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Spring 2010 Alabama Instructional Media Association

AIMA Officers President Suzy Spiceland Constantine Elementary (256) 231-5040 President-Elect Michelle Wilson North Highland Elementary School (205) 379-4950 Secretary Carolyn Starkey Alabama State University (334) 229-6832 Treasurer Steven Yates Spain Park High School (205) 439-1442 Past President Meg Brooke Shades Valley High School (205) 379-5350 Legislative Advocacy LeeAnna Mills Northside Middle School Intellectual Freedom and Web Master Annalisa Crews Homewood High School Membership Tywanna Burton Vestavia Hills Elementary West Amy Jackson Homewood Middle School Board of Directors Jennifer Anders June Chandler Gabriella DuBose Phyllis McClure Mary Powers Nikki Robertson

Greetings from AIMA President Suzy Spiceland The times, they are a-changing here at AIMA Your AIMA board has been busy these past few months. Not only have we been planning an amazing summer conference, but we have also been looking to improve our organization as a whole. We have been examining our Constitution and our by-laws, looking for ways to update this fantastic association. We have sent representatives to national conferences, so that we can stay informed and have a say on issues that affect our profession as a whole. Also, we have a webmaster who constantly changes/updates our website, to meet new needs and to help keep you informed. We have applied for a grant to help us continue providing our New Librarians Workshop that was started by Ann Marie Pipkin three years ago. We have been asking newer librarians and students currently working on library certification to help us by taking on leadership positions over these next few years. As leaders in a profession that changes every time new technologies appear, we at AIMA are striving to provide our members with the most current and vital guidance and support that we can. As librarians, we need to be indispensable educators in our schools; in these scary economic times, we at AIMA are working to be indispensable for you!

Summer Conference 2010: Powering Up Alabama School Libraries! Before you head to the beach this summer, please make plans to attend AIMA’s summer conference on June 7th at Hoover High School! Our theme is Powering Up Alabama School Libraries, and there will be many opportunities for all attendees to gain new knowledge to help take Alabama school library programs to the next level. Keynote speaker Judy Barnett, of the Colorado Power Libraries Program, will discuss helpful tips for mentoring others, and characteristics of a POWER LIBRARY program! A wide variety of breakout sessions will be offered, as well as a boxed lunch from McAlister’s. We aim to make improvements with this conference by providing more time for visiting the vendors, identifying the school levels for which each breakout session is most appropriate, and by streamlining registration! Remember that the “fast pass” to registration is completing your information online through our website in advance! We are also still seeking presenters for the breakout sessions. Check out our Conferences page on the website today for all the information you need about summer conference! Submitted by: Michelle Wilson

Alabama Instructional Media Association Proposed Slate of Officers 2010-2011 President: Michelle Wilson North Highland Elementary School, Hueytown mwilson518@gmail. com President-Elect: LeeAnna Mills Northside Middle School, Northport leeamills@yahoo. com Past President: Suzy Spiceland Constantine Elementary, Anniston Secretary: Carolyn Starkey Alabama State University, Montgomery admin@jojo-starkey. com Treasurer: Steven Yates Spain Park High School, Hoover styates@hoover. Uncompleted Board Term (North): [ 2 years] Kayron Head Corley Elementary, Boaz khead@boazk12. org Board Member (South): [3 years] Kimberly Griffin Catoma Elementary, Montgomery kimberly.griffin@ us Board Member (South): [3 years] Alicia Cheatham Garrett Elementary School, Montgomery alicia.cheatham@ us Page 2

Voting Guide for Summer Conference Michelle has served as a librarian for 6 years, and has been the school librarian at North Highland Elementary School in Hueytown for 2 years now. Michelle is a passionate enthusiast for technology integration and information literacy. She is proud to have recently achieved National Board Teacher Certification, and is honored to have the opportunity to work with and for AIMA. Michelle takes her new position through her previous election to the position of president-elect.

her time between Constantine Elementary School and Anniston Middle School. She has served as president of AIMA for two years, was president-elect for two years, and served as a board member for one year prior to that. Suzy takes her new position through her previous election to the position of president.

LeeAnna, a graduate of the University of Alabama, has been a library media specialist for 11 years. She served one year at Haleyville Elementary School, three years at Berry High School, Berry, AL (7-12) and is in her seventh year at Northside Middle School (68). She achieved National Board Certification in 2007. In addition to acting as the AIMA Legislative Committee chair for the past three years, LeeAnna has previously served as a board member for AIMA. LeeAnna is nominated to fulfill the position of president-elect.

Carolyn has been in education for over 21 years, the last 11 related to school library media. Carolyn served as the library media specialist in a primary school library for seven years, obtaining her certification by the National Board of Professional Teaching Standards in library media in 2003 while there. Appointed Assistant Professor of Library Education Media at Alabama State University in 2006, Carolyn is teaching aspiring library media specialists each semester while completing her dissertation in instructional leadership/ instructional technology at the University of Alabama. Carolyn has previously served as AIMA secretary and is nominated to serve again in that capacity.

Suzy hails from Germantown, Tennessee (a suburb of Memphis) and has been a school librarian for 14 years. She has served students in a variety of settings from a small, private K-12 Christian school to large, inner-city K-6 school. She moved to Alabama in 2000 and has since served as a librarian in two school systems. Currently, she splits

Steven is a school librarian at Spain Park High School in Hoover. He is a graduate of the University of Alabama’s School of Library and Information Studies and now serves as an adjunct instructor for SLIS. He also earned an MA in Communication Studies from the University of Alabama. Steven has previously served as AIMA treasurer and is nomi-

nated again to serve in that capacity. Karyon is the library media specialist at Corley Elementary School in the Boaz City School System. She is a graduate of Boaz High School, Snead State Junior College, Jacksonville State University and the University of Alabama. She holds a Master’s Degree in Elementary Education and a Master’s Degree in Library Media. Karyon taught 2nd and 3rd grades at both Boaz Elementary and Corley Elementary for a number of years and has previously served as a library media specialist for the Albertville and Marshall County systems. Karyon is nominated to fulfill the uncompleted term of board member from North Alabama. Kimberly lives in Pike Road, Alabama, and serves as the library media specialist at Catoma Elementary in Montgomery. She received her library media degree from Alabama State University. Kimberly is nominated for a full term as a board member from Southeast Alabama. Alicia lives in Montgomery and serves as the library media specialist at Garrett Elementary School in Montgomery. She received her library media degree from Alabama State University. Alicia is nominated for a full term as a board member from Southeast Alabama.

Alabama Instructional Media Association

Voting Guide for Summer Conference On the Ballot: Is a “name change” on the horizon for AIMA? At the American Libraries Association mid-winter conference this past January, the American Association of School Librarians (AASL) voted to adopt the professional title of “School Librarian” as the one that most accurately reflects all of the roles of a 21 st Century school library professional. Representatives from all states requested that the AASL Board of Directors choose a title that would be clear to educators, administrators, and the public. After much discussion, the decision was made to officially adopt the designation of School Librarian. In support of this action by AASL, the board of AIMA has decided to have the membership vote on a possible name change that would reflect our new title of School Librarian. At our summer conference, we will have a discussion and a vote on this action. Some names that may appear on the ballot are “Alabama School Library Association” and “Alabama School Librarians’ Association”. We would like to use a name that would not be abbreviated as AASL, so as to avoid any confusion with our national association. If you have any other suggestions for a new name that you would like to see appear on the ballot, please email me or another board member. Of course, there will also be an option on the ballot to leave the name as it is. This is YOUR organization. We need member input into this very important decision!

On the Ballot: Constitution/By-law changes The AIMA board has also decided that we need to make some changes to our constitution and by-laws. These changes would also need to be voted on at our summer conference. At issue are the term of the treasurer and the travel reimbursement rate. Treasurer Term of Office Currently, our treasurer serves a one-year term. It is our belief that by the time the treasurer gets comfortable performing the duties, his/her term is over. By extending the length of time that this person would serve, we are insuring that we will have more stability in this crucial role. The second year of service could also be used to help train someone to take over the following year. Also, since the treasurer is a bonded position, extending the length of service will prevent having to bond someone new every year. Travel Reimbursement Rate At this time, the travel reimbursement rate is stated as a set amount in the by-laws— thirty-five cents a mile. We would like to propose a change so that this rate fluctuates. More specifically, we want AIMA’s travel reimbursement rate to be the same rate that the state provides. We feel that making this change is fair, considering that gas prices have risen drastically over the past several years. Voting Guide complied by Carolyn Starkey and Suzy Spiceland


Membership Goes Paperless In an effort to cut down on paperwork, AIMA would like to encourage the use of the online membership registration. Of course, you may still print out a member form from our website and send it in, but hopefully this year will be a transition to a completely paperless process. You may also pay online with Paypal! To complete your membership online go to Click on Membership Resources. From there, you will see our link to Paypal. Click on Forms on the left hand side of the page, and select your option. Please remember to fill out the online membership form in addition to the Paypal form. Questions? Contact Tywanna Burton or Amy Jackson ajackson@homewood.

Bag-Stuffing for AETC Come join the festivities at our AETC Bag-stuffing event! On Monday, June 7th after the Summer Conference at Hoover High School has ended, one of our main fund-raising events is to stuff bags for the AETC. (We make a small profit on each bag we stuff for the technology conference.) Members, this is not hard work but rather it is a fun-filled experience as you meet other colleagues from the area! On Monday afternoonevening we will gather at the BJCC to stuff bags. So don’t be shy! We need your help! This is a great way to help out your professional organization while visiting with a number of your colleagues as everyone helps to stuff the bags. This is a great opportunity for networking with other media specialists. For more information contact Suzy Spiceland at (256) 452-3469 (mobile) or Hope to see you there! —Submitted by: June Chandler Page 3

Alabama Instructional Media Association Library Snapshot Day April 2010 During the month of April, a new ALA initiative called Library Snapshot Day is suggesting that libraries across the country take a snapshot of their library. Participation is easy.

Choose one day in April and take a “snapshot” of your activity. How many books did you check out? How many students worked on computers? How many classes did you teach? Check your circulation records for the day. Take photos of students collaborating, reading, and working. As stated on the ALA website, “this initiative provides an easy means to collect statistics, photos and stories that will enable library advocates to prove the value of their libraries to decisionmakers and increase public awareness.” For more information, and to register your day, please go to: issuesadvocacy/advocacy/ statelocalefforts/ snapshotday/index.cfm

AASL Affiliate Assembly at ALA Midwinter in Boston In January, I had the opportunity to participate in the American Association of School Librarian’s Affiliate Assembly at the American Library Association’s Midwinter Meeting in Boston. Because AIMA is an affiliate of AASL, I was able to attend these meetings that give school librarians across the country an opportunity to get together and share issues and concerns that affect us all. A representative from each state organization collects important information to carry back to the states. Advocacy: A Significant Issue In the first meeting we discussed significant problems for school libraries in differing environments. We were broken down into groups including urban, rural, suburban, large schools, and small schools. After we discussed significant issues, we also discussed how to resolve these issues. Every group came back to one topic: advocacy. We all believe that it is a part of our role to make sure that communities, teachers, and administrators know what we do and what we can do for the students in our schools. I realized that no matter where we are in the country, the challenges of our jobs are the same. Name Change

Submitted by: Annalisa Crews

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Many other things are going on in the world of

school libraries, and one important note is our name. AASL met during midwinter and decided to officially change our name to school librarian. This name gives us the strongest identification with those we are trying to reach, and can still encompass our role as an information specialist in our schools. ALA Election Polls for the ALA election open March 16 and close April 23. If you are an ALA member, please remember to vote. Sara Kelly Johns, a former AASL President, is librarians to show their support. Her website is: http://

Learning 4 Life will be sponsoring four webinars on issues related to our Standards for the 21st Century Learner. They will take place every Wednesday in April at 4:30 PM central time. Each week, AASL will host a webinar focused on one of the four chapters of AASL's Empowering Learners: Guidelines for School Library Media Programs: *Developing Vision for Learning *Teaching for Learning *Building the Learning Environment *Empowering Learning through Leadership For more information and pricing, please go to: rps/divs/aasl/aaslissues/s lm/schoollibrary.cfm AASL Involvement: Volunteer

School Libraries Count The results of the 2009 School Libraries Count is out and available at mgrps/divs/aasl/ researchandstatistics/ slcsurvey/slcsurvey.cfm. Participants this year will be able to download their personal information and compare it with other schools, a great tool for advocacy. Learning 4 Life As a part of School Libraries Month in April,

Lastly, AASL President Elect Nancy Everhart wanted to encourage everyone to get involved with AASL. If you are a member, please consider volunteering for a committee. I have learned so much and met so many people through my committee involvement in AASL. It is a very rewarding experience. To volunteer, please go to: rps/divs/aasl/aboutaasl/a aslgovernance/aaslcommit tees/volunteer.cfm Submitted by: Annalisa Crews

Alabama Instructional Media Association

AIMA New Librarian's Conference Summer 2010 Leadership for the 21st Century For the third year in a row, the Alabama Instructional Media Association (AIMA) is offering a special professional development opportunity for school librarians who have been librarians for 3 years or less. The seminar is Sunday and Monday, June 6 th and 7th in Birmingham at the Hoover High School. You will have an opportunity to meet other new state librarians, AIMA Board members, AIMA officers, Power Libraries Coach Judy Barnett, and hopefully to start or join networks in your area of the state affiliated with AIMA. You will learn about what AIMA is, what we do, and how you can be an active part of the organization. You must be new to the profession, not just new to the position. This seminar will provide: • All meals - Sunday lunch, Sunday dinner, Monday continental breakfast, and Monday lunch. • Lodging for Sunday • Complimentary 2009-2010 AIMA membership • Complimentary registration to the AIMA workshop on Monday • Opportunities to network with local and national school library leaders • Leadership assessment • Information on professional organizations and potential leadership possibilities Best of all, it is ALL FREE! This opportunity will be available to only 25 new school librarians, so don't waste time. The registration deadline is May 1. If you attended last year, you are not eligible this year. Slots fill up fast! For more information or a registration form, send your name and e-mail address to Jennifer Anders, or call 205-379-5550 205-379-5550 . AIMA (Alabama Instructional Media Association) is a professional organization dedicated to the improvement of instruction through the utilization of media and technology. It provides a forum for school library media specialists, administrators, curriculum specialists, teachers, library media educators, graduate students, professional association leaders, and retired library media professionals, to promote excellence in education in Alabama through effective school library media programs. AIMA is the state affiliate of the Association for Educational Communications and Technology, the American Association of School Librarians, and the Alabama Education Association.

Submitted by: Jennifer Anders

Black Caucus of the American Library Association Conference 2010 Culture Keepers VII: Bridging the Divide with Information Access, Activism and Advocacy “Marked with stimulating speakers, knowledgeable authors, informative programs, and relaxing tours, this conference offers a well planned adventure intended to expand your intellectually creative horizons. The action themes motivating this conference will focus on stimulating leadership development, enhancing collegial and institutional collaboration, and fostering, through focus groups, your active engagement in shaping the future of librarians and of libraries themselves!” Sheraton Conference Center Birmingham, Alabama August 4-8, 2010 For registration information, visit: CAAL_7/bcala_conf/ind ex.html Page 5

Alabama Instructional Media Association Award Nominations Extended Until May 15 The Coatest Carter Past President Award is awarded by the AIMA board to the immediate past president in recognition of service to the organization. The Carrie C. Robinson Award honors an Alabama librarian who provides an innovative, creative, and exceptional library program for children or young adults. Membership in AIMA, service to the organization, educational background and degrees earned are not criteria for this award. The award is based solely on the quality of an individual's library program. The Ruth H. Johnson Award is given for cumulative services to the library profession by a recently retired Alabama library media specialist. The nominee must have served in the library profession for at least ten years and must have been a member of AIMA. Lois E. Henderson Presidential Award is given to a member for outstanding contributions to library service and to AIMA. The Distinguished Service Award For School Library Media Specialists is granted to a person who has shown outstanding leadership in advancing the theory and/or practice of school librarianship over a substantial period of time. The nominee should a member of AIMA. This award may be given posthumously. The Distinguished Library Service Award for School Administrators is a citation made by the Alabama Instructional Media Association annually, to an administrator of a school or group of schools, for developing an exemplary school library media program and for having made an outstanding and sustained contribution which has advanced the role of the school library media center as an agency for the improvement of education. The Charles E. Carr Award is given to an outstanding library media student who is currently enrolled in an Alabama college library media program. The AIMA School Library Media Intern Scholarship is a $500.00 scholarship will be awarded each summer to a member of AIMA for financial assistance during their internship. See the AIMA website for submission information: Page 6

Librarian in the Limelight Nicole McMickens Hillview Elementary librarian Nicole McMickens was selected as AIMA’s 2009 scholarship recipient. She is completing her very first year as a school librarian, which has been full of surprises. When asked about the most surprising aspects of being a school librarian, Nicole said, “This job encompasses everything I have wanted to be in life…a teacher, an instructional partner, an information specialist, and a program administrator. In the past, I have been an engineer, a tutor, a library clerk, and a teacher. Little did I know that my past jobs prepared me for this one…the perfect career for me. It is such a rewarding position and I am truly grateful to have been chosen to serve in it.” Nicole’s favorite thing about being a school librarian is that her personal components of service and lifelong learning are satisfied through providing professional development at her school, networking with others to find great re-

sources, building fun and creative programs for the learning community, and sharing ideas with others. This year has included some challenges as well, including

every librarian’s problem of simply not having enough time in the day to accomplish everything he or she wants to. Nicole continues to be appreciative of the many ways AIMA has helped her begin her career as a school librarian. In addition to receiving the scholarship from AIMA, she was also able to participate in last year’s New Librarian’s Workshop. “Through this conference, I had the opportunity to be connected with many wonderful library media specialists from various school sys-

tems, awesome and renowned presenters in the library media field, and touchable administrators from the state department. Now, it seems like the fun never stops. I also am kept up to date with hot-off-thepress information posted on AIMA’s website and also sent through email distribution. The members of AIMA have made me feel so welcomed to this field, and I will always be thankful.“ When asked what she is reading right now, Nicole said, “Connecting Boys with Books: What Libraries Can Do by Michael Sullivan. Before taking this position, I worked as a library clerk in a PreKindergarten through Eighth grade school. I noticed the low reading habits of boys, especially those in upper elementary and middle school. This book provides wonderful ideas to engage boys in reading.” Contributed by: Michelle Wilson

Wrapping Up AIMA’s Midwinter Conference 2010: Spotlight and Shine! Thanks to hard work from the AIMA board, officers, and volunteers, Cynthia Schmidt’s powerful keynote on Marketing the Media Center, the plethora of quality breakout sessions, the generosity of our vendors, and the unique twist on storytelling from Megan Hicks, our midwinter workshop at Auburn University in Montgomery was a wonderful conference! The AIMA board and officers would like to thank everyone who was involved in this event, and we were pleased to read very positive comments in the conference evaluations that were submitted. We hope that all members and conference attendees know that we make every attempt to honor requests for improvements, and we are working hard to insure that our Summer 2010 experience will be even greater! Contributed by: Michelle Wilson

Alabama Instructional Media Association

NBPTS Candidate Support Meetings Library Media Specialist Portfolio 2010-2011 :

AIMA Candidate Support Provider Tywanna Burton burtontb@vestavia.k12. 1-800-22Teach

Calendar When you apply December 31, 2010 January 31, 2011 March 15, 2011 March 31, 2011 April 15, 2011 Jan 3, 2011 - June 15, 2011 Dec 31, 2011

$65 Non-refundable application fee when you apply $500 materials fee due (applied to assessment) $2,500 Full fee and all eligibility forms due Deadline for extended payment plan Last day for first time candidates to submit Portfolio Last day for retake candidates to submit Portfolio Assessment Window (Remember to schedule a test date) Results

TAKEONE! Calendar (Entry Two Only) December 31, 2010 April 15, 2011

Submit application and pay fee $395 Submit entry

Meeting dates - Sundays Time: 1:30 pm-4:30 pm Place: Vestavia Elementary West 1965 Merryvale Road, Vestavia Hills, AL 35216 June 7, 2010 June 8, 2010 August 22, 2010 September 26, 2010 October 24, 2010 November 14, 2010 December 12, 2010 January 23, 2011 February 27, 2011 March 13, 2011 March 16, 2011 April 16, 2011 May, 2011

General Information and Q&A session @ AIMA workshop @ Hoover High School General Information and Q&A session TBA AETC General Information and Q&A session Entry 4 DEA Portfolio #2 Portfolio #3 Portfolio #1 Portfolio #2 Portfolio #3 Portfolio #1 Packing Day Assessment Study Session TBA Additional Session (if desired)

Discussion Topics for Meeting Dates June/August Getting Started Support Mentoring Organization Take One! September Glossary Standards Description Analysis Reflection Video October Student Work Samples Written Commentary November Test Taking Rubric Language Scoring December Assessment Appointment Page 7

Carolyn Jo Starkey, Secretary Alabama Instructional Media Association 8980 Crosswind Circle APT 105 Montgomery, AL 36117


Dear Colleagues, AIMA sponsored a Virtual Legislative Day on Wednesday April 21, 2010. We tried this for two reasons: no money for traveling or professional development in most systems and the other is that passing the Education Budget (scrambling to save jobs) along with bingo issues has taken up this legislative session. Even though April 21 has passed, it is important that we keep our presence up in Montgomery and I ask that everyone take a few minutes to call, email or fax your Representative and Senator. You can find contact information at zipsearch.html. This tool allows you to put in your zip code and identify your legislators. If you call and you do not get the legislator please leave a message as they do keep up with contacts and issues discussed. Please ask your parents, volunteers and faculty members as well to speak on behalf of your library program, some suggestions follow: You do not have to be a member to participate as we would like all library media specialists in the state to make their voices heard! I hope that you will take the following talking points and create a script or document that reflects you personally and your experiences as we all have different stories but should revolve around the same themes. Also as fellow member Ann Marie Pipkin posted, we make it a habit to contact our legislators at least once a year preferably twice, fall and spring so that we may develop relationships with them and keep them informed of our needs and benefits to our students and learning communities. Remember, you do not have to use all of the suggestions but may of course try to make them reflect your particular situation as that is what ultimately makes connections with our legislators, especially involving our students and their needs. **Please thank them for their service and their support and later ask them to show their support as they fund school libraries and the AVL**Mention the AVL and what an invaluable resource it is to our students and the whole state and how it provides equal access to information **Teacher/Librarian, school librarians, library media specialist whatever you choose to go by teach information literacy skills and help our students prepare to compete in a 21st century world. We provide access to resources and materials that may not be available anywhere else to our students, this is difficult to do without resources. Please keep your focus on how we affect the students, faculty and our learning communities! Also, it would be a good idea to invite them to visit your library; I heard recently that most administrators and probably our legislators’ picture school libraries as they were when they went to school. We have come such a long, long way and we need to educate others as to what school libraries are really like today. Finally, when you have contacted your legislators I hope that you will go to our website and let us know so we can have an idea how many contacts were made that day! Submitted by: LeeAnna Mills, AIMA Legislative Chair

Spring 2010 Alabama Instructional Media Association Newsletter  

The Spring 2010 newsletter of the Alabama Instructional Media Association (AIMA), a professional organization dedicated to the Alabama schoo...

Spring 2010 Alabama Instructional Media Association Newsletter  

The Spring 2010 newsletter of the Alabama Instructional Media Association (AIMA), a professional organization dedicated to the Alabama schoo...