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For those interested in Craft Beer, Wine, and Liquor, the South Western Catskills has you covered. With sustainability and community in mind, several businesses have cropped up throughout the years, taking advantage of the fertile soil and clean mountain water this area offers. Whether you are a local, a second home owner, or a weekend visitor, there is no lack of options for those interested in the art of fermentation.


visitor’s guide 2020

Established in April of 2013, Roscoe Beer Company was founded by locals for the local community with an emphasis on brewing a beer all could be proud of. In addition to creating award winning craft beer, the company places a strong focus on bringing as many people into the Roscoe area by partnering with other local businesses and holding monthly events and festivals throughout the year.

Over the years, Roscoe Beer was the recipient of Best Brewery/ Governor’s Challenge Craft Beer of the Year (Taste NY Craft Beer Challenge 2017), Best NY Craft Beer (New York State Craft Competition 2018), and Best Beer at Bethel Woods Craft Beer Fest Competition for the past 4 years. (Roscoe Beer Company: 145 Rockland Rd, Roscoe, NY; (607) 290-5002; A short drive down Old Route 17 from Roscoe, you’ll find Catskill Brewery in Livingston Manor. Environmentally conscious, the brewery and taproom are located in a Gold LEED-certified building which harvests energy from the sun to not only heat the space, but also power the brewing process. Sit and enjoy a pint amongst the brewing tanks while enjoying live music from local artists, or grab a growler to take with you. Outside you’ll find The Catskill Brewery Food Truck for a nosh. (Catskill Brewery: 672

visitor’s guide 2020


visitor’s guide 2020

Old Rte 17, Livingston Manor, NY; (845) 439-1232; Heading back to Roscoe, Prohibition Distillery was inspired by the 18th amendment outlawing the sale of liquor and honors the history of the United States, and the impact the law had on the people and industry. Housed in the 1929 Roscoe Firehouse, the building holds the main distillery, tasting room, with a barrel house next door, as well as the Bootlegger’s Alley Bar open outside during the summer. Using Catskill Mountain water and New York State corn, Prohibition’s Vodka, Gin, Bourbon Cream and Bourbon Whiskey are in a class of themselves among craft distilleries. Their vodka was named one of the best craft distilled vodkas in the world by Travel + Leisure as well as winning gold medals at the 2010 New York International Spirits Competition. (Prohibition Distillery: 10 Union St, Roscoe, NY; (607) 498-4511; What started as a weekend home, quickly turned into Eminence Road Farm Winery as the owners fell in love with the area’s natural beauty. Makers of dry table wine, Eminence’s first vintage was 2008. They source their vinifera grapes from vineyards in the Finger Lakes and use naturally occurring yeasts to ferment the grapes into wine. Located in Acidalia, Eminence does not have a tasting room. Their wines can be found at local purveyors in the area, including Upstream Wine & Spirits in Livingston Manor. They can be found at the Callicoon and Narrowsburg Farmers Markets in Spring, Summer, and Fall. (Eminence Road Farm Winery: 3734 Eminence Rd, Long Eddy, NY; (845) 887-6280; The latest addition to the landscape is Upward Brewing Company, which officially opened on November 1st, 2019. Situated on Beer Mountain®, Upward offers no-nonsense, traditional beer brewed using water harvested directly from the several natural springs located on their mountain… truly spring-fed beer. 6

visitor’s guide 2020


Drawn to the area because of the proximity to NYC, as well as the clean air and water, Upward is bringing nature back to craft beer. They are building a destination to enjoy beer as well as outdoor activities such as hiking, skiing, camping, and skating. The building hosts Upward Kitchen so you can grab a bite while enjoying the view. (Upward Brewing Company: 171 Main St, Livingston Manor, NY; (845) 439-1382; Whether you’re a craft beer connoisseur, looking to learn more about what’s being brewed, or simply enjoy a locally made cocktail with friends, there’s no denying the heart poured into what is brewing throughout the Catskills.

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Craft Brews and Spirits by Bryan Cronk Her Story by Donna Vallone Go with the Flow by Lisa M. Lyons A Conversation with Mac by Maria Bivins Illustrated Maps of the Beaverkill River and Willowemoc Creek by Austin McK Francis 30 Themed Camping Experiences 38 Welcome to Covered Bridge Country 41 Dove Trail through The Town of Rockland 46 Events 50 A 95 Year Old Gem by Shannon “Birdie” Feeney Where we are: At the gateway to the Catskill Park.

Publisher Maria Bivins Roscoe Chamber of Commerce PO Box 443, Roscoe, NY 12776 Livingston Manor Chamber of Commerce PO Box 122, Livingston Manor, NY 12758

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Produced by Visitors Guide 259 Willowemoc Rd Livingston Manor, NY 12758 (845) 707-2723

Contributors: Chelsea Abplanalp | Donald Almquist | Michelle Tutalo, Baxter House River Outfitters R. Cadiz | Carolyn Bivins | Lawrence Braun | The Catskill Brewery | Bryan Cronk, Manor 506 | Peter B. Crosby Kelly Buchta, Dette Flies | Shannon “Birdie” Feeney, Roscoe Beer Co. | Foster Supply Hospitality | Austin McK. Francis | Jill C. Smith Photography | Livngston Manor Chamber of Commerce | Lisa M. Lyons, Morgan Outdoors | Prohibition Distillery | Tom & Anna Roberts, The Homestedt Store | Roscoe Campsite Park | Roscoe Chamber of Commerce | Lillian Kocher, The Rose Cottage | Carol Montana, Shandelee Music Festival | Sullivan County Visitors Association | Upward Brewing Company | Donna Vallone Thank you to all who contributed to the 2020 Visitor’s Guide


visitor’s guide 2020

visitor’s guide 2020


THE BAXTER HOUSE IN ROSCOE Nestled in the foothills of the Catskill Mountains in between the Beaverkill River and the Willowemoc River, sits a historical farmhouse known as the “Baxter House.” The Baxter House has been a landmark in Roscoe NY for over 150 years and is located in the birthplace of American flyfishing. At the turn of the century, a quiet small framed woman, Geraldine Baxter, lived and raised her family in the six bedroom farmhouse while simultaneously renting rooms to fishermen who came into town to try their hand at the vast array of trout. I came to know Geraldine through neighbors who were her friends and from various members of the actual Baxter family, always eager to knock on the original screen door and beg entrance. One time, about fifteen adults of the Baxter clan showed up and as I was giving a tour to the family, I watched the eldest Baxter run up the backyard hill towards the


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gigantic rocks perched up top, as he had done as a young boy. He turned around smiling and waved his family upward. Geraldine’s husband David was a beekeeper and his huts were full of delicious honey and hives, creating a gentle whirring on the hillside which meant it was time to harvest soon. The Baxter family has recanted

for me hours upon hours of stories, about how the House was different then, elder relatives born right in the home, and how apparently coal was the main source of fuel with multiple fireplaces. I sadly advised the family that as only the third owner of the Baxter House, the prior owner must have changed the heating system. The original homestead also had just one bath for the entire family; now there are actually five at this time, one for each bedroom and a main floor bath. Today the Baxter House maintains what is left of the original structure, is home to a family of avid flyfishermen, and Captain Ken Tutalo runs his charter boat service named after the historical home in a Flyshop in Roscoe. Geraldine may not be whipping up scrambled eggs and pancakes any longer but her namesake still offers fisherman solace and hospitality on the banks of the Beaverkill River. by Michelle Tutalo

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visitor’s guide 2020


More than 20 years ago Phil and I were raising our children and building our new home in Roscoe. I was having a painting commissioned by Jack Yelle for him, and as Jack and I walked the 20-acre property we passed the closed-up cabins that were operated in the ’70s & ’80s by my father-in-law, Ed. They had been closed for quite a few years but Jack commented on the beautiful location and asked if I ever thought about opening them up again. My first thought was, “No!” I was a stay at home Mom and loved spending all my time with my family. Plus, I had no clue about running a lodging operation. However, Phil and I discussed the idea and the rest is HER story. It has provided me with a stay at home career that allowed me to never miss school events, sports games, or anything else with my two boys. Creekside has expanded from the 7 original cabins with 18 beds, to numerous local properties with

over 50 beds. These properties were mostly centered around the Hazel region of Roscoe, but also include the Creekside Bed & Bath on Railroad Avenue in the heart of town. As time marched on and the quest to “slow down” took precedence, I sold 4 of the properties and listed the main cabin property for sale. It didn’t take long for the sharp-eyed DiSanto family from Long Island with recreational ties to the area to snatch them up. Jonna and Sal DiSanto will be the new owner/operators of the

main cabin property, operating under the new name J&S Creekside Cabins. I will continue to operate our B&B located in the heart of Roscoe and will be expanding my role at the Roscoe Beer Company. Whether you are a new guest or one of our many twenty-year plus guests I cannot THANK you all enough for your continued patronage over the years. We have a GREAT team at Creekside and I am confident the transition will go smoothly. by Donna Vallone

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THE ROSE COTTAGE IN DE BRUCE Rose Stüdeli Kocher inspires The Rose Cottage in De Bruce. She emigrated to New York from Switzerland with her husband Walter, on their honeymoon in 1929, and became matriarch of the Kocher family. They set down their roots in De Bruce as early as 1941. “Rösi” said that she liked round tables because you can always add another person. She modeled Swiss hospitality, and Sunday afternoons were reserved for big family dinners where anyone might be invited - friends, neighbors, town officials, clients and guests from the city and other countries. She always found a way to feed people. Back then, The De Bruce Club Inn boasted large river stone fireplaces in the lobby and in the angler’s “mud room.” Chef Cesar Ricci cooked up the fresh fish for breakfast that were caught in the early mornings – probably on dry flies created by the master, Mahlin Davidson, at his general


visitor’s guide 2020

There is plenty of space to hang up your waders and relax with a “Pink Lady” before dinner.

store next door. Fresh blueberries were picked from “Blueberry Hill” behind the inn. “Cottagers” from all around and up on Hunter Lake were regulars at the dining room, the dances and the every-Sunday softball games held during “the season.”

The Hunter Lake crowd put on talent shows. Rose presided from the Inn’s upper and lower cottages where she and the children lived. Rose’s generous spirit and traditional Swiss hospitality reigned throughout its heyday welcoming family, friends and guests alike. Though the De Bruce Club Inn itself is gone, the homestead remains and the cottages, once boarding houses, are now dedicated to serving guests from near and far. Today, Marilyn, Rose’s oldest daughter, has completely renovated the lower cottage with a bathroom for each room and a modern commercial kitchen. There is plenty of space to hang up your waders and relax with a “Pink Lady” before dinner. Your stay at The Rose Cottage includes breakfast, often with the same fresh blueberries from “Blueberry Hill” as well as eggs from our chickens, and dinner, inspired by our gardens and the season, by Chef Edwin Pubil; and our round tables, in Rose’s dining room, always have room for one more. by Lillian Kocher

For current events, business directories and weekly happenings check us out online!

Roscoe Chamber of Commerce Facebook/Roscoe, NY - Trout Town USA

Livingston Manor Chamber of Commerce Facebook/Livingston Manor Chamber of Commerce

& 65a A one or two bedroom efficiency apartment conveniently snuggled above Livingston Manor’s Main Street 16

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GO WITH THE FLOW by Lisa M. Lyons


f you’ve driven along the Beaverkill River, visited Mongaup Pond, or sipped cold, clean water from the spring on Balsam Lake Mountain, you’ve enjoyed the waters of the upper Delaware River watershed. [To better understand the workings of a “watershed” and the Delaware River Watershed in particular; check out the text box at right.] Over 25 years of fishing, hiking and driving in the area, I have fallen in love with this watershed. From its smallest woodland streams in the mountains to its curvy river valleys down below, it cast a spell on me. And as I slowly learned how all these waters were connected, forming a single watershed, I was even more smitten. If you’re a map lover, you’ll enjoy seeing this for yourself on a good map. But if maps make you cross-eyed, we’ve got just the fix - the watershed mural at Morgan Outdoors! Artist Robyn Almquist created a beautiful interactive mural (pictured in photo at right) that invites you to roll a marble, simulating water, down the Beaverkill or Willowemoc Creek and watch it flow from the headwaters in the mountains all the way to Delaware Bay. Robyn’s intent is to give viewers a sense of place; an understanding that we are connected to the Delaware River, Delaware Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. She also wants the public to understand that what we do near and in our waters here, matters downstream. So the width of each tributary on her map “is exactly the same to illustrate the importance of each one. Even the smallest stream can affect the larger rivers it flows into,” states the artist. But, happily, if we are mindful to take care of the land and its waters we can enjoy its bounties.


visitor’s guide 2020

Youngster at mural rolling marble to learn about our Watershed. Top photo: Spring on Balsam Lake Mountain. LM Lyons photos

Even the smallest stream can affect the larger rivers it flows into,” states the artist.

There are dozens of places in Livingston Manor and Roscoe to enjoy the watershed’s springs, rivers, ponds and lakes. Some favorites that you might enjoy are: Livingston Manor’s Covered Bridge Park – with the Willowemoc Creek flowing beneath it, picnic tables available in a covered pavilion, angler access Junction Pool in Roscoe – a great place to see where the Beaverkill and Willowemoc Creek meet; an historic fly fishing spot with legend of a Two-headed Trout who couldn’t decide which river to swim up. Mongaup Pond – The largest natural body of water in the Catskills; its campground offers swimming, boating, fishing, hiking, camping, snowshoeing and snowmobiling access. Spring on Balsam Lake Mountain – Enjoy a sip of cold, clear water on a hike to Balsam Lake Mountain fire tower. The spring is located right on the trail, not far from the summit. These are but a few of the wonderful watery possibilities. Local fly shops, campgrounds, and outdoor shops are great sources of other options. And you are warmly invited to stop by Morgan Outdoors in Livingston Manor to climb the ladder and roll a marble! Background photo: Enjoying Mongaup Pond. Donald Almquist photo The author is the owner of Morgan Outdoors, celebrating 15 years on Main Street in Livingston Manor.

What is a watershed? It’s a network of large and small streams all flowing into a large body of water, often a river, forming a drainage basin. Livingston Manor and Roscoe are among many towns in in the Delaware River Watershed. Our famed trout streams, Willowemoc Creek and the Beaverkill River, are both tributaries of the Delaware. They join in Roscoe at Junction Pool and flow to the main branch of the Delaware River in Hancock. More Delaware River watershed facts: - the 13, 539 square miles of the Delaware River Watershed includes lands in New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware -over 215 major tributaries flow into the main stem of the Delaware. - the Delaware is the longest undammed river east of the Mississippi and flows 331 miles downstream past Trenton, Philadelphia, and Wilmington - migratory fish travel between the upper Delaware and the Atlantic Ocean. - the Delaware River Watershed provides drinking and non-potable water to millions of people (and animals and plants!) along the way requiring our protection and stewardship. There’s a lot of other interesting information at visitor’s guide 2020




visitor’s guide 2020

welcome The communities of Roscoe and Livingston Manor in the Town of Rockland, Sullivan Catskills NY welcome you with open arms. Come for the ah and stay at one of our boutique hotels, cabins, inns, airbnbs and campgrounds that are available. Unplug and relax, take a hike, ride a bike, enjoy craft brews and spirits, swim, fish, kayak, eat and shop. Do it all, or do nothing at all. Our cover photo this year was taken by Peter B. Crosby for the Livingston Manor Fly Fishing Club. Our serene countryside and riverscapes draw you in, encourage you to relax and just enjoy! Hoping to see you in 2020! Maria Bivins, Publisher

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A CONVERSATION WITH MAC by Maria Bivins Over the years, Mac has made it his life’s work to learn about the history of fly fishing, the culture of the sport, the expert craftsmanship of the flies and the equipment, and the pastime’s birthplace region. Now, over thirty-seven years later, Austin McK. Francis is considered to be the leading authority on the Catskill fly-fishing tradition. He and his wife Ross, also an avid angler, live and work in New York City and on weekends they live and fish in the Beaverkill valley. We took a few minutes to talk to Mac and find out what new projects he has up his sleeve. VG: Your beautifully illustrated maps of the Beaverkill River and Willowemoc Creek have been very popular as part of our Visitor’s Guide for four years now. What’s the story behind how they were made?

Mac: There were nine of them originally, illustrated in blackand-white by the artist John Manikowski from my rough but faithful sketches of our main rivers, mountains, towns, and man-made features like buildings and roads. They were included in Catskill Rivers: Birthplace of American Fly Fishing, my 1983 book on the central role our famous rivers have played in the history of the sport of fly fishing. VG: Now there are ten full color maps?

Then I also printed them separately on watercolor paper suitable for framing.

Mac: Yes, I added a river and colored them to be compatible with the color photos of Enrico Ferorelli, my photographer for Land of Little Rivers: A Story in Photos of Catskill Fly Fishing.

VG: I know, and I should tell our readers that your maps can be purchased via your website and at the Catskill Fly Fishing Center & Museum Gift Shop. You say my photographer; you are not just the author? Continued on page 28

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Mac: I founded The Beaverkill Press LLC in 1983 in order to have control of all stages of my books. I am an independent publisher, just of my own books. I hire everyone involved in the creation of my books. I began my career in Tokyo over fifty years ago in a major Japanese printing company and have always been fascinated with the path a book takes after it is written until it lands in the hands of the reader. VG: So, what are you up to now? Mac: I have been working on a biography of the Darbee family – Harry, Elsie, and Judie. They were a force over the mid-1900’s and continue to be with their legacy and example of sustaining the heritage of Catskill fly fishing, and by fighting to protect our amazing rivers and mountains. My research and draft for the book is entering its eighth year, including interruptions, and I hope to have it designed, produced, and released by the spring of 2021. VG: That should keep you busy and out of trouble for a while, I cannot wait to read it. Mac: Well, I’m actually publishing a second book at the same time: Catskill Flytier: My Life, Times, and Techniques, Harry’s life story as told to me forty-three years ago. It has been out of print for many years, so it will be the re-published co-written autobiography standing next to my new biography. And, yes, that should keep me out of mischief. VG: Thank you, Mac, for your time, and good luck with your books! Mac: Thank you. Your Visitor’s Guide for Roscoe & Livingston Manor serves a great purpose in the continuing resurgence of our towns and mountain region as an increasingly popular place to live, visit, relax, and enjoy all that we have to offer. I am proud to be a part of it.


visitor’s guide 2020

visitor’s guide 2020




magine you and your family stepping back in time preparing for your trip along the Oregon Trail. You stop your Conestoga Wagon along the river. The oxen are unhitched and set out in the pasture. The family relaxes and you can prepare your dinner on an open fire kettle. In the evening you can sit around your campfire roasting marshmallows and listen to the gentle flow of our own Beaverkill River. In the morning, while the coffee is brewing on the kettle fire and bacon is sizzling in the pan, you can enjoy the flight of one of the nesting eagles overhead. As the morning fog lifts off the water, you and your family can begin to plan your outdoor adventure. Will it be hiking to the local waterfall, biking along the country roads in Roscoe, canoeing or paddle boarding on Lake Waneta, or just relaxing in one of the tubes on the river in front of your Conestoga Wagon. Here at Roscoe Campsite Park, your Conestoga Wagon adventure will have amenities that early settlers did not have. Each wagon is equipped with a king-size bed, bunk beds, a dining table with chairs AND AIR CONDITIONING / HEAT! Nearby, a modern bathroom facility is also another convenience our early travelers didn’t have. 30

visitor’s guide 2020

In addition to the Conestoga Wagons, the Park has camping cabins in a variety of features. New Barn Style and Premium Cabins are complete with a full size bed with twin over the top bed, 2 cots, a small refrigerator, microwave, coffee maker, heat, air conditioner and a TV. All this and a river front location. There are two Military Cabins which commemorate the service of our veterans. Each feature a full size bed with a twin over the top bed and a futon for those looking for a simpler experience. The cabins are available to guests with or without bathroom facilities. The Roscoe Campsite Park features a newly renovated bath house with showers which is only a short walk from any of the cabins. All the cabin accommodations are designed for multiple sleeping

arrangements. Your camping adventure begins in the fully stocked country store. There is a modern playground for the youngsters, and several pavilions scattered around the Park for special events. There is always fly fishing for trout on the world famous Beaverkill River. The Park also has its own farm with alpacas, miniature goats and egg laying chickens. The Park continues to host the Rhino Lacrosse Camp for youngsters interested in learning the fundamentals of lacrosse and outdoor programs. The camp is preceded by the annual Roscoe Invitational Lacrosse Tournament, featuring boys and girls teams from neighboring towns. Family reunions and corporate outings are hosted, as well. Check out their website: www.RoscoeCampsitePark. com for their special events calendar. Make your plans early for this multi-faceted camping experience. Our motto is CAMPING YOUR WAY. Submitted by Roscoe Campsite Park


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visitor’s guide 2020



visitor’s guide 2020


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If transportation history is your thing, the area boasts not one, not two, but three covered bridges. Two — the Mott/Vantran/ Livingston Manor Bridge (1860) and the Bendo/Covered Bridge Campsite bridge (1860) — span the Willowemoc Creek. The other — the renovated Beaverkill Covered Bridge (1865), pictured above, — crosses the Beaverkill above Roscoe.


visitor’s guide 2020

The Mott/ Vantran Bridge is located on Covered Bridge Road, Livingston Manor, just off County Road 179. There is a small park with picnic tables and a pavillion.

To get to the Bendo Bridge at the Covered Bridge Campsite, drive 7.5 miles out of Livingston Manor on the DeBruce Road, turn right at the campsite sign. To get to the Beaverkill Covered Bridge, take old Route 17 west out of Livingston Manor 1.5 miles, turn right on Beaverkill Road, after 5 miles, turn left on Beaverkill Camp Road. Welcome to Covered Bridge Country ... all three of these covered bridges were built by John Davidson, a gifted carpenter.

American Songbook Concert Opens 27th Shandelee Music Festival 2020 Summer Season by Carol Montana The exciting opening night of the Shandelee Music Festival’s 27th Sunset Concert Season promises an abundance of romance and rapture. Award-winning vocalist and Broadway star Michael Winther will serenade the audience with romantic standards, classic and contemporary love songs. This special concert will be presented in an equally exceptional place – The Arnold House Barn & Greenhouse located at 40

visitor’s guide 2020

839 Shandelee Road in Livingston Manor. Winther has been hailed by the New York Times as a ““first-rate singer of unusual refinement.”

The Neave Piano Trio returns to Shandelee on Saturday, August 15. WQXR said Neave “has earned enormous praise for its engaging cutting-edge performances.

Returning to its Sunset Concert Pavilion on J. Young Road, the SMF continues on Tuesday, August 11 with the Antonov & Kazantsev duo on piano and cello. Audiences may remember their previous concerts with the Hermitage Piano Trio.

Steven Lin on solo piano will perform An Evening of Piano Masterworks on Thursday, August 20. The New York Times said Lin is –“…immaculately voiced and enhanced by admirable subtleties of shading and dynamics.”

Thursday, August 13 will feature the Ulysses String Quartet, described by “The Strad” as having “the kind of chemistry many quartets long for …”

The Shandelee Music Festival finishes their 27th season with a return engagement by the Alethia Piano Trio described by the Reading Eagle as having “dazzling energy and expressivity.” All concerts begin at 8 p.m. and require advanced reservations. Call 845-439-3277 for additional information or visit


he Sullivan Catskills Dove Trail© commemorates the 50th anniversary of the 1969 Woodstock festival and celebrates its impact on our Sullivan Catskills. It’s a collection of 50 dove sculptures perched in villages, towns, and at several tourism businesses. Each permanently mounted dove is hand-painted by a professional local artist and inspired by the legendary event held here in 1969.

Follow the beautiful trail of doves through The Town of Rockland


Continued on page 42

visitor’s guide 2020


CATSKILL BREWERY 672 Old Route. 17 Livingston Manor, NY 12758 ARTIST: ROBIN NERVEGNA


PROHIBITION DISTILLERY 10 Union Street Roscoe, NY 12776 ARTIST: PHILIP YARNALL 42 visitor’s guide 2020


ROSCOE BEER COMPANY 145 Rockland Road Roscoe, NY 12776 ARTISTS: JENNIFER BULL, KIM SIMONS Maps can be picked up at most Main Street businesses in Roscoe and Livingston Manor or can be downloaded at Photos courtesy of the Sullivan Catskills Visitors Association.

BUCK BROOK ALPACAS 12 Bestenheider Road Roscoe, NY 12776 ARTIST: DIANE HESS

visitor’s guide 2020


Stay informed: and 44 visitor’s guide 2020

KEEP OUR TOWN BLOOMING The Livingston Manor Renaissance is a group of volunteers who work tirelessly through the seasons to improve the natural beauty of our community. Through their efforts, the business district is enhanced by hanging flower baskets, benches, window planters, street planters, strategically placed perennial beds, informational kiosks, led lighting, historical plaques on buildings, and an artistic display from local businesses and organizations at the corners of Main & Pearl Streets. They have been awarded the Showing of Flowers in 2016, the Judges Choice in 2017, 3rd Place in Community Beautification in 2018 and 1st Place Community Beautification in 2019. We cannot wait to see what the 2020 growing season brings.

Join the fun and festivities this year on Flower Day in Livingston Manor on May 16th. The streets will be lined with vendors selling their plants & flowers, garden art and so much more, while many participating businesses will have garden wares galore and will be donating a portion of proceeds to the LM Renaissance. For more information visit them on Facebook/Livingston Manor Renaissance or online at Donations may be sent to 11 Johnston Rd, Livingston Manor, NY 12758.

visitor’s guide 2020


EVENTS ONGOING Mondays - MexiPINS – Roll a strike on your first roll in our 100 year old alley and get guacamole on us. North Branch Inn, 869 North Branch Rd, (845) 482-2339 Monday-Friday - Oyster Happy Hour, 5-6:30pm, $1.50 oysters, $2.50 Rockefeller style, Piccolo Paese Ristorante, 2071 NY-52, Liberty, (845) 292-7211 Wednesdays - Wing Night, $6 per order, The Cabin at Hessinger-Lare, 495 Hessinger-Lare Rd, Jeffersonville, 5-9pm, (845) 482-3802

Saturdays - Wine Tastings, 2-5pm, Upstream Wine & Spirits, 34 Main St, LM Saturdays - Garden Talks, Walks & Workshops, join Scott Woods, Director of Gardens for Foster Supply in the morning to talk all things flowers, gardens and greenery. Discussions will be tailored to the season & weather but will always be interactive and included with a stay at any FSH property. Arnold House, 839 Shandelee Rd, LM (845) 439-5070 Sundays - Roscoe Farmers Market, Niforatos Field, 10am-2pm, (May-October)

Wednesdays - Vinyl Night! Catskill Brewery, 672 Old Route 17, LM, (845) 439-1232

Sundays - Livingston Manor Farmers Market, Main Street, 10am-2pm (May 3-October 11)

Wednesdays - ½ off bottles of wine from 5-10pm, Piccolo Paese Ristorante, 2071 NY52, Liberty, (845) 292-7211

Sundays (monthly) Wine Dinner Series, A multiple course tasting menu paired with wines from FSH beverage partners.

Thursdays - Happy Hours in the Tavern at the Arnold House, 839 Shandelee Rd, LM (845) 439-5070, ½ price on all appetizers & drinks from 5-7pm, Trivia by Broadly Entertaining begins at 6:30pm, free to play.

Reservations required. The DeBruce, 982 DeBruce Rd, LM, (845) 439-3900

Thursdays (3rd of every month) Town of Rockland Senior Citizens Meeting, LM Firehouse, March-November, (845) 439-5133 Fridays - First Friday in Livingston Manor, shop & dine up and down Main Street and beyond. Special activities, sales and most businesses stay open until 8pm.

Sundays - Football at The Cabin! 1-8pm, all day specials, The Cabin at HessingerLare, 495 Hessinger-Lare Rd, Jeffersonville, 5-9pm, (845) 482-3802 (during Football Season)

JANUARY 18 Comedy Night, The Arnold House, 839 Shandelee Rd, LM(845) 439-5070

Every Friday, Saturday & Sunday! Live Music, Roscoe Beer Co, 145 Rockland Rd, Roscoe (607) 290-5002

26 61st Annual LM Rotary Ice Carnival, 1pm, Rotary Park, LM. Events will also be held on the 25th for school groups & community organizations.

Saturdays - Farming with Kids, every Saturday (May 30-September 6), 11am12pm, Apple Pond Farm, 80 Hahn Rd, Callicoon Center, (845) 482 4764

25 Winterfest, Roscoe Beer Co, 145 Rockland Rd, Roscoe (607) 290-5002

46 visitor’s guide 2020

FEBRUARY 7-9 6th Annual Ice Fishing Derby, weekend packages & day passes available, The Arnold House, 839 Shandelee Rd, LM, (845) 439-5070 14 Valentines Day, Catskill Brewery, 672 Old Route 17, LM, (845) 439-1232 15-March 14 Bill Schuck Art Exhibit, Artist Talk 3-4pm, Reception 4-5pm, Laundry King, CAS, 65 Main St, LM 436-4227 tba Winter Carnival, Catskill Brewery, 672 Old Route 17, LM, (845) 439-1232 15 Comedy Night, The Arnold House, 839 Shandelee Rd, LM, (845) 439-5070

MARCH 14 Comedy Night, The Arnold House, 839 Shandelee Rd, LM, (845) 439-5070 21 St. Patricks Day Party & Beer Release, Catskill Brewery, 672 Old Route 17, LM, (845) 439-1232 21- May 2, Liza Phillips Art Exhibit, Artist Talk 3-4pm, Reception 4-5pm, Laundry King, CAS, 65 Main St, LM 436-4227

APRIL 1 Opening Day Traditional First Cast at Junction Pool, Roscoe 3 Penny Social, St. Aloysius Church Hall, doors open at 5:30pm 4 Opening Day Welcome, free Brandenburg Bakery Donuts at Fur, Fin & Feather Sport Shop - 111 DeBruce Rd & Dette Fly Shop - 13 Main St, sponsored by the LMCC 4 Trout Season Opening Weekend Party Catskill Brewery, 672 Old Route 17, LM, 439 1232 11 Comedy Night, The Arnold House, 839 Shandelee Rd, LM, (845) 439-5070 26 Shandelee Music Festival P.L.A.Y. The Classics at Bethel Woods Center for the Performing

Arts in the Event Gallery, 3pm, Afternoon of Choral Artistry featuring The Young Peoples Chorus of New York City, (845)439-3277, 18 Earth Day Sustainable Fair, The Catskill Brewery, 672 Old Rte 17, LM (845) 439-1232 tba Two-Headed Trout Dinner, 6pm, The Rockland House, 159 Rockland Rd, Roscoe 24-May 15 Sullivan County High School Art Show, presented by CAS Arts Center, Sullivan County Community College, Loch Sheldrake presented by CAS Arts Center 25 Earth Day Celebration including the erection of a hand painted Native American Tipi. Apple Pond Farm, 80 Hahn Rd, Callicoon Center, (845) 482-4764 25-26 The Farmhouse Project Makers Market & Garden Party The Arnold House Greenhouse 839 Shandelee Rd. , LM Sat. 11-7pm & Sun. 11-5pm 26 Pancake Breakfast, Livingston Manor Fire Dept, 7am-12pm

MAY tba Pork Dinner, Sullivan 5 Star Chapter #298 O.E.S., Masonic Hall, 94 Main St, LM, (845) 439-3102 9 Mother’s Day Bake Sale & Raffle, LMFD Auxiliary 9 Wild Ramp Festival & Market, Roscoe Beer Co, 145 Rockland Rd, Roscoe (607) 290 5002 9-June 20 Nancy Bowen Exhibit, Artist Talk 3-4pm & Reception 4-5pm Laundry King, CAS, 65 Main St, LM (845) 436-4227 16 4th Annual Flower Day, Main St, LM 23 Summer Kick-Off Party Catskill Brewery, 672 Old Rt 17, LM, 439-1232 23 Opening of Roscoe O&W Museum, every Saturday 11am-3pm, every Sunday noon-3pm thru October 11

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24 Annual Chicken BBQ Lew Beach Fire House 25 Memorial Day Parade & Service, Roscoe 25 Memorial Day Parade & Service, 10am, LM

JUNE 6&7 5th Annual Dance Recital, Diners, Drive-Ins & Dance, Rhythm & Grace Performing Art Studio, Liberty High School. Saturday at 5:30pm and Sunday at 2pm 6 National Trails Day Catskill Hike, information & registration at Morgan Outdoors, 46 Main St, LM, 439-5507

13 The 16th Annual Trout Parade, Livingston Manor, 1pm. Local businesses and organizations are known to put on their creative hats and add some witty, wacky, twist to their march down Main Street. Professional musicians, puppeteers and dancers add to the festivities. 13 Trout Parade After Party, Catskill Brewery, 672 Old Route 17, LM, (845) 439-1232 13 Livingston Manor Free Library Services Auction @ The Trout Parade 13 BBQ & Brews Festival, Roscoe Beer Co, 145 Rockland Rd, Roscoe (607) 290-5002

21 Hudson Valley “Piece of the Puzzle” 5K Walk, Run & Fair, Main St, LM, find more info on Facebook/A Piece of the Puzzle of the Hudson Valley 27-August 22, Invitational Art Show, Artist Talk 4-5pm, Reception 5-6pm, Laundry King, CAS, 65 Main St, LM (845) 436-4227

JULY 4&5 Phoenicia Flea at Catskill Brewery, 672 Old Route 17, LM, (845) 439-1232 11 5th Annual Town Tag Sale, Main St, LM 18 A Lotta Ricotta - Learn to make goat cheese, 2-4pm Apple Pond Farm, 80 Hahn Rd, Callicoon Center, (845) 482-4764 25 Summerfest, Roscoe Beer Co, 145 Rockland Rd, Roscoe (607) 290-5002


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AUGUST 21 Sportsman Raffle & Chicken BBQ, Livingston Manor Fire Dept 2 A Lotta Ricotta - Learn to make goat cheese, 2-4pm Apple Pond Farm, 80 Hahn Rd, Callicoon Center, ( 845) 482-47642

26 Oktoberfest, Catskill Brewery, 672 Old Rt 17, LM, (845) 439-1232

OCTOBER tba Cadence & Craft 3rd Annual 1/2 Marathon & 5K, The Catskill Brewery, 672 Old Rt 17, LM, (845) 439-1232 11 Tortoise & Hare Hike, sponsored by TrailKeeper, Register at Morgan Outdoors, 46 Main St, LM, (845) 4395507 15 Traditional Christstollen is available until New Year’s Eve, Brandenburg Bakery, 66 Main St, LM 24 Pre-Order your Thanksgiving & Holiday Pies, Brandenburg Bakery, 66 Main St, LM

8 Annual Pig Roast, Dette Flies, 13 Main St, LM 8&9 5th Annual Trout Town Youth Lacrosse Tournament & Festival, Roscoe Campsite Park, RoscoeCampsitePark. com (607)498-5264 8-22 Shandelee Music Festival, 27th Annual Sunset Concert Series, (845)439-3277, 28 Penny Social, St. Aloysius Church Hall, doors open at 5:30pm 29-October 24 Suzanne Joelson Art Exhibit, Artist Talk 4-5pm, Reception 5-6pm, Laundry King, CAS, 65 Main St, LM (845) 436-4227

SEPTEMBER 4 Penny Social, Sullivan 5 Star Chapter #298 O.E.S., Masonic Hall, 94 Main St, LM, (845) 439-3102 4-6 Dance Gallery Festival, presented by CAS Arts Center, Performance at the Beaverkill Valley Inn on 9/6 at 6pm, 7 Barnhart Rd, LM 5 So Long, Summer Party Catskill Brewery, 672 Old Rt 17, LM, (845) 439-1232 tba Pork Dinner, Sullivan 5 Star Chapter #298 O.E.S., Masonic Hall, 94 Main St, LM, (845) 439-3102 26 National Alpaca Day, 12noon-4pm, celebrate at Buck Brook Alpacas, 99 Bestenheider Rd, Roscoe 26 Oktoberfest, Roscoe Beer Co, 145 Rockland Rd, Roscoe (607) 290-5002

25 Pancake Breakfast, Livingston Manor Fire Dept 31 Annual Halloween Parade, LMFD Auxiliary, 4pm 31–December 28 Matt Harle Exhibit, Artist Talk 4-5pm, Reception 5-6pm Laundry King, CAS, 65 Main St, LM (845) 436-4227

NOVEMBER 3 Election Day Chicken & Biscuit Luncheon, 11am- 1:30pm, Sullivan 5 Star Chapter #298 O.E.S., Masonic Hall, 94 Main St, LM, (845) 439-3102 21&22 Opening Weekend of Hunting Season, free Brandenburg Bakery Donuts at Fur, Fin & Feather Sport Shop, 111 DeBruce Rd, LM, sponsored by the LMCC

Events at the Livingston Manor Free Library GED - every other Monday at 10:30am

National Library Week events - April 20 - 25

Story Time - every Tuesday at 11:15am

Holiday Book Sales (weekend of Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Black Friday)

Manor Ink - every Wednesday at 3pm (meeting at the school/library during the summer)

27 Black Friday Party & Beer Release, Catskill Brewery, 672 Old Rt 17, LM, (845) 439-1232

Computer Help by Appointment - Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday


Coffee & Covers Book Club - every third Wednesday at 9:30am

1-23 Manor Moola holiday shopping promotion. Earn an entry for every $10 you spend at participating businesses and be entered to win 1 of 3 $100 prizes, sponsored by the LMCC.

Library Service’s Auction - June 13 during the Trout Parade Summer Reading - weekly in July Tax Prep - March tba

Check our website for more information and specifics

1-24 Christmas at the Brandenburg Bakery, 66 Main St, LM tba Annual Holiday Tree Lighting at Water Wheel Junction, LM tba Annual Christmas Party with Santa at LMFD, Ladies Auxiliary tba Festivus Holiday Party! at The Arnold House

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he Twin Village Golf Course has been a staple in the quaint town of Roscoe since construction began in 1925. The executive 9 hole, 2,040 yard course is a fun and challenging course, that is rich with history. The course has been in operation for almost 95 years and has been the second home to many, in fact it is hard to think of Twin Village without thinking of the names of Temple, Knickerbocker, Bowers, and Husson to name a few. Of those Mr. Paul Temple is one of the most notable, not only was he one of the longest serving members of the course, he helped as a young kid

in the construction by removing stones. Paul started playing the course when it officially opened in 1927 and continued playing right on up into his 90’s, winning many tournaments and titles in those years as well an impressive five hole-in-ones on the course! The clubhouse is rich with history of its own too. The building was originally school # 9 on the 1985 map in the town of Westfield Flats (the previous name of Roscoe). The school actually remained in operation until the late 1930’s and then officially became the clubhouse and is still in operation today.

Twin Village is the perfect spot to spend the afternoon with its short, yet challenging holes and views of the valley from several of the holes. The course features five par fours and our par threes with the longest hole being the 349-yard par 4 ninth hole, boasting a tricky tee shot with woods and marsh on the left and a pond to the right towards the green. The smaller size greens and tricky pin placements add to difficult chip shots and the need for an accurate short game to score well on this course, don’t let its size fool you. Grab some friends and head to Twin Village for an afternoon of golf, open seven days a week during the season. by Shannon “Birdie” Feeney


visitor’s guide 2020

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Visitors Guide 2020  

The communities of Roscoe and Livingston Manor in the Town of Rockland, Sullivan Catskills NY welcome you with open arms. Come for the ah an...

Visitors Guide 2020  

The communities of Roscoe and Livingston Manor in the Town of Rockland, Sullivan Catskills NY welcome you with open arms. Come for the ah an...