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Helen Keller International Improving Nutrition Through Food Fortification July 2010 1

Micronutrient Deficiencies and Food Fortification • The practice of fortifying staple foods, which is commonplace in industrialized countries, has not yet taken hold everywhere. – Micronutrient deficiencies are responsible for widespread health problems in the developing world. – Anemia alone is a critical health issue for some two billion people, or one third of the world’s total population. – Vitamin and mineral deficiencies cause premature death and disability in many parts of the world.


Nearly 10,000 Children Under 5 Die Every Day Because of Malnutrition

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Helen Keller International: Food Fortification Helps Save Lives • HKI’s Food Fortification programs provide communities and families with more nutritious foods, enabling people to lead healthier lives. – We collaborate with partners on large-scale efforts to fortify cooking ingredients with essential vitamins and minerals. – We develop channels to distribute fortificants that can be used in home, such as Sprinkles and Plumpy’Nut®. – We promote fortified products to targeted populations through extensive social marketing campaigns. 4

HKI’s Food Fortification Programs Help Save Lives


Large-Scale Food Fortification Supplies Essential Nutrients • HKI collaborates with partners on large-scale efforts to fortify essential foods. Our efforts include: – Fortifying cooking oil with Vitamin A. This initiative aims to reach 70% of the population of West Africa, or 60 million people, by the end of 2010. – Fortifying wheat flour, a staple food, with folic acid and iron, which helps combat birth defects and iron deficiency.


HKI’s Work Results in Fortifying Cooking Oil with Vitamin A


HKI Helps Control Micronutrient Deficiencies with In-Home Solutions • HKI develops effective and inexpensive in-home solutions for families to fortify their own meals. – Sprinkles: This fortificant contains multiple micronutrients that can be added to home-cooked meals on a daily basis, effectively reducing anemia in women and children. In Indonesia, after the 2004 tsunami, HKI distributed Sprinkles to 200,000 children. – Iron supplementation to combat anemia: HKI provides supplements to pregnant women. – Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Foods (RUTFs), such as Plumpy’Nut®, are nutrient-rich pastes to treat severe malnutrition. 8

HKI Helped Victims of the 2004 Tsunami in Indonesia by Distributing Sprinkles


HKI Popularizes Healthy Foods with Social Marketing


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Helen Keller International: Improving Nutrition Through Food Fortification  

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