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Matters District 69 now has 187 clubs in QLD, northern NSW, NT and PNG

Welcome to the second edition of Member Matters. BIG Congratulations go to Jock Elliott, District 69 member and winner of the World Champion of Public Speaking 2011! If your club would like a laminated sign to put up outside your venue advertising the time and place of your meetings, let me know.

Carolyn Phillips Each Division has a New Club Coordinator ready to help anyone who would like to start a club. Contact them if you have thoughts for a new club. Their experience will help you.

Club Support Coordinators can enhance the performance of the clubs with membership numbers between 13 and 18. Keep extra Toastmasters magazines and donate them to these coordinators. Contact them if you would welcome help to grow the membership of your club.

Div C E

New Clubs Coordinator Coral McVean 0438 417 880 Rong Ye 0430 068 808


Club Support Coordinator Ian Pinker (07) 5495 2021 ah

Bruce George 0428 485 321



New roles Thank You


Travelling Gavel


Dr Smedley said


tors to Members

John McLean 0409 835 684


Inside this issue:

Converting Visi-

Joan Faoagali 0417 723 902 Shirley Allison 0407 660 523/ Bevin Irvine (07) 4725 6914 ah

September 2011

Ros Scoble 0428 764 005



Promise Website test





Ingham Toastmasters took out this ad in the Herbert River Express.

Go Ingham- 3 people have joined Ingham club from the Speechcraft course so far.

THE MAN IN THE ARENA By Teddy Roosevelt – 1899

For all executives, take encouragement

It’s not the critic who counts. Not the one who points out how the strong man stumbled or how the doer of the deeds might have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena; whose face is marred by blood, sweat and dust, who strives valiantly but errs and comes up short again and again because there is no human endeavor without shortcoming; who knows the great enthusiasms- the great devotions, and who, if his efforts are checkered by defeat, at least fails while daring greatly so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat.

from these words.

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You are the men

and women in the arena, your skills are being developed in the safe positive environment of a Toastmasters club.

Thank you for all you do for your club.

Travelling Gavel is currently residing with Speak N Jest club, ready to be kidnapped by Chermside Communicators later in October. Speak Easy at Hervey Bay, put on a wonderful meeting as they farewelled the Travelling Gavel from their midst. Back in March 2010, the Travelling Gavel commenced at Nambour Toastmasters.

It has travelled through: Bunya, Kawana Waters, Glasshouse Country, Glasshouse Mountains, Darling Downs, Kilcoy, Maleny, Bribie, Inside Edge and Speak Easy. Congratulations to all clubs who have been the caretaker of the Gavel. At least 3 members needed to travel to the club holding the Travelling Gavel and be programmed on the agenda. Plan with your club to share in the fun and excitement of capturing the Travelling Gavel.

“It is a matter of making our training available to a greater number of men.�

Toastmasters clubs were having membership issues back in 1962. Dr Ralph C Smedley, founder of Toastmasters International wrote: Let us, during the next six months increase the membership of each Toastmasters club by at least 5 members. It can be done by improving the work in the club and by letting people know of the work we are doing to help men. The enlisting of these recruits can mean much to the world in which we live. Through better communication, we can help create better understanding, and understanding is what this world needs. Let2011 us share with others the benefit we have gained for ourselves. September

Comments from members: Leo commented that he had not been to a meeting for a while and how he missed the meeting. “It is a totally safe place where I can practice skills, with a supportive vibe.” Robert said: “This program is excellent, so many good factors about the meeting. You can widen your horizons, learn so much from other people and I enjoy it so much.”

Like to party? Here are some fun ways to party with your members: Celebrate educational achievements for every member. Clap them, congratulate them, give them a ribbon, give them a “Terrific Toastmaster” plaque, write about them in your newsletter/ website/ Facebook page or give them a packet of Lifesavers. Celebrate each DCP goal achievement

Converting Visitors to Members To increase your conversion rate from visitor to member, try re-thinking the visitor process. Work towards lifting your

conversion rate by 10%. Ask these questions: What happens when a visitor walks into your club? Who greets them? Who are they introduced

to? Are they welcomed by the President at the start of the meeting? Are their contact details noted? How? How are they followed up? Are they

invited back to the next meeting? When are they asked to join? Who will give them an orientation session? How can our engagement with a visitor be improved? This is the way to maximise the “customer” experience and lift the conversion rate from visitor to member for your club.

The Toastmaster's Promise Let’s discover the next 2 Toastmasters Promises in more detail. As a member of Toastmasters International and my club, I promise... Promise To prepare for and fulfil meeting assignments

Discussion You will feel more comfortable when you have prepared your assignments and met the objectives of the assignment.

To provide fellow members with helpful, constructive evaluations

Over time, you will learn how to deliver helpful, constructive evaluations. Refer to the booklet: Effective Speech Evaluations. This can be downloaded from the Toastmasters International website as a PDF booklet if you do not have one.

Marketing materials on offer

Marketing materials on offer: Bookmarks Leaflets Wall charts Booklets: Master Your Meetings or Visitors Handbook. Let me know if your club would like any of these materials.

Semi Annual Conference, 12 November will be held at Ipswich Girls Grammar, Chermside Road in Ipswich. Early Bird registration by 14 October will cost $95, after that $105. This must be an Australian first: to have 3 World Champions of Public Speaking at the same conference. Listen to Brett Rutledge, Mark Hunter and current winner Jock Elliott , as well as voting on important issues for your club. Every club has 2 votes at the Council meeting. International Director Mike Storkey and Sue Haynes, Regional Advisor Marketing will also be at the SAC. This year there will be a Hall of Fame segment when members celebrating special anniversaries will be given their special badge.

Website test: Type in your suburb name and the words “public speaking” into the Google search bar and check how your club website rates on


Then type in other words that prospective members may type into Google, eg key words such as “ presentation skills”, “confidence”, “ personal growth or improvement” and check how your club website rates. When your club website is on the first page of search results, your club should be attracting visitors regularly. If not, ask your website administrator to insert key words into the home page so that your club website rates highly on a Google search. This is another way to effectively market your club.

4 New clubs chartered in the last 3 months: 


Westpac Nuigini

Griffith Guild



5 tips to make social media marketing sing as suggested by Matthew Funk, a social media expert. Use Facebook to make friends, not customers, post no more than 3 times a day, share stuff that has reason for sharing, provide incentives and be exciting. Facebook marketing is about sharing.

All clubs with 12 or less members qualify for

2 club coaches.

This relationship can be very fruitful and productive in supporting low-member clubs to increase in membership numbers and be recognised as a Distinguished Club.

If you are interested in being a club coach,

register your interest with Anne

McKinnon. Being a club coach requires you to work with a club with 12 members or less to be a Distinguished Club.

That means achieving a net growth of 5 members and achieving 5 of the 10 DCP goals as set out each year. The earlier in the Toastmasters year a coach is appointed, the sooner the club is getting the help and focus they deserve.

VPMs: It is imperative that whoever fills in the Membership Form fills in each field and submits each field when online. About 10% of email addresses are incorrect and bouncing. There are also approx 8% of emails not entered onto the Membership Form. Please take care to fill in the membership form completely and have the new member sign it. This ensures the new member can be contacted reliably.

Tarja Kelly is our fabulous and hardworking New Member Kits Coordinator.

New member kits are now being sent directly to the new member’s address listed on the Membership Form. It is therefore essential to have the new member’s home or postal address complete and accurate. Please list street number, street name on the membership form.

Carolyn Phillips Ph: 07 3374 3450 or 0403 379 183

Member Matters #2  


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