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Violating traffic rules can be really dangerous!! Traffic violations and moving violations which is related to any type of law violation is done by driver of a vehicle when the vehicle is parked or it is moving. The common rules of traffic violations basically come under the breaches or misdemeanors. However the serious violation may be even regarded as felonies. This is where the renowned and acknowledged traffic violation attorney comes into picture as they are the one who can protect the driver. The moving as well as the non-moving traffic violations is of 2 types. Many traffic violations are usually looked upon as the small criminal felonies. However, there are also of serious nature as well such as DWI which means, driving while intoxicated or DUI which means driving under the influence, which can be the influence of alcohol or any other kind of drugs. So, if you are caught in such offense then you may contact drunk driving attorney Baltimore for assistance. Moreover, there may be even minor mechanical and speeding violations which may have the serious consequences. It may also be leading to license which can be suspended if various infractions are done over a small time period. The fine which is listed on face of the issued ticket for traffic violation can frequently need to be paid. Moreover, there may even be the possibility of increasing the premiums of vehicle insurance. The common violations of traffic which require legal action by the drunk driving lawyer columbia md are:          

Crossing the speed limit which is the most common violation. Driving very slowly, specifically in lane of left hand. Driving by ignoring the sign of stop or the red traffic light. Not yielding other vehicle with right-of-way. Unable to maintain one single lane. Crossing the center divider. Avoid using the seat belt. Unable to stop at crosswalk to allow the pedestrians to cross the road. Unable to stop for school bus when children are exiting or boarding. Driving in car pool lane if it is unlawful to do.

The most serious violation among moving traffic violations are the reckless and drunk driving, street racing, road rage as well as vehicular homicide. Ideally, you should not perform any such unlawful act. However if you are caught in these offenses then you should search for a reputed lawyer or dui attorney columbia md to get free from any such heavy charges. However, the non-moving violations of traffic basically involve the illegal parking, parking in the non-parking zone or with expired meter. There are various lawyers and attorneys who assist you to get rid form the charges and to protect you, however maryland criminal defense attorney is even highly reputed and popular which has years of experience and professional knowledge about every minute lawful things.

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Charged with a DUI, DWI, driving on a suspended license, driving on a revoked license, a speeding ticket, or any other traffic offense in ba...

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