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Whole Body Vibration And The Way It Was Developed Whole body vibration consists of standing or sitting on a foundation that transmits vibrations throughout the body. It may look to be too easy or way too simple to do much for the various systems in your body, but using this type of vibration therapy can actually boost your health and enhance your life. In numerous health and fitness centers worldwide as well as rehabilitation or therapeutic facilities, these systems provide oscillating vibration therapy to countless people. Originally developed as an approach to improve muscle mass and bone density, this technology has lots of additional benefits which have been noted and scientifically proven to work. Balance is one of the first things that will get better once you begin using whole body vibration. While on the oscillating platform, the body would need to compensate for the movement which the brain would have to send out the appropriate messages to the muscles throughout the body to hold balance. At a rate of as much as 50 times each minute, the platform causes the brain and body to react quickly. Those with balance concerns due to disease or injury may benefit from using an oscillating platform. When you stand on a platform which offers oscillating vibrations, the vibrations move up your legs and all over your entire body. The muscles have to contract and relax automatically in order for you to sustain your balance. Oscillating movements inspire your muscles to contract on one side of your body at a time, the same as the way that walking uses muscles on one side at a time. With the varied vibrations, each side of the body would be able to increase in muscle mass through effective usage of these muscles. When you use a vibration platform, there are a wide variety of postures that can be tried, enabling you to work various muscles groups in the body. While your muscles contract, the tendons linking the muscles to bones move, pulling on the bones. Bone density is increased after some time resulting in tougher bones which would be less likely to break. For anyone dealing with decreasing mobility or illnesses that limit their movement, this type of therapy is ideal. Standing on an oscillating platform at home is quite a bit easier than engaging in other, more intense forms of exercise. This is in particular important for elderly individuals, whose bone density has typically reduced with age and are concerned with the loss of independence that can occur due to brittle bones. Besides the physical benefits, there are other rewards to using an oscillating platform. Both endorphins and chemical dopamine are released while exercising which will make you feel satisfied and exhilarated. These levels are elevated as is the serotonin levels when using an oscillating platform regularly which can lead to better sleep, appetite, energy, happiness and better thinking. The levels of the stress hormone cortisol are decreased with regular exercise which for those who regularly have a problem sleeping could benefit significantly from this form of vibration exercise. Because of the low impact exercising, this does not have the same type of strain or risk for injury high impact exercises would. For those with joint problems or problems with chronic pain, this type of exercise is incredible and perfect for those with limited movement. In combination with a nutritious diet and also other good lifestyle choices, whole body vibration could help you get healthy and stay healthy.

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Whole Body Vibration And The Way It Was Developed During whole body vibration exercise, key muscle groups are used, including those accountable for balance. Additional details on VibraTrim are obtainable on the organization's site,

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Whole Body Vibration And The Way It Was Developed