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Carolyn Ramos P o r t f o l i o o f Wo r k

The Cat’s Meow Ad designed for JET Nightclub at The Mirage, featuring house and electroclash DJ Felix da Housecat. The client wanted a grand, circus-in-the-desert theme, something more playful than the usual dark and sexy gloss seen in nightlife ads. Composed with a press photo, carnival vector art and stock photography. Published in 944 - Las Vegas, Phoenix and San Diego, Seven Magazine, Las Vegas Weekly.

Pedro’s Birthday Illustrated, scanned and colored in Photoshop to mimic Napoleon Dynamite’s sketches, this invitation was designed for Efren Ramirez‘s birthday party at JET Nightclub (Efren played Napoleon’s Mexican buddy Pedro). Pencil drawings and lettering. Desk, writing instruments and lip balm are stock images.

Hot Chicks, Hot Wings An event borne of The Boss of The Company for Diablo’s Cantina, Monte Carlo. Sexy woman was mandatory; Actual chicken in the layout preferred; Compromising stance for the win.

Wonderland JET Nightclub’s Halloween party based on the Lewis Carroll classic. The client wanted a “trip down the rabbit hole.” Composed with a photo courtesy of the costume sponsor Leg Avenue and other stock photo and vector elements. Published in 944 - Las Vegas and Las Vegas Weekly.

Rock the Roof Left - Light Group’s annual Battle of the Bands. Diablo’s art is often a balance of rock, goth, demon and sex. Art is posted as back-lit duratrans and posters in and around Monte Carlo Resort & Casino.

Singles Party Left - Other than the gold cherub in the middle, this Valentine’s Day poster was built with vector shapes and shadows in Illustrator.

Heaven The newest nighttime pool party for the LGBT community opened Spring 2010 at Bare at The Mirage. These ads were designed for the grand opening. After finding the right balance of chiseled abs and pretty faces, the layout on the opposite page was approved by the client.

Event Logos & Typography Who made Avant Garde the official party font anyway?

Wedding Invitations A venture in making brides-to-be happy. It’s always gratifying to see a client thrilled with my work. Whether a couple wants simple typography or hand-drawn illustrations, capturing some of their personality in the artwork is important to me, and it’s what sets my work apart from some other wedding invite packages.

De VeraHuelsman Cynthia & Nolan wanted modern layouts using their own monogram, and they also wanted pieces that weren’t too matchy. I paired lines and a trendy wallpaper background with mixed typography in classic fonts. All pieces were printed on white, classic linen, 100# cover.

Dungca-Weatherby This super-hip couple from Los Angeles have planned a 1930s, Dixieland-themed party for their wedding. One is immediately struck by how stylish they are, so I illustrated their potential attire, using the proximity of their shoes to convey closeness, possibly in embrace or mid-dance step, as the focus of the 11 x 17 poster. Printed on natural-colored, 80# text and sent in kraft envelopes.


Mata é Caña

Clinics in Schools

At Pension Santa Elena in Costa Rica, Mata é Caña bar and grill needed to update their identity with a vibrant new logo. They chose the fourth one.

Clinics In Schools is a non-profit, charitable organization recently launched by Dr. Noah Kohn to provide school-based health care to the children of Nevada. They chose the second logo.

Carolyn Ramos (2010)  

Graphic Design Portfolio

Carolyn Ramos (2010)  

Graphic Design Portfolio