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farm projects in-progress spring zine 2013

Middle Way Farm Jordan Schneibel The mission of Middle Way Farm is to serve the Grinnell community directly with chemical free, locally grown and produced food from my own garden and other area growers and food artisans. By reconnecting eaters to their food and the land and people who produce it, Middle Way Farm contributes to a more resilient and socially rich community-based food system where what we eat promotes not only our personal health and well being but the ecological, economic, and social vitality of where we live.

A Bird of Courage Poultry Carolyn Grace Scherf We are young farmers and creative workers building a more resilient and sustainable food shed in Iowa with genetically diverse, pastureraised poultry. We raise non-gmo heritage turkey, chickens (layers and dual purpose breeds) and muscovy duck for Iowans, /


The Delaware was the first commercial broiler chicken. It remained a popular dualpurpose homesteading breed, and popular commercially until the development of the Cornish Rock Cross in the 1950’s. This spring we’re raising these, and other older breeds found on the American Livestock Breed Conservancy’s List of Engangered Breeds.


grinnell compost--> f r i e d chicken We’ve also partnered with local resturant, Prarie Canary, and will be collecting kitchen waste a few times a week throghout the spring residency for our flock of chickens culminating at pop-up gallery # 2, @ Prarie Canary, May 31st. (...fried chicken anyone?)

community supported


Helping to build a community-based food system, one small farm at a time Middle Way Farm is a 1/2 acre commercial market garden located at the Grin City Collective artist residency north of Grinnell and run by Jordan Scheibel. In 2013, the farm will offer chemical free produce, herbs, and flowers for sale at the Grinnell Farmers Market, the Grinnell Local Food Coop, the Iowa Valley Food Coop, and through a small CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) share.

Middle W a y F a r m

young farmers coalition Lindsey Lusher Shute “The struggles that farmers face in their first years aren’t reason to give up; they’re only reasons to work harder toward solutions.” National Young Farmers' Coalition “To Recruit a New Generation of Farmers, We’ve Got to Get the Story Right”

heritage turkey in progress:

migratory design Movable pens provide turkeys with daily access to fresh pasture and protection from predators and rain. They are convenient for integrating poultry into commnity gardens, or adding diversity, and potential income streams to farms of any scale.

At Grin City we’re researching, designing, and testing bottomless pasture pens to house several breeds of heritage turkey. We’re interested in developing a “migratory” pen design: an efficient and replicable system that can be easily moved, disassembled, and stored.

R E S E A R C H Right now, researching social ecological theory, and considering what it means to make a living with nature is as much an integral part of my practice as farm chores and business. The following are a few groups and individuals who’s work has been influencing my ideas lately. -Carolyn Scherf

collective farm practice


Pasture Perfect Poulty - Madison WI A cooperative poultry processing and marketing enterprise of three farmers living and working in the Mason, WI area. “Our mission is to provide fresh, nutritious, pasture-raised poultry throughout the growing season to our local community at an affordable and sustainable price.”

Pastoral Plate - Oakland CA The goal of Pastoral Plate is to bring people together so that we can act collectively to influence the quality of our food, and work to improve the functioning of our local food economy.



Michael Greger

“As genetic improvement falls into the hands of fewer companies and the trend towards intense multiplication of a limited range of genotypes develops, there is mounting concern that large populations may have increasingly uniform vulnerability to particular pathogens” “Bird Flu: A Virus of Our Own Hatching” 2006 Print

social ecology John Bellamy Foster


“ People need jobs and security, as well as all the basic requirements of life. They also need opportunities for human development. But this cannot be accomplished any more by doing everything possible to expand the total level of production endlessly, with the promise that significant crumbs will fall to those below. Instead we have to focus on essential needs, on equality, and on human development.” “The Ecology of Socialism” The weekly journal of the Workers Party of Belgium 2010

Murray Bookchin “The outlook of the early organic human community, at least in its most harmonised form, remained essentially free of hierarchical modes of perception; indeed, it is questionable if humanity could have emerged from animality without a system of social reciprocities that compensated for the physical limitations of a puny, savannah-dwelling primate. ...Experience itself became increasingly hierarchical.... The emergence of patriarchalism, of social classes, of the towns and the ensuing antagonism between town and countryside, of the state, and finally of the distinctions between mental and physical labour that divided the individual internally undermined this outlook completely. “On Spontaneity and Organisation” ‘Solidarity’ pamphlet London 1975

in progress

citizen science

Pesticide Action Network This growing season, Jordan and Carolyn will each be collecting data for the Pesticide Action Network using “Drift Catchers”. What’s a Driftcatcher? “A Drift Catcher is a simple device — invented by PAN consulting scientist Dr. Susan Kegley — that helps rural families document their exposure to pesticide drift in a scientifically robust way. Simply put, the tool sucks air into test tubes that can be shipped to a lab for chemical analysis.” - Linda Wells For more informtion about pesticide drift (health concerns, enviromental concerns, etc.) associated with Iowa agriculture, check out The Pesticide Action Network’s Website

memorial day weekend

w o r k PA RT Y Join Grin City’s beginning farmers

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farm projects in-progress Spring 2013