Carolyn Creemers

Carolyn Creemers

St. Louis, United States

After graduating from the University of Michigan with a Bachelor of Science in Architecture, I designed a five bedroom house for Habitat for Humanity in Lansing, MI before returning to school at Washington University in St. Louis to pursue a masters degree.

During my time at WashU, my projects have ranged from exhibition spaces to large scale urban design. When approaching a project, I begin with analyzing the constraints, and then find how to best negate or turn them on their head. For example in my design for Habitat for Humanity, I combated the strict area constraints for the house by using as few walls as possible in separating the various living areas, creating a more open space and floor plan

This spring, I will graduate with a Masters of Architecture and Urban design.

When not in studio: I enjoy yoga, video games, cooking, and TED talks