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Statement of intent

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Artist Analysis

the modern building is the main focal point due to the fact it looks out of place and its interesting pattern makes it stand out more

the modern building behind the church is the most abstract part of the building

the contrast between the old churtch and the modern building behind it makes the image more interesting with an abstract effect from the modern building

The layers of the buildings make the image a lot more interesting and abstract

The design of the building is very abstract and quirky

The crop makes creates negative space around the building

The crop in this image creates diagonal lines and more negative space The angle of the camera when taking this image creates diagonal lines on the building Having the crop makes the building more abstract

The crop gets rid of distraction at the sides of the building and puts the main focus in the middle along with not creating to much negative space

The reflection and the blue sky in the image reflects the work of my influence Michael Betts

the gey and orange paneling makes the building more abstract but also more modern and stricking

The eye is guided along the 3 sections of the building

The window in the building guides your eye along it making it the images main focus

The camera angle makes the building more abstract and creates some diagonal lines

The camera angle makes the building a lot more abstract and creates diagonal lines

The crop gets rid of distractions but doesn’t get rid of the negative space

The shape and design of this certain part of a building is very quirky making it abstract.

Clouds and Channel Mixer

The sharp dark blue sky and the white building makes the image more modern and the crop gets rid of distraction making the sky a bit more of a focus The crop makes the building is making it more abstract and creating diagonal lines

The orange panelling of the building compliments the sky and is reflecting the Michael Betts

The shape of the building make the image a lot more abstract and the negative space draws the eye to it

The building has a good source of symmetry and the angle of the camera makes it look very tall and large.

This is the edit when I was getting rid of the clouds

The is the original image before the edit

I then adjusted the channel mixer to make it a lot more blue reflecting on my influence

This is the final edit

This is the building when the clouds have been removed

I chose this crop because it creates negative space and diagonal lines

This is the original image that I have chosen to edit

I then skewed the image to make it strait and inline This is the image after the skew. I made the roof and the line in the centre more strait

Over exposed

Under exposed

This is the final outcome from the curves edit I did on the building

I then edited the colour to be more of a blue to be matching with the sky


Emily Pearson  

Emilys Photography Book