96 5 Wanda and Lester Santos Julie Hinken Sasaki ‘82 and Kent Sasaki 10 Elaine Saulnier 10 Julie and Jack Scaff Dina Monaghan Scarlett ‘88 and Scott Scarlett Teresa Schaub ‘85 Bernadette Schild ‘77 5 Marie and Ronald Schmidt Kyrstin and Thomas Schmitz Bill Schneider Sally and Peter Schoemann Karen Taylor Schoenthaler ‘83 Lesley Burke Schooler ‘96 and Michael Schooler Jean and Donald Schroeder Diane Varni Schwalbach ‘99 Valerie and J. Theodore Schwartz Cynthia and Joseph Schwenger Nancy and Bill Scott Lauren Seeno Barbano ‘99 Marissa Pulanco-Segarra and Joel Segarra Libby and Donald Seil

Anne Wadsworth Seiler ‘86 Victoria Knafelc Sekits ‘84 Kristina Asato Sells ‘94 10 Hayley Shapland Sue Sharpe Christine and Kevin Shaughnessy Cristie and Robert Sheffield 5 Shell Oil Foundation Matching Gifts Program Marion and Donald Shepherd Patrice Belleci-Shipe and James Shipe Jesset Panis Sidore ‘87 Rosanne Siino ‘80 10 Paola and Paul Silva Margaret and Robert Silva Tana and Ronald Silvera Monica Simmons and Tom Azumbrado 10 Julie and John Simonelli Chuck Simpson 10 Katy and Richard Simpson DeEtte Sipos Amy Slavin ‘91 5 Suzanne and Charles Smith Donice Jansen Smith ‘74 Maria and James Smith Dorie and Randy Smith Flor Guzman and Juan Soria Antonette Simarro Sorrick ‘96 10 Michelle Sparacino Foxworthy ‘92 10 Chelsea Russell Spenser ‘09 Sports Basement Leslie and Scott Sprague Sprint Foundation 5 Beverly Spurs ‘75 15 MJ and Garry St. Jean 15 Emily St. Jean Duggan ‘05 Donna and Dave Stein Lisa and Mike Steinbrecher 5 Lorelle Fourcade Steuber ‘93 Ellen and Ron Stevens 10 Stacey Stevens Betty and Jim Stokes Teresa Piepho Stone ‘84 and Edward Stone Denise and Richard Stribling Sheree and Jonathan Styrlund Kathryn Sullivan Sr. Mary Sullivan Neville and Bob Susich 15 Lilybeth Wellott Sutton and Raphael Sutton Synergy Construction Josefa and Rolando Tagay 10 Richard Tagg

Margo and Andrew Tammen Madeleva Tate 20 The Clorox Company 20 The North Bay Group, Morgan Stanley Wealth Management Cynthia Thomas ‘71 5 Ruth and David Thompson Jeanette Sabatte Tiernan ‘81 and Paul Tiernan 5 Lorena and Jason Tilton Gaeby Todesco ‘07 5 Leslie Toliver Kathleen and James Toomey 15 Kelly Aiello Touhill ‘80 Joan Tracy 5 Gretchen and Robert Trapp Travelers Foundation Kathleen Cannon Trilevsky ‘83 and Mark Trilevsky Maris and Douglas Uchikura Sandra and Paul Urrutia Ann Vaccaro Rebecca and Jericho Valera

Carondelet High School | Many The Gifts | Gifts received from July 1, 2016 through June 30, 2017 | 23

CARONDELET SUPPORTERS (CONTINUED) Deanna Van Hattem-Rogers and Mike Rogers 5 Judy and Peter Vasconi Elaine Bomben Vecchi ‘72 20 Kim and Peter Vega Lynn and Robert Velazquez 10 Christina Harley Ventrelle ‘93 Jessica Verduzco Corinne and Alan Vernon Allyson Byrd Vesce ‘98 Caroline and Timothy Vest Ginger Vigo Henggeler 5 Patricia Vizcay 15 Katherine Von Magnus-Bjork ‘70 15 Christine Baumgartner Voorhees ‘90 Christine Spicer Vranesh ‘85 Jayne Walker Michael and Michelle Walton Lisa and Dan Wanket 15 Dana and Brian Wark Nancy Finley Washmera ‘96 5

Gwendolyn and Kenneth Watson Amy Way Susan and Gregory Wehrer Vicky and Steve Weisman Molly and Bob Welsh Jan and Norm Westmore Terri Dowling Wetter ‘73 5 Kathleen and Gary Wheeler Thomas White Eileen Hughes Whitson and Kenneth Whitson Brent Wiblin Mary and Jim Williams 5 Laurie Dickson Williams ‘90 5 Yolanda Williams Luana and Harry Wilson Jeff Winkel Kathleen Engler Winter ‘89 and Steven Winter Jane and Steve Wise Nancy Taft Witt ‘69 10

Anne and Stephen Wolf Elsie and Keith Wolfe Pamela Albaugh Wolff ‘73 Elizabeth Woo Cynthia Cruzado-Wooten and David Wooten Workday Janiele and Steven Worswick Jennifer and Jeffrey Wygal Lisa Kramp Xavier ‘90 5 Kendra and Steven Yamasaki Angie Portillo and Christian Zambrano Dwan Brennan Zehnder ‘81 and David Zehnder Joan and John Zehnder 5 Fran and Carlo Zocchi 15 Teresa Zocchi ‘86 5 Ida and Tony Zumbo 10


SOCIETY This giving society recognizes donors who contribute $1,965 or more to Carondelet’s Annual Fund in an academic year. The gift amount of $1,965 is a symbolic way for us to commemorate the importance of the year our beloved school was founded and to celebrate the generosity of our community who support the Carondelet we know and love today. Mary Beth and Gregory Anicich 15 Victoria and Greg Longstreet Sondra and Marc Macaulay 5 Anonymous (3) 5 Mike and Tricia Barry Mollee and Matt Madrigal Lynn and Mike Mahoney 15 Rebecca and Kirk Bocek 5 Janice and Nicholas Brathwaite Patty Mertens-Salmon ‘83 10 Jennifer Pehanick Buckley ‘81 and Nancy and David Minolli Robert Buckley Jeanne and Pat O’Brien Ute and Robert Burness Cristina Guevara Pauline ‘92 and Bonnie and Paul Cotter Jake Pauline John and Diane D’Amico 5 Liz Paz-Rumore and Greg Rumore 10 David DeSilva Barbara Piepho and Neil Wirth 20 Kathleen McComb Engle ‘78 and Emmelie Sabatte ‘77 and Albert Woo 20 Jeffery Engle Stephanie Seeno-Miles ‘80 and Cheryl and Orlando Frasca Clyde Miles Susan Gutierrez and Daniel Smeester Sibhan and Charles Stokes Kim and John Hajny Sonja and Michael Sutten Ashley and Matthew Hastings Sheri Hardt VanderKlugt ‘87 and Susanne Sabatte Hutchinson ‘72 and Michael VanderKlugt 5 20 John Hutchinson Leslie Brown Wyss ‘74 Bonnie and Mike Zumbo Christine Sabatte Logan ‘73 and 24 | Carondelet High School | Many The Gifts | Gifts received from July 1, 2016 through June 30, 2017 Richard Logan 20

Matt and Mollee Madrigal recently attended Carondelet’s donor recognition event.


SCHOLARSHIP FUNDS Helping thousands of young women to benefit from a Carondelet education, scholarships are often created as lasting legacies to honor or memorialize loved ones. These needbased scholarships are awarded to rising senior students. AURORA SCHOLARSHIP Anonymous 10 NAOMI & DAVID DOBRICH SCHOLARSHIP Naomi Dobrich 10 MARY & SILVIO E. GARAVENTA SCHOLARSHIP FUND Silvio & Mary Garaventa Family Foundation 15 Linda Garaventa Colvis ‘79 and Clark Colvis 15 GIGI POCHINI MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP John Mullane 15 HOFMANN FAMILY FOUNDATION SCHOLARSHIP Hofmann Family Foundation 15 LEGACY SCHOLARSHIP Anonymous 15 MARY ROSE TANCREDY MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP Paul Walker 10

SR. KATHLEEN LANG, CSJ SCHOLARSHIP Sheila Benson 5 Beth and Terry Norton 10 Nancy Roth 15 Karen and Norm Alberts 20 Susan Boreliz Jane Bradford 5 Marcie and John Comyns 10 Mary Beth Kulawiec Dittrich ‘79 and Tom Dittrich 15 Laurie and Bill Hoban 5 Barbara Lacher 20 Prudence and Brian Minnihan Mary and Medoro Pagni Elaine Bomben Vecchi ‘72 20

TRICIA GUNNING MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP Lynne and Raymond Baur Louise and Pierre Fortayon 20 Sandy and Mike Gunning 20 Karen and Gerald Gunning 5 Trisha and Mark Gunning 5 Jayne Walker YVETTE CHERIE FARRINGTON ‘88 MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP Therese da Silva ‘84 and David Afinowicz Yvonne and James Farrington 15

SR. ELEANOR EAGAN, CSJ SCHOLARSHIP Mary Beth and Gregory Anicich 15 Sr. Eleanor Eagan, CSJ † 15 Angelina Adler Kosich ‘02 Patricia and Dave Larsen 15 Eileen Hughes Whitson and Kenneth Whitson

NIVEN SCHOLARSHIP Patricia Niven 5 NUTI SCHOLARSHIP Elizabeth and Paul Nuti Suzanne and Paul Peterson OLIVAS FAMILY SCHOLARSHIP Margaret and Fernando Olivas 5 JOHN & DONNA SABATTE SCHOLARSHIP Christine Sabatte Logan ‘73 and Richard Logan 20

Carondelet High School | Many The Gifts | Gifts received from July 1, 2016 through June 30, 2017 | 25


GIFTS Gifts made by members of the Carondelet family in memory of deceased friends and loved ones support specific funds or the Carondelet Tribute Scholarship. Those memorialized are remembered monthly at a mass in honor of St. Joseph, the patron of a peaceful death, and their names are inscribed in the Carondelet Memorial Book in the President’s Office in the Convent. The following are the names of people memorialized during 2016-17: EUGENE BAGNASCO Louise and Pierre Fortayon 20 Marion and Donald Shepherd ANTHONY “NENO” SALVATORE BELLECI Patrice Belleci-Shipe and James Shipe JOHN BOARDMAN JR Tina Boardman Rufo ‘79 BARBARA “BOBBIE” BREEN Sheila Benson Susan Boreliz Mary Beth Kulawiec Dittrich ‘79 and Tom Dittrich 5 Jacqueline Hutchings Barbara Lacher 20 Julie Perry 20 Kathryn Sullivan Elaine Bomben Vecchi ‘72

SR ELEANOR EAGAN, CSJ † Karen and Norm Alberts 20 Mary Beth and Greg Anicich Roger Engelhardt 15 Angelina Adler Kosich ‘02 Patricia and Dave Larsen Beth and Terry Norton Nancy Roth Beverly Spurs ‘75 15 Kenneth Whitson Eileen Hughes Whitson and Kenneth Whitson JOAN B. EASLEY MaryAnn and Christopher Easley YVETTE FARRINGTON ‘88 Therese da Silva ‘84 and David Afinowicz FRANK FERNANDEZ Fran and Carlo Zocchi 15

CLARK AND CLARE BROWN Leslie Brown Wyss ‘74

STACY FINLEY ‘00 Nancy Finley Washmera ‘96 5

JOAN BUTLER Julie and Daniel Butler

JOANNE ZEHNDER FLORES Joan and John Zehnder 5

CLASS OF 1974 DECEASED Jacqueline Guibert Cimento ‘74

BLANCA EDEN GONZALEZ Eden Gonzalez Hass ‘89 10

ROBERT GRATTAN CONRADY Vanna Conrady-Cossano and Rick Cossano

TRICIA GUNNING Lynne and Raymond Baur Louise and Pierre Fortayon Karen and Gerald Gunning 5 Trisha and Mark Gunning 5 Sandy and Mike Gunning 20 Jayne Walker

ARTHUR CRYDERMAN Elaine Bomben Vecchi ‘72 20 PAUL A. DEVLIN Suzanne and Paul Peterson DENISE DURANT ‘77 Barbara Britto-Tang ‘77

ISABEL AND DARROLD HAWKINS Kathie and Al Faccinto ELIZABETH BETSY HENRY ‘77 Sarah Henry Walsh ‘80 10

AGGIE JACKSON Joanne and Bob Arellanes

ROBERT REZAK Patricia Rezak

LARRY JETER Elaine Bomben Vecchi ‘72

JACK RICCI Monica Simmons and Tom Azumbrado 10 Elaine Bomben Vecchi ‘72

VERNON LEE KEY Elaine Bomben Vecchi ‘72 DANIEL KRAEMER Karen Kraemer Bailey

JOHN AND DONNA SABATTE Christine Sabatte Logan ‘73 and Richard Logan 20


JOSEPH SCALMANINI Mary Hendrickson 5

MARJORIE AND BILL MAJOY Stephanie Majoy and Mary Ahern 15 FELIXBERTO MANGILOG Mitzi and Michael Reagan WILLIAM MERLITTI Jane and Steve Wise JACK MORRISON Audrey Morrison-Allen KATHY MULLANE John Mullane VICTOR A NIGRO Constance and Paul Nigro 5 CAESAR NUTI Elizabeth and Paul Nuti DR. BERNHARD PETERS Heather and Dirk Peters GIGI POCHINI John Mullane 15 EARL PROSEK Pat Prosek

26 | Carondelet High School | Many The Gifts | Gifts received from July 1, 2016 through June 30, 2017

GERALDINE B. SEIL Libby and Donald Seil MARY SIINO Rosanne Siino ‘80 10 MIKE SVEDISE Patricia and Dave Larsen 15 DONALD THOMAS Mary and Jim Williams 5 DEBBIE ZEHNDER TONNE ‘81 Joan and John Zehnder RITA TONNE Carolyn and Edward Harley SR. JOSEPHINE YOUNG, CSJ Cindy and David Lawrence 10

E nd


TRIBUTE The Carondelet Tribute Scholarship is also supported by gifts made in honor of friends and loved ones. The following are the names of people so honored during 2016-17:

HONORING ALL GIRLS AT CARONDELET Lannette and Christopher Carscadden NICOLE ALVES ‘15 AND HANNAH ALVES ‘20 Veronica and Mark Alves LUCIENNE ARRIGONI ‘19 AND FRANCESCA ARRIGONI ‘20 Paula and Massimo Arrigoni JULIE BALOG ‘76 AND SUSAN BALOG ‘78 Stephen Balog CHRIS MARINELLI BARRY ‘88 Barbara and Rod Marinelli LAUREN BARRY ‘17 AND ALLIE BARRY ‘15 Tricia and Mike Barry 5 NELLA BOARDMAN Tina Boardman Rufo ‘79 JILLIAN BURCHARD ‘18 Susan Evans ‘79 NANCY MONROE CARBINE ‘77 Mary Pat and Tom Monroe OLIVIA CONTE ‘17 AND ADRIANA CONTE ‘18 Debra DiVittorio Conte and Gregory Conte JENNIFER EMERZIAN ‘89 AND CARY EMERZIAN ‘94 JoAnn and Scott Emerzian KELLY FISHER ‘09, MEGHAN FISHER ‘12, JAMIE FISHER ‘15 Deborah Donnelly and Kevin Fisher 10



EMILY GROTH ‘17 Ruth and David Thompson

ISABELLA ORANTES ‘13 Vilma and Frederick Orantes

LEAH HALL ‘21 Katharine and Russell Hall

HON THE PELS GIRLS! LESLIE ‘78, LEAH ‘80, JENNI ‘82 Jacqueline and Werner Pels

ED AND CAROLYN HARLEY Christina Harley Ventrelle ‘93 SR. JOANN HEINRITZ, CSJ Marcy Fox 15 MAXINE JENNINGS Jacquelynne Jennings ‘77 15 KAYLIE KLOTZ ‘18 Marina Xavier-Klotz and Kevin Klotz SR. KATHY LANG, CSJ Ginny and Timothy Angerer 5 Sheila Benson 5 Kate Steiner Cutright ‘93 5 Roger Engelhardt Prudence and Brian Minnihan Beth and Terry Norton 10 Elaine Saulnier 10 Bill Schneider ASHLEY MANGINI Karen Mangini FR. RICHARD MANGINI Maggie Gardner TERRI MEEHAN AND ELIZABETH MEEHAN ‘07 Rose Marie Beierlein

MARIA QUINTERO Phyllis and Eduardo Quintero PAM ROMANO ‘85 Carolyn Otis Catanzaro ‘85 CARLY ROSS ‘19 Steven Ross NICOLE RUMORE ‘09 AND MARINA RUMORE ‘11 Liz Paz-Rumore and Greg Rumore JODIE RUSSI Cindy and David Lawrence KENDALL STEVENS ‘07 AND RACHEL STEVENS ‘10 The Ron and Ellen Stevens Family LINDY SULLIVAN ‘02 Libby and Donald Seil ALEXIS VAN HATTEN ‘14 Deanna Van Hattem-Rogers and Mike Rogers SUZANNE MUNRO WHEELER ‘86 Arlou and John Munro

HANNAH FLITTON Sheryl and David Flitton

Carondelet High School | Many The Gifts | Gifts received from July 1, 2016 through June 30, 2017 | 27


KIND Gift-in-kind donors have made generous charitable gifts of goods and/or services. A Sweet Affair Bakery & Cafe, Walnut Creek Jennifer and Joseph Accardo Janis Allocco Katie Almonte Sarah Hultman Alpert ‘92 AlphaGraphics 15 Amici’s East Coast Pizzeria Carolyn and Russell Anderson Sean M. Anderson Ginny and Timothy Angerer 5 Mary Beth and Gregory Anicich 15 Arctic Express 5 Denise and Andrew Armanino 5 Frances and Myron Backhaus Jennifer and Bret Baker Lea and James Baldacci 15 Bang’s Hair Salon Beach Blanket Babylon 5 Betty Benson Sheila Benson 5 Berkeley Repertory Theatre Stacie Besagno Best Electrical Bimbo Bakeries Gena and Eric Bingham Blackhawk Country Club Kitte and Tom Bobich Rebecca and Kirk Bocek 5 Boundary Oaks Golf Course 5 Linda and Daniel Bowen Jane Bradford 5 Jane and Robin Bradford 10 Linda and Jim Breazeale 20 Bridge Strategic Partners LLC Kim and David Bridges Colleen Riley Brodt ‘90 James Brodt Jennifer Pehanick Buckley ‘81 and Robert Buckley Wendy and Scott Buckley Buttercup Grill & Bar Calicraft Brewing Company California Shakespeare Theater 10 Callippe Preserve Megan and Brian Campagna Merrie Jo and Randel Campbell Jean and Robert Canepa Kelly and Jonathan Carlson 5

Michelle and Ted Carmon Carondelet Crab Feed Committee Mimi Regan Carpenello ‘80 and Gerald Carpenello Castle Management Catholic Funeral and Cemetery Services, Bishop’s Vineyard Chevron Humankind Matching Gifts Program 20 Chow Restaurants Concord Pavilion Costco - Concord Country Waffles 10 Paula and Brian Crawford Crystal Springs Golf Course John Cuddahi Nela and Owen Cunningham Jennifer Curran ‘01 Kate Steiner Cutright ‘93 5 Cycle Scape John and Diane D’Amico 5 Amy Boardman Davis ‘77 De La Salle High School 10 De La Torre’s Trattoria Ann Marie DeDie Deep Cliff Golf Course Catherine and Dave Depolo Disneyland Mary Beth Kulawiec Dittrich ‘79 and Tom Dittrich 15 Dolan Lumber Christine and Michael Dunn East Bay Auto Spa Eastbay Sponsorship Committee Ed’s Mudville Grill 20 Michele and Tony Eichers 5 El Charro Mexican Restaurant 20 Electronic Arts 10 Encore Gymnastics/Rocktopia Pamela Erickson ‘93 Excel Sign & Decal Jenn and Jack Fabrique Rosemarie and Robert Fambrini 15 Cristina and Juan Fernandez Sara Fichtenkort-Larose ‘84 Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco First Republic Bank Pamela and Michael Fischer Deborah Donnelly and Kevin Fisher 10

Susan and Thomas Fluehr Alyssa and Brian Fogarty Barbara Forde ‘72 5 Marcy Fox 15 Foxtail Golf Club Debra and Vincent Fratangelo Garaventa Enterprises 20 Stephanie Ghisletta ‘82 Kristan Ghisletta Huguet ‘83 and Michael Huguet 5 Sheila Gilchrist Glenbrook Club Alice and Robert Gomez Grand Lake Theatre Margaret and David Greer Alecia and Rick Groeniger Valerie and Gus Halas Jan and Steve Hamill 20 Mary and John Hanlon 5 Hannah Nicole Vineyards Kathy Harris 20 Cyndie and Russ Harrison 10 Hearst Castle Sr. Joann Heinritz, CSJ 10 Heather Helfer Heller Jewelers 15 Kathleen Henggeler 10 Myrna Portillo Hennessy ‘84 Rochelle Guillory and Tamarr Holloway Debbie and Adam Hooey 5 Marianne and Jeff Howie Janis and Chris Hoyt Sabrina and Michael Hughes Suzanne Sabatte Hutchinson ‘72 10 Indigo and Poppy Fine California Living In-N-Out Burger 15 Jamba Juice Patti and Rick Jeffery Joel Gott Wines Kaua’i Marriott Resort Kepler’s Golf Repair Kathleen and Gregory Kern Stephanie and Jay Knudson Michelle Koski ‘98 KrisTodd Vineyards Barbara Lacher Jenny Lambert Law Office of Jennifer Thaete, PC Cindy and David Lawrence

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Esther Kim and Jonathan Lee Lehmer’s Buick GMC Concord Nancy Kelley Libby ‘76 and Mike Libby Lindsay Wildlife Experience Lo Swim Christine Sabatte Logan ‘73 and Richard Logan LogoBoss Los Lagos Golf Course Lucy’s Nail Salon Gregory Lyon Charalynn and Anthony Macedo Stephanie Malone Cecilia and Armando Manaois Doreen and Jack Martin Maverick’s BBQ & Catering Susan and Peter Mazzetti Jane and Chris McCormick Jeanine McDermott Tim McDonald Karen McHugh ‘70 Mike and Cheryl McKeon Malisa Meemari Michael Merrill Design Studio Lea and Raul Millena Prudence and Brian Minnihan Nancy and David Minolli

Stephanie Mondello Stephanie and Ed Moresi Morucci’s Si Mangia Bene Corine Dietz Muegge ‘89 Brian and Peggy Mulligan Cathy and Mark Newsom Lynn and Chris Nicks Nor Cal Golf Academy Allison and Michael Norris Elizabeth and Paul Nuti Stacy and Peter Nuti Oak Court Properties Oakhurst Country Club Christina and Ronald Ocampo Jacqueline and John-Ashley Paul Gina and Greg Pelican Cynthia and Kurt Pena Lourdes and Rigoberto Pena Pepsico Foundation Julie Perry Suzanne and Paul Peterson Pete’s Brass Rail & Carwash Barbara Piepho Pier 39 Limited Partnership Prima Ristorante Patricia and Richard Pulver Carla and John Quinn

R & B Equipment Robert “Bo” and Laurie Radanovich Rakestraw Books Kristine Ratfield Carolyn Rebuffel & Sean Flannery Red and White Fleet 5 Jennifer Louie Reinwald Renaissance ClubSport of Walnut Creek RES Consulting, LLC 10 Rex Lock And Safe Riverside Golf Course Rocco’s Ristorante and Pizzeria 15 Ross Stores, Inc. Christi Rossi Rossmoor Golf Shop Nancy Roth 15 Leilani and David Rupp Jodie and Jack Russi 15 Joelle and Jeffrey Russo Emmelie Sabatte ‘77 and Arthur Woo 20 San Francisco Creamery Company San Francisco Giants San Francisco Opera Julie and Jack Scaff Sharon and Jeffrey Schlagel Karen Taylor Schoenthaler ‘83

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GIFTS-IN-KIND (CONTINUED) Lesley Burke Schooler ‘96 and Michael Schooler Chuck Scoma Scoma’s Restaurant Scott’s Seafood Grill & Bar Sequoia Signs and Graphics Laurain and James Sexton Theresa and Kevin Sherwood Paola and Paul Silva Monica Simmons and Tom Azumbrado 10 Joan and Spencer Smith Sonoma Raceway Specialtees Boutique Chelsea Russell Spenser ‘09 Sports Basement Walnut Creek Leslie and Scott Sprague Beverly Spurs ‘75 15 Lisa and Mike Steinbrecher 5 Sheree and Jonathan Styrlund Lindy Dallimonti Sullivan ‘02 10 Sr. Mary Sullivan Neville and Bob Susich 15 SusieCakes Andrzej Szafranski Tahoe Donner Association 10 The Bridges Golf Club The Golden Skate The Oakland Zoo The Original Hick’ry Pit The San Francisco Zoological Society The Sanctuary Nails by Connie The Sea Ranch Lodge & Golf Links The Woodhouse Day Spa Eric Thompson Gaeby Todesco ‘07 5 Trader Joe’s Trinchero Family Estates Sheri Hardt VanderKlugt ‘87 and Michael VanderKlugt 5 Caroline and Timothy Vest Village Inn Café 5 Angela and Nick Vlahos Bob Wallace 5 Walnut Creek Ford Mary and Jim Williams 5 Cathy and Paul Witkay 5 Tarie Regan Wolf ‘87 5 Elizabeth Woo Judy and Jason Wu Lisa Kramp Xavier ‘90 5 Yogurt Shack - Danville Gale and Christian Young 5 Zachary’s Chicago Pizza Anali and Joel Zaragoza Ida and Tony Zumbo 10 Bonnie and Mike Zumbo

Matching GIFTS ADOBE SYSTEMS INCORPORATED Kerry and Eric Mein APPLE, INC. Cecille Quiambao ‘99 Diane and Charles Schwalbach BANK OF AMERICA Mike and Tricia Barry Dottie and James Peters BANK OF THE WEST Robyn and Timothy Canevascini BLACKROCK, INC. Mariangela and Derek Helgeson CHEVRON CORPORATION Joanne Baird ‘79 Stephanie Ghisletta ‘82 Mary and John Hanlon Susan Solger ‘73 Lisa and Michael Steinbrecher CISCO SYSTEMS, INC. Kenneth Hankoff Shannon Joyner Karen Madsen Antonio Rocca ESURANCE INSURANCE SERVICES, INC. Shauna and Mark Simmonds GENENTECH, INC. Kelly and James Cunniffe Corine and Michael Muegge GOOGLE, INC. Emily St. Jean Duggan ‘05 and Patrick Duggan LAM RESEARCH CORPORATION Theresa and Mark Doran MICROSOFT CORPORATION Nieves Elizabeth Lopez and Chris Hayworth Jonny Hayworth PACIFIC GAS & ELECTRIC COMPANY Dawn Feegrado and Andrew Abranches Colleen Brodt ‘90 Marea and James Fabrique Diana and Linus Farias Nellie and Wade Haley Ana and Lazaro Hernandez Caroline Saca ‘12 Cynthia Thomas ‘71

SHELL OIL COMPANY Clementina and Louay Masarweh Kathleen and Gary Wheeler SPRINT CORPORATION Lori and David Abele THE CLOROX COMPANY Lydia Jeung and Gary Jones THE TRAVELERS COMPANIES, INC. Kathleen and Wayne Jarrett WELLS FARGO & COMPANY Anonymous Rosa and Gregory Ballardo Vanessa Baskerville JoAnn Trujillo Beren ‘73 and Robert Beren Nancy Case Davis ‘78 Trisha Fernandes ‘83 and Larry Fernandes Suzanne Hendershot Fisi ‘85 and Donnie Fisi Martha and Frank Gavidia Patricia and Mark Haggen Julie Campos Ihling ‘90 Ana and Paterno Larracas Divina Bautista Lopez ‘85 Brian and Peggy Mulligan Bernadette Schild ‘77 Kerrie Weis ‘98 WORKDAY, INC. Ann Rolwing ‘86 and Ross Thompson

Carondelet’s Many the Gifts annual giving report recognizes monetary gifts made to the school from July 1, 2016 through June 30, 2017. We have made every effort to provide a complete and accurate listing. However, errors may occur, and we hope you will accept our sincere apologies. Please contact Elle Robinson, Director of Development, in the Advancement Office at 925.686.5353 ext. 194 or, and we will correct our records.

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Thank You &

FAREWELL The Carondelet community bids a fond farewell to four long-time teachers and staff members who retired in May after years of dedicated service to our students and families. We wish them well in their future endeavors. DR. MARCY FOX | Religious Studies Teacher – 27 years “I am enjoying every minute [of retirement],” says Dr. Fox. “I am taking art classes and am considering a graphic novel in the future… Also, I am in hiking groups and my two book clubs in which I have been a member for over 25 years. I am also having fun promoting my youngest sister’s mystery novel, Redemption of the Cube Dweller. She has based the main character on me!”

KATHY HARRIS | Educational Learning Support Specialist – 39 years “I love spending afternoons with my dad who just celebrated his 93rd birthday,” says Ms. Harris. “I am grateful for the additional time we have. Along with [my dog] Maggie Mae, I’m still an active member of Molly’s Miracle Mutt’s, a therapy dog group started by alum Molly Norris ‘14 and continues with the leadership of her sister, Abigail ’18. I also treasure my quiet time at home reading, gardening, and less-quiet time with family and friends.”

STEPHANIE MONDELLO | Religious Studies Teacher – 10 Years “The best news is: not much is happening,” says Ms. Mondello. “I’ve relocated back to Illinois where I’m enjoying being closer to my grandkids. I’ve started taking classes in Tai Chi and Yoga—things I’ve been wanting to take up for years. I’m also enjoying hiking three miles a day through prairie meadowlands. Life is good.”

NEVILLE SUSICH | College Counselor – 17 years “I have learned that retirement is mostly about the glorious gift of added time to spend with friends, family and also for having fun!” said Mrs. Susich. “It has also been about figuring out how to redirect and refocus my time going forward. I spent the beginning of August at the University of Redlands as a volunteer college coach for College Summit, working with underrepresented first-generation high school students from south central Los Angeles. I will continue as a holistic reader for the University of California, as a College Advisory Board Member for Drexel University, and as a member of the local and national college admission advisory boards.”

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CLASS OF 2017 Morgan Aberer Hannah Allen Alexandra Anderson Allison Andre Alexis Anicama Jaclyn Aragon Kiara Arias Judith Audas Morgan Backhaus Reilly Baker Alexandra Baldacci Alexandra Ball Gabriella Ballardo Stephanie Barraza Lauren Barry Jane Bergez Evelyn Bergman Tiffany Berryman Kayla Bingham Gennifer Birkenfeld-Malpass Vanessa Boone Caitlin Bowen Moira Brown Alexis Browne Caycie Bruner Erin Butler Gillian Cabral Juliana Campagna Kate Nicole Cancio Sophia Canevascini Rachel Canon Allison Carr Kylie Cast Nicole Castagno Alexa Castillo Celina Chand Lillian Cheeks Haley Chimienti Gabriella Clinton Sophia Colello Hanna Coloma Karina Comes Audrey Concepcion Madeline Connell Olivia Conte Malia Costa Tiana Couture Vanessa Dalpiaz Sofia Daly Christine DeMartini

Isabella Depolo Angela Christine Dimacali Fiona Dolan Emily Downum Sabrina Dunbar Jennie Ekpa Sofia Escalante Anjhelaine Marie Escano Jacilyn Fabrique Veronica Fagalde Molli Fagan Maddalena Farinati Brenna Fernandes Fabiana Flores Carissa Fong Amanda Fragoso Andrea Freij Adeline Frost Alexis Frumenti Caroline Fuqua Alexia Galan Analisa Garcia Jenica Rose Garcia Kendall Gardner Serena Giglio Isabella Gonzales Emily Groth Madeline Guasch Sarah Gullixson Felicia Halas Erin Happel Tessa Hoffmeister Diandra Hooey Samantha Howay-Bueno Kaeli Ilagan-Evangelista Destinee Interiano Alexandria Javier Alyssa Jensen Daniela Johannsen Jericka Jones Lyndsey Jones Emily Jupina Michelle Kerfs Danielle Kolling Keleigh Kuptz Julia Leary Adriana Lobo Alexandra Lonsinger AnnaKate Lopez Catherine Lopez

32 | Carondeletter | Carondelet High School | Fall 2017

Margo Lowry Katherine Madigan Joanne Magano Lara May Amelia Mayer Noelle Mazolewski Sarah Mazzetti Emma McCarthy Sara McCaughey Laura McFarland Jennifer McGregor Anna Merletti Rebecca Jean Millena Devyn Miller Isabel Minton Sydney Moore Kelley Morley Ashley Ng Isabelle Nguyen Niaja Nolan Ashlyn O’Grady Francesca O’Neill Kate O’Sullivan Adedotun Ojo Annika Oledan Erin Ospeck Alexandra Oswald Lourdes Nadine Palacay Sophia Panella Olivia Pereira Cate Perino Anneliese Peterson Morgan Pittsey Kathleen Potter Rylie Powelson Isabella Quintana Jennifer Quintero Paige Rathbun Chloe Rebuffel Lauren Renner Juliana Riva Lauren Rivera Mikaela Robles Abigail Rogers Mikayla Rosaia Rachel Ross Sidney Rubens Alannah Elyse Ruiz Amanda Sanchez Taylor Sanchez

Clara Sanders Isabella Santos Taylor Santos Adriana Sblendorio Savannah Scarlett Heather Scheibley Katrina Schlagel Lauren Schmidt Jacqueline Schott Anne Schwartz Jasmine Scott Mikayla Scott Sophia Shanjani Brianna Simonich Jordan Smith Tabitha Sydney Sosa Delaney Sprague Anisa Stanton Jennifer Stark Samantha Steinbrecher Taylor Stewart-Thompson Shannon Stoller Claire Storti Desiree Sullivan Sarah Takahashi Julie Tapia Lara Turner Madison Turturici Katherine Van Loon Michaela VanderKlugt Vanessa Ventura Tabitha Vesneski Katrina Villacarlos Emma Villano Chloe Isabel Villarta Elizabeth Warriner Jeanelle Webb Sarah Wehrer Mikaela Wentworth Holly Williams Julia Woodbridge Cindy Xue

We wish them all the best in their new adventures. Please keep in touch with us at:


”From the deepest love we showed one another on Kairos to the resounding cheers at every rally, I have learned what it means to love loudly. May we show this heart to everyone we meet, and always remember that love is the evidence.” – OLIVIA CONTE, CO-VALEDICTORIAN

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KELLEY NICOLE MORLEY SALUTATORIAN PRINCIPAL’S AWARD This award is presented to the senior who has exemplified Carondelet mission and to its values through leadership and service to the greater community. Kelley’s passion for leadership shined brightly on all those that worked with her. She served on ASB her entire high school career, was a Kairos leader, and was a member of our Homecoming Court.

CARONDELET AWARD This award is presented to the senior who exemplifies the ideals of Carondelet through academics, leadership, service, character and loyalty. Jasmine was involved in school leadership and service all four years. She received a Charism award for the humble service and leadership she provided to Carondelet, and she completed over 4,000 hours of community service outside of our school - all while maintaining highest honors academically.


PRINCIPAL’S AWARD This award is presented to the senior who has exemplified Carondelet mission and to its values through leadership and service to the greater community. Mikayla served on leadership her entire high school career, and was elected ASB President her senior year. She was also a HOBY leadership camp participant, and served as a peer counselor.


KARINA ISABEL COMES FONTBONNE AWARD The Fontbonne award is presented to a young woman recognized as embodying the CSJ ideal of “eyes open, ears attentive, spirit and sleeves rolled up for ministry.” Karina served on Spiritual Life Council for three years, was a Kairos leader, participated in the Ven a Ver Washington D.C. trip to advocate for justice, and shared her love of music at liturgies with her bongos and rapping. She is a woman whose faith in God drives her life and who treats each person with gentle love and kindness.


MICHAELA NICOLE VANDERKLUGT JULIANA CHRISTINE RIVA MEDAILLE AWARD This award for spirituality and service is presented to that graduate who exemplifies Father Medaille’s commitment to service-driven spirituality. Juliana served on Spiritual Life Council her senior year, was a Kairos leader, and a Jefferson Award Students in Action Senior Leader. The joy she has in her own faithfilled heart has spilled over to the entire community, refreshing and inspiring all who have been privileged to spend time with her.

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ATHLETE OF THE YEAR Michaela has been a fearless, three-year, two-sport varsity athlete and made a significant impact on Carondelet’s athletics program. During her varsity basketball tenure, she helped her team achieve a perfect 54-0 league record over the last three seasons. During that time, her team made it to three NCS finals and took home the championship twice. She was also valuable on the softball field, being praised for her hard work, selfless attitude, and competitive spirit, while helping the Cougars to two NCS appearances.

Class of 2017


Congratulations to our



Austin Community College Azusa Pacific University Baylor University Belmont Abbey College Beloit College Boston College California Institute of the Arts California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo California State University, Chico California State University, East Bay California State University, Fresno California State University, Fullerton California State University, Sacramento Carroll College (Montana) Colorado Mesa University Cornell University Creighton University Diablo Valley College Drew University Eastern Washington University Gonzaga University Hofstra University Howard University Humboldt State University James Madison University Las Positas College Lehigh University Linfield College Los Medanos College Loyola University Chicago Marymount Manhattan College Montana State University, Bozeman Mount Saint Mary’s University (Doheny) Northern Arizona University

Oregon State University Pepperdine University Pomona College Reed College Regis University Saint Mary’s College of California San Diego State University San Francisco State University San Jose State University Santa Clara University Seattle University Seton Hall University Sonoma State University Stanford University Syracuse University Texas Christian University The University of Arizona Tufts University University of California, Berkeley University of California, Davis University of California, Los Angeles University of California, Merced University of California, San Diego University of California, Santa Barbara University of California, Santa Cruz University of Colorado at Boulder University of Hawaii at Manoa University of Michigan University of Nevada, Reno University of Notre Dame University of Oregon University of Portland University of Redlands University of San Diego University of San Francisco University of Southern California University of the Pacific University of Utah Wake Forest University Washington State University Wesleyan University West Virginia University Western Oregon University Western Washington University Whittier College Williams College Xavier University

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1972 | 1977 | 1982



Hundreds of Carondelet and De La Salle alumni enjoyed reconnecting at our reunions this summer. Thanks to all who participated! 1987


36 | Carondeletter | Carondelet High School | Fall 2017

1987 | 1997 | 2007 1977


Alumna of the Year ANGELA SCHROETER ‘88


clean water advocate in some of California’s most polluted communities, Angela (Varian) Schroeter ’88 has spent her career fighting for environmental justice and helping disadvantaged communities. This spring, Angela was honored with the 2017 Alumna of the Year award recognizing her as a woman of heart, faith and courage.



Nominated by her sister Skye Hayworth ’91, Angela works as a supervising engineering geologist with the State Water Resources Control Board. Among her accomplishments, she has successfully worked to expand requirements for irrigated agriculture to protect groundwater in the Central Coast area of California from further contamination. “We are so proud to see her living the Carondelet mission and making meaningful changes in our world,” said classmate Michelle Missaggia Daly ‘88. When she returned to Carondelet to receive her award during the senior assembly, Angela addressed the school’s 800 students, saying: “I am excited to see so many young women, so capable and full of energy, ready to change the world. Our future is very literally in your hands.” Congratulations, Angela! Photo: Alumnae Association Board Chair Michelle Missaggia Daly ‘88 (left) presented classmate Angela Varian Schroeter ‘88 with the Alumna of the Year award. Carondeletter | Carondelet High School | Fall 2017 | 37

Carondelet Alumnae

WHERE ARE THEY NOW? LESLIE SHAW KLINGER ‘74 In August 2016, I made my Life Promises to the Order of Preachers, becoming a Third Order Dominican. Following in the footsteps of St. Martin de Porres and St. Catherine of Siena, I get to live in the world according to the Rule of St. Dominic. To live in a way that shows the world that we Catholics know Truth is a great privilege. I retired from Contra Costa County in 2017 after 29 years of service—but I have not stopped working! I am now the Coordinator of Children’s Catechesis for St Joseph’s Parish School of Religion. While I have been a Catechist for RCIA for over 15 years, to get to actively help shape the next generations of Catholics is a great privilege. I am blessed. This year I celebrated 25 years of continuous sobriety. I continue to work with men and women caught in the bondage of alcoholism and credit the Sacramental and Liturgical Life of the Church with helping me stay sober, one day at a time. None of this would have been possible without the strong Catholic foundation I received at both Christ the King and Carondelet. I am not afraid, today, to declare myself Catholic Out Loud. For that I am grateful and I challenge you all to grab onto your Catholic faith and live it. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, is better! KRISTIE ABBOTT-WALKER ‘75 I have been busy with my first grandson, Lochlan Vincent Walker. He is, of course, beautiful! In 2015, I opened my training studio, Personal Training Team, in Concord. I offer group training sessions and one-on-one, too. I love it so much; helping other people get healthy, stay healthy and strong, and improve their mental and emotional health has been incredibly gratifying. I am grateful to the Carondelet community for its support, especially members of the Class of 1975, who have been unwavering. I hope to see other Carondelet alums in my studio. We give the gift of health back to the community! TANIA HANSON-DE YOUNG ‘75 After taking some time off to travel, I graduated from St. Mary’s College in 1980. I married Wallace De Young from DLS in 1982 and worked for a number of years in the import business, then in administration for a food manufacturer. I eventually stayed home to raise our two children. I initially volunteered regularly at their schools, but gradually shifted to running various

38 | Carondeletter | Carondelet High School | Fall 2017

outreach programs through our church, with Adopt A Family Bikes being one that I started. I became involved with a start-up non-profit, the Gretta Foundation (TGF), and have volunteered since its inception over eight years ago; I currently serve on the board of directors. TGF provides incountry nursing and midwifery scholarships to impoverished people in Uganda. We currently work exclusively with the Uganda Catholic Medical Bureau, which runs 13 schools and over 32 clinics and hospitals. I have traveled twice to Uganda, most recently in 2016. Many of our scholars are survivors of Joseph Kony’s 20-year reign of terror in Northern Uganda. KAREN RATTO WHOOLEY ‘85 I am a Washington State-based, award-winning crochet author and designer. I recently self-published a collection of shawl designs, my 20th book! In my spare time, I enjoy hanging out with my husband, David, and our college-age children. I love NFL football, ‘80s rock music, gardening, and enjoying the Pacific Northwest. PAULA HOELPER SKOCZEN ‘90 I was originally known as Jennifer Hoelper, but I changed both my first and last names. I am very glad that I was in Chorus during my senior year, because only two weeks after I joined my present church, Diamond Bar United Church of Christ, the choir director asked me to join the choir. I’m glad to say that I’m still in the choir two years later! We get a nice long summer break from choir, but those of us who want to can also sing for the special music at the services in the summer as well. I will be going on the church’s Women’s Retreat and I will bring my church music with me as I did last year. My pastor is a sweet woman who is glad that I’m going to her church. I will also most likely be reading the Scripture, because I did volunteer after one of my fellow parishioners suggested that I do that, too! JENNIFER BENTON DEAN ‘91 Wow! It had been a long time since I last was in the Carondelet gym. I played basketball all four years and I don’t think I had been back since! My daughter Zoe plays 5th grade basketball at Christ the King and her babysitter, Laura McFarland ‘17, suggested to Zoe that we go see the Carondelet basketball team play. What a great game against Archbishop Mitty: we were hooked! We brought Zoe’s whole team back the following week and the girls loved it. Athletic Director Caitlin Main ‘05 asked Zoe’s coach if the team



would play a little showcase scrimmage during half-time at the following week’s senior game. The girls jumped all over that and had the time of their lives! I know that playing on the Carondelet court with her team will be a night that neither Zoe, my husband Anil, nor I will ever forget. Oh, and I got a surprise when I discovered my senior team’s name is still painted on the storage room wall 26 years later! Go Cougars! GINA MINDER-MALDONADO ‘92 I don’t have the best memories from my grade school years. Then, I was lucky enough to go to Carondelet. It was the first time I felt that teachers actually cared about me

JENNIFER BENTON DEAN ‘91 Jennifer’s daughter (center) says hello to basketball player Alexandra Bamberger ‘19.


being more than just a name on a roster. I was pushed to be the best that I could be. These “champion” teachers motivated me to do more than I thought I could. It is because of the teachers that I had at Carondelet and De La Salle that I became a teacher. I am so honored to say that my teaching journey has led me to be chosen as Contra Costa County’s 2016-2017 Teacher of the Year! It is an honor to represent not only my school and my district, but Carondelet as well! CAITLIN LAWSON MAIN ‘05 CARONDELET ATHLETIC DIRECTOR Caitlin (Lawson) married Dan Main on June 24, 2017, in Walnut Creek.


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COURTNEY DREW CALON ‘06 Last year, I married my best friend, Robert Calon DLS ‘06 (formerly Robert Caples,) in Park City, UT. It was a long journey to get to where we are today, but—of course—it was all worth it. Before we got married, we decided to choose a last name to take for our new family. We chose “Calon,” a Welsh word meaning “heart,” that figuratively means “one’s innermost being, soul.” Now we live together in North Portland with our two cats, Aladdin and Ziggy. NICOLE CRENSHAW ‘08 I graduated from UC Irvine with my PhD in Informatics this year. I’m now working with Blizzard Entertainment as a UX Researcher. CHELSEA RUSSELL SPENSER ‘09 My husband and I are excited to announce the birth of our daughter, Emily Anne Spenser, on February 18, 2017!


BRITTANY STICH ‘10 After earning my BA, MEd and MBA from Stanford, I co-founded Guild Education. Guild helps employers offer Education as a Benefit to their employees, enabling HR leaders to turn their education cost centers into a positive ROI by offering a range of programs from GEDs through bachelor’s and master’s degrees. We were recently honored to be named to Forbes’ “30 Under 30 for Education”! What a foundation Carondelet, my family and the community provided for me! STEPHANIE STEINBRECHER ‘12 I graduated from Scripps College in Claremont, California, in 2016 with a BA in English and a minor in Environmental Analysis. Since graduating from Carondelet five years ago, I’ve lived in Washington D.C.; Siem Reap, Cambodia; Steamboat Springs, Colorado; and, currently, San Francisco. I work for a boutique management consulting firm in the city. I returned to Carondelet to see my sister, Sam, graduate this year. My own fondest memories from CHS are the moments of genuine connection I made—to my peers at Kairos, to my English teachers who shaped my interest in the discipline, to the broader community on Winton Drive and beyond that continues to inform my values and worldview. REBECCA VILLEGAS ‘12 I have been a loyal Sun Devil at Arizona State University since 2012. I have earned both my Bachelor’s and

40 | Carondeletter | Carondelet High School | Fall 2017






Master’s degrees in the past five years. For both degrees, I studied justice with emphases in economic and social justice. I am passionate about helping people and bettering the society that we live in. I have been interning for a Congressman in Phoenix since January of this year, and from that experience, I realize that I want to pursue a career in constituent services or justice-related case work. Right now, I am in the final stages of interviewing to work in New Orleans with an AmeriCorps program. SYDNEY CHING ‘13 I graduated in 2016 from the University of California, Irvine, as a Psychology major with a minor in Asian American Studies. The day after I graduated, I returned to the Bay Area and began work at the UC Berkeley Career Center. Back to school I go, though! In the fall of 2017 I began graduate school at San Francisco State’s Industrial/Organizational Psychology Master’s Program. Thank you, Carondelet, for preparing me for college and beyond. Due to my strong educational foundation, I enjoyed college and can pursue my goal of grad school. ROSEMARY COOK ‘13 I graduated from St. Mary’s College in May 2017 and was awarded the De La Salle award which is SMC’s top honor, given annually to the graduating senior with the highest record for scholarship and general excellence. I am also the recipient of awards in each of the two departments in which I have earned degrees: the Jane Addams Award in Sociology and the Brother Leo Meehan Award in English.


KRISTINA WATERS ‘13 I graduated from Loyola Marymount University this year with majors in Communication Studies and French, and I recently accepted a position at Universal Music Group as a Digital Marketing Coordinator. I spent two years working for UMG in the College & Lifestyle Marketing department and I am looking forward to beginning my full-time career at their office in Santa Monica. My fondest memory of Carondelet is being a part of Chorale and Concert Choir. It was the best part of my day and participating in those groups taught me that music is something that fulfills me in ways that other things cannot. I credit Mrs. Amy Way for helping me discover my passion for the music industry. TURNER WILEY ‘13 I graduated with my bachelor’s in biology from Mount Holyoke College in the spring and in the winter I started my master’s at Johns Hopkins School of Nursing! I will be graduating in 2018 as a Registered Nurse. I plan to work for a few years and then return to school again to become a Nurse Practitioner. BLAKE HAVERTY ‘14 After playing for three years at Carondelet, I won a golf scholarship to Cal State Monterey. I recently won the Maverick Invitational in Colorado by shooting a 71. Thank you, Carondelet, for giving me an opportunity to excel in life!

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The epitome of

KINDNESS & GENEROSITY BY MICHELE (EGGERS) LAGO ‘97 Jennifer (Eggers) Attenasio ‘97 (left) pictured here with her twin sister Michele (Eggers) Lago ‘97.


ennifer (Eggers) Attenasio ‘97 lived a love-filled and dynamic life that truly reflected the core values of Carondelet’s mission of heart, faith and courage because of what she accomplished, but more importantly, the values-based way she lived. Having been a key member of Cardonelet’s varsity basketball and track teams, Jenny continued her athletic pursuits as a high jumper on University of Oregon’s prestigious track & field team. She graduated from Oregon’s Honors College as valedictorian of the Advertising Department. Post college, an internship brought her to New York City where she made her home for the last 17 years. Pursuing a career focused in writing and branding, she most recently was an executive at Siegel & Gale Branding Agency. In addition to her successful career, Jenny was a published writer, a skilled photographer and completed numerous triathlons, including two Ironmen competitions. She also was a world traveler, adventuring to places such as Cuba, Russia and Switzerland. Jenny took the time to stay in close touch with family and friends, and despite a full-life, put others

42 | Carondeletter | Carondelet High School | Fall 2017

“Even in the darkness of her death, Jenny brought light to five people whose lives were saved because she was an organ donor.” – MICHELE (EGGERS) LAGO ‘97

first. For the last four years, she was a mentor in the I-Mentor program, guiding an at-risk girl from Harlem through high school and the college application process. This girl is now the first in her family to go to college. Two years ago, Jenny married Pat at a beautiful ceremony in Brooklyn, NY. On January 30, 2017 Jenny gave birth to their first baby, Edward “Teddy” Michael Attenasio. Tragically, two hours later, Jenny suffered a catastrophic pulmonary embolism. Even in the darkness of her death, Jenny brought light to five people whose lives were saved because she was an organ donor. Jenny was the epitome of kindness and generosity in her everyday actions, so it is fitting that she would offer this incredible gift as she left the world. To read more about how her organ donation saved other people’s lives, please visit:

forever in our hearts MEMORIAM In

JENNIFER EGGERS ATTENASIO ‘97, sister of Michele Lago ’97 STEPHEN BALOG,, father of Julie Havelock ’76 and Susan Newsom ’78, grandfather of Lindsay Newsom ’06

ANDREW BARREDO, father of Patricia Barredo ’75 (deceased) PATRICIA BARREDO ‘75 ROSEMARIE BRAZ ‘79 BARBARA BREEN, former faculty, mother of Laura Kathleen ’72, stepmother of Brigid Breen ’74 and Darlene Silveira ‘74 BILL CLARK ’85 (DLS), sister of Laurie Clark ‘82 MARCELLA COLARICH, mother of Pauline Colarich ’72 (deceased) and Carolyn Critz ’73 ARTHUR CRYDERMAN, father of Robert, staff DIANA HAYES DENNIN ‘72 IRENE DEVLIN, mother of Mary Kerfs ‘80, grandmother of Michelle Kerfs ‘17 ROBERT DONALDSON, father of Judy Cardinale ’83, Nancy Caselli ’75, and Joyce Zwanziger ‘79

MARGARET TERRANOVA JUDGE ‘70, sister of Cara Tillotson ’74, Lisa Terranova ’79, and Mary Becher ’80, cousin of Joan Enea-Lopez ‘70

VERNON LEE KEY, father of Cindy Lawrence, staff, grandfather of Kelly ’07 and Katlynn ‘09 ANNETTE MARRONE, mother of Tatiana Marrone ’14

Rachel Azumbrado ’09 and Gaby Azumbrado ’11

WAYNE V. SMITH, father of Susan Richardson ’89, Alison McEntire ’91, and Tamara Smith ’94 JAMES SPURS, father of Beverly Spurs ’75 and Gillian Spurs ’77 MARGARET MARY “PEGGY” SULLIVAN, mother of Mary Sullivan ’72 and Sheila Pierce ’76, and grandmother of Jessica Tillery ’00

GLORIA MARTINUCCI, mother of former principal Teri Hurlbut, grandmother of Marisa Hurlbut Canoles ‘00

MARY LOU SWEENEY, mother of Karen Price ’69

FAUSTINA MAZZETTI, mother of Linda Schuler Mazzetti ’73, grandmother of Christina Henricksen, Stephanie Schuler ‘02 and Erika Schuler ‘07 JOHN MCGERVEY, father of Elizabeth McGervey Pursley ’75, Anne McGervey Cary ’77, Catherine McGervey Hackett ’78, Susan McGervey Kaput ’80, and Mary McGervey Conner ’84

PAULA TANCREDY, mother of Caroline Fraley ’91, Mary Rose Tancredy ’91 (deceased) and Elaina Tancredy ’95, aunt of Elizabeth Spera ’73, Julie Barrett ’76, Karen Sandri ’80, and Barbara Hornsby ’83

WILLIAM MERLETTI, father of Kathleen Merletti ’01 and Angela Meletti ‘03 NORA ROCHE MONTANJEES ‘69 NANCY NELSON, mother of Betsy Imhof ’71 and Jill Ogburn ’73, grandmother of Carly Imhof ’05 and Valerie Imhof ‘07

SR. ELEANOR EAGAN, CSJ, former faculty and staff

JAMES OLWELL, De La Salle faculty, husband of Wendy Person Olwell ‘84 Abe Pianalto, father of Gina May ’82, Mary Clampett ’86 and Anna Pianalto ’88

OWEN EUSER ’12 (DLS), brother of Anneka Euser ’05 and Cecilie Euser ‘07

AUDREY RESTANI-SMITH, mother of Jennifer Restani Johnson ’03

SR. JAMES MARIEN DYER, CSJ April 28, 1945—August 5, 2017

DEAN FREDRICKSON, husband of Kyle Cotter Fredrickson ‘97

BRIAN RICKER, father of Michaela Ricker ’19

WADE HALEY, father of Allison Haley ’18 and Aubrie Haley ’18

JACK RICCI, husband of Angela Ricci, staff

CHARLES E. HAWKINS, grandfather of Emily Downum ’17 and Sarah Downum ’14

PATRICIA A. SHANNON, mother of Kathleen Shannon ‘79

The Carondelet Community mourns the loss of Sr. James, who served our school as principal from 2001 to 2007, and most recently presided as principal at our neighboring St. Francis of Assisi Elementary School in Concord.

SR. JAMES MARIEN DYER, CSJ, former principal

CINDY JORDAN ‘89, sister of Julie Jordan Parrish ‘93

EDWARD SIMMONS, father of Monica Simmons, staff, and grandfather of Carondeletter | Carondelet High School | Fall 2017 | 43

1133 Winton Drive Concord, California 94518-3598



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