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Clare Barkey Anthony Foti Carolyn Ridella Megan Mclellan Zach Kaywood

Strategic Direction Ok2Say will learn new ways to communicate with middle school students in Michigan to be the resource they need when they face challenging situations. KEY ISSUE Understand how they communicate. Understand what matters to them today. 2

Target Audience ▪  All middle school students in Michigan ▪  Grades 6-8


Key Solutions Transition from one & done to evolving & rotating platform


1.  Peer to peer 2.  Speak their language 3.  Constantly evolving topics & presentations







Implementing Key Solutions: Effectiveness? Encourages students to get involved at peer-to-peer level. Relevance? Provide insights on how middle school students communicate with each other. Allow students to speak to other students in a creative way. Engagement? Transition to ongoing platform. Can be replicated each year to ensure constantly evolving topics and presentations.

Ok2Say Student Film Competition


Activation: Overview Film Competition Film competition led by Ok2Say for all middle school students ●  Students will be given a creative brief ○  Includes standardized guidelines & parent permission ○  Schools will make sure that submissions fit the guidelines ●  Main point of contact: school counselors, school media centers, social workers, principals, presenters 8

Brief: Through your Eyes “We want you to create a video that shows your voice, and the struggles you see and face … We want your perspective, so feel free to be different.” Students can choose to incorporate topics including: ●  ●  ● 

Bullying Cyberbullying Suicide

●  ● 

Threats Fighting

Submissions Two choices: Short: Less than 1 minute or Long: 1 minute-5 minutes 9

Guidelines & Security ●  Guidelines attached to all briefs (per client) ●  Parent permission slips ●  All participants will sign releases that allow the content to become property of MAG ●  School Approval: Finalized teams submitted to OK2Say Final videos reviewed before official submissions 10

Video Review Screening Process ●  Video submissions are compiled through platform: LaunchPad6 ●  1st Stage: Use MSU Film Minor Students from MSU Communication Arts School, to review students work as an “OK2Say Film Panel” ●  2nd Stage: Public Voting through OK2Say website


Video Placement Film Competition YouTube ●  Winning 6 videos posted as reference for next year ●  Disable comments ●  Alternate location for students, faculty and parents to view videos Website ●  After review, top 30 videos (15 each) posted on website ○  Can only vote once per day 12

Promotion Film Competition 1.  Promo packs emailed to each school: ○  :45 promo video ○  poster ○  script for announcements 2.  Wristbands given out to finalized teams 3.  Future presentations will use winner's’ videos and promote the next competition. This will allow for an ongoing platform. 4.  Possible integration of promo video at movie theaters 13


Official Poster 15

Team Wristbands


Promotion Public Relations ●  PR will be an asset to this campaign by assisting with promotion across the state to keep buzz year-round. ●  PR will help to gain media coverage through press releases and will allow OK2Say to be in control of the messaging and information that is presented to the public. 17

Timeline Public Relations - Press Release Distribution






Campaign Kick-Off


Voting Opens

Winners Announced

Past Year + Next Year

Announcing campaign and details.

Based on data received by OK2Say on # of teams and schools participating.

Announcing the public voting period + details on where/how to vote.

Winners in each category announced.

Information on success of past competition and information on next year.

Quarterly Newsletter Community Support ●  Reach community leaders and gain support by including links to user generated content (student videos) ●  Metrics to include in annual report: ○  Views ○  Engagement ○  Number of students who participated ○  Schools that participated ○  Media coverage driven through PR efforts 19



Prizes Video Competition 1st Place Class/School: 8 VR headset for class Individual: ▪  Winning Films featured at ELFF/TCFF ▪  Meijer $100 gift card

Honorable Mention Film participant certificate (MI Film & Digital Media Office)

2nd Place Meijer $50 gift card

3rd Place Meijer $25 gift card 21

Budget ●  “Promo Pack”- Billable labor hours ○  Video production ○  Poster design ●  Public Relations ○  Local PR agency Project-based= est. $625 ●  Video Contest Platform- Launchpad6 ○  $250/month for two months= $500 ●  Custom wristbands ○  200,000 personalized - $2,000

●  Hire freelance employee to moderate voting- Est. $5,000 ●  Prizes ○  Film Fest Spotlight ○  VR Class set - $6,000 (8 VR sets x2) ○  Certificates - $330

Total: $20,455 22

Timeline Film Competition September - May of each year Aug & Sep


~ Campaign starts ~ Promo packs are emailed out

~ Finalized teams submitted to school (Nov 1)

Promo pack/PR: Labor hours + $625

Wristbands: $2k

Nov - Feb ~ Students work on videos submissions


April - May

~ Deadline for submissions (Mar 1) ~Freelance panel

~ Public voting of top submissions (Apr 1-15) ~ Announce winners - May 15

Freelance panel/ Launchpad6: $5.5k

Prizes, CertiďŹ cates, Misc. Shipping: $12.3k Total: ~$20,445




Thank you. 24

Through Your Eyes 25

Ok2Say Final Presentation  
Ok2Say Final Presentation