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Résumé Shifted Parallel/CA+PDowntown Satellite Escape/Salt Lake Film Center Emergence/Fluid Adagio Competition Discovery Gateway/Children’s Museum Intervention Connection, Neighborhood, City/Los Angeles Cultural Center Photography Sketches Volunteer Work

Carolyn Huang


Academic formation Brighton High School 2007 University of Utah 2011 Bachelor of Science in Mathematics Bachelor of Science in Architecture

Experience Participated in Philip Beesley Hylozoic Ground Art Installation August 2011- September 2011 Interned at SAS architect ( in August 2011 Volunteered in VESTA Philippine Build for the Poor Program in August 2011 Biology Lab Aide at University of Utah Biology Lab September 2008 - May 2011 Volunteered at Wasatch Commons Community September 2010 - December 2010 Volunteered at Utah Art Festival 2010 Attended Women’s Technology Program in EECS at Massachusetts Institute of Technology in summer 2006 Attended Honors Summer Math Camp in Texas State University in summer 2004 and 2005


National SMART Grant Utah Achievement for Mathematics Math Sterling Scholar for Brighton High School

Qualification Fluent in both Mac and PC operating environments Fluent in Adobe illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Powerpoint, AutoCad, Revit, 3ds Max Speak fluently in Chinese (Mandarin) and English

Downtown Satellite 01 CA+P Shifted Parallel Instructor: BrendaSheer Duration: 4 Weeks Time: Fall 2010 This project is an extension of the school of architecture at the University of Utah. My main focus is to encourage architecture students and the community to learn more about architecture professions. The concept “shifted parallel� expresses the co-existing relationship of architectural professions and education.

The concept was derived from a conduit study of the spinal cord. For the satellite project, I was interested in how each individual piece of information connects to the main source. There are two different substances in spinal cord, grey matter and white matter. They both occupy the same space, but have different functions. I applied this idea to the exterior, interior, materials, and aesthetics of the building. Salt Lake City experiences a wide range of temperatures, often within the same day. Due to the orientation of the site, this project is exposed to major sunlight and daylight. As part of a cooling/heating strategy, the building is protected by metal mesh screen, blinds, operable solar shading, and a green double facade. Elements that add to the experience of the building play an important part of visual connection. Green walls on the double facade provide a an organic feel that expresses the idea of “shift� comparing to the interior space of the building.

Concept Diagram Spinal Cord

Metal Mesh Screen Detail

Interior Renderings -Secnd Floor -First Floor Gallery Space Model

Adagio Competition 02 Fluid Emergence

Instructor: BrendaSheer Duration: 4 Weeks Time: Fall 2010

My inspirations for this project are beehives, green mosses and the flowing quality of ballet movements. I propose a geodesic dome with hexagon- shaped holes cut out to represent a beehive. The geodesic dome is made out of metal mesh, which allows light and sound to pass through and to reveal how light and airy ballet movements are. On the other hand, seats are made of out metal wires. Seats are randomly arranged around the dome with the positions of these seats as they landed in the wreck.

At the site, the dome faces inward, leaving a gigantic geodesic dome sinking in the middle of nowhere facing the busy street. People will likely be walking around the dome and be pulled into the site. At night, the stage lights will come through these hexagon shaped holes, which will get attention by people that walk or drive past it. People sit or stand on the hexagon shaped seats as they watch the performances. Videos could also be projected onto the geodesic dome, which will break the video into pieces. During winter, ice and snow will likely to form on these metal structures, which will create another interesting view.

Museum Intervention 03 Children’s Discovery Gateway Instructor: BrendaSheer Duration: 1 Weeks Time: Fall 2010

For this project, I did an intervention on the interior design of Discovery Gateway Children’s Museum. The original floor plan of the space was somewhat confusing and customers were having hard times finding specific spaces. The “branding” of Discovery Gateway was also obscured.

My solution to their problems was to make the most use of the “branding” of Discovery Gateway Children’s Museum by using their own unique icons, images, and colors. My goal was to make the space a more inviting, playful, and family-orientated environment

LakeCityFilmCenter 04 Salt Escape

Instructor: BrendaSheer Duration: 8 Weeks Time: Fall 2010

1. Screening Room 2. Restrooms 3. Cafe/Seating Area 4. Gallery Space 5. Ticket Booth 6. Storage

Interior Rendering

Parti diagrams

Floor plans:

Since this project is for a film center, I used the concept of “escape� to illustrate the idea that movies are an escape from reality. To demonstrate this idea, I focused on a way that characters escape in movies: zig-zaging in and out of space or danger. Using abstract zig-zaging lines, I turned the spaces in-between these lines into an abstract form of escapism. I then used this shape as the main form of the building.

1. Screening Room 2. Restrooms 3. Cafe/Seating Area 4. Gallery Space 5. Ticket Booth 6. Storage

06 Other Works Hand Sketches/Digital

Pen/Charcol/Pencil Sketches 2009-2011

Digital Drawing Put the World Behind You 2011

07 Volunteer Work Hylozoic Ground Location: Salt Lake City, Utah Time: September 2011

The Hylozoic Ground experimental architecture series developed by architect Philip Beesley has been expanded and refined by researchers, engineers and designers from around the world. It is an immersive, interactive environment that moves and breathes around its viewers, creating an environment can ‘feel’ and ‘care’. (Taken from Hylozoic Ground Website:

Volunteer Work Vesta Foundation Location: Manila, Phillippine Time: August 2011

Vesta Foundation is a volunteering program focusing on helping the poor in Philippine. In August 2011, we traveled to Hope Village in Manila, where the living situation is cruel. Our main goal is not only help them build homes but also to have better life.

Carolyn Huang

Thank You


Portfolio University of Utah 2009-2011

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