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Academic formation Brighton High School 2007 University of Utah 2011 Bachelor of Science in Mathematics Bachelor of Science in Architectural Studies

Carolyn Huang

385-252-2767 567 FLushing Ave #503, Brooklyn, NY 11206

Experience Junior Architect at McGinley Design ( November 2011 - March 2012 Volunteer at Philip Beesley Hylozoic Ground Art Installation August 2011- September 2011 Intern at SAS architect ( in August 2011 Volunteere at VESTA Philippine Build for the Poor Program in August 2011 Biology Lab Aide at University of Utah Biology Lab September 2008 - May 2011 Volunteer at Wasatch Commons Community September 2010 - December 2010 Volunteer at Utah Art Festival 2010


National SMART Grant Utah Achievement for Mathematics Math Sterling Scholar for Brighton High School

Qualification Fluent in both Mac and PC operating environments Fluent in Adobe illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Powerpoint, AutoCad, 3ds Max Speak fluently in Chinese (Mandarin) and English

CA+P Downtown Satellite Shifted Parallel This project is an extension of the school of architecture at the University of Utah. My main focus is to encourage architecture students and the community to learn more about architecture professions. The concept “shifted parallel� expresses the co-existing relationship of architectural professions and education.

Parti Diagram

1. Gallery Space 2. Restrooms 3. Cafe/Seating Area 4. Classrooms 5. Offices/Faculty Lounge 6. Storage 7. Wood Shop 8. Computer Lab 9. Plot Room 10. Studio 11. Student Lounge 12. Mechanical

The concept was derived from a conduit study of the spinal cord. For the satellite project, I was interested in how each individual piece of information connects to the main source. There are two different substances in spinal cord, grey matter and white matter. They both occupy the same space, but have different functions. I applied this idea to the exterior, interior, materials, and aesthetics of the building.

Fluid Adagio Competition Emergence My inspirations for this project are beehives, green mosses and the flowing quality of ballet movements. I propose a geodesic dome with hexagon- shaped holes cut out to represent a beehive. The geodesic dome is made out of metal mesh, which allows light and sound to pass through and to reveal how light and airy ballet movements are. On the other hand, seats are made of out metal wires. Seats are randomly arranged around the dome with the positions of these seats as they landed in the wreck.

Fluid Adagio Competition Emergence

At the site, the dome faces inward, leaving a gigantic geodesic dome sinking in the middle of nowhere facing the busy street. People will likely be walking around the dome and be pulled into the site. At night, the stage lights will come through these hexagon shaped holes, which will get attention by people that walk or drive past it. Videos could also be projected onto the geodesic dome, which will break the video into pieces. During winter, ice and snow will likely to form on these metal structures, which will create another interesting view.

Salt Lake City Film Center Escape Since this project is for a film center, I used the concept of “escape� to illustrate the idea that movies are an escape from reality. To demonstrate this idea, I focused on a way that characters escape in movies: zig-zaging in and out of space or danger. Using abstract zig-zaging lines, I turned the spaces in-between these lines into an abstract form of escapism. I then used this shape as the main form of the building.

1. Screening Room 2. Restrooms 3. Cafe/Seating Area 4. Gallery Space 5. Ticket Booth 6. Storage 7. Classrooms 8. Library

Art Work I’ve always been passionated with textures and colors. I like to play with different medians to recreate images usings different textures and techniques. Using digital or traditional medians, I like to explore with different colors and textures to create certain feels of each art pieces.

Photography Digital/Film

Work Samples McGinley Design I worked as an in-house renderer for two projects at the firm McGinlery Design (http://www. I also worked on construction documents and researched materials.

Academic/work samples  
Academic/work samples  

Academic and work samples by Carolyn Huang 2009-2012